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The proposed California ethnic studiescurriculum has made waves recently. The plan, rife with Islamism, antisemitism,and a whole bunch of other hatreds, has been put on ice after complaints ofJewish groups. Of course it was antisemitic — it can’t not be.


The curriculum will be revised to includethe Holocaust references and some other Jewish themes. It’s a good start, butnone of it addresses the underlying problem with that neo-Soviet agenda: thedivisive demagoguery, the substance-free jargon, and the requirement ofperformative activism. All of this is pushed on children who are alreadywell-roundly miseducated. I have little reason to doubt that the curriculumwill eventually be made a graduation requirement in California and other states— unless someone will make a fuss about it, that is.


I am very proud of my Russian Jewish heritage,of the crucial role we played in post-revolutionary Russian intelligentsia. Inmy culture, raising a well-rounded individual is one of the highestaccomplishments. Ask the people in our community why we moved to the UnitedStates, and hear again and again: “For the kids.” Yet here we are, failing themin one of the most important ways.


I know other ethnic minority communitieshave similar experiences. I’ve heard them yell at teachers and administrators.The most significant way America fails its immigrants is not “white supremacy”or the border crisis. We invite some of the most educated people from aroundthe world and put their children’s hearts, minds, and bodies into dehumanizinginstitutions we call “schools.”


What options do immigrants have?Homeschooling requires resources that are not always available. Besides, ourexperience shows that traditional public schools, when given the properstructure and curriculum, can teach very well. America had this veryeducational system 50 years ago — but, no, bureaucrats and special interestshad to tinker with it, and they continue destruction by “innovating.” We neededucational reactionaries to restore the once-working model.


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1、Keep 'em stupid,keep 'em poor, keep 'em Democrat. That's their slogan.


2、They keep themselvesstupid. We are phasing out Advanced Placement for Ethnic Studies. We no longerteach Cursive. Phasing out SATs and Entrance Exams but we still have IQ testswhich explain everything!

(译注:SAT是由美国大学委员会(College Board)主办的一场考试,其成绩是世界各国高中生申请美国大学入学资格及奖学金的重要参考)

3、What if the realityis many public schools struggle due to a lack of support like overcrowded classsizes overwhelming educators and teachers, lack of student support staff likeschool based counselors, psychologists and social workers who can work witheducators and students and other issues like a need for increased mental healthservices?


4、Several statesdidn’t adopt common core. The states have a choice they just won’t get somefederal money for schools if they don’t adopt it.


The curriculums could be improved butwhat’s driving down test scores isn’t a curriculum change since 1980.

(回复1)Right. The money is weaponized. Accept the centralized federal planor pay for it all yourself. And it has proven to be so bad several states haveforgone the federal funding.

5、You have hit thenail on the head. Centralization since, especially the 1960s, has led to thedemise of most of our institutions. This is due to the lack of accountability.


Unfortunately, for most Americans, theanswer is not Federalism. The answer is, "the other side sucks, we wantpower for our projects, and not theirs." I often point this statistattitude out to people and I have sometimes seen the light bulb go off insidetheir heads. I will say, "Gee, wouldn't it be nice if our taxes forwelfare are run locally instead of some city 3,000 miles away?" They thennod.


Maybe decentralization is just a matter oftime. Maybe it's just a matter of getting rid of the WWII paradigm where acommand economy works well for every endeavor.


6、I grew up in SouthAfrica and pulled my kids from public school nightmare in no time flat. Nowthey’re getting an online/homeschooling Christian classical education thatmakes my mouth water.
But not everyone has the wherewithal forsuch private options. The US public school system is the second greatest wasteof resources in the history of mankind, eclipsed only by US healthcare.


7、The US public schoolsystem is the second greatest waste of resources in the history of mankind,eclipsed only by US healthcare.


8、Well, you live inCalifornia. Most of what you are complaining about can be explained by thatchoice alone. If you want a more classical education for your kids, you have tomove to the heartland -- or cough up the money for non-public education.

(回复1)Speaking as a resident of the Heartland, it's not any better here.The school system sucks, and the "education" our kids are getting ispathetic.

9、The truth is thereisn’t much schools can do to make kids smarter. What’s driving test scores downis demographics.


You can still go to areas in Connecticutfor instance where the schools test among the best on the world. But they don’thave European curriculums, they have European demographics. Or they have a highpercentage of Asians and whites.


We will never match a place like Finland inworld rankings because we have to run schools in places like Baltimore, andthey don’t.

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10、" Like otherRussian-speaking Jews, I am forever thankful to this country for taking me inand for giving me liberty. Yet when I talk to people in our community abouttheir wishes and anxieties, they always express discontentment with U.S.schools."


Great, another outsider here to give us anopinion and complain coming here isn't perfect. Swell. It always helps.


11、“New math,” orCommon Core math, is a puzzle to me. My young cousin was
taught that way, and it's hard to see whatthe designers are driving at.
They make the pupils do what are actuallyalgebra problems, but without
telling them the RULES for solving algebraproblems. It's like math as
conceived of by amateurs or dilettantes –as a toy or plaything, mainly
used to amuse the teacher.


12、"In America,however, that very system has been weakened from within. Here’s an overview ofwhat’s different between my childhood Soviet education and my kids’ U.S. publicschools."


Home school and private schools areoptions. The US taxpayer does not owe your kids your perfect school, especiallywhen so many of the natives have to deal.


13、15 years ago when myson was in 3rd grade, on back to school night, the teacher told us that theyteach to the test. I realized then that even though we extended ourselvesfinancially to live in a "good" school district, I was going to haveto "teach" my son. Luckily he's a whiz with math, though he was oftenfrustrated because I could figure out the methods they taught, the fingers, therhymes, etc. He said that he would not pass a test if he showed his work theway I was teaching him. He learned a life lesson early: You must do as yourteacher/employer says or there will be consequences.


14、I may not be firstto say it, but my childhood education in the US was much better than my kids.More money.... worse results., today.


15、I'm from Cuba, mywife is from Indonesia. We echo the sentiments in this article.
The ignorance, incidentally, applies toconservatives as well. Most conservatives I have met will read a book only ifyou put a gun to his head. And they get very angry if you point it out (butstill won't pick up a book).