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Dong-Yoon Lee, knows Korean
In South Korea
-We are considered one year old on the day we are born. All parents follow this custom with their newborn babies.


-All children are taught about honorific by parents, strictly and in detail, right after they have learnt to talk. It’s too usual to notice that it is a important feature of us. For honorific, we have 7 level system and we use 4 of them when talking and writing. In historical dramas, all levels are used.


Kids usually bow for greeting.But these girls are not doing that. They are just making up for their insufficient sleeping time.


And the variation of suffixes is complex. The Table below gives the usual variation of ‘Do’ in Korean. But that is just a part of a whole. All children are good at this. We know the difficulty of Korean language well. So, we are sincerely surprised by foreigners that are good at Korean. But the rules are more regular than in the Japanese language.


-Usually, children have not learnt the ability to read and write scxts only after entering school, but before entering school by practicing it with the help of their family.The children are very impressed that the scxts they learn are the scxts invented by the king who had pity for the people, and that the scxts are written in a world-class scxting system. This is the first moment at which Koreans start to become respectful towards historical figures and to be proud of their nation. Two other things are the excellence of their ferment dish Kimchi, and the records of Yi Sun-sin''s perfect victories.


-The color of hair is just black. (The photo is taken from North Korea.) Their love and pride of homogeneity is strengthened without reluctance.


-Old people eat chili pepper with chili paste. Though sometimes they come across a very hot chili pepper.
We also like raw garlic with chili paste. But It is not that everyone likes it. Per person we consume 8 kilograms of garlic yearly.
We often eat food wrapped in leaves.Various leaves make us happy.
We like cold noodle(NeangMyun.). There are many kinds of cold noodle dishes.
We eat instant hot noodle much. An average Korean consumes 76 hot noodle portions per year.Once a dish in a restaurant was very hot. My mom told me it was because the restaurant cooks would add capsaicine paste, a concentrated substance extracted from chili pepper to make a dish taste hotter.


-The world knows well that we eat lots of chili peppers and garlic, but they do not know that we eat lots of raw green onion. Green onion(‘Dae-pa’ or ‘Pa’) is not exactly viewed as a delicious dish by many inhabitants of other nations in the world. Raw green onion is added to the stew or is eaten in seasoned. Korean children experience sharp pain in their stomach for the first time. But swallowing green onion is a "mandatory passage ceremony" when you are being a Korean. Approximately a person in Korea eats 13 kilograms yearly. There are many kinds of green onion around the world, but the large green onion that Koreans eat has the sharpest irritant flavor and taste. Thus Koreans endure the sharpness of other types of green onions such as Shallots and Scallions very easily.This is because Dangun''s father, HwanWoong, encouraged native Koreans to eat strongly fragrant vegetables in order to suppress the habit of eating meat. He thought it could civilize the Aborigines and he succeeded. This habit of Koreans eating green onion originates from this event, though the fragrant vegetable was not green onion at that time.


[My hypothesis start] But a half of the native Koreans refused to eat fragrant vegetables just to suppress their habit of consuming excessive meat. Those are Aztec people. Later they left the Korean peninsula and built the Aztec civilization in Mexico. The cultural customs of native Mexicans are exactly the same as ours, except from the the fact that they sustained a habit to favour meat. [My hypothesis end]


-We like living octopus.We often use scissors when we cook or when we eat. Of course we use different scissors for various instances.We went to a tourist spot and ate pupa food as a street food there. It was not good-looking but delicious. Perhaps the old people started cooking because they didn’t want to throw away silk worms.


-Though the trend has weakened these days, Korea has been making so many different kinds of gang films over the last 30 years. Gangs still occupy a role in society that is often reflected in many movies.I think this is the reason why gangs are so popular in movies. Having existed on the periphery of the continent, gangs adopted the role of an unilateral cultural receiver and reflected the idea of unconscious identification with barbarians who wanted to keep their self-respect in the background.And all kind of Korean movies, even gang movies, have some amount of contemporary social messages.


-Players who fail to receive medals in the Olympic Games or in big games say they are sincerely sorry to the people or cry severely. People tell them “No problem! Good job!”.
Children call all very familiar men and women as ‘Uncle’, ‘Aunt’.
Our policemen/policewomen are very kind.They have no gun, we only see guns in movies.


-Sometimes, we say we are all descendants of Dangun grandpa. People often say ‘Since Dangun, it is the {best,biggest,worst} blah blah’. The only point we confuse is the fact that his mother was just a bear. Actually the mother was a bear, who turned into a woman.Many people claim so accurately that we are the smartest in the world (But there has been no Nobel science prize winner yet.). It is said that our geographical location is difficult because we are surrounded by the great powers. We often worry about problems caused by the geopolitical environment. The reason we like hot dish is that many times it makes us happier and eases to forget the feeling of depression.


-If the government shortens the legitimated working time, people think. ‘It’s ok? Do we become too lazy people?”.
-The international value of Korean currency is very low compared to that of the economy. That is because Korea places top priority on exporting industrial products. Even though there are many damaged foreign-goods purchasing and tourism to foreign sites, people do not complain.
N-Math is gradually acknowledged by an uation tool nationwide to measure one’s smartness. It has replaced the role of Chinese characters which had had the role for long time. We have abandoned memorizing ability and began to admire logical-thinking ability. A decade later, Koreans will be famous for their high math ability.


-Many soldiers wear glasses. Almost conscxted soldiers are university students before entering army.-2nd grade Middle school students are the strongest group. They are hidden forces. They don’t fear anything. Their actions are totally unpredictable. Every other groups fear them.
-This is the typical picture of border for us. If you cross the border without permission of the country, you will be shot and killed. We feel weird thinking of other countries where one can enter and leave freely.


-There are tidal flats at the western coast only one hour from Seoul. Various animals live there.Large tidal flats have a width of 5 km in maximum, and the difference in vertical height between tide and ebb is 10 m. The eastern coast only three hours from Seoul has very deep sea. From the mountains behind the beach to the sea, there is a steep incline. So the deep sea is near the land. The usual depth is 5 or 6 kilometers. So the water is clean and popular as a resort.


-The southern coast is confusing whether it is a mountainous area or a sea. So, no one knows the exact number about how much islands are.In the war in 17th century with Japan (''Imjin war''), this kind of terrain helped Korean navy to defend themselves. They succeeded in blocking the Japanese navy''s food supply route and save the country. So Koreans love the land and sea like lovely members of their family.And this islandlets are especially special for us. We feel for this small island called Dokdo as if it were a human baby.

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-One can take the Seoul metropolitan subway to the gates of high mountains. The little ants are actually people.
-A huge river called the Han river flows through Seoul. There are also well-preserved uninhabited islands. There is also a movie depicting the life of a ‘Robinson Crusoe’-like story on the uninhabited island.
-Foreigners are proud of their tall buildings, but we hate our tall buildings. We call this building the Tower of Sauron. Building a tall building can make us arrogant. We are wary of that.


-This is our indoor amusement park. Many facilities are buried in the walls. There is an amusement park of similar size outside of it.
-We posses over 1500 years old crowns, and they are extremely well preserved, as if they were crafted ago yesterday. They appear to have been made using modern technology and craftsmanship.


-A little bit boring story about the clan culture of Korea-Every Korean belongs to certain clan and has a genealogical record. The first records of many genealogies usually date back to 2,000 years, and some clans derived from China go up to 3,000 years. Recently, there are many foreigners who try to integrate themselves in Korea, and many of them establish their own clans. The government controls all of their clan records(but for just name of clans and belonging information of individuals). Marriage is banned sometimes under between clans or members of the same clan. Some explain those restrictions as a practical way to avoid unintentional marriges between close relatives, especially in a small but high population density country.Korea is a museum and shelter of many clans. In recent years, the number of clans has increased eight-fold. This phenomenon is presumed to have existed in ancient times too. Koreans encourage foreign clans to record their history. Korea as a group acts like a single grand clan.


-In Korea, there is a crime called ''crime that damages the honor of the dead person''. The interesting thing is that it’s not important when he/she lived, and his biological descendants can become delators. In 2014, the director of the film, "Myung-Ryang" that gathered 17 million of the 50 million Korean inhabitants , was sued by the descendants of the general Bae-Sul who died in 1599. The moviemakers are deemed guilty of undermining the honor of the figure with the story. The court is seriously dealing with the case.

在韩国,有一种犯罪叫做“损害死者荣誉的犯罪”。有趣的是,他/她什么时候出生并不重要,他的亲生后代可以成为控告者。2014年,吸引了5000万韩国居民中的1700万人观看的电影《鸣梁海战》的导演被死于1599年的Bae-Sul 将军的后代起诉。电影制作人被认为用这个故事破坏了人物的荣誉。法院正在认真处理这个案件。

-There is a criticized culture in Korea regarding the descendants of infamous national traitors, if they do not recover their clan’s honor. Kim, Koo, the interim government chief secretary who led Korea''s independence movement during the Japanese occupation, is a descendant of Gen. Kim, Ja-Jeom who was the leader of the northern army during the second invasion of Jurchen in 1636~1637. He did not come to help the king of Seoul, because he was worried about damage, and the king had to give a disgraceful surrender ceremony to the King of Jurchen. The descendants of Kim, Ja-Jeom lived as poor despised farmers while hiding their identity, and Kim, Koo was one of them.
He finally succeeded with a desire to restore the honor of his clan. Kim, Ja-Jeom was restored to honor as Kim, Koo’s ancestor. There are quite a few cases among Korean lawmakers. There is a male lawmaker is a descendant of an admiral who was a rival of respected figure, and a female is a descendant of a famous corrupted government official. Many people blame them sometimes, so they all are struggling to restore the honor of their clan. Today, Kim Koo continues to be the most respected figure of all the legislative investigators in Korea. And his family is regarded as one of the most honourable families. This is the most successful outcome.
For reference, in Korea, damaging a person’s honor is called a crime, even when other person tells the truth. Often degradation of honor is considered a very serious crime because it can lead to suicide.I think that you can understand why we consider honorifics in everyday language as so important in daily life. Because, what is first taught to us (immediately once we have learned how to talk) is the feeling of honor, and to respect elder people.

在韩国有一种关于臭名昭著的叛国者的后代的批评文化,如果他们不能恢复家族的荣誉的话。日本占领时期领导韩国独立运动的临时政府政务司司长Kim Koo是1636-1637年第二次女真入侵期间领导北方军的Kim Ja-Jeom将军的后裔。他没有来汉城帮助(朝鲜)国王,因为他担心利益受损,而国王不得不给女真之王举行可耻的投降仪式。
Kim Ja-Jeom的后代们隐藏自己的身份,过着受人鄙视的贫穷农民生活,Kim Koo就是其中之一。他最后成功实现了恢复家族荣誉的愿望。作为Kim Koo的祖先,Kim Ja-Jeom被恢复了名誉,韩国立法者中就有不少这样的例子,有一位女性立法者就是一位著名的腐败政府官员的后代。许多人有时会指责他们,所以他们都在努力恢复家族的荣誉。
今天,Kim Koo仍然是韩国所有立法人员中最受尊敬的人物,他的家族被认为是最尊贵的家族之一,这是最成功的结果。参考一下,在韩国,损害一个人的荣誉被称为犯罪,即使别人说了实话。贬低荣誉通常被认为是一种非常严重的罪行,因为这会导致(对方)自杀。我想你现在可以理解,为什么我们认为敬语在日常生活中如此重要了。因为,一旦我们学会了说话,我们首先被教导的是荣誉感和尊敬长辈。

Jeremiah D. Seitz
Thank you for this. It was an extremely educational and enlightening answer!


Dong-Yoon Lee
My pleasure, Mr. Seitz.


Tony Christian Ratcliffe
I have never been to Korea and of they few Koreans that I have met outside the country my impression was not positive. Your insight into your country has somewhat redressed the balance. Thank you sharing it.


Pradeep Venkataraman
Learned a lot about South Korea today. Thanks for adding this answer


Claire Bury
After being introduced to Korean food, I''ve realised how awesome and convenient using scissors in the kitchen is…One thing I wish western countries could pick up on

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Thanks for the post, but I won’t ever eat octopus alive. I also won’t ever get close to “pupa food” or silk worms—if I ever find someone selling it. I am Korean.


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Omg amazing country. I will definitely travel there some day..Hugs and Loves from Turkey .


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Chinese babies are born 1 year old too.Japanese greets with a bow too.

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Viet Le
I like foods part, exclude chili and cold noodle, I would like try all other, fresh garlic and onion are same in Vietnam :), used to love eat hot chili but now my stomach betrayed me :)

Tran Minh Ngoc (陳明玉)

About the Korean age system, Chinese and Vietnamese actually also have that kind of age counting. In Vietnam we call it “Tuổi mụ”. In the past before Westernization, it was used officially. Nowadays, its use is strictly limited to traditional and spiritual matters. And LOL the “many students wear glasses” thing is also true in my country. I can see some other similarities as well in all your points

关于韩国的年龄系统,中国和越南实际上也有这样的年龄计算方法。在越南我们叫它“Tuổi mụ”。在西方化之前,这个词是正式使用的。如今,这种年龄计算方法的使用仅限于传统和精神方面的东西。哈哈,“许多学生戴眼镜”的事情在我的国家也是如此,我也能从你的观点中看出一些其他的相似之处。

Ann Smith
South Korea is very high on my lists of places to visit. Your “mountainous beaches” look very similar to the Hawaiian Islands. I don''t have a problem with homogeneous countries - it''s proven they have much lower crime which is how your police can function safely without guns.But I don''t understand being killed for crossing the border? I thought that was only N. Korea?Thank you for sharing!

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I think the movie you mentioned about that island in the Han River was “Castaway on the Moon”. Great movie.


Dong-Yoon Lee
That''s right!


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Im Japanese and I am surprised how similar our cultures are! Honorifics, instant ramen, and even calling close adults auntie and uncle!!! Thank you for the great answer:)


Michael Kim
This was a very relatable and educational answer, considering that I am a Korean Canadian. Fun fact, I am part of the Kim clan, which is split into 42 subclans. My sub clan is called Andong (안동), which is then further split into two clans, the “old" Andong clan and the “new" Andong clan. I''m from the old Andong clan. Also, like the answers says about green onions, I used to have a short stomach pain each time I ate green onions, but ever since I have grown to love these variants of onions.Edit: As it turns out there are 300+ Kim sub clans, many of which are hidden and obscure.


Dong-Yoon Lee
Thank you for telling the kind supporting with vivid evidences!


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Lived in South Korea, nice place but not sure if I can agree on “smartest people in the world”.


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Reading this makes me want to visit South korea!


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You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure.


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Thank you. That was a very interesting and informative insight into some aspects of your culture. It was well written, and I really enjoyed reading it, and learning a bit about South Korea and its people.


Dong-Yoon Lee
I’m happy this answer gave some good stuff.. There will be many cultures we can get lessons and inspiration in that in this planet.


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I’ll pass on all the hot spicy food and raw onions…


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Korea is an amazing country. We Americans don’t understand honorifics at all.


Dong-Yoon Lee
I think that every thing has pros and cons. American culture har supplied fresh atmosphere to us. It was very helpful!


Monique Fang
Your country also is very advanced with skincare. You can not only get amazing procedures done, but buy amazing machinery and skincare, botulism and filters, threads etc. I would love to go even just to experience all that and bring home a large suitcase of skin beautifying goodies home with me.


Dong-Yoon Lee
I can''t feel it at all. ;) There may be a reason I am a middle-aged man. Because my skin is sensitive, I do not use any skincare products. The mask helps maintain humidity.


Gilbert Agung
We are considered one year old on the day we are born. All parents follow this custom with their newborn babies.Is it adopted from Chinese?


Rajat Mukherjee
and what about dogs. Sorry, I don’t want to sound rude .But I am very curious if eating dogs is common in S. Korea?


Dong-Yoon Lee
No problem about your saying. Eating dogs is not common in Korea in every age band especially under 60 or 70. About this issue, there are tons of questions and answers in Quora here.


Yan Hai
It is a Chinese custom. Traditional Chinese method of calculating age. A person is 1 year old when he is born, and then every time he experiences a Spring Festival (1st January in the lunar calendar), he adds 1 year old. So a baby born on December 30 of the lunar calendar will be two years old the next day.


Dhrutiman Bhattacharjee
Is it true that 2 yrs military service is mandatory in South Korea because of threat from North Korea.

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Dhrutiman Bhattacharjee
Yeah one could only hope that one day both the Koreas Reunite :-)


Nada Ali
Thanks a lot for this informative answer.For the photo of the footballer player, I remember his photo went viral in the social media and WhatsApp groups with a comment saying “he is crying because he would be forced to join military sinc he lost the game”


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