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What is the best way to impress a girl?


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Marshal Desai, Marshal is a dating coach for over 12 years.
Renee Grant-Williams, a celebrity vocal coach, says, “The people we deal with in life come to know about us by the three ways in which we present ourselves:
(a) how we look;
(b) what we say;
and (c) how we say it.”
Obviously, this applies just as much to women as it does to men. If not more.
So if you want to impress a girl, you’re gonna have to rigorously consider the way you see yourself. Let’s take a look at each and every category.
A. How We Look
Whether you love it or not, a dress is the most important. It says so much about you: whether or not you care about the way you appear, or you don’t. However, you don’t have to decorate like a Hollywood famous person to appear excellent.
Listed here are some tips about tips on how to gown for achievement:

马歇尔 · 德赛,做了12年的约会教练
著名声乐教练蕾妮 · 格兰特 · 威廉姆斯说:
(a) 我们的外貌;
(b) 我们所说的;
(c) 我们怎么说;
很明显,这对女性和男性同样适用 。

1. Get a female friend or sister to help you pick your clothes.
In case you don’t be aware of what to put on, get any individual who does recognize! Ask a female friend or acquaintance to buy clothes for you. She would be happy to help you, and if you happen to reward her with a present gift or DVD, she’ll be all the more motivated to help you out.
2. Check up on the latest styles.
Go to the bar or club and see what others are carrying. Observe what the fellows who do well with ladies wear. Look in magazines and catalogs and see what is common.
3. Wear what comforts to you.
If you are hardworking, businessman kind, then put on formal garments that accent your career. If you’re the snowboarder/skater sort, put on grungy garments that accent your loose, laid-back persona. And if you happen to be into music, don’t be afraid to express yourself with the types of clothes that rock stars and musicians prefer to put on!
Clothes are a type of advertising, so market yourself like you could, in the way that absolute best displays what you’re all about.
The same goes to your hair: if you want to convey a smooth lower, crisp image, then it’s possible you’ll wish to shave and cut your hair quick. However you should try to deliver an insurrection image, a goatee, lengthy hair, and tattoos are more than likely in order.
And talking of tattoos, don’t overlook that they are an adjunct that further lets you market yourself. Hats, jewelry, and even hats are nice easy methods to mold your picture to the person you need to current to women. in case you’re a snowboarder, as an example, a wool hat says “Cool”. Or when you’re an aspiring rapper or musician, a doo rag has a spot on your cloth cabinet. Believe the equipment that highest conform to you as an individual.
Hats, jewelry, and even hats are nice easy methods to mold your picture to the person you need to woo. Always wear what conform’s to you as an individual.

1. 找一个女性朋友或姐妹帮你挑选衣服
如果你不知道该穿什么衣服,那就找个认识你的人吧!请一位女性朋友或熟人为你买衣服,她会很乐意帮助你,如果你碰巧用礼物或 DVD 奖励她,她会更加积极地帮助你。
2. 看看最新的款式
3. 穿舒适的衣服
如果你是勤奋、商人的那种,那就穿上正式的服装,以突出你的职业,如果你是爱好滑雪/溜冰的那种人,那就穿上有格调的衣服,突出你松散、悠闲的个性,如果你碰巧喜欢音乐,不要害怕用摇滚明星和音乐家喜欢穿的衣服来表达自己 !
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B. What We Say
Here are some nice subject matters to talk about:
* Your desires.
Let a lady recognize that you have a purpose and direction to your life, that you just are not a wandering bum!
* Humorous stories.
Humor is a great aphrodisiac. Think about some funny things that have happened in your life. However be sure your supply is just right–extra beneath.
* Her.
The Dalai Lama said, “Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent.” Don’t be afraid to let a girl speak for a while. Be silent, but be interested. Actively listen to what she says. It’ll go a long way towards rising the attraction meter!
* Teasing/taking part in around.
This can be a nice technique, especially when you don’t comprehend exactly what to talk about. Throw in an occasional funny story or humorous moment. I have a friend who has a super methodology for dealing with silence. He laughs to himself, prompting the lady to ask, “What?” He’d say in a sly means that may invite curiosity, “Nah, you don’t want to understand. I’m in deep thought.” She’d respond, “tell me! tell me!” So he’d do the entire Meow mix music (“Meow meow meow meow…”). It’s simply certainly one of many great the way to lighten the moment, and convey you’re a calm, none-too-critical individual.

B. 我们所说的
* 你的欲望
让一位女士认识到你有自己的人生目标和方向,让她知道你不是一个流浪的乞丐 !
* 幽默的故事
* 挑逗/参与周围活动
他自顾自地笑,引得女士问:"你笑什么?" 他会用一种可能招致好奇心的狡猾手段说:"不,你不会想知道,我正在深思。"
她会回应:"告诉我!告诉我!" 于是他会像个喵星人( "喵喵喵......" )。

* Last but not least, sex.
One relationship guru brilliantly says, “Talking about sex is the first step towards having it.? Ask her if she is a foul woman, or what is the craziest thing she has ever executed in her lifestyles with a bit of innuendo added into your voice. This isn’t the kind of stuff you need to speak about straight away, however when things are going just right, it’s great to point out your “inner BADASS”. She’ll be aware of what you mean, and get excited about it.
Likewise, listed here are some themes that you simply should now not discuss:
– Offensive humor. Chris Rock’s racial humor is also exciting, but it surely is now not a just right matter for a first date!
– Politics. There’s nothing to be received by means of arguing over considerations and parties.
– Previous girlfriends. An absolute no-no. All you do is play a game that makes considered one of you jealous or suspicious of the opposite. Strictly keep away from this subject, but when she DOES ask you about earlier girlfriends, speak respectfully about them so you don’t come off as an insecure way.
– Within jokes between you and your mates. They’re known as inside jokes for a motive — keep them that way!
– Anything that could be interpreted as geeky or dorky, akin to science-fiction. Unless you know for an undeniable fact that she’s into science fiction and comic books, keep it to yourself for now. The very last thing you wish to have to return across as a geek!
– An excessive amount of about yourself, your possessions, how nice you are, and so on. Bragging simply makes you seem to be insecure. Even though you own a yacht, don’t talk about it like it makes you more special than her.

* 最后但并非最不重要的,性
—— 无礼的幽默,克里斯洛克式的种族幽默也许令人兴奋,但肯定不适合第一次约会 !
—— 政治,争论和谈论政党会让你一无所得。
—— 前女朋友,这个绝对不可以,这是一个危险的举动,会让人觉得你是嫉妒或者怀疑对方,严格远离这个话题,但是当她问起你以前的女朋友时,恭敬地谈论她们,这样你就不会显得不安全。
—— 你和你的小伙伴们之间的内涵笑话,它们被称为内涵笑话是原因的,远离这种笑话!
—— 任何可以被解释为怪胎或呆板的东西,比如科幻小说什么的,除非你知道一个不可否认的事实,即她喜欢科幻小说和漫画书,否则暂时不要说出来,你不会想被视为一个怪胎的 !
—— 过多地谈论你自己、你的财产、你有多好等等,吹嘘只会让你看起来没有安全感,即使你拥有一艘游艇,也不要说得好像这让你比她更特别似的。

C. How We Say It
After all, none of these issues, specifically humorous stories, are gonna work for those who don’t know to deliver them. Supply in speech is the most important. Individuals who have excellent delivery could make, otherwise dull story are exhilarating one. I highly recommend you to learn “Voice power” with the aid of the aforementioned Renee grant Williams. Listed below are some guidelines she recommends:
1. Use consonants.
That will accent your speech. In case you’re speaking about an ideal live performance you went to, no one will consider it’s that fab in the event you say in a monotone voice, “That used to be an ideal concert.” That make individuals to sleep. As a substitute, say, “Man, that was just a great concert!” The Tony the Tiger voice. If she says one thing, don’t say as if you’re bored, “really.” Say, “Really?”, then, with emphasis, “WOW.” it really works!
2. Don’t use needless words and details.
If you happen to be speaking a few time whilst you and your mates went to Cancun, don’t bother with the pointless important points just like the food they served on the plane, the watch for the taxi, or the sheets they used within the lodge. Get to the purpose!
3. Silence.
As Williams says, Silence does speak a thousand phrases. There’s nothing higher than the “power pause”, especially when trying to captivate your listeners with a story of bravery. which you could lead as much as something powerful, then pause whereas the woman takes it in and after a few seconds of silence, say, “however that’s not all…” Or

C. 我们怎么说
1. 使用辅音
那会使你的讲话更加突出,如果你要描述你去过的一场理想的现场音乐演出,那么当你用单调的声音说“ 那是一场理想的音乐会”时,没有人会认为它有多美妙。
这会让人深感无聊,取而代之,你可以说: “ 伙计,那可真是一场超赞的演唱会 ! ”辅以老虎托尼的声调,如果她说了一件事,不要显得你的回应很无聊,不要干巴巴的回应“ 是吗?”,应该说“ 真的吗? ”然后,加重语气,“哇,这样啊 ”事实证明这样很有效!
2. 不要用无谓的词语,不要扣细节
如果你和你的伙伴们去坎昆的时候碰巧有几次谈话,不要纠结于那些毫无意义的问题,比如飞机上的食物,出租车的计费表,或者旅馆里用的床单, 直奔主题 !
3. 沉默

4. Drama and comedy.
Don’t be afraid to sprinkle some dramatic and comedic flair into your speech. When you’re talking a few goofy incident with your buddy, snort together with it. whilst you laugh, it’s a clue for other people to start. Chris Rock does this all the time; he laughs at his own scxts, and it has the power of making him pursuits all the laugh. Likewise, in the event, you’re telling a dramatic story of something wonderful like rescuing people from a car accident, talk with conviction and suspense. It actually goes ways in opposition to spellbinding girls; they love a great story, especially a heroic one.
5. Use physique language.
It’s no longer sufficient to talk together with your fingers beside your face and your butt to your seat. Speak together with your fingers, with your fingers, your physique language creating a way of pleasure. It’s a fact: enthusiasm is contagious. So show some enthusiasm together with your vocal and body languages!
At last, change your pitch. If things are going well, decrease your pitch, give her your absolute best Barry White. In case you’re talking a few funny moment, a louder, more excited pitch is most certainly best. Acknowledge the mood and alter your voice to evolve to it.
Congratulations! You’re on your strategy to making great impressions on hot girls. Always remember the power of speech and appearance, and also you’re bound to be triumphant.
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4. 戏剧性和喜剧性
不要害怕在你说的话里面加入一些戏剧和喜剧元素,当你和你的朋友谈论一些愚蠢的事情时,一起打哈哈,当你笑的时候,也是其他人开始捉摸探寻的时候,克里斯 · 洛克一直都是这么做的,他对着自己的剧本大笑,这让他有一种力量,会让所有的事情都感到好笑。
5. 使用肢体语言
热情是会传染的,所以,用你的声音和肢体语言表现出你的热情吧 !

Final thoughts
In this article, we’ve tried to present a couple of basic things on how to approach and impress girls. While there are no templates and always-working rules, you will find these hints useful. However, don’t forget to use your heart and mind and current feelings within situations: nobody would ever understand certain situations you have been faced with, even if you’d present all details in verbal or written form.
The secret is that if a woman isn’t ATTRACTED to a man, his attempts to confess his love, convince her to like him, and court her BACKFIRE.
In other words, they not only DON’T WORK, they actually make things WORSE, because they’ll make you a “good friend” or she won’t even want to be your friend…
So, don’t confess your love BEFORE you had the chance to create attraction.
Pace yourself.
You might be thinking that building attraction is something that doesn’t come to you naturally. And that’s ok because you can actually learn it!
Take some time to invest in yourself and learn some basic ideas about how to build attraction and you’ll see results right away.

换句话说,它们不仅没用,而且还会让事情变得更糟,因为它们只会让你成为一个 "好人",或者她甚至不想成为你的朋友......
你可能会认为建立吸引力并不是自然而然的事情,这没关系,因为你可以学 !

Chetana Bhuit
Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that makes a lasting impression. A single smart comment or a couple of small charming gestures can really impress a woman, while an offensive remark or a display of carelessness can utterly doom your chances. A woman will often decide relatively quickly whether or not you’re date-worthy, and all the little things you do or don’t do will help her make up her mind. With these realities in mind, I’ve put together this list of the top simple ways to impress a woman. Nothing complicated here. Nothing time-consuming or exceptionally difficult. But this list of habits, comments and behaviors could make the difference between getting her number and getting forgotten about.


1. Look for opportunities to showcase your unique abilities and resources:
Some girls may find certain things attractive in a guy, while others will not. But the only way that you can find out if the girl you like finds your unique talents attractive is to look for opportunities to showcase them.
For example, if you are an excellent guitar player, invite the girl you like to come to one of your band’s practices or shows. Or if there is a sport that you excel at, ask her to come to one of your games.
2. Ask For Advice:
Whether you’re apartment-hunting or trying to set your buddy up on a blind date, women enjoy being asked for advice. It shows her that you value other people’s opinions — in particular, her opinion. Be careful not to come off as clueless here, though; you don’t want to act like you know nothing. You also don’t want to put her on the spot or make her feel uncomfortable. When asking for advice, get her perspective on a limited set of options. For example, does she think you should move into a townhouse or a loft? This kind of question allows her to easily express an opinion, and hopefully sparks a more extensive conversation.
3. Compliment Her:
So here’s the thing: You want to give her a compliment, but you want it to seem sincere. Thus, you need something a little more original than “You have incredible eyes.” Give this a shot: Compliment the way she looks in her outfit. Say something like, “You look great in that dress.” It’s a great way of telling her she looks hot without rerunning the same old compliment and it also communicates that you’re attracted to her in a way that “Cool jacket!” does not. Plus, it gives her credit for having good fashion sense, which is a neat little mix of her personality and her looks.

1. 寻找机会展示你独特的能力和资源:
2. 寻求建议:
3. 赞美她:
事情是这样的: 你想赞美她,但又想在她眼里你看起来很真诚。
因此,你需要一些比 "你有一双不可思议的眼睛 "更新颖的赞美之语,试试这个: 赞美她的穿着,比如说,“你穿这条裙子很好看。”这是一个告诉她她看起来很迷人的好方法,而不需要重复同样的老式恭维,它也传达了她对你的吸引力,你要说“ 这件夹克很酷 !”可没有这种效果,此外,这也给了她良好的时尚感加分,这是她的个性和外表的完美结合。

4. Open Doors:
Another entry on my list of the top simple ways to impress women: Open the door for her. Opening the door for a woman is a classic gentlemanly gesture. The otherwise admirable push for gender equality has largely eliminated acts of chivalry like this one. But no matter what gender you are, opening the door for someone is considerate, polite and shows you're thinking about them, rather than just yourself. Do your part to bring chivalry back by opening the door for her.
5. Stand up straight and tall:
The way that you stand can also indicate how confident you are. If you are slumping or crossing your arms, she might interpret this as fear or nervousness. Instead, stand up tall with your arms hanging loosely at your sides. Keep your shoulders back and your chest puffed out a bit. This will show her your full height and breadth, which will be much more impressive than if you approach her in a hunched over position.
6. Ignore Your Phone:
Nothing says, “You’re not that important” like taking a call from someone else or checking a text in the middle of a conversation. That’s why ignoring your phone is one of my top simple ways to impress women. The culture of constant texting has gotten way out of hand. These days, too many men think it’s perfectly acceptable to take a phone call or fire off an email while you’re on a date or in the middle of a conversation. Well, we have news for you: It’s uncivil. When you’re talking to a woman, it wouldn't hurt if she got to see you silence your phone or turn it off completely — it shows her she has your undivided attention.

4. 开门 :
这是我列出的另一个给女人留下深刻印象的简单方法: 为她开门。
5. 笔直挺拔的站立:
6. 忽略你的手机:

7. Socialize With Her Friends:
When deciding whether or not to ask a woman out on a date, you probably uate her personality and her looks, among other things like her sense of humor and her intelligence. Well, women do those things too, but they also think about your potential as a partner. And one of the things that speaks to your potential is your ability to fit into her social network. Women are attracted to likable, sociable, charming men, the kind of guys their friends and families will love. So, engage in conversation with her friends even as you’re working your magic on her. Impress them and you’ll impress her. Just make sure it’s clear that she’s the one you’re interested in.
8. Help Her With Her Coat:
If you’re trying to come up with simple ways to impress women, you might think about the kinds of things your grandfather used to do. While she might not know how to handle you throwing your coat down over a puddle she's about to walk over, there are lots of old-school displays of chivalry that most women love. Helping her put on her coat is a great example. It’s a kind, courteous act that’s not so common anymore. That’s why it will help you stand out. It’s also a good way to increase her comfort level with you as it allows you to get close to her without getting too close.
9. Be Well Groomed:
Scraggly facial hair styles and even a hint of body odor have a good chance of killing your chances with many women. Women want their men to show that they can take care of themselves, and if you always look good and smell good even though it's not a special occasion, you're a few steps ahead of the pack. This doesn’t mean you necessarily always have to be clean-shaven, but you should have well maintained facial hairs. Think about it: You judge them based on the way they look. Why wouldn’t they do the same with you?
10. Look Her In The Eye:
Keep your eyes on the face. Women do not like men with roving eyes. Never dare to sneak a glance at her body even if she is not looking.
It can be tempting to look a beautiful woman up and down, and the more beautiful she is, the harder it can be to concentrate on the conversation. Just remember, if she catches you staring at her chest when she’s telling you how much her mom means to her, you’ll look like a creep.

7. 与她的朋友交往:
8. 帮她穿外套:
9. 保持整洁:
想想看: 你根据她们的外表来判断她们,她们为什么不会对你做同样的事?
10. 看着她的眼睛:

Do not be too obsessive. Appear normal and calm. Pretend as if you are a nice person and hence you are speaking with this girl-showing genuine interest in her. Let her not find out your ulterior ambitions!
Spend some time trying to know her as a person, finding out about her beliefs, likes and dislikes, ambitions, hobbies and philosophy of life. If you have taken due care to really understand her, you're almost sure to earn her affection in the near future.
Girls like to go slow. Do not at once scare her by becoming an arduous lover at once. If you want to earn a girl's trust you have to first be her friend.
Respect her feelings and treat her with kindness. And do not preach her if you think her emotions are wrongly placed.
Talk about your family. Girls feel safe and comfortable with family men. If you are attached to your family, you are a safe bet. Knowing that you come from a stable family can be very impressive to some women.
Have a sense of humor. Most women love men who can make them laugh; life is too short to be serious all the time.
Shrug it off if she says no. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a girl will say no when you try to ask her out. The occasional “No” is something that you will have to deal with when you ask a girl out on a date.
If she says no, don’t get upset. Just shrug it off, and try not to act like too disappointed.
Do not pursue a girl like crazy. It will not just make you cheap, but it might also scare her. Many girls fall for men just because they do not fall for them. Remember Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice? Century after century, girls have been falling for him because oh! He is so handsome, unapproachable and mysterious.
Always remember:
Girls are not so much floored by the looks or status of a man as they are charmed by his style and manners. Remember these above mentioned tips and you will never lose a girl. Be genuine. The first step to any relationship is being honest and straight forward. Girls dislike men who pose as someone else.

额外几点 :
不要太执著,表现得正常和冷静,你正在和这个女孩说话——表现出对她真正的兴趣,别让她认为你别有用心 !