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A SCHOOLGIRL was allegedly raped in a dumpster and offered 5p as a bribe to keep the horrific attack secret in India.


In "deep shock", the eight-year-old girl went home crying to her grandma and told her of the attack, said a top cop in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.


It's alleged that the youngster was sexually assaulted inside a council dumpster in Bhopal's Ayodhya Nagar area on Saturday afternoon, reports Times of India.


While supported by her granny, the girl told cops at Ayodhya Nagar Police Station that the alleged rapist had given her 5p, while ordering her against telling anyone.


Police heard that she had been playing near her home when a pal of the alleged rapist walked up to her at about 1.30pm.


He handed her a 100-rupee (£1) note, and asked her to buy a tobacco pouch from a shop, said Sub-inspector Nisha Ahirwar.

副督察Nisha Ahirwar说,他递给她一张100卢比(折合1英镑)纸币,并让她去商店买一包烟。

The cop added: "She bought the tobacco, but when she went to give it to him, he told her to give it to another man standing next to a [dumpster] a few metres away."


She was then dragged into the huge container and allegedly assaulted, SI Ahirwar added.

SI Ahirwar补充说,她随后被拖进了那个巨大的集装箱,并称遭到了侵犯。

The girl told cops she'd seen her alleged attacker in the neighbourhood several times before the alleged rape.


Eight investigation teams were sent out to hunt down the alleged offender, with cops taking photos of 40 potential suspects.


As a result, Ravi, 30, was nabbed at a liquor store on Saturday night, and taken into custody after the girl pointed out his pic.


Ravi - whose surname hasn't been publicly released - has been charged with rape and criminal intimidation.


It's the latest in a horrific string of assaults against children in India, where an epidemic of child rape continues to sweep the country.


India's rape crisis saw one woman being sexually attacked every 15 minutes on average in 2018, government data shows.

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In 2019, a woman, 23, was set on fire by a gang of men in Uttar Pradesh as she travelled to court to press rape charges.


The National Family Health Survey, conducted in 2015-16, revealed that 33 per cent of married women aged from 15-49 age experienced physical, sexual, or emotional spousal violence.

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But, of these victims, only 14 per cent sought help and 77 per cent never spoke about it.


Nearly 34,000 rapes are reported in the country annually despite tough laws introduced in recent years.


Back in 2017 The Sun Online reported on a man in India who was arrested after confessing to sexually assaulting more than 100 young girls, preying on them as they left school at the end of the day.


And in February 2021 a 13-year-old girl was gang-raped for eight days after being kidnapped by three men, who dragged her into a car in broad daylight.


The girl was snatched on January 15 from Delhi and was held for more than a week before being rescued by her family.


CritFin India has low rape rate on per capita basis, but the incidents look more frequent as the total population is high. There is death penalty for rape of girls below 12 years age

印度的人均强奸率较低,但由于总人口高,强奸事件看起来更频繁。 而且在印度,强奸12岁以下女孩的人可被判处死刑。

t999rex Ill use the same percapita argument to undermine things the next time you are outraged about something


arishsan You overestimate him. He cannot outrage normally because his morality has been hijacked for political ends. He can only outrage about rahul gandhi, mamata banerjee, udhav thackrey, arvind kejrival etc, not about a girl being raped. Like this guy doesnt even understand that he shouldve kept his mouth shut here if he had nothing of value to say.

你高估他了。他不能正常地愤怒,因为他的道德已经被政治目的所劫持。他只会对拉胡尔·甘地、玛玛塔·班纳吉、udhav thackrey、arvind kejrival等人感到愤怒,而不会对一个女孩被强奸感到愤怒。这家伙似乎不明白,如果他没有什么价值的话就该闭嘴。

t999rex Ya... a girl is raped and his biggest concern is the country's image he is he scum of the earth..... The image can go to hell for all i care


sai_ve Don't worry. They will resort to whataboutism, 'innocent until proven guilty', 'right to have an opinion', yada yada yada.


CritFin You are most welcome


Main_Vibe You're a rapist sympathiser


CritFin You are an antinational, defaming country using lies


Main_Vibe Proud of it; wouldn't want to associate myself with rapist sympathisers like you


CritFin I dont want to associate myself with antinationals like you who defame our country using lies.


Main_Vibe It's not your country, you simply reside in it while embarrassing all others around you. You're vermin and your exit from it shall be swift and forceful


CritFin No wonder commies like you treat your political opponents like subhumans


level 10 Bold of you to assume you're a political opponent when you carry no political weight. Get it right, you're vermin.

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normierulzz Large numbet of rapes go unreported, some estimates upto 99%.


CritFin Even after adjusting for reporting rate, India has low rape rate on per capita basis. That 99% going unreported figure includes molestation incidents too.

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normierulzz Based beast defending rape and sexual assault.


CritFin You are an antinational trying to defame the country using lies.


KillMeAndEndMyMisery Proud to be anti national especially after what your lords are doing with my delhi


normierulzz You are an antinational Why am I not surprised lol

“你反民族” 为什么我对这种话毫不诧异呢?哈哈。

ilovethrills Is this guy for real?


AllAgTCups You actually are giving a good justification to why we need Sharia law in India. Just look at the per-capita rapes of all these Islamic countries compared to India. They have an even lower rate. Country Rapes per 100,000 India 2.6 Syria 0.8 Iraq 1.5 Yemen 0.8 Egypt 0.1 Turkey 1.5 What these all countries have in common? They have Sharia. You're actually giving a case for imposing Sharia law in India. They have an even lower rate of rape than India, just look! You're making a case for imposing Sharia law in India.

你实际上很好的证明了我们印度需要实施沙利亚法。看看所有伊斯兰国家跟印度的人均强奸率对比。他们的比率更低。 各国每10万人的强奸发案率 印度 2.6 叙利亚 0.8 伊拉克 1.5 也门 0.8 埃及 0.1 土耳其 1.5 这些国家有什么共同点?他们都实施沙利亚法。你实际上给出了一个印度应该强制实施沙利亚法的例子。就连他们的强奸率都比印度低,看看吧!你实际上给出了一个印度应该强制实施沙利亚法的例子。

CritFin Those countries have low female work participation because of Sharia


AllAgTCups Source?


Main_Vibe K rape sympathiser


th3Env0y Please tell me you are trolling.


Altruistic_Sky1866 Where are we headed, this is ugly and sick act


Doofus302 Find rapist. Have a man rape him. Throw 5p at him. Walk away. GOTO 1

找到一个强奸犯, 让一个男人强奸他, 给他五毛钱, 走开, 回到第一步。

stranger5349 Such a small bribe. I'm not saying it would be better if it were a bigger one, but it kinda would be better with a bigger bribe. It's like insult to injury


WolfBrig44 motels cost money


bigmanstanboi So if this was done in a motel it woudve been better?


WoahThereFelix I mean, a motel is better than a dumpster.


Rockyzind Now, let's see what our wise politician say on this, may be that 8 yr old girl was wearing a ripped jeans. The enforcement of law is too weak in this country, where the real incident is ignored and fake cases like Hitesha is spreading like fire. We are really in a state of doom.

现在,让我们来看看我们明智的政客会如何评价此事,也许这个8岁的女孩穿着破洞牛仔裤? 这个国家的执法太弱了,真正的案件遭到忽视,而Hitesha那样的假案件却像火一样蔓延。我们真的处于一种末日状态。

badaik2887 Yup a scratch on a nose is more concerning then a ruined childhood. The dumbing down of the mass is pretty alarming.


Ballsdeepinmyhippo The communists and centrists should sit together with popcorn ?? and watch the Nazis and their dogs die


Ballsdeepinmyhippo Signs of a failing nazi empire


shreknotdrek What is 5p? 5 paisa?


IAmMohit The British decimal five pence (5p) coin – often pronounced five pee – is a unit of currency equalling five one-hundredths of a pound sterling. Its obverse has featured the profile of Queen Elizabeth II since the coin's introduction on 23 April 1968, replacing the shilling in preparation for decimalisation in 1971. So around 5 rupees, considering a pound is going for 100 rupees currently.

英国十进制五便士(5p)硬币,通常读作five pee,是一种相当于五百分之一英镑的货币单位。自1968年4月23日硬币问世以来,它的正面一直印有英国女王伊丽莎白二世的肖像,取代了先令,为1971年的十进制制做准备。 考虑到现在一英磅相当于100卢比,所以是5卢比左右。
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lundan_69 Now this has happened in a city.


Antique_Clock_5093 is nobody gonna talk about how the girl was allowed to buy tobacco when shes a literal kid. while rape is much worse, even the tobacco seller should be jailed for selling tobacco to a chlid. this is being seriously overlooked.

没人想说说这个小女孩是怎么被允许去买烟草吗?虽然强奸要严重得多,但即便是卖烟草的人,也应该因为卖烟草给孩子而入狱。 这一点被严重忽视了。

galaxy_express The same way those tiny stalls sell cigarettes to kids, most parents send their kids to fetch bidis/cigarettes/paan/gutkas etc. Its not unusual to see kids getting tobacco related products and parents letting them have candy or biscuits, chips or yipee worth 5-10 rupees for running the errand.

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Antique_Clock_5093 ohh. i did not know about this as my parents are non smokers, non drinkers, non chewers of paan and so on, so i had no idea. nut how do shop keepers sell to young kids. here in bombay i have often seen paan sellers being beaten and been taken by police if they r caught selling such stuff even near my school, let alone sell to students.

哦。我不知道这一点,因为我的父母不吸烟,不喝酒,不喜欢吃槟榔之类的东西,所以我不知道。 真搞不懂店主怎么把东西卖给小孩子。在孟买,我经常看到卖槟榔的人被警察殴打并抓走,因为他们在学校附近卖这种东西,更不用说卖给学生了。

InterimNihilist Not to be dramatic, but if I have a daughter, I'm genuinely contemplating leaving the country.


RedditingKitten You do know that boys can be molested/raped too?


FunDry7114 BIMARU men - damaging our reputation since their inception.


Equal_Reading_8236 Please knock of your superiority complex


Meerkat_Initiate7120 Not a superiority complex if it's true.


BornOn1stJan Horrific.Not exactly related, but what's with uk tabloids posting individual cringe incidents from india, you don't see TOI reporting about a pedo incident or a rape in UK.


bdwgm That's your takeaway??

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mee-thee Please torture this man to death. He deserves nothing less than that!


K_rodan It’s a minor so when’s the death sentence ?


FunDry7114 You mispelled “BJP election ticket”.