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Bobbie Miller
While we were dating, my mother decided to quit her job, sell her house, and move halfway across the continental US to be closer to my middle sister. She had just had a baby and needed the assistance while she went back to work for the Air Force.


My boyfriend (at that time) agreed to help me move my mom from the Midwest to California to live with my sister. My sister chipped in some money for gas and paid for the rental of a U-Haul trailer. We used his truck and I paid for the rest of the gas to get her and her things out there. I think it was during this long drive together to pick her up and then drive her to Cali, that I realized this was the right guy for me. Not many would go out of their way to help your family like this.

我的男朋友(当时)同意帮我把我的妈妈从中西部搬到加利福尼亚和我姐姐一起住。我姐姐给了一些油钱,还付了一辆 u 型拖车的租金。我们用了我男朋友的卡车来运东西,我付了剩下的油钱把我妈和她的东西运到那里。在一起开车把我妈送到加利福尼亚的旅途中,我意识到这才是我的真命天子。没有多少人愿意这样帮助你的家人。

Years later, after we’d married and moved to another state, my mother needed somewhere new to live. My sister was now pregnant with number three and was married to the father of the two newest children. She no longer needed my mother living there to help out, and her being there was causing strain on their marriage so my sister more or less kicked my mother out. My mother did not have a good job nor the skills to get one. While discussing the situation, my husband said to me “she’ll just
have to come live with us then”. Only the right guy who knows how much family means to me and it means the same to him.

几年后,当我们结婚并搬到另一个州之后,我的母亲需要一个新的住处。我的姐姐当时已经怀上了第三个孩子,并且嫁给了一个有两个刚出生的孩子的男人。她不再需要我的母亲住在那里帮忙,我姐姐感觉我母亲在那里给他们的婚姻带来了压力,所以我的姐姐把我的母亲赶了出去。我的母亲没有一份好工作,也没有能力得到一份好工作。在讨论这个问题时,我丈夫对我说: “那么她只好搬来和我们一起住了。”。只有正确的人知道家庭对我有多重要,这对他也是一样的。
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My mother moved in with us and shortly after moving in, she took a bad tumble and broke her spine in four different places. She is now disabled but we are still doing our best to make it work. We’ve been financially supporting her while she fights for disability due to her injuries and ongoing pain. I know it isn’t the best situation for my husband but he is such a good spirit about it. He gets frustrated and shares his frustrations with me but then will say, “…but I know that she has no where else to go, so we’ll just have to figure out a better way to deal with this”.

我妈妈搬进来和我们住在一起,搬进来后不久,她摔了一跤,脊椎骨四处骨折。她现在是残疾人,但是我们仍然在尽最大的努力来帮助我妈妈。我们一直在经济上支持她,她也因为伤病和持续的疼痛持续康复。我知道这对我丈夫来说不是最好的情况,但是他的精神状态非常好。他很沮丧,和我分享他的沮丧,但是之后他会说,“ ... 但是我知道她没有其他地方可去,所以我们必须找到一个更好的方法来处理这件事。”。

He is so great. We are saving up our money to be able to build her an ADA compliant Mother-in-Law Suite in our backyard. Hopefully one day she’ll have her own space all to herself where she can feel a little more independent while we have a little more alone time together in our house.


Cindy Sebastian Jenkins
Thank you for requesting my response. Unfortunately, my answer is not really suitable for this question.


My marriage, although on paper is. 33 years. It is not one of companionship, love nor mutual respect. Oh yes in the early years everything was hunky dory and a joyful bliss. I was on top of the world , had a handsome husband, was desired, a beautiful baby girl la la la,. Fast forward 10 years. Now three children, a house, dog, cat, excellent job. Everything was great.


Well fast forward another 10 years. 20th anniversary. The most beautiful bouquet of flowers d elivered to where I work. Out of 11 workers, I was the only one married and to my first husband at that. I was the envy of so many people.


Well rather than fast forward 10 years, let's go a little more than 1 1/2. My world rocked and I never saw it coming. Now I was dealing with a child addicted to opiotes and a husband smoking meth, going on dating sites, messaging other women, setting up meetings with other women. From that point on, it had been nothing but downhill. I could go on and on.


But to end this story and keep it short, I am getting custody of my granddaughter due to her parents being no good (well haven't seen mom in 5 years she could be dead; don I jail). Once the final custody papers are in, I bid a farewell to the body that used to be my husband's. I look forward to saying good bye to the last 14/15 years of sheer hell.


New beginnings for a 59 year old with quite a bit of distance between the old life. From Florida to California I emerge as a stronger and much less nieve person than I was 33 years ago. Guess at some point we all have to grow up.


Again, thank you for requesting my answer.


Mark Gray
This is an easy question. When I met my late wife, we were talking and in my experiences. So when my late wife told me that her phone was going to get cut off, I offered to pay her bill (without any major loss). She tells me “No, I don't want to ruin your finances.” In my mind, I was like, wow someone actually cares about me the person rather than what I have. And she said the right things, we went to church, places I've been to and she liked, she came bowling with me on league night to see me bowl my 3rd perfect game and enjoyed every minute with me. She strived to better herself every day and got her license and the very next day, I proposed to her, only to screw it up. I put a key ring with car and house key on the wrong hand, ask her, do you know what this means? She answered “yes" so I left for work. She calls me and asked me, “is there something you want to ask me?” So, I ask a bunch of stupid yes no questions to finally get to THE question. Her response was “I'd be stupid to say no!” After that, she changed jobs and came to work where I work. She understood how to help save money than splurge it. She saw me at my lowest and was there for me. She saw me at my highest and was there for me.

这是一个简单的问题。当我第一次遇到我已故的妻子时,我们正在聊天。当我已故的妻子告诉我她的手机要停机的时候,我主动提出帮她付账单(没有多少钱)。她告诉我“不,我不想让你因此财务吃紧。”在我的脑海里,我想,哇,有人真的关心我这个人,而不是我拥有什么。后来我们一起去了教堂,去了我之前去过的地方,她喜欢。她在联赛的晚上和我一起打保龄球,看我第三次打出完美的比赛,和我一起享受每一分钟。她每天都在努力提高自己,并且拿到了驾照。在她拿驾照的第二天,我向她求婚,结果却搞砸了。我把一个带有车钥匙和房子钥匙的钥匙圈放错了手,问她,你知道这意味着什么吗?她回答“知道”。然后我就去上班了。她打电话给我,问我: “你有什么事要问我吗?”然后我问了一堆愚蠢的关于是或不是的问题,最后问出了最重要的问题(你愿意嫁给我吗?)。她的回答是: “我要是拒绝,那就太蠢了!”在那之后,她换了工作,来到我工作的地方工作。她懂得如何帮助省钱而不是挥霍。她在我最低谷的时候看到了我,一直陪在我身边。她见证了我的辉煌时刻,并一直支持我。

Crysti Drake
I told a friend that I had caught her husband cheating. Her husband found out it was me who told his wife. The other guy went to my husband and told my husband that he needed to get me in line. Terrance knew what was going on, I was surprised at the response from Terrance. Man, he was out of his truck, before God got the news, and told the cheater that he needed to get himself in line, and until that was done, he didn't need to be giving Terrance marriage advice. Then he told the cheating dog if
he EVER disrespected me like that again, he wouldn't be walking away like he was going to be allowed to do this time. I knew Terrance wasn't happy because I had told my friend, he really doesn't care for confrontation, but he still put the cheater in his place, where I was concerned.


ReeRee Sanchez
When I wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare and he grabs and hold on and never lets me go until I realize it’s him and he’s here to stay.

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When he helps me on my bad days that I could hardly walk.


When he tells me e we have 99 more years to go


Debbie Lasser
There is actually more than one reason. But what truly stands out is the fact that he would drive 2 hours each way to pick me up for our weekends together.


Another reason is that he came to get me at 4 A.M. because he knew I was sick & wanted to see me & get me to the clinic.


There are many reasons I married the man of my dreams and those are just two. But because he loves me so much and wants to take care of me, I know he's the right person.


Bakari Yusuf
on the first day that we met we mistakenly bumped into each other and surprisingly we said SORRY at exactly the same time it was magical


Paul Johansen
In truth it was for the wrong reasons. I had only met her a couple of weeks earlier. She was 16 and still at high school and another girl I knew as a friend introduced her to me at the flat were I was living. My initial reaction was fairly neutral but I was single and unattached so I decided to see where it would lead. She was slender had long black hair and wore lose baggy clothes and seemed very quiet and reserved and I felt no immediate rush of attraction, however I could never have known what lay ahead. Things were about to change in a big way!


I had driven my dilapidated 15 year old Austin A40 car to her home address after being invited by her to do so and when I drove onto the turnaround outside her home she walked outside to meet me wearing one of her fathers white shirts. She sauntered up to the car and out of curiosity I opened the door said hi Bron and asked her what she had on under the shirt to which she replied, a swimsuit. Intrigued by this response, I managed to persuade her to rather reluctantly show me, so she obligingly unbuttoned the shirt and revealed her red bikini and the divine figure that it contained. I was literally stunned speechless and I had to catch my breath. I couldn’t believe my eyes, her figure was absolutly amazing. She had perfect olive skin’ heavenly curves and looked like a centerfold. My initial reaction was, what the Hell could this Goddess possibly see in me? I don’t even think she knew what she had going for her. There was no exhibitionsm or ego involved here, only shyness and modesty and she seemed embarrassed. My mind was racing as I attempted to comprehend the vision of loveliness that I had just been confronted with, as well as
coping with the fires of passion that had just been ignited within me, hopefully never to be extinguished! At that very moment I remember thinking, if I can, I’m going to hang on to this girl if it’s the last thing I do and never let her go and although I didnt really fancy my chances, I think I did a pretty good job of concealing my initial reactions and limited my comments to, “Hmm very nice”. I did have the slight advantage of being a bit older than her. I was also employed as an electronics technician and I did own a car of sorts that I very quickly dumped and replaced with a considerably more up market Ford Mk11 Zephyr, so perhaps coming from an all girls school she may have thought I wasn’t such a bad catch. That was two offspring and 54 years ago and my feelings for her have never faded and in fact are stronger now than ever but for a completely different set of reasons.

受她邀请,我开着我那辆破旧的15年的奥斯汀 A40轿车去她家。当我开到她家外面的转弯处时,她穿着她父亲的一件白衬衫走出来迎接我。她漫步走向车子,出于好奇,我打开车门,说了声嗨,问她衬衫下面穿了什么,她回答说,泳衣。我对她的回答很感兴趣,设法说服她让她给我看看,于是她亲切地解开了衬衫的扣子,露出了她的红色比基尼和它所包含的神圣身材。我简直惊呆了,说不出话来,不得不屏住呼吸。我简直不敢相信自己的眼睛,她的身材绝对是惊人的。她拥有完美的橄榄色皮肤和天使般的曲线,看起来就像杂志插页上的女郎。我的第一反应是,这个女神到底看上我什么了?我甚至不认为她知道自己有这么火辣的身材。她没有自我显摆,只有羞怯和谦虚,她看起来很尴尬。当我试图去消化我刚刚看到的可爱景象时,我的思绪飞快地跳动着,同时我也在应对刚刚在我心中燃起的激情之火,希望永远不要熄灭!就在那一刻,如果可以的话,我会紧紧抓住这个女孩,永远不会让她离开,尽管我并不真的认为我有机会。我认为我隐藏了我最初的反应,我的回答仅限于“嗯,真的很漂亮”。我的确有一点优势,就是比她稍微大一点。我还被雇佣为电子技术员,我确实拥有一辆的车,但我很快就把它扔掉,换成了一辆更高档的福特 Mk11 Zephyr。也许因为我来自一所女子学校,她可能会认为我不是一个坏人。那是54年前的两个孩子,我对她的感情从未消退,事实上现在比以往任何时候都要强烈,但原因却完全不同。
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Everyone of us gets old eventually. Physical beauty when it’s all said and done is only skin deep and rather superficial irespective of the power of hormone driven first impressions. Over the years she’s given me more love, rock solid loyalty and support than I could have ever dreamed of or felt I deserved. I didn't own much of value when I first met her and 10 years later I still wasn’t that much better off. What followed however, after I'd gone into business, was a story of sheer stubbornness and grim determination on my part, to claw my way over the next 50 years to financial self sufficiency working in a small business at the wrong end of the
NZ music industry. We had to endure no less than five major changes in government legislation that forced us to our knee's and having to start again each time. The first disarster saw major changes to NZ’s tariff and import duty regulations that completely destroyed our electronic manufacturing operation almost overnight. No one wanted NZ made sound gear anymore, it didn’t matter how good it was.

我们每个人最终都会变老。说到底,外表的美丽只不过是肤浅的,是荷尔蒙驱动的产生第一好印象的力量。这些年来,她给予我的爱、坚如磐石的忠诚和支持超出了我的想象,也超出了我的福分。当我第一次见到她的时候,我并没有多少财富,10年后我依然没有变得更好。然而,在我进入音乐行业之后,接下来发生的是一个关于我的顽固和坚定决心的故事,在接下来的50年里,我站在新西兰音乐行业错误的一端,在一个小型企业里艰难地挣扎,以达到经济上的自给自足。我们不得不忍受至少五项政府立法的重大变化,这些变化迫使我们每次都不得不重新开始。在第一次讨论中,我们看到了新西兰关税和进口关税法规的重大变化,这些变化几乎在一夜之间彻底摧毁了我们的电子制造业务。没有人再想要 NZ 制造的音响设备了,不管它有多好。
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From then onwards nothing was sacred and knock out blows from the government were happening to us at the stroke of a pen every few years. I kept having to learn new processes while hampered by an undiagnosed learning difficulty I was born with. Following the first instance of trying to start a manufacturing company with almost ero working capital in 1974, we were hit with four more major legislative changes that made life almost impossible for us.


I never once heard my wife complain about our life of hard graft, instead she took it all in her stride and together we just battled on regardless against the ridiculous odds which included getting pushed out twice by staff I trusted. I could write a book about the trials and tribulations we faced together and looking back in hindsight it’s hard to believe we never went broke, not just once but several times. I learned that your not dead until you lie down. Now, apart from a small company loan, we own two valuable properties freehold and we don’t owe any money at all to anyone. We have a big house, more cars than we need and don’t want for very much in the material sense.


We have a daughter with a science degree and a Phd in Mycology who is presently running a government sponsored project to try and beat Myrtle Rust.

我们有一个女儿,她拥有科学学位和真菌学博士学位,目前正在运行一个政府资助的项目,试图打败 Myrtle Rust。
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I would be the first to admit I would have had no chance of achieving these things if it had not been for my wonderful wifes love and support. The fact that she was always there when I needed her help and the hard work she put in over all those years of struggle made it possible, there’s no doubt about that.


Unbelievably we have yet another rather interesting challenge to overcome. We both want to do different things in retirement and we have spent several years trying to find an agreeable consensus. How many people bother to ask their partners before they commit to them, what do you want to do in your retirement? That was the last thing on my mind. Funny that! One of us is going too have too make some fairly seriuos compromises.

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Bill Chen
I’ll tell two stories. My wife hates it when I tell the stories, but she’s not on Quora. So, what she doesn’t know… lol.

我要讲两个故事。我妻子讨厌我讲故事,但她不在 Quora 上。所以,她不会知道的... 哈哈。

First one was just when we started dating. Her first birthday while we are together. I go with a mutual friend who is female to the mall. We scour the whole mall looking for a decent present. My friend and I decide to go with a purse from the Coach store. I bring it to my girlfriend and present it to her. She tells me “return the purse and get me a vacuum cleaner.” huh? I tell her, she can have the purse and a vacuum cleaner. What does she want? Again, my girlfriend says return the purse and get me a vacuum cleaner. So, I do as I’m told. After her birthday, I ask “Why not take the purse and pick a vacuum cleaner?” The response? Well, the coach purse was ugly and my vacuum cleaner just broke and I just needed a new one.

第一次是我们刚开始约会的时候。那是我们在一起后她的第一个生日。我和一个我们共同的女性朋友一起去购物中心。我们在整个商场里到处找像样的礼物。我和我的朋友决定从 Coach 商店买一个钱包当礼物送给我的女朋友。当我把钱包送给她的时候,她告诉我“把钱包退回去,送我一个吸尘器把。”什么?我告诉她,钱包和吸尘器都可以送她。我女朋友坚定的说把钱包退回去,再给我买一个吸尘器。所以,我只能照她说的去做。在她过完生日后,我问她: “为什么不拿着这个钱包去买个吸尘器呢?”你知道她说什么吗?她说Coach的钱包很难看,恰巧我的吸尘器刚刚坏了,我只是需要一个新的。

Second story was when she first moved to California to follow me here. I don’t think we were quite married yet. We go out and meet people. After a while, I notice this little thing where she tells people we live in Santa Monica when first meeting them. Now, we were living in Brentwood at the time. For anyone who didn’t sit through the OJ Simpson craziness and trial, Brentwood is one of the nicer areas of Los Angeles. After listening to her tell people we live in Santa Monica enough times, I finally ask her why she’s telling people the wrong place. She sheepishly says to me, “because I don’t want people to think we are shi shi poo poo people.” My response to her is that if you don’t want people to think you are stuck up, you tell them you live in South Central LA… not Santa Monica. Afterwards, she started telling people we lived in West Los Angeles.


We have been married for almost over a decade now and through good and bad times, she’s been rock solid. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous and somehow puts up with me. I’m really lucky.


Oh… and her birthday is coming up. Bought her a vacuum for the birthday (and a few other things). Of course, it the vacuum cleaner was an expensive dyson. My idea… She’s happy with a simple, practical birthday gift even after all these years.

她的生日快到了。为她买了一个吸尘器当做生日礼物(还有其他一些东西)。当然,真空吸尘器是戴森的,价格很昂贵。我的想法... 即使过了这么多年,她还是很喜欢一个简单实用的生日礼物。