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Why do you love your job?


Charissa Enget, Mechanical and Energy Engineer. Lived in rural Thailand.
As soon as I got to Denver, I looked up all the Thai restaurants in town.
I wanted to work at an authentic Thai restaurant so I could keep practicing my Thai, make some new Thai friends, and maybe miss Thailand a little less in the process. I found one, and as soon as I looked up the owner of the restaurant and saw she had a last name that was 15 letters long I knew I had found an authentic one! I applied immediately.
I’ve been working there about three weeks. It’s been so much fun.
I get to use all three of my languages! Half the cooks are Thai, the other half are Hispanic.
Unfortunately, when I learned Thai, I lost most of my Spanish. Now, learning to be trilingual has been difficult. I keep mixing up my languages.


I’ve said “Como estás mái?” more times than you can count. (Mái is the slang question particle in Thai). Moreover, Thai and Spanish share a few common words like “mi”. “Mi” can mean “my” in Spanish and “to have” in Thai, and I keep mixing up those words now.
Either way, I’m rapidly improving my Spanish and learning how to switch quickly between three languages! It’s been really fun for me.
What’s more, I get lots of Thai food! It tastes just like Thailand, it’s just 20x the price. (Seriously, a bowl of Kao Soi is $20, it was $1.50 in Thailand). At least I get a discount, sometimes free!
A couple of the Thai cooks have been here in the U.S. for eight years. They couldn’t believe how much Thai I had learned in two years. They said it’s been really hard to make friends since they speak very little English, and they’re so happy to meet a new friend ?? We made plans to go to Nong Kai in the future to see the Naga Serpent festival since they’re from the Northern province. I love them so much already.
I originally got this job just to pay my bills until I got an engineering job, but honestly, I love it so much I think I’ll keep working there even when I get a full-time engineering job.

我说了“我最爱你”ás米á你数不清的次数(Má我是泰语中的俚语疑问词。此外,泰语和西班牙语有一些共同的词,比如“mi”“Mi”在西班牙语中是“my”的意思,在泰语中是“to have”的意思,我现在一直在混淆这些词。

Emma Pichon de Bury, Residence Advisor at Malta (2019-present)
I love my job because of the relationships I develop with the students.
I work for a language school, in the residence. I am at the reception and see the students every time they go up and down (we have the kitchen/living area in -1 and the rooms on floors 1/2/3/4 so I see them all the time).
Sometimes it’s just a “hey” without a look. Sometimes it’s a “hey Emma! How are you?” on their way down, they don't really expect an answer, they’re just being polite. Sometimes they actually stop and talk to me. Some just talk about random stuff. I’ve had a couple of students requesting relationship advice. Others told me about their childhood trauma.
I have a very special relationship with some underage students as well. They don’t live in the residence but they come see their friends or eat with them or they come to play the PlayStation. They’ve told me things that they definitely should not say to a staff, but they trust me enough to tell me. I will never break their trust, but I always make sure they’re safe.
As I was writing this answer, a student came to ask how to use the washing machine. She’s 20, from Japan, probably her first time away from her family, or at least this far away (I mean, Malta is literally the other side of the world). She doesn't speak a good English (she’s here to learn after all) and she didn't know what program to use. I slowly showed her different programs she might need, a quick one if her clothes isn’t dirty, one that takes a bit longer, and one if she has stains.
I love meeting so many students from so many countries. I’m 23 so I relate to a lot of them (they are between 18 and 24 in this residence) and they can also relate to me. We talk about our countries, the differences in our cultures… I learn a lot.


We also have CCTV in some parts of the residence: 3 in the kitchen, in the stairs, 3 at the reception, some outside, smoking area… We use them for monitoring, to check if students clean after themselves in the kitchen and of course, for security purposes. But…. that’s not the only reason. Sometimes students come and explain that they want to check the CCTV from last night because they were out and don’t even remember coming back. Or they get crazy while listening to music and I just watch and laugh. I love that, it’s always crazy and funny and we all have a good laugh.
Another student came as I was writing (I started typing this about 2 hours ago haha). Little back story: 2 weeks ago, one of our students lost his grandfather and had to go home. He’s coming back tomorrow and his friends prepared a little surprise. They made a flyer with a veeeeeery (not) nice picture of him, they purposely misspelled his name and invited and everyone at the residence to join them to welcome him at 11pm in the kitchen. They asked to print 5. I printed 35. They are currently putting them up everywhere on the residence. I mean EVERYWHERE. I’m sitting at the reception and I see 4 posters from my seat. Tonight I'm gonna have nightmare with his face, I can feel it ??
I am especially close to the French speaking students as they know they can come to me and speak in French if they can’t explain in English (I am the only French speaking staff of the school/residence, I try to hide that I’m French because they’re here to learn English, but they always find out. One day a girl admitted that someone had told her that the girl with purple hair is French.
I love my job because there isn't 1 day when I don't laugh. I deeply love all the students here, I love talking to them about Malta, giving them advice about their future trips, helping them with the little things in life. They trust me and I trust them. When I moved here 8 months ago, I was hopping I would like the job.

我们在住宅的一些地方也有闭路电视:3 台在厨房里和楼梯里,3台在接待处,有的在外面,吸烟区也有,我们用它们来监控,检查学生在厨房里是否自己打扫干净,当然是为了安全目的。但是这不是唯一的原因。有时学生来解释说,他们从昨晚起想看央视,因为他们出去了,甚至不记得回来了。或者他们在听音乐时入迷了,我只是看着想笑。

Snehal Srivastava, i like to write
I’m a Business Analyst for an e-commerce company. Why do I love my job?
?? I learnt a lot of new tools for my current role ranging from SQL to Airflow to Tableau and I realized I love querying in particular!
?? I work with the pricing part of the company and pricing for an e-commerce business is of paramount importance. Everyday is dynamic and challenging! For instance, the past few weeks have been so stressful and exciting because of the Corona virus affecting our stocks
?? We have team presentations every 2 weeks which gives me a chance to work on my presentation skills. In addition, I’m also a trainer for the training, “Unconscious Bias Against Women in Tech” - pretty cool right?
?? I’m given full autonomy of my work - I’m allowed to reinvent old concepts, invent new structures and challenge the set layouts - so much freedom tow learn and innovate!
?? The company atmosphere is open, flexible, direct and friendly - they mean every word. There are days when I almost feel like I’m going to college because I have so much fun and I learn so much
?? It allows me to work in a different country in a different continent - what???!!!


?? I work with an entirely Dutch team - I get to learn immensely about their culture and the Netherlands from them
?? Working with a Dutch team has also made me adopt the Dutch directness - I don’t mess around, I say what I mean and I mean what I say
?? Working with people who are different from me has made me more flexible and open - I’m going to carry this forward in my career
?? Making mistakes isn’t just allowed, it’s welcomed! The only thing is, I should own up to it and work on making it better
?? We work strictly for 8 hours leaving enough time for other things in life. In fact, most of the people leave their laptops in office - no need to even take that home
?? We are encouraged to prioritize life over work. If you work long hours, it’s actually frowned upon and something that should be discussed with your Manager - you should be able to do the work in 8 hours, if not then either work is too much or you’re going wrong somewhere
?? I really feel my Manager and Team Lead focus on making not just my work better but me better. Like they know that my Excel will get better with more days of working but what about my stakeholder management or what about my own prioritization of tasks? We have a lot of discussions on these things.
I value this aspect immensely.


Well I there are things that I do like about it and there are things that I dont. I like how I have a lot of control over my project but at the same time that gives me a lot of room for error and a lot of responsibility. It is sometimes scary since I have so much control and things just do not work out at all. Especially since they are not now.
I do like how what I am doing has an impact if I succeed but right now nothing is working so I do not like that very much. I would like my job a lot more if my project was succeeding but since it is not I seem to be running into a lot of trouble and it is very hard for me to cope with not achieving what I want right now.
My boss is ok. He is not extremely mean but he is straightforward when lab members do not meet certain benchmarks. He will tell us if we can do better and sometimes it gets pretty stressful but it is a lot better than where it was before in my last job where my boss would just randomly ping me all the time to get certain things done and I would just be scared all the time. Right now I am just scared on one day when we have our meetings and at certain times when he wants me to have something done by a certain time.
The social side of where I work is not amazing. People are not overflowing to be social and communicate with each other so that is one of the worst parts since I am extremely extroverted and love talking to people. Many people seem to just be focused on their work and do not want to socialize at all.
In total, I would say since my job seems to be very stressful right now, I am do not enjoy my job as much as before but since this seems to be a phase, I am going to hold on


Megan O'Malley, has done a lot of running in the rat race.
I am a musician with the circus. There are many things to love :)
As far as my own job, I love doing what I love! Playing music! My bandmates are awesome, my boss is awesome, the music is awesome. I wouldn't change a thing.
As far as the job in general,
Traveling between cities. We travel by train, and though it's uncomfortable at times in general it's relaxing and very enjoyable. We travel via freight lines and thus are able to see very remote areas, untouched wild places, and the 'underbellies' of many cities and towns. I'm blessed to visit these rarely seen parts of America.
Being in a new city every week. Our show schedule takes us on a bi-annual tour, so we repeat cities every two years. It's awesome to explore and find unique businesses and people, and experience what makes each place special. I have just hit my 2-year mark, so revisiting cities is fun because I know where things are, and can also see how things have changed in two years.


Freedom. We are expected to show up for work and for rehearsals/meetings, but other than that our time is our own. There is no clocking in/out, no roll call, no one keeping tabs on you. If you've got an hour to kill between shows, go explore the city, no one minds so long as you're back before the next show. If you have a few free days in a row and you want to fly to Europe, go for it! Just be back in time for work.
Coworkers. Everyone is exceptional. From the athletes who defy death for peoples' entertainment, to the guy scooping elephant poop off the floor so we don't slip and crack our skulls, to the intelligent and beautiful animals. Everyone brings something special to the circus and makes it a workplace like no other.
Family. Circus is like family. We work and live together. We get tired of each other and have drama. But when someone is having a bad day, or is injured, or just needs a ride to the grocery store, there is always a circus family member to keep you smiling or bandage your wounds or split a taxi with :) If you need to borrow a cup of sugar, there are three hundred people who would drop everything to give it to you. It's an amazing group of people to be part of.
Making people happy. At the end of the day, entertaining the crowd is what it's all about. I love to see the wonder on the faces of adults, children, the elderly, the arena staff, the fire marshals. I once saw a woman in a business suit take off her heels and run down a city street to catch up with us as we walked the elephants to an arena. She stopped on the corner, breathless, smiling like a child at the sight. That's what it's all about :)


Bill Herman, Taught Resume Writing, worked for Dept. of Defense. Former Marine. MS Degree.
Love waking up in the morning and looking out my window at a nice green meadow next to my property and sometimes with a horse on it other times deer. Rain or shine it’s a great way to start my day. Now stay with me, I get my coffee and relax reading the latest and often stupid same old, same old news.
Now my job consist of basically doing any thing I want to do for do nothing. I’m retired, LOL.
OK I know you mean when I worked. I had a lot of jobs, some were crummy, hard, dirty and offered very little satisfaction. Finally after I was in my early 20s I started working part time weekends as a Youth Worker with school kids. I and other workers had to do after school activities with them on weekends and 5 days in the summer.


I fell in love with this work and asked one of the Directors one day how did you guys get your full time jobs doing this and becoming Leaders, Programmers and Directors? Was told very simply get a Degree, doesn’t matter much what in but it helps if you have one for Teaching, Education, Recreation, Phys Ed or Business.
I had gotten married at the time and will make this short, went to College and finally 6 years later got an MS in Rec Admin. I then applied for various jobs and finally about 2 months later went to work for the Military in what is called, Morale Support Activities.
I started out running a Bowling Alley on a Navy Base, after 5 months I got a better paying job as a Youth Director with the Army. This job was great as I was in charge of Military Family Youth. I set up all kinds of recreation programs, trips, sports and even tutor studying to help them with school. I eventually applied for an upgrade and got sexted to work at a base in Italy. From there over 15 years I worked my way up the ladder, worked in Germany, Japan and the U. S.
I retired eventually as a Morale Support Officer (Civilian). It was a very interesting and meaningful career, I worked with other civilians, and military ranks. My boss was always the Base commander at the top.
I was able to see the world in my job, lot of holiday travel, s and earned a good living doing it.