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What do you love about your woman?


Abbie Campbell
The fact that he makes me feel loved and wanted, I have been in two bad relationships that are completely polar opposite to each other. One relationship was physically and mentally abusive and controlling, while the other one turned out in the end to be as uncaring as it could be and the guy couldn’t be bothered to come see me or didn’t take interest in me or what I was doing. These relationships are part of what caused my identity crisis and dependency issues.
To be completely honest, my current relationship happened so fast and so close to the recent breakup that deep down inside I was convinced he was with me only for the sex. I was convinced that he only wanted to use me and leave, I questioned why he would go out with someone like me because he’s smart, athletic, tall, good looking and overall an amazing guy.
But he completely proved me wrong…

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He treats me like a princess, he gives me attention and he makes sure I’m alright. He’s gentle with me and doesn’t want to hurt me, when I’m upset he actually listens to me and tries to cheer me up (It always works, he always makes me laugh). He spoils me, he tries to get me drinks and tries to buy food, it always makes me feel bad but it shows that he really does want to spoil me and make me happy, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t one sided I try my best to spoil him too. He lets me sleep in his arms at school and is so considerate when i’m down or angry. I love how I didn’t realise that he’s everything I have ever wanted until he kissed my forehead and said goodbye to me at the school’s badminton club. We weren’t together at that time but to me it felt like the thing I needed all day
Another good thing is that he is probably going to read this! And if you are reading this, I appreciate everything you do and everything you’re doing and I hope we stay together forever, that’s my lifetime goal and wish. To be there for you through thick and thin, illness and health. I love you.


Preeti Pandey, I hope that you'll remember me !!
She is just a usual person.
She is nice, though not always. She asks questions that occasionally shake me up but I don’t mind, it’s kind of cool.
Although she speaks less but sometimes it’s tough for her to contain herself.
She likes to watch sunset, I think that is the only time her mind is empty.
I sometimes feel that she has trust issues, but hey, who doesn’t?
It feels good to be with someone you can sit silently with no urgency to chatter.
She ain’t perfect. But I feel, some day, she will be perfect for me.
When you got no partner, you are your own partner. Enjoy the relationship as this one is sure gonna stick till the end.
What were you thinking??


Gordon Miller, Entrepreneur and Investor
The greatest thing about being together for 20 years and married for 19 is that if you are lucky to get to this point, everyday is effortless. It has never gotten routine or boring, it is just fun and enjoyable. We are a perfect fit for each other, we are complete opposites. She is short and I am tall. She is liberal and I am conservative. She is cute and smoking hot and I am, well, less fat than I used to be. She is blind, so she doesn’t drive any of my cars and I get to drive everywhere. She stays at home with and takes care of the house and kids and I get to focus on work. She is more talkative and social and I am actually more introverted and enjoy listening. Really, it isn’t any one thing, it is EVERYTHING. I am a very lucky guy.


Mahmoud Elhofy, studied Computer Science & Mathematics at Faculty of Science (2019)
the way she sees the world and things around us and how she deal with them.
I like girl with her mission in life and how she approaches it, the more she takes life seriously and the more she have passion in her goals and dreams the more i like her because by doing this she also motivates me approaching my goals.
I see my partner as a supporter that helps me not someone that makes trouble from every single piece of shit of our conversation.
relationships are simpler than most of us approaches it i see most girls take it as battle or a game to win but it’s not like that it’s just a win win situation and the more you love your partner the more you care the more she/he loves you back


Mike Osthimer, Senior Pastor (1993-present)
What I love most about my wife I love her eyes, her smile, her face, her hair, her neck, her hands and feet. I love her shape and style, the sound of her voice, her love for Jesus and our children and grandchildren. I love her work ethic and her somewhat OCD ways she keeps our house in order. I love her creativity and her athletic ability. I love that she is strong and tender, firm yet loving. I love that she loves me and that she said yes to me some 38 years ago to be my wife. These are just a few things I can rattle off the top of my head. There is much more but this is a good start.


Em Fairhall, Mum, Fiancee, Writer, Gamer, Daughter, Friend
What I love most about my boyfriend, Roland.
That’s a hard question.
It could be that he is always very happy and obviously excited to see our daughter. He always hugs her and kisses her and makes her feel happy and loved.
It could be that whenever we have sex, he always makes sure I get satisfied first.
It could be that we can have heated but not arguing discussions about Star Wars, something we’re both passionate about.
It could be that he is trying so very hard to progress past his anger issues and his anti-social personality disorder because he wants to be my boyfriend more than anything.
It could be that he wants me to be healthy and helps me to push past my insecurities to eat healthy and to be a better role model for our daughter.
It could be any of these things, but most of all the thing I love most about my boyfriend is him. That he is unfailingly, faithfully and unapologetically him.


Jared Lupton, works at Studying
Some things I have learned to love since being a teen.
I love that she trusts me enough to ask me questions. Anything really. I’ve learned to appreciate it.
I love that she is such a positive and caring person.
I love that she has made me a better person.
I love that I used to be able to say that she made me want to be a better person.
I definitely love that she enjoys cooking ;)
I love that she has a habit of making the best out of a situation.
I love that she makes me think sometimes.
I love that now I can totally believe that life is better everyday, and not worry about it.
I love that I have been able to learn how to help others and not feel like I am constantly exhausted.
Should I go on? I’m sure I can think of more.

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Sarah Tan, M.A Communication & Digital Media, Deakin University (2018)
He is down-to-earth, hardworking, ambitious, kind, funny and family oriented. He has a sense of calmness that makes me feel comfortable around him.
We share a number of same interests in terms of hobbies and personal values. Our personalities are quite similar as well. We are both ENFPs and ambiverts, enjoying a fun day out or chilling at home watching movies.
The little things he does makes my heart flutter - The way his gaze lingers tenderly with mine, the small smile he gives me whenever I look at him, and the way he touches my hand and put his arms around my waist.
Most of all, he makes me a better version of myself. Having struggling with motivation, his determination and drive in life makes me strive to be more accomplished to achieve my goals.


Wayne Brooks, works at QVC
I love my wife’s heart and soul. She is kind and caring to others and doesn’t take care of herself as much as she does others. I love my wife’s mind. She is smarter than she will take credit for about many subjects. I love my wife’s body. Her eyes, her boobs, her butt, and her hands. That was the 1st thing i noticed but i talked to her and found out about her heart and soul. After the 1st date i knew, I’m marrying her!!


Diya Gem, former Consultant
He called me today and said he was tired of waiting and we needed to get married and start living together.
“We should ask your family what they think first,” I said, feeling suddenly nervous and knowing my stalling techniques for him pretty well.
“I’ve decided this. They’re waiting for me to tell them.”
And that’s the first time in all my years of knowing him that he hasn’t deferred a decision or sought counsel.


Sandra Western, I am human
He loves me for me. He doesn't want me to be anyone other than me and always encourages me to be myself and to only care about what's in my own heart, not worry about what anyone else is thinking or wants me to do.
He supports me and cares for me and our children and wants nothing more in life than for us to be happy.
He is an amazing father and husband, he has a kind heart and the best sense of humour ever.
He is always there for me and he is my absolute world.

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Donna Ford, Customer Service Extroidinaire, lovely risk taker (2013-present)
I think my husband is incredibly sexy, but sex isn't the most important part of a marriage. I love the way he held my hand through the streets of Morocco. He was proud of me. I love the way he would stop and give me a beautiful sexy smile in the middle of a soccer game. I love the way he would let me put my head on his shoulder.

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Aleynah ables
Well i would have to say, what i love most about her is well everything about her. I can't simply choose one or two things.
I love all of her.
She's has a sweet and kind and thoughtful personality, i love that part of her, it makes her an amazing person go be around.
Her kind heart..always putting others before herself, even though i wish sometimes she didn't i still love this part of her.
The way she acts like a kid sometimes is just so cute… I love it.
Her smile is just amazing and lights up the room. Melts my heart when i see her smile.
Her pretty blue eyes… so beautiful they are breath taking. I could get lost in them forever…
Her red hair… Just fits her perfectly.
Her laugh… So real and odd, she has many but all are cute and it's just amazing to hear…my heart melts when i hear it.
There is nothing i don't like about her. Shes perfect to me and i wouldn't change a single thing about her, i can't choose a favorite nor can i choose a least favorite. I love everything about her the same. I'm lucky to have her. She means everything to me and just i couldn't love her or anything about her more.


Nathanial Lee Vigder, I've been engaged 7 times. Even fell in love a couple.
Well, Here's a few of the more usual suspects:
Old fashioned gender roles: The woman makes the man feel like a man, virile, like an overall good person. It can feel like a natural high, and who wouldn't want a feeling like that as often as possible, eh? Excuse me for a minute. My wife needs me to open a jar of pickles.
The woman is a good cook. Yup. Some guys let their stomach do their deciding for them. Simple as that.
The woman has a spark of something you can't quite name, but you really like it.
Being a fan of sex helps. I'm not gonna lie. For some guys, a steady supply of it can be all it takes to win his…ahem…heart.
The way she smiles, laughs, and even cries. The way a woman chooses to express herself is one of the most endearing ways to capture a man's heart. It's something that can be witnessed by all the senses, and so it is very effective.


Rose May
I watched a video a few years ago and they asked the man ““what made you want to marry her?”
He gave a few of the obvious answers but the REAL one surfaced.
“She made me love myself more… just with her presence. By who SHE WAS.”
I dated someone that knew me since I was 12. But between 18–48 didn’t speak. I didn’t even like him. Was shocked to find out he did me all those years.
When I got divorced over a years time he asked me if he could cook me dinner 3 times. Two I didn’t even respond to. The third I went because of curiosity I guess. I had zero expectations. But was open to fun. As a friend.
When he opened the door I knew I was stepping into the best night ever. It was a strange but cool experience. Like the matrix.
It was so obvious the love he put into that night. He even had on my favorite music my deceased brother and I listened to in 78–84.
But even better I could FEEL it. And that he enjoyed putting it together. I felt his hopes in it.

“她让我更爱自己……只是因为她的存在。”她是谁? "

I’ve felt that before. Preparing a nice time for people.
He treated me like I was at a five star restaurant that night. Pulled my chair. Served me. It was so fun watching him ““glow.”
Then he started talking about my dad. My dad was the most respected farmer in the area. Maybe state. But even more for the moral man he was.
Integrity. Great sense of humor. Generous.
He apparently really adored my family. It shocked me. I never really paid attention to him because he was a bully to others growing up. He admitted it.
In reality our family wasn’t as loving as he believed.
By listening to him he helped me appreciate the good things. Even stuff that was hard. Through his eyes. Heal. Forgive my mother. Forgive myself even.
He knew things about me I couldn’t understand how he knew. I laughed and said ““were you stalking me or something?” It was curious and fun.
He treats me with the respect I deserve but don’t speak about. He loved the things that I worked hard to achieve. For example my home. I do all my own landscaping and a lot of remodeling because my dad taught me. But still feminine.
If you ever are in a situation like that and you don’t act on the sexual attraction portion.