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The contents of thousands of bottles of milk products were seen being poured into ditches in China, after fans of talent show Youth With You had voted for their favourite contestants using QR codes under the bottle caps.


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Reina Azzahra
I know milk doesn''t last long, but at least they can relocate the milk in gallons or other places and quickly distribute it to the poor as charity.
This is outrageous and selfish.

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My Thoughts Exactly
All that milk could''ve been donated to hundreds who needs it


Just because you have the money doesn''t mean you know how to use it well.


Aditya Raj
They will realise how precious food is only when they don''t get it.


Young b yanghongwon ????
I feel like the people doing this deserves fines honestly

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Penguin Plushie
These fans are insane, and the marketing campaign is disaster.


And now you see why the government has to introduce a bill to prevent food waste.


Walar Arkar Win
I finally know why my dad still hasn''t come back when he said he''ll come back with the milk.

(译注: 关于美国没爸爸的家庭的一个笑话老梗)

Haloz Helos
“ They are not sorry for what they’ve done, they are sorry because they are caught “- someone from the internet

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Beier Liu
For the people want to know more: this incident happened during last year the talent show “youth with you2”. Manufactures put the QR code inside the bottle cap. Many irrational fans who are not mature enough will purchase a large amount just to supporting their idols. This is not encouraged and tolerant by the Chinese people either. This year, the manufactures put the QR code outside of the bottles, so fans actually donated many product already. But still, the government was not pleased by this news and the program has been stopped immediately. This years show has been cancelled because of something happened last year, and all the efforts of idols and fans is wasted. Very unfortunate but people think the action is necessary if we want to avoid this kind of incident.


One little happy kitten 001
Cows: exist
Chinese talent show: I can milk you

中国的选秀节目: 我可以给你挤奶
(译注: 一个来自油管博主Markiplier表情包的梗)

Kareen Kalani
How were they supposed to realise that people would actually just buy them to pour them away beforehand though

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Anh Tú Nguy?n
"The ability to speak does not make you intelligent"
—— Qui-Gon Jinn

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Chen Chen
Greed and selfishness are their sicknesses. Put them in jail or fine them heavily. Real idiots!!!

贪婪和自私是他们的病症。 把他们关进监狱或重罚他们。 真正的白痴!!!。

This is so useless. It''s pathetic how they waste that much. Can''t they just drink it like a friggin normal person?


Tiashe Varuhaito
here I am, too stingy to buy milk, i just spend on instant noodles, while they are freely discard those like nothing...

在这里有我这样的, 因为太寒酸而不敢买牛奶,我只花钱买方便面,而他们却随意丢弃那些东西如若无物...

Jed Ward
The rich will get what they want, the poor will loose what they need.
-Farcry 5 song

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I’m Chinese and this hurts so much :( There are countless people that need milk but can’t get it, and here are these people, wasting these precious resources. It makes me feel bad for the farmers and cows that worked hard to produce it.

我是中国人,这太让人伤心了 :( 有无数人需要牛奶却得不到,而这些人在浪费这些宝贵的资源。这让我为那些努力工作生产牛奶的农民和奶牛感到难过。
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my entertainment
They could have dried it and make milk powder, or they could made it into cottage cheese or made it into curd or simply collected in and announced whoever wanted can come and collect it


Kurby Quiambao
Imagine being this wasteful to food, what a privilege

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Sawada Tsunayoshi
This is insane


Tys Huon
This is giving me charlie and the chocolate factory vibes, opening tons of products just for a prize and not for the product


[Xeyna ·-·]
Kageyama having a Mental Breakdown after seeing this*

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Ariana Hale
Well, you can imagine how many rats & stray cats/dogs might swarm after this!


Akhil Suden
they could have given the milk back to hungry calves whose share was taken . They should show respect toward milk and cows , if they drink it.


satria amiluhur
People casually throwing milk away is the kind of financial security i wish i have


what the... i tried this milk before! its taste amazing how could they waste it?????


Some people have no food to eat and some like to waste it, what a world we are living.

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Luke Wilde
Remember that episode of victorious, where they bought loads of ice cream pint tubs, just to find the letters to spell ''KESHA'', so that they''d win a live kesha performance at the house

还记得 "胜利之歌 "的那一集吗?他们买了大量的冰淇淋桶,只是为了找到字母来拼写 "KESHA",这样他们就能在家里赢得一场现场KESHA表演。

When I was a kid around 3-8 yrs, my mom couldn’t afford to buy milk (at times when I needed it). We didn’t have cows like the neighbors did. Even the neighbors didn’t share when they milked their cows. I wasn’t in the United States. Seeing people violating milk like that really hurts me. It brings tears into my eyes when videos like that reminds of my childhood’s struggle. Instead of wasting milk, they could just donate these bottles to poor families.


The fact i cant afford 500ml milk packet on daily bases


Hope the boys will still debut, but the show will get fined, the trainees don''t deserved to be involved here

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Livid Snacks
They seem to have little to no self awareness, selfish, will take advantage, will always put themselves first at the detriment of the entire group.

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Yingyan Li
In Chinese social medias, most people have condemned this type of behavior so the entertainment committee put out order yesterday to immediately stop this reality show. This type of act is ridiculous and makes me so angry as the fans who bought the milk could have donated them to org or people in need. Most importantly, the structure and the designed rules of the reality show is sickening as it gives the incentive to fan groups who have a lot of resources and money to purchase tens of thousand of their partnerships’ products as a way to support their idols ....


ShiJie 12311
I mean if theres a mini competition involving codes...usually its under the bottle cap/on the bottle... instead of HIDDEN

我的意思是,如果有这种涉及代码的小型比赛......它通常是在瓶盖下/瓶身上......而不是藏 起 来。

Diana S
That milk pit will start to smell awful once it curdles under heat

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Kace C
I just can''t go home empty-handed. My search continues, sorry kids daddy misses y''all

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As far as I know, last year''s youth had you 2, at least poured 2 million cases of milk. These moms are all hired by fans. They don''t have time to tear down the milk they buy. There are too many.


DeeNe Stuff
Wow, they also take action. That''s amazing


Teddy Mine
YWY''s integrity is now in shamble. I feel sad for the trainees and all the innocent people involve in the show. This is not the only issue of the show I think. Other major issue includes Tony''s dual citizenship which is a big "no-no" in China and also his parents'' involvement in Drugs and prostitution. It seems Idol Survival Shows in China are now facing their possible end. I heard weibo dexed the super topics dedicated for survival shows.

节目的完整性现在已经破灭了. 我为受训者和所有参与该节目的无辜者感到难过。我认为这不是这个节目的唯一问题。其他主要问题包括托尼的双重国籍,这在中国是一个很大的 "禁区",而且他的父母也参与了毒品和卖淫。看来中国的偶像生存秀现在可能正面临着结束。我听说微博删掉了生存秀节目的超级话题。

HoiPinoyAkoMayAgimat AngDugoKo
They should have just taken a bath using the milk like a celebrity

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Should repackage after open bottle to get code and send it to those who needed


EJ Huang
Someone: Food or not, I made it so I have the right to do anything with it.
Anyone: *SLAP them in the FACE!

有的人: 不管是不是食物都是我的,所以我有权利对它做任何事。
任何人: *给他们一 耳 光

Joe Lam
just imagine how the cows who spent basically their entire life making the milk and saw all of that gone to a ditch


Tiffany Ly
Y’all this situation blew up to also cover up another scandal with one of the trainees on the show involving drugs and prostitution

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i saw same thing happen at my place before, they bought tons of drinks and waste it to get the lid.
joke on them i actually won one of the prize and used it to buy my first phone 8 years later.