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Do you love animals?


Pam McCoy Gould, Hearing Officer
The answer to this question is a very strong yes! Ever since I was a kid I wondered the neighborhood feeding dogs my lunch and food from my parent's fridge. I often brought home mine, squirrels, dogs, birds, turtles and frogs I found on my excursions only to have my mom naked me return the animal from wherever I found it.. As soon as I became an adult I began volunteering at animal shells. I rescue feral cats, foster litters of puppies for the no kill shelter, rescue injured animals, capture snakes and bats from homes to release in the wild, and currently have adopted 4 straight dogs. A good portion of my pay guess to rescue and wildlife conservation organizations. I've raised my daughter to have the same love and passion for rescue work. She focus on cats and is a medical professional. I've introduced my love of animals and rescue work to my students as well by bringing my vast array of replies, arachnids and rodents to school. I do believe I'm the epitome of being an animal lover. Oh and did I mention that my daughter and I don't eat meat?

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Ronnie Otieno, African citizen, Kenyan national.
Yes, I love animals. I am always impressed by animals ability and intelligence. I spend a fair amount of my time learning a thing or two about different animals, just as I do with almost anything else. I am always learning.
One thing for sure that makes me visit the park frequently is the social nature of the monkeys I get to meet there. Contrary to other parks this specific park lacks the rules prohibiting the public from feeding the animals. My guess is that these monkeys have become attached to human beings and depend on us for the food and the forest never provide the much-needed fruits and nuts the monkeys need to survive. This is an urban forest.
Apart from the park goers, a section of the Indian community in Nairobi has made it their work to frequently feed the monkeys.
This is one of the pictures I took during my last visit.
In the picture, I was giving them the biscuits. Hey, I have no idea if its good for them but since Kenya Wildlife Service and Kenya Forest Service have never prevented us from doing so my only guess is that it's okay. Note that there are some urban forests with rules prohibiting the public from feeding the animals. This is an exception rather than the norm. The monkeys are called Sykes' monkey and are found in Africa, specifically the region between Ethiopia and South Africa.
In my very many trips to this park I have realized that the babies are always scared, the females are usually friendly and meekly, the males are normally very aggressive and demanding. They can even remove the food from your pocket by force. I am a bit scared of males actually.


Rajdeep, Philosopher (2008-present)
Yes I do , I am a great fan of the animal behavior and their natural instinct. I am crazy for horse. Yes I ride too good and can train horse.
Here I am to share my experience with a cat. Sometimes back to 5 years when I found a kitten ( just 4 to 8 days born. It was rain and it was flowing in water on the road.. I took it with me to my place and …rest story you can read in the poem that I wrote for that cat....Here it is..
And ..it so happened,
I was so alone.
Then I met a baby cat,
Just few days born.
On my way in the rain,
Grabbing my toe, mewing in pain.
A little creature shivering and drenched,
With a lively hope, all my fingers it clenched.
Overwhelmed I just took it in my lap,
It hid itself, tried to find a wrap.


With no clue, I looked around,
But not to leave it, I felt so bound.
Holding the umbrella, giving it taps,
Whispering strangely, I was on my steps.
To help it to survive, if could anymore,
I was, with it, soon there at my door.
Dried with a towel I wrapped it in silk,
I had a sigh of relief when it took some milk.
With mercy vibes towards this waif,
I just said “Darling, now you are safe”.
Now no more alone, we both were close,
So nicely it was blooming with every dose.
Calling pretty names like a girlfriend,
I rendered her all space at my end.
Playing and teasing me with her style,
All the way, she always made me smile.
I thought her as my best female with no doubt,
And then soon she started craving to go out.
With little freedom and all my care,
Curious, she went out and roamed here-there.


Coming back from office, reaching at my gate,
I always found her there sitting in my wait.
Teasing all neighbors she was becoming bold,
And she was not a female, one of my neighbors told.
Taking it in my arms, I took a round,
And yes! !!! It was a male I found.
Oh no!!! My heart mourned,
Towards that cat I frowned.
“You ugly bad cat” I said,
“How could I love a lad?”
My tongue got twisted with all shames,
How’d I been calling him with so pretty names?
Then watching TV, I broke into laughter with no sense,
The same day Supreme-Court declared homosexuality as offence.
Then, from my bed, I set him to be away,
Telling him clearly that I was not a gay.
But still he tried to keep all his affection,

哦,不! !我的心在悲哀,

Lori J. Schiele, former Veterinary Technician; Published Author
I don’t like animals—I LOVE them. I live for them. Although I wasn’t permitted to have any pets when I was young (besides a guinea pig and two parakeets), once I was on my own, I acquired a Burmese Python, then adopted two abandoned “bottle-baby” kittens. Growing up, I’d always wanted a dog, but once I had those two cats, I was hooked. I did get an English Setter who was a wonderful dog, but I have—to date—had 14 cats in my home. because I worked at a veterinary ER and abuse cases came in that I acquired: kitten strangled by child, kitten head trauma by being stomped on, kitten head trauma by being thrown against a wall, adult cat chemical burns…
At the current time, I have 6 cats.
Does that answer your question?


Anur Aytmanov
Yes I do. We as humans are also animals. Animals have feelings, they think, cry, give birth, get hurt and some even build homes.are animals so I cant dislike other beings because they do not belong in the same species as me. Ever haeard of mans best friend. Well, dogs are my favorite kind of animals. The bond and connection that a person can have with their dog can sometimes be as strong as love between two people. Dogs love their owners and if well trained can do great things such as detecting drugs and guiding blind people. dog will remain fithful to its owner and even feels sad if their owner gets hurt. If a dog can care that much for a person then Why casnt i love them. They are lovable and they are animals.


Celeste Loh, Always learning more about animals
Yes, I consider myself an animal lover.
Even so, I don't know how to completely answer this question.
I've lived with dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and snakes (not all at once of course). I’ve found and sheltered dogs, cats and rabbits. I’ve protected cats from being bullied by monkeys. I’ve observed and researched on many animals. I've felt a connection with almost every dog I've ever met.
But I am not vegan.
And to many people, that one statement disqualifies being an animal lover.
I have done extensive research on veganism and read/heard many arguments both for and against it. At this point, I am still thinking and learning. If anyone finds this question or this answer in particular hypocritical and annoying, that's expected I guess. But I have nothing more to say on this.
So in conclusion, I do not in fact know how to qualify being an “animal lover”.


Susana Molina, when children played with dogs, i played with lizzards (and dogs too)
Yes. Not a great guess ;), I have written more than 100 answers about animals, I write a blog that focus mainly on animal conservation and animal rights (apart from other secondary topics), and I also like drawing them (apart from other subjects.).
I'm especially sensitive to the constraints that many of my favourite species are facing nowadays due to human activities. Apart from collaborating with some animal rights and conservation groups, writing about animals in an attemp to make people like them is my response. But, believe me, I would prefer to ignore some things I have had to learn in order to write some answers here and my blog.


Lisa Larson, M.A. - Animal Communicator, Energy Healer
Yes. Animals are the best. They are our guides, or teachers, our friends, our children, our parents, our companions, our anti-depressants and everything in between. They can be our reason to live, if we do it right. They are pure of heart, and pure love. What an animal gives you, cannot be gotten from a relationship with any human. Animals are to be respected and loved, cared for and understood for each of their qualities unique to each species, be they domestic, wild, farm or aviary.
Animals bring life to the earth and take care of our spiritual needs, as we take care of their physical ones. The emotional connection is what results.
Animals are the best. Yes. I love animals.


David Horst, knows German
Yeah, some.
I've had a budgie for 4 years in my youth. He was pretty funny, could talk, made some weird moves and absolutely hated to bath.
He was quite adorable, but died due to eating curry sausage and his liver couldn't process the fat, he got sick and died.
I am interested in many animals, especially cats and big cats. They are elegant, yet powerful, they are sneaky and ruthless Hunters.
Yeah, I like animals, at least those that don't intend to kill me at the moment.


Manjira Bagchi, Training Consultant for Various Organizations
Yes I do. I left eating animals when I was 7 or 8, I've been associated with different animals over the years and then turned vegan because I realised that it just didn't make sense to be sextively in love with animals while choosing to eat and use them for my lifestyle. Given a choice, I would live only with animals and not humans.


Kevin Munro
More than humans actually. People talk of instinct, that animals run on instinct alone. Animals have more love for one another than humans do. It’s far more than instinct, it’s the complete understanding of the world around them. Something I doubt humans will accomplish before they destroy the entire planet.
No animal defecates in it’s own water bowl and yet humans are hell bent on filling all bodies of water with there toxins and waste. Humans consider themselves superior, to which I say NONSENSE.


Jessica Nunya, lives in Texas (2009-present)
I grew up in a messed up home. People were always yelling, there was no consistency, always a lot of violence and fear.
I was an only child, I often felt alone and scared with no one to turn to. (For a long time, my parents instilled in me a fear about talking about what happened in our home and so I said nothing and endured.)
With no one to turn to and at the mercy of parents with dangerous/violent/emotionally abusive tendencies, I became friends with the pets in my home.
The family dogs never went into random bouts of violence, they didn’t lie or say mean things.
They didn’t get a gleeful rise out of making me cry.
They didn’t use my own honesty against me.
They didn’t degrade me or make me spend hours reaffirming that I was a useless idiot who deserved to be treated the way I was.
They loved me unconditionally - something that was not available from my parents.


They also didn’t demand I help manage their emotions.
They cared about what I was feeling.
If dad and mom were throwing silverware or glasses, I could hide somewhere and the dog would come nuzzle me.
If I was crying, they wouldn’t mock or call me selfish. They’d try to comfort me.
Dogs are also very straight forward.
I grew up believing dogs were one of the very few things in this world that could love me. I grew up believing dogs were one of the very few things in this world I could love back without regrets.
After growing up, I realize a lot of animals are straight forward in this manner. They vary in their cognitive functions and many aren’t self aware but they are almost always more genuine than people.
I don’t have much patience for fakery and so I enjoy dogs and animals very much for their honesty and simple nature.
When I protest tearing down rainforests or take in a rescue who had a rough start to life, I feel like I’m not only advocating for them but for myself. These animals that I donate to, feed, help, and protect are more similar to me than a lot of people and I know back in the day, I really wish I had someone who would listen or give me a voice.
I can’t change my past but I can change their future and become their voice. My doing so benefits the both of us. I love animals because I selfishly see child-me in them and want to help in the ways no one helped me when I needed it.


Shahzod Bahtiyorovich, former Business Planning Executive at Tradewinds Plantation Berhad (2016-2017)
For many many reasons and some are:
I love how natural they are whether I anger them or entertain them. Love the way how my puppy would be all naughty and jumpy every time I feed him or just show myself after a while. He would never remember and hold grudge after I scolded him for messing up my shoes. He shows his happeness instantly.
2. Fearless:
Anytime another dog passes by our house, he would just turn into Batista. Barking with tiny masculine voice. It would make my day. I rarely see this kind of loyalty among other animals or humans. They are sometimes poorly treated and fed too, however, those precious creatures never change.


3. They aren't evil:
Ok it may not apply to all “animals” out there, but my puppy, cows and chicks at my grandma's are definitely credited for. I used to feed my cow, give water and brush its neck for its pleasure. Cows usually eat grass and walk away unintentionally. Knowing me, every time I shout naming her “black-white” or in Uzbek “Ola”, she would look back at me and return. Never disappointed me. Cows understand our language, cool right. How about my chicks? I mean “baby chicken”, they are just adorable God-sent bird form of angels, and funny at the same time.
4. They are authentic:
Aside from their limited intelligence, they are always real and therefore remind me of how awesome nature is. I observed ants, their work ethic, care for each other and loyalty to their queens just amaze me. Once I was observing them walking on the tree bark and I hurt one of them, which was carrying huge leaf piece and was alone. I watched it struggle to walk back, it couldnt. After like a while, other ant appeared and saw it then suddenly many few more ants came and lifted injured ant and walked back to their nest loong way up to the top of the tree. They are great teachers sometimes. Many animals teach great life lessons too, for example the braveness of wolf who walk sometimes alone. Teamwork of lions, squirrels that adopt baby squirrel if mother dead or missing, diligence of focus of spiders, culture of elephants where they respect elderly and are family-oriented, swiftness of gazelle, resourcefulness of rock badger, tolerance of donkeys


Chuimon Slp, lived in Nairobi, Kenya (1969-1987)
Their ability to move on with their life.We humans get hurt, we have to process the hurt the pain and depending on the level of hurt and pain it can go on forever. Animals, especially in the wild don't have that luxury, they have to move it, or they will starve, or get eaten. Elephants and hippos process hurt and pain like we do (and orcas), but at some point the leader of the herd is like “come on, we’ve got to move or we’ll starve or die” That is what impresses me the most.
Secondly, they see danger, they run from it or avoid it, we run to it! I remember some story of an Asian country (some of you guys would know which one it was) who's inland was about to be swept by ocean water and you could see tourists still “hanging around” to watch this catastrophic event, meanwhile there was not one stray dog in town and most wild animals were long gone!
Lastly their sixth sense. They got it down pat. We have it and could use it if we’d just go with our inner instinct, I don't know how animals do it but they just act on it and we ignore it (not all people but most people).
I know this sounds silly, but their sixth sense is so fine tuned I bet they can sense ghosts or spirits but on a better level than us. Ok you must wonder why? I am by no means a religous nut but I have read the Bible