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How do you get a girl to like you?


Sean Kernan
I’ve thrown every ounce of charm, pulled out every morsel of romantic magic at my disposal, only to get minimal response.
I’ve done nothing, put zero effort, and still felt like I’d cast some spell on a girl, that nothing I could say or do would change her hanging on my every word.
The point is that a girl “liking you” is a natural thing that is not usually controllable by you or her.
But in order for her to even figure out if she likes you, you need to actually be talking to her. That is the step 90% of people who ask this question skip.
The great tragedy is that most crushes go unknown by the crushee. It is often because the person doing the crushing has put too much pressure on themselves.
Just go and start talking with her. Keep things light and simple. It doesn’t need to be this high-pressure mission to lock her in for a date before she even knows your full name.
If you keep having conversations with her, she’ll catch on that you like her. Girls are pretty good at reading between the lines.
Skip all the schtick, shenanigans, tap dancing, presenting of flowers, life sized teddy bears, gold, diamonds, the performance of poetry on her doorstep, painting of hearts in the clouds with an airplane.
Stop observing her from a distance as an obxt to be acquired. You aren’t a hawk. You are a person just like her. Just go and start having regular dialogue, get to know her.
It’s that simple. If she likes you, she’ll let you know.

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Anubhav Jain, A simple human | Entrepreneur | Author
My best friend liked a girl.
As per his belief she was way out of his league.
But then he decided to convince her and made a plan for that.
He started giving her importance.
Solved her issues proactively.
Finally became friends with her.
Treated her like a princess.
Was available 24x7 for her needs.
Learned some amazing jokes and made her laugh.
Complimented her every other day and made her feel special.
Pampered her more than her parents would have done.
Took her to long rides and dinner dates.
Cooked food for her.
Made her an addict of himself.
Did all this patiently for at least a year.
Finally said the three magic words on the last day of college
“I love you”


She cried for a few seconds and said-
“I love you too Bhai (brother), I don't know how I will live without you, what you have done for me even my parents haven't done ever, Thank you so so much”
Also gave him a tight hug which lost relevance by then and said-
“Always stay in touch!”
His Mount Everest made of expectations was brought down to a temporary “touch”
For the next 1 year he cried for the previous year he wasted on her.
Nothing unique! This is what most of us actually do and then cry in one corner of a library or on stairs of our college or school.
So how to go about?
Be what you are and be confident in your skin.
Be honest, be truthful but don't create a negative aura by body shaming her or doing other negative things.
Whatever little efforts you need to make, should be to create a casual friendship.


Convey to her what you are and what you expect from life.
Respect her aims, goals, obxtives, way of life and limitations.
If she has to like you she will, if she doesn't have to like you, she won't, no matter what.
If you fake and make her like you, I am sorry you are destined to cry later on.
If you like her, make it clear as soon as possible so that you are not brozoned, you can finally propose her later on.
Tell her specifically that this friendship is not about bro-sis (give such signals or mention in sarcasm)
If she refuses when you propose, measure her emotions to identify if there is a slightest chance of acceptance, if not cry there and then and forget her.
Help her but also don't forget to safeguard your own interests or you will be used like a tissue.
Be happy with your life, people like happy people and not desperate or sad looking people.
Never assume that she likes you “that way” assumptions are meant to be proven wrong.
Oh! I forgot! This was for both guys and girls!

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Deepak Shukla, I've been dating for a decade.
Be a man of purpose
Have a journey that you're on that's greater than any one person being in your life. It's so attractive to say to a woman 'I'm trying to build a successful company that will help people do X. I want to look back in 5 years from now and say 'I made that'.
Be a man who keeps in shape
There are no excuses to being lazy. So do sport. The gym 3x a week or 10k running or crossfit or a tennis club. But something. It helps
Be secure with your looks
Whether 'ugly' or 'hot'. Don't make it about your looks. Make it about who you are.
Be secure
Don't be phased by other people and what they're doing - focus upon yourself
Be humorous
Making a woman laugh is a wonderful thing. So smile and be happy
Make fun of yourself
It's intoxicating
Make 'your line' the truth
'Look you seemed really nice, and probably get approached all the time - so this may seem ridiculous but yeh..I wanted to say hello...hi! (Laugh) my name's Deepak (go to shake their hand)
'Hey so I may get shot down. but you are extremely pretty and I'm HOPING you're a cool person as well. Erm hi, no fancy lines other than...hey name's Deepak - hello!'
Don't care so much
If you do 1/2/3/4/5/6 women will come. I promise
For more dating advice do follow me :)


Jedidiah Benhur Margoschis Wisely, former English Instructor
When I was in grade 10, a girl tied a rakhi on my hand.
[For the context: Rakhi is a cotton bracelet tied by a girl or a woman on a man’s hand, signifying the brotherly love she has for him. It is an Indian thing, mostly]
Honestly, when she tied it on me, I was not aware of what that was. I learned it from a friend a while later.
I was okay with that.
But her approach was not quite sister-like. Sneaky glances, mild nudges, subtle hints of you know, romance.
One day, she proposed her love for me. I didn’t quite understand anything. I turned it down.
I was confused more than anything.
Later, after I graduated, I learned from a mutual friend that she used Rakhi as an opportunity to get closer to me and then propose her love for me.
I felt a bit used. Or insulted. “How low could a girl be,” I told myself.
During my second year of Uni, she got in touch with me through a mutual friend.
The first thing she told me was this: “Ben. Before you say anything,I am sorry. I was stupid. I am not talking to you to ask you if you love me. I just want to say that I love you.”

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I accepted her apology. I thanked her for reaching out to me. I told her that it was okay. I also told her that I was not hurt by that but just confused.
I turned down her proposal.
Many years later while I was working in Madras, she got in touch with me again.
She was about to leave to the U.K for work.
She spoke about random things and finally about what happened years ago.
“I am not sorry for what happened last time. It was heartfelt. At the moment, I am dating my best friend from Uni. He is in the U.K now. ……” She spoke about her man for a while.
Then she concluded: “I still love you, Ben.”
Truth be told, nothing was wrong with her. I just never felt the bond with her.
I never wanted to call her name. Or smile like an idiot. Or just be stupid around her.
I had no love for her.
No matter who you are or what personality you sport, there will always be a woman or a girl who likes you.
She will see the flaws in you. The stupidity. The inaccuracies. Insecurities. And failings.
And she will cut right through the noise and scoop you off. She is the one.
You don’t really have to respond to her love. You don’t have to accept or refuse. She will love.


Gevork Babayan, Radiography at Bornholms Hospital (2016-present)
Girls are like shadow. If you get closer they will go away from you. If you go away from them they follow you. Like birds they will fly away from the smalest step you take towards them. But if u stay still and dont mind them. They will be flying all over you. Not saying dont do anything. I am saying dont try to hard.
What attracts the girls most is confidence. Not fake confidence. I mean real core confidence.
So if you want to attract them. Go to gym 3-4 times a week. Eat well. Take good care of yourself and your body. Help others. Build your core confidence. Be strong. Read books. Alot of books. And ignore the girls. If they talk to you be friendly with them but dont try anything fast. Tease them amd feel good about yourself. Push them away alittle. Dont say yes all the time. Say you are busy. And if you want to build confidence you will be busy anyway. Build your dream. Your business your life for yourself. Girls will come.
Nothing attacts people more then a person who knows where he is going. Confidence and beliv in yourself. And girls always want what they cant have.
Just do what i told you 6 months and thank me afterwards


Tanushri Sharma, lives in Pune, Maharashtra, India
I was talking to a guy from a long time. We started talking through Quora. He too is a CA Finalist. We had talked on calls as well and we were really good friends. He is one year elder to me. He had plans to visit Pune for some family function and we decided to meet.
I was late because of traffic. He was standing there, waiting. He had taken efforts for his outfit. He looked at me and smiled. Gorgeous smile!
“Hi. You are looking cute. You look more beautiful in reality”, he said.
“Thank you”, I replied with a smile.
I apologized for coming late.
He replied with a smile saying,
“It's okay.”
He gave me a book as a gift. He knew I like to read. He had got it wrapped. Once I’d told him that it's been a long time since I've unwrapped a gift. He remembered that little detail. How sweet!
We went to a cafe. Instead of sitting in front of me, he sat beside me. We were quite comfortable with each other. Even though we talked about random things, it was very mesmerizing. He joked about himself and made me laugh till my stomach started aching. He was confident. He told me his childhood memories. While I was having my food, I caught him staring at me with A LOT of admiration. I blushed!
He kept his hand on mine and I could feel butterflies in my tummy.
I offered to pay the bill but he politely refused and said he wants to. I decided to pay for the next time, as we had plans to meet the next day also.

我在和一个老朋友通过 quora 聊天,他也是一名加州决赛的选手。我们是非常好的朋友,经常通过电话交流,他比我大一岁。他计划去浦那参加一些家庭活动,于是我们决定趁此机会见一面。
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We decided to go on a walk. We talked and talked. We laughed a lot. I put my hand around his arm and we kept on walking. He said he liked the way I was holding him. We were too much comfortable with each other.
It was too cold that day. He offered me his jacket and I shamelessly took it because I cannot survive cold. I was shivering. His jacket felt good. It had his aroma, a beautiful aroma.
I couldn't look into his beautiful eyes for more than 10 seconds. I was a little nervous for a reason only God knows about. When I was talking about something, he kept on staring at me as if I was some monument. I blushed scarlet.
I wanted to spend more time but he insisted me to go home as it was late. I told him that I can stay for half an hour more. But he refused saying it's too cold. He even insisted to come along and that he'll come back by cab. But I declined.
We hugged. I wanted to stay in those arms forever but he broke it in 30 seconds. I kept looking at him. He kept looking at me. I so wanted to kiss him. He too wanted to kiss me. He murmured to himself, “not here, not now.”


He caressed my hair, kissed my forehead and told me to text as soon as I reach.
After going home when I texted him that why didn't he kiss me, he said he didn't want anyone to witness our moment (even though there was no one but the risk was still there) and that it was the first time we had met.
We didn't meet the next day as he had to leave because of some emergency and then we realised that we were so indulged into each other that we had forgotten to click pictures.
Even though we never called it a date and never wanted it to be a date, it actually became one.
How can you get a girl to like you?
Be yourself.
Respect her comfort.
Remember the little details.
Make her laugh.
Be honest. Give genuine compliments.
Make her feel safe.
Must read!