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In Europe, is it normal for a mom to sunbathe without a top in front of her children?


Alice Twain
, lives in İtaly (1971-present)
Obviously. Should I remind you that those children used to have those breasts in their mouth for months?


Philip Rabe
Unfortunately, America was bottle fed.
It explains so much.


Gabriele Calvillo
it is normal for grannies too…


Graham Figg
Guns, overpriced healthcare good, breasts bad.


Mark Weldon
Many years ago my toddler son and I accompanied my wife to a hig HIV conference in Amsterdam. While my wife was at the conference my son and I spent many a happy hour in the large public pool in a nearby park as it was the heightof summer. The etiquette was one didn't stare at the topless young mums and the young mums covered their boobs when they went to the ice cream van to get an ice cream. When my wife turned up she smiled as I'd found the local cooling off spot and as the saying goes “ when in Rome……”


Jay Keith
In the US, a lot of people have the weird idea that breastfeeding is unnatural (really!) and that babies should be fed on commercially produced powder mixed with water, just as they have been for the whole of humanity’s history.
Apparently, lots of the men in the US believe that breasts are provided for their sexual gratification and become jealous of their offspring being allowed to suckle from them.
Bizarre doesn’t begin to describe these attitudes.


Steven Michael
I hear this, but never with any proof. I live and grew up in the US. I think this is one of those things that we Americans like to say that’s basically an urban legend. People breastfeed in the US.
But, the US is prudish as fuck and some regressives clutch their pearls when they see tits in the open.


Jessica Maistrovich
Who in the world says this??
After the invention of formula, yes, women were told that formula was better than breastmilk. But that went away a while ago.
I guess as an American I’ve never heard anyone say that formula is best… actually quite the opposite. I’ve heard plenty of women on high horses preach about how terrible formula is and hpw babies should only ever get breastmilk.


Jay Keith
Who in the world says this?
Sorry, I haven’t been taking down names.


Jessica Maistrovich
It was a rhetorical question. I’m just saying I’ve never heard it being said. Or even insinuated. Ever. And I live in America. Just because you said “lots of people”. So I would have thought I’d have heard it at least once, with hearing so many other people talk about formula like it’s terrible for your baby.
I’m sure some people do feel this way. I just feel like your comment made it sound like it’s a big thing over here, to vouch for formula instead of breastmilk. It’s not.


Graham Horn
Breasts are like toy train sets. They’re meant for the children but daddies like to play with them.

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Paul Wingfield
The British do it mostly on Spanish beaches it saves them having to leave their sun loungers when their children are hungry and if they do leave their sun loungers, the Germans claim them by putting their beach towels on them.


Jack Creck
Ew, disgusting. I don’t want to see my mothers tits. BuT yOu SuCkEd ThEm. Yeah, before I was old enough to remember traumatic shit

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Mithur Sheridan
Your mother’s tits are traumatic? Jesus, it must be very weird to live in a head like that.


Jack Creck
Not really. Some people still believe the human body is an intimate thing that should be shared with people you love, not everyone. I feel bad for people who don’t revere the body in such a way.

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Yaqub Kazem
So people should wear ninja outfits? Since obviously you can’t expose a single inch of the body.
Or is it that when you say the human body shouldn’t be shared, you only meant some sext parts?


Nicky Flynn
No you just want to see them as a sexual thing that women only have for your gratification.


Frijie Hayworth
Human anatomy is “traumatic?”


Jack Creck
Go home to momma and tell her you want to suck her tits


Sarah Dillon
There's an easy solution: Don't look.


Jack Creck
Ok Sarah, I’ll just walk around with my dick out and tell people not to look. Will you be my attorney?

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Sarah Dillon
Yeah, good luck with that. Knowing time and place is key.


Matúš Motlo
Women don’t walk around with their vaginas visible, men do with their breasts. Isn’t that true?


Jack Creck
Female breasts can achieve orgasm when sucked on and is a frequent sexual act, where as men cannot, is that true?


Nicky Flynn
No its not true. You can probably count on one hand the amount of women that can orgadm that way. I know you're a bit dim and may not be aware of this thing us women have called a clitoris, sucking on that is what makes us orgasm my dear and I can assure you that we don't walk around with it hanging out.


Yaqub Kazem
Some people orgasm from feet, Jack. What one can orgasm from is not a good yardstick.
Also I’m pretty sure some men out there can orgasm from their nipples.


Jack Creck
I mean the breasts are capable of orgasm. Some people can orgasm from being electronic shock. That doesn’t mean the electronic shock is capable of orgasm.


Yaqub Kazem
So how do you know that breasts are capable of orgasm, if you refuse to use the same methodology with other equivalent situations?


Jack Creck
Because it’s scientific fact. And I’ve felt it in my mouth. I do apply the same methodology to other things. Men cover their sexual organs, as do women.


Yaqub Kazem
Because it’s scientific fact
Citations, then?
And I’ve felt it in my mouth.
People can say the same about feet.
Men cover their sexual organs, as do women.
Yes, breasts are not sexual organs.

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Jay Keith
Yes, breasts are not sexual organs.
Although they are erogenous zones.


Kari Autero
, Native Finn
I don’t know about the whole Europe.
Here in Finland it’s a common habit to go to a sauna with your family, and yes, it’s done nude, if that needs to be said.
So, I don’t see why it wasn’t normal for a mom to sunbathe without a top in front of her children if she was in a sauna with them just an hour ago.


Jenny James
To add my two pennies worth, in Central Europe we found it common for families to go to the public sauna which were mixed facilities. Parents and children of all ages would shower and sauna naked. It was just the thing to do, no one batted an eyelid.
You could be showering and in walks a guy, a girl or family and shower next you. Same in the Steam Room, I could walk in and sit there quite comfortably with two or three fellas sat their and then joined by a couple of teens.
All quite normal (once you’re used to it, it did take hubby a while to feel comfortable).


Kari Autero
I’ve heard that in Central Europe that is a common habit. Here in Finland, public saunas are single sex by default, even though there may be some exceptions.


Jenny James
Where we used go as regulars had Finnish saunas of differing intensity, same with Steam Rooms including a caldarium. Plus a Roman bath, which was really a very warm swimming pool. A couple of jacuzzis, plunge pool and ice buckets. All completely coed.
In Finland, if single sex saunas, can you not go with your partner?


Kari Autero
In normal Finnish public saunas, no, you can’t. Saunas and washing rooms are separate. Swimming pool area is common, but there you must wear a swimming suite.


Preman Tilson
I have experienced this quite a bit, and like most things, you get used to it and it stops being weird. But you have to be willing to go outside your comfort for a little while.
I once did a therapy group that was completely naked with a group of people for two weeks. It was funny for the first day, but after that it stopped being anything out of the ordinary. And I’m not exactly the nudist type or anything.
It’s definitely easier when you are not sexually attracted to any of the people in your vicinity, but even then you get over it.


Preman Tilson
“it’s done nude, if that needs to be said.”
Yes, that needs to be said! In New Zealand now, I’m more and more seeing signs actually prohibiting nudity in public saunas and requiring wearing of at least shorts. The culture has changed in just the past few years - it was absolutely normal to be nude in the past. I think it may have to do with people whose religions forbid public nudity (mostly Muslims) complaining, or maybe just a general movement toward “modesty” (most men in locker rooms now are very careful to never be nude, and change their clothes underneath a towel).

是的,需要这么说清楚! 现在在新西兰,我越来越多地看到在公共桑拿浴室实际禁止裸体的标志,并要求至少穿短裤。在过去的几年里,文化已经发生了变化--在过去,裸体是绝对正常的。我认为这可能与那些宗教禁止公开裸体的人(主要是穆斯林)的抱怨有关,也可能只是一个普遍的"质朴"运动(现在更衣室里的大多数男人都非常小心,从不裸体,并在毛巾下换衣服)。

Kari Autero
In Finland that’s the common practise in public mixed saunas too. But not otherwise.


Preman Tilson
Yes, I can see it in mixed saunas. Almost none of the saunas here are mixed; they are usually in single-sex locker rooms at gyms.


Kari Autero
So, in New Zealand even single sex nudity in a sauna is a problem? I see that as a problem…


Preman Tilson
Yes, it is becoming that way more and more. The gyms are actually posting signs saying nudity is not allowed. I even saw it on the door leading into the shower area. How can you shower without being nude? It’s ridiculous. And they want you to wear clothes in the spa/jacuzzi too.


Kari Autero
Hm. I don’t understand that really. But I don’t really go to public saunas in Finland: I have two of my own and basically everyone I know has one too. It must be about 7 years from the last time I visited a public sauna. I’m not really familiar with that form of sauna.


Murk Boerlage
You can shower without being nude by wearing bottoms.
It seems to be a general trend to move back to a bit more prudishness in public spaces. I see the same in The Netherlands - I don’t think I’ve seen a public sauna or spa where nudity was allowed in the past ten years. Most people on nudity-allowed beaches also wear swim suits.
I don’t think that has anything to do with religion (or immigrants), though I’m not sure where it is coming from. I was raised by parents comfortable enough with nudity, and as far as I know so were all my age-relative friends. Yet I don’t think any of us would ever consider going nude in a sauna, swimming pool or beach.
I’m personally very glad more and more people keep their swimming suits on. I don’t want to see other people’s junk when I’m trying to relax.
But it’s still an interesting trend.


Preman Tilson
I’m very surprised to hear that about nude beaches. Here in New Zealand, people still seem perfectly comfortable going fully nude on them, even though they are not officially legal here. But of course those are people who specifically seek out the opportunity for nudity, rather than a mixed beach that allows both.
I find the trend toward guys changing their clothes under a towel in locker rooms, which is the most common thing here now, to be ridiculous and a bit disturbing. I don’t understand why there is so much embarrassment about the human body these days. I wonder if it has to do with how much porn young people are exposed to (with penises that are so much larger than average), and also the fact that there is much more awareness that there might be non-straight people around.


David Chris Hawke
It’s the beige generation aka ‘Millennials’. Too many lack nuance and critical thinking, among other things.
There’s also likely an assumption of being filmed in the mix too. And Millennials are very likely to have the opinion that if someone films you nude in the locker room and posts it somewhere, it’s your own fault for not covering up — not the lowlife who filmed you.
I hate to be negative, but trying to have a reasonable discussion with many of this lot is like trying to have a discussion with an under 15 adolescent - who are generally not expected to be mature enough to have this sort of conversation that involves perspective of self and others. But dealing with adults like this is maddening. It’s like a disease with them.

这是米色的一代,又称 "千禧一代"。太多的人缺乏细微差别和批判性思维,以及其他东西。

Murk Boerlage
I can only speculate, and even more I only have information about me and people I directly know. So the below is purely anecdotal.
Like I said, I know that me (and my brothers) and most of my male friends have been raised in an environment that was not nudity-opposed. We’re the generation with parents grown up in the 60s and 70s so our parents are generally comfortable with nudity!
And yet we are indeed the people that would change their clothes under a towel - or rather, I’d try to get a small changing room to myself. I would also indeed queue for a toilet stall rather than use a urinal.
From my anecdotal experience, I wouldn’t think it has anything to do with porn or gay acceptance. I don’t think it’s sexual in nature at all.
I also do not think it has anything to do with lack of confidence - I would argue it’s the opposite. We are very confident in what we want, and we are resilient to peer pressure.
I say that because I’ve disliked public nudity as long as I can remember. I didn’t want to shower in public showers after sports class when I was six years old - and a lot of other children were opposed to that as well.
I can’t imagine at six years old that has anything to do with porn or sexuality.
But then adults and school and parents told us it’s very normal, and to not make a fuzz, and to not be prudes… and that’s where I think confidence comes in.
Previous generations of children might have felt pressured to get used to the public nudity. They might have said “using a urinal is less comfortable than waiting for a stall, but waiting for a stall is awkward and makes me feel less-manly and I want to be like dad, etc…”
But we didn’t. We were confident enough in what we wanted and didn’t want.
Even as a kid I was confident enough to say “I’m not using that gross urinal standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other people. I’ll wait here until a stall becomes available.”
Because it’s more comfortable, and peer pressure be damned.
To me, looking at other people’s junk is not comfortable - it makes me feel icky. I think most young children share that sentiment.
And me and my peers have grown up in an environment where we are free to choose, where we are taught to stand up for ourselves and where we were consistently reminded that we don’t need to do things that we’re not comfortable with.
So we chose we would rather have stalls than urinals, rather have individual shower stalls than big public showers, and that we would rather keep our pants on in the sauna.
Mind you that I don’t begrudge anyone who wants to be nude. And if you want to use a urinal, fine by me. But I’m keeping my pants on.