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Why are people so aggressive towards Greta Thunberg? She raises valid issues.


C.S. Friedman
, Science Fiction and Fantasy novelist
Unearned fame irritates people. It certainly irritates me.
She made an impassioned speech that got world attention. Okay. It had a lot of power coming from a young person and raised some issues. Other people were already talking about those issues, but hearing it from an angry child had special impact. Fair enough.
But she has never done anything other than be angry, and the novelty no longer has impact. People her age are doing impressive volunteer work. They are working to actually change the world, rather than just complain about it. One young girl created a solar water heater for her village, assembled out of trash. A young man (don't remember his exact age) is working on a simple gadget that will remove trash from waterways. He has already returned one polluted lake to pristine clarity. All over the world, people like that are doing work that should be publicized, celebrated, and rewarded more than it is. Greta complains. Why is she still important?
She is the Paris Hilton of global warming, a face the press likes to fawn over, though she contributes little to actually solving the problem. ANd some people are angry about that because of all the OTHER young people who deserve press attention, who are neglected while cameras dote on her.


Jesse Sutton
Her consistent snark at Trump, via twitter, is straight-up fun to watch. AND, she calls out the US congress, who are, as a class, in serious need of calling out. Sure, she’s a little annoying, but she’s a valuable figurehead, pantsing people that need pantsing. If you already know everything she’s saying, then she isn’t talking to you.


C.S. Friedman
Foreigners “calling out Congress” has zero impact here. Unless they are world leaders, no one cares. They don't vote here so it’s just white noise.
Pretty close to how the legislatures of other countries feel about teenagers from other countries criticizing them.
She is entertainment. Like I said, Paris Hilton.


Jesse Sutton
Zero impact? That’s probably not true. She’s well-known, so I doubt zero. Does she have a net positive influence? That, I don’t know, but she’s building awareness. She’s kind of a unique case. Are there other teenagers with her kind of mass media appeal to compare her to?
At any rate, the notion that a foreign national can’t effect popular opinion in the US simply doesn’t hold water.


C.S. Friedman
In American politics? Zero. Zilch. She is not even acknowledged as existing in political discussions, in media. No one discusses her or cares what she thinks. I am an American, trust me. I am willing to bet there is likely not a single person in this country whose vote was ever changed by anything she said.
The only time you hear anything about her is when the Green New Deal Crowd points to her as spokesgirl of a message they are already yelling from the rooftops, “Listen to how well she says this! Now you should listen! “. Maybe some individuals feel a little more concerned than when AOC said exactly the same thing. But no one is changing who they vote for because of her, and in American politics, that is what makes a difference.


Jesse Sutton
I'm also American, and this is just plain inaccurate. You may not care what she says, but enough people do that she moves the needle. I'd venture that if that wasn't the case, she wouldn't annoy you so much.


C.S. Friedman
You are making assumptions about me that are unfounded and inappropriate. Please don’t guess what my feelings or motives are, on anything.


Jesse Sutton
Fair enough. What I took exception to was the ‘zero, zilch.’ That’s speaking in absolutes, which is demonstrably false.


Jim Rogers
Do you have data, then, to demonstrate an issue on which Greta, provably, changed public opinion more than the margin of error?


Ana Calafat
I’m an American and from what I see she actually repels people from her cause. Here she has no impact with some and a negative impact on others (like me).


C.S. Friedman
I think that is a good descxtion. Americans hate being preached at in general. I am sure those who agree with her on everything are thrilled to hear her speak, but that doesn’t change anything.


Thomas Arp
Does this mean you now go extra out of your way to burn fossil fuels to spite her?


Ignatz Kowalski
Not just her.


Peter Spering
Building awareness for what, though? Climate change? She’s far too late on that front. Everyone knows about it by now — whether they’ve accepted it or partake in silly conspiracy theories against it though, is another matter.
Either way, Ms. Thunberg has done nothing to further the cause. If anything, her manner will only have encouraged climate deniers to regress further into their positions.

但是,建立了什么意识呢?气候变化?她在这方面来得太晚了。 现在每个人都知道这个问题--至于他们是真正接受这种说法还是认为这是一种愚蠢的阴谋论而反对它,则是另一回事。

Jesse Sutton
If you think she’s too late to build awareness, I promise, you’re not who she’s talking to.


Henry Resheto
^^she’s building awareness?^^
She is also building resentment at the same time. When she is on a CNN panel as a “global warming expert” it sends exactly the wrong message.


Jesse Sutton
I don’t totally disagree. ‘Environmentalist spokesperson’ would probably have been a better choice.


Garry Reimer
I think you missed a significant part of the situation.
Greta has LEVERAGE by virtue of her notoriety. She was able to get people’s attention on a worldwide scale. Someone working to build a device to help a local community has limited leverage. It may have helped a few hundred people but Greta has raised attention to a problem with worldwide scope. She doesn’t contribute to solving the problem directly but if she can get the people who actually can make a difference to act, even in a small way, her efforts will have much greater impact than any individual action. Big problems can only be solved top down. I suspect that Greta has encouraged bottom up changes as well where other teenagers have taken on local initiatives but it is the engagement with the world bodies that will have the greater impact.


C.S. Friedman
I didn't miss anything. All she has done is talk. Show me the data showing that anything has changed substantively, besides perhaps the new wave of environmental anxiety that is now plaguing young people, because of her.
Another impassioned person could accomplish the same. She is only special because the media treats her as special. She makes people feel guilty, and because they feel guilty, they feel like they are doing something about the problem. Guilt does now lower the temperature.
And how you can argue that the examples I gave—developing low cost tech that can clean plastic from our oceans, and developing power sources that the poorest nations can apply, with zero emissions— are localized solutions with no global value, I think is very shortsighted. The first one alone could impact our environment on a truly global scale and save wildlife on a massive scale.
She talks.


Garry Reimer
Yup, someone else could have done what she did. But they didn’t and she did.
Guilt may be necessary to get people to change their attitudes. Feeling good about your excess use of energy is not likely to make much of a positive change in your attitudes or your actions.
Having a local initiative that affects 100 people isn’t just a rounding error in the big picture, it is insignificant. 100/8 billion = “an amazingly small number”.
Getting one government to enact legislation that changes industries attitudes and how they treat the problem is way more effective.
Relying on “intellectual charity” isn’t going to have any real impact to a global problem.


C.S. Friedman
She hasn't said anything new, so she brings nothing to the table.
Ignoring the question of whether guilt translates to action, she is now no more capable of stirring guilt than any other good speaker. The shock value of adults being chided by a child gave her words power in the beginning. They no longer have that power. And she is getting older, and will lose the dynamic that made her special.
While she may have stirred done guilt in the beginning—it’s arguable whether that actually changed anything—now she is just a shrill voice spouting stuff we've been hearing for years. I think her first speech triggered some worthwhile introspection. Now she is just background noise.


Garry Reimer
She still has more leverage than the average person, even the most respected climatologists. If there was someone who had the exposure she had and still has even though it may be diminishing with time, they can come forward and be heard. Nothing in the discussion regarding climate change is truly new. Climate change has been accepted as scientific fact (except by those who deny science) for over 50 years. All that is happening now is tweaking some models. Greta does not purport to be an expert in the field, only a mouthpiece.
Can you list those who could have the same or greater impact and are being held back by Greta’s presence? I don’t care how improvements are made in our excessive use of energy and as a result, increases in atmospheric CO2 so that my children can inherit a livable world. If that takes guilt to accomplish, so be it. Relying on individual action is certainly not going to make a measurable difference.


Mark Lajoie
“… now she is just a shrill voice spouting stuff we've been hearing for years.”
And I have been if not shouting, at least pointing out the inevitable effects of rising greenhouse grasses, and very few have paid attention. She got attention. For whatever reasons, she communicated more effectively than I did. I am not jealous. I am grateful.


Gwyneth Wesley Rolph
Other people may well have set out to do what she did. But she was the one that got the exposure. She was not responsible for that - the publicists etc who placed her in the public eye were. Which is the unearned fame some members of the public are irritated about.


Akira Darveau-Willms
Thank you for this answer. Some people are way too hard on her, but I cannot help but get annoyed by how much the media swoons over her. I’m not convinced she has inspired much change, in fact I’m not sure why she got so famous in the first place. Now she is an adult, and so the media is going to have a harder time portraying her in a sort of innocent childlike way (if those are the right words to use).
I wish her the best and I hope she can turn her fame around and create actual noteworthy change. Then she will have my full respect.


Scott Parker
The only reason why she got her shot at exposure is because of a rich mommy and daddy, with a slick PR team to back it up. Job well done. She did bring attention to the crucial issue at hand.
How much she has actually contributed with her own blood, sweat, and tears? The actual physical work of planting thousands of trees, reducing her carbon footprint in substantial amounts remains to be seen.
I view her as a harbinger of sorts. She's the lark that sparks the consciousness in her generation to bring a turnaround to this only habitable planet we know of in our lifetimes to come.


Melia Janssen
I read that it’s her parents who are the driving force of her media personality. It was their idea for her to speak out on a current issue which they had hoped would garner her fame and fortune. I don’t know about the fortune part but she is certainly famous but I’m not sure that’s such a good thing either. It’s one thing to be ‘social media famous’ but it’s another thing to be under this much scrutiny all the time. Let’s hope she finds her way out of this sooner or later.


Carl Jacobson
Besides having her ’15 Minutes of Fame’ be over, I think that another big reason that many people are tired of Greta Thunberg is that, after 1 1/2 years of living under strict ‘Covid Pandemic Lockdowns’, there is a general lack of enthusiasm for any more ‘End of the World - Disaster’ Rhetoric. We have ‘Disaster Fatigue’.
Greta’s Aspergers Syndrome causes her obsessive hyper-focus on Environmentalism - but it also makes her unaware, or oblivious, to human emotional patterns. Broadcasting endless Doomsday Forecasts just wears many people’s emotions down and they stop caring.
Then there’s the fact that Greta doesn’t offer any solutions, she’s simply a ‘Disaster Siren’. She presents herself as knowledgeable on the Environment and claims that she has done extensive research into it - but not only presents no practical solutions but can’t even point people towards those Climate Scientists that might have possible practical solutions.
Greta says, ‘Listen to the Scientists and Experts’ - but WHICH Scientists and Experts, Greta. There are a wide variety of Environmental Scientists and Climatologists and they have a wide range, of opposing opinions, on what can be done.

除了她的"15分钟名气"已经结束了以外,我认为许多人对格蕾塔-桑伯格感到厌倦的另一个重要原因是,在严格的"COVID大流行封锁"下生活了一年半之后,人们普遍缺乏对任何更多 "世界末日-灾难"言论的热衷。我们已经得了"灾难疲劳症"。

Dennis Manning
, studied at Mineral Area College (2010)
They aren’t aggressive. They are merely pointing out the obvious.
She’s a kid who runs off a scxt provided by her parents, who has no real thoughts of her own. She is merely the microphone.
She speaks on climate issues, but is not a climatologist. So while she’s entitled to her opinions, those opinions are not based on her research or knowledge.
She may raise valid issues (that is debatable), but she offers no workable solutions, and chews out people who know more than she ever will.
She may just be a teenager, but she’s old enough that she should know by now that if you say something controversial, those who disagree with you will pick it apart. She doesn’t get to hide behind the fact that she’s a minor.
Nobody likes to be scolded by a kid who doesn’t know what she’s talking about.


Aydin Yorukoglu, Seen a lot of movies
She does raise valid issues but her knowledge is trivial; she doesn’t offer any methods to solve these issues either it just feels like she’s recapping everything we know.
Rising sea levels. Yep, we’re well aware.
Melting ice caps. Yep.
Mass extinction. It will happen overtime.
She is also very dramatic, claiming her dreams were “stolen” and saying her childhood’s ruined or something. I’m sorry, but she’s a drama queen. A child soldier in Africa has had their childhood stolen and their dreams not Greta, she seems to have a good life it just sounds like she’s doing this to get out of class(I could be wrong).
What about Boyan Slat? Never heard of him? He’s a guy who at the age of 16, same age as Greta now, decided to devote a high school project for deeper investigation into ocean pollution in 2011. He’s made a non-profit entity called The Ocean Cleanup, his mission is to develop advanced technology that could rid the world’s oceans of plastic. He set up The Ocean Cleanup in 2013 at the age of 18.
How is this guy overshadowed by Greta “The Great”? Seriously, she’s spitting some truth but it’s just a summary of what’s been going on meanwhile Slat has dedicated his non-profit organisation to finding a method of ridding the planet of plastic. He’s finding a method while Greta’s just saying facts she saw in a book or learnt in class.
She is giving people bad news and some people can’t handle that. Some people either accept the bad news or get angry/scared and hurl hate her way. I know this is a problem and I don’t hate her for it, I get this is a serious issue, I can’t stand her being hyperbolic about her own life being ruined.