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What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?


Sandy Jones
, lives in Arizona (2004-present)
I was trying on bra’s and panties at a VS store in the early 80’s. I was 24 and had a hard toned body with a fem look. I was waxed and hairless a the time. I picked out things to try on and asked permission to use a dressing room. They took me to a room and I stripped and started trying on the lingerie. Some items were too small and when the clerk asked how it was going I asked for bigger sizes. I cracked the door open and handed her the smaller ones so she could exchange for larger ones.
I heard the clerk tell another clerk that there was a pervert in the dressing room trying on lingerie. That clerk replied with oh not another one. The first clerk brought me the larger sizes and handed them over the top of the door. Here you go Sir, these are the larger sizes of bra and panties your requested she said loud enough for anyone else nearby to hear.
I slipped into the larger bra and panties (pink with lace) and was admiring the fit in the mirror, and yes I was somewhat excited and erect in them. There is a hard knock on the door. I expect it is the clerk again or someone trying to see if the room is in use. I reply with “occupied” and a male voice says to open the door now.
Opening the door a crack to see what is the issue, two policemen push the door wide open and see me standing there in the stores Bra and Panties with an obvious erection. I get pushed up against the wall and handcuffed. We don’t take kindly to perverts in our town exposing themselves. You are under arrest.
They physically removed me from the dressing room with a group of shoppers watching as I was taken out of the store wearing only the bra and panties and in handcuffs. I was crying and complaining and asking to get dressed in my clothes. I was just told to shut up and I could tell my story to the judge.
Taken all the way thru the mall, and outside to a squad car. Now 100 people have seen me in the bra and panties. I was taken to the Police station and marched inside like a criminal. booked and processed and put into a jail cell with 5 other men. All of them were laughing at me and saying nasty things. I was never so embarrassed in my life. I had to call my Brother to come and bail me out.

我穿上了更大的胸罩和内裤(粉红色带花边),在镜子里欣赏着它多合身,是的,我穿着它们让我有些兴奋和勃起。这时传来了用力的敲门声。我以为又是那个店员,或者有人想看看房间是否在使用。我回答说 "有人",一个男声说现在就开门。

J. House
So you are a man trying on lingerie in VS? SERIOUSLY? What is wrong with you!? What woman wants to purchase a bra or panties that have been on a man's body? That is just gross. If you like to dress in women's underwear that is fine, but please do that at home, in privacy.
You deserved to be dragged out, every woman needs to know what you were doing. There is no justification for this behavior. Your rights weren't violated, every womans rights who wanted to shop that store have been violated. I would be appalled if I were in the dressing rooms trying on garments that were meant for my gender and there was a man with a hard on right next door.
There is no judgment on you wearing womens underwear, put on a pink boa and be you, just have the common decency to not violate the rights of actual real women.


Sandy Jones
VS was started by a cross dresser for other Men to have a place to shop and buy lingerie to wear themselves. Didn’t know that huh? It is just cloth or material…


R Damien Shim
I have no issue with cross dresser, it's your private choice.
Next time you should consider purchasing the items first and try it at home. Despite the growing openness in our society in accepting people who are different, there are still social rules and norms to follow. Furthermore you were in a privately owned business place, so they have the right to set their rules about males trying on their lingerie.


Sandy Jones
They gave me permission to use a dressing room as a male, to try on female lingerie. Apparently they had another person who violated them before I came into the store, so I got the brunt of them being mad or upset about that person. I was respectful to them and not trying to force my cross dressing or resulting erection on anyone. I even tried to hide myself when I cracked the door to hand over the smaller sizes. I was not showing myself or playing with myself in their store at all.


Theodora Alistar
You are right to expect to be treated respectfully. It was wrong to have you arrested without allowing you to put your clothes back on and having dragged you out the mall exposing you like a show. But I truly believe it is unacceptable to just disrespect the rules and try on underwear butt-naked. It’s unsanitary for you, as well as other unknowing customers. You should at least have the decency to respect that. You deserved to be arrested, but for that reason alone. You being male should not have mattered.


Lucas Alexander
Being arrested for unsanitary? So all homeless people should be arrested? All garbage men too?


Theodora Alistar
Sigh. I’m saying that I don’t feel sorry for him for being arrested, because he didn’t respect the store’s policy. Saying he deserved to be arrested in the occasion doesn’t mean that I would call the cops on him. He should have definitely been kicked out of there for that reason alone though, as would anyone else, man or woman. But no one could have known. Unfortunately, these things are left to depend on the decency of the individual.
Now, what are you on about? Homeless people? Garbage men?? Both categories are harming themselves, they are not dragging anyone else down with them. Homeless people supposedly don’t have a choice and garbage men are actually admirable, their work is one of the most hazardous yet important to society. The health and safety risks they’re exposed to are a huge threat. I personally always stop to salute them and thank them for their service to keep us clean while risking their own ass and I always ask them if I can bring them something to drink etc to show them my respect.
No that that’s out of the way, what does any of it have to do with someone wearing underwear naked? In one case there’s a cause and in the other they’re just being inconsiderate subhumans. You do realize that they might actually infect the products they’re wearing if they’re not even clean down there (and given their actions they’re obviously not). I find it disgusting and when I walk into a store I respect its policy, I don’t go about doing whatever I want, disregarding other people.


If you don't find this story disturbing you can call yourself transphobic because that is what you are. I was once, years ago, assisted by a VS clerk for a bra fitting. I tried on various bras and although I didn't try on any underwear, I had a pack of them to buy that I could've tried on if I wanted to. No one would have called me a perv, humiliated me, or arrested me. Why them? They are just as human as I am with the same rights. Fuck anyone who defends the clerks and cops actions. It's about treating humans with decency and respect. If this person was not a threat, there was absolutely no reason to build assumptions based on ignorance, and worse, act on those assumptions. Just horrible.


Danny Webb
Asking out of genuine curiousity/confusion, but aren’t bras also classifed as underwear? And wouldn’t it be equally as frowned upon to try on bras against the bare skin as it would for knickers/underpants or swimwear?


Mary Gordon
Cis woman here. Tits do not leak body fluids unless you are breastfeeding. Trying on bras is like trying on tees. Not unhygienic. Not like underwear which you are NOT allowed to try on naked. Only over other clothing. So, yeah, it’s gross and pervy for anyone to be trying out underwear on their naked body in a change room and getting hot and bothered, which we all know contributes to more ick on the undies. Preen in your panties at home after you have purchased them. This has nothing to do with gender identity.

(顺性别是指性别认同与出生时指定性别相同的人的一个术语。例如:一个人的性别认同是女性并且出生时被指定女性,这个人就是顺性别女性。顺性别一词与跨性别刚好相反。 以顺性别为标准看待社会的世界观被称作“顺性别主义”。)
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Douglas McDonald
OMG what a horrendous story. Fortunately, I would think our culture has changed these days. The act of having policemen attending under your circumstances was unwarranted and utterly cruel. It must have left emotional scars off some time.


Colin Richards
Fail to see where you were exposing yourself in public when you were in a store in a changing cubical, behind a closed door ! Or am I missing something ?


John Salinne Griffis
That's just horrible, I ’m sorry that you had to experience something like that! Some people have no sense and think it's funny to shame other people, for their own enjoyment! They do it out of stupidity and fear , the stupidity comes from their upbringing and the fear is of their desire to take a walk on the wild side of life ! I hope that you got through it and came out stronger !


Meghan Christie
I don’t think people should be allowed to try on lingerie in stores to begin with, it’s unsanitary. I wouldn’t want to buy lingerie or underwear knowing someone else has tried it on. But regardless, the way you were treated was unfair and humiliating. The fact that they assumed you were some pervert and had the police take you out of the store in handcuffs without allowing you to get dressed first is just wrong. Some men enjoy cross dressing and they should be able to shop for whatever clothing they want free of judgement. Sorry you had such an awful experience.


Joe Merlino
You have to remember this was the early 80s in im guessing America and by the sounds of it the south or a conservative area…these times were much different than current times and people weren't so open as well as laws being different and acceptance of the types of.things was still not even thought of yet..I don't want to be the one to say it but I find this story to be a bit farfetched,in the early 80s I highly doubt you would be welcomed into the women's changing room of VS without it first being an issue,amongst other things id assume would happen before and when the officers arrived.Not to mention VS started in 1977 and by the early 80s there may have been only maybe 4 or 5 stores in the Country…Is it possible that this is something maybe you fantasized about or wanting to see the reaction people have to this situation?I mean judging from your list of questions on here it seems more of seeking and odd type of attention.Cross dressing is fine by all means and there is plenty of people out there that do it,but still practice respectable social habits and interactions.Like knowing you should not be trying on things like lingerie or underwear and then not only handing it back to the employee dirty with an erection which is highly disrespectful but knowing someone may purchase this and go home with it, it just seems by again your questions here that this was actually what you got a kick out of so the employee may not have been wrong in saying “there is a perv in the changing room again” pertaining not to the cross dressing but possibly purposely knowing someone is purchasing your dirty underwear.I could be totally wrong but just my opinion but then you ask questions like “does anyone else enjoy masterbating in public”,or “at what age did you become attracted to your mother” and so on…that falls under perverted..If I am wrong, i totally apologize but just sharing my opinion .

你必须记住这是在80年代初,我猜是在美国,听起来是在南方或保守地区......这些时代与现在的时代大不相同,人们没有那么开放,法律也不同,对这些类型的东西的接受程度很低甚至还没有想到有这种需求。我不想成为说这话的人,但我觉得这个故事有点牵强,在80年代初,我非常怀疑你会被欢迎进入VS的女更衣室而一点问题都没有。除此之外,我认为在警官到来之前和之后还有其他事情的发生。更不用说VS是在1977年开始创办的,到80年代初,全国可能只有4或5家店......这是否可能是你幻想的事情,或者只是想看看人们对这种情况的反应?我的意思是,从你提出过的各种问题来看,似乎都很奇怪并且寻求关注。无论如何,异装癖没问题,有很多这样的人,但仍应遵守社会习惯和互动规则。例如,你知道你不应该试穿内衣或内裤等东西,然后不仅把它脏兮兮地交还给员工,这是很不尊重人的行为,而且知道有人可能会购买这些东西并带回家去。从你的问题来看,这实际上是你的乐趣所在,因此该员工说"更衣室里又有一个变态"可能并没有说错,这并不是说你在穿衣服,而是可能知道有人会购买你穿过的弄脏了内衣裤还这么做。我可能完全错了,但这只是我的观点,而且你提出过的比如说 "是否有人喜欢在公共场合进行性交",或"你在什么年龄开始被你母亲吸引"等问题时......都挺变态的。如果我错了,我完全可以道歉,这只是分享一下我的意见。

You believe or nor…..but this is a true incident of my life.
A medical team came for inspection both separate for boys and girls. But each day they inspect approximately 150 students. The checkup went for 3 days and when it was the turn of my class then I skipped the school for that day because those who met the checkup they said others that the team will make us remove all our clothes. I was note in mood to show my body to others so I missed the class. Another day when I contacted my class mate he said that those who missed the medical checkup the team will inspect them for one more day as per the principal’s request so we all were informed that it was compulsory to attend the school that day.
I missed that day too and when I went another day my teacher Richa Sharma called me on her desk and asked me the reason of my absence she knows that I was a very naughty boy so she knew that I missed those working days because of medical checkup. She asked me “Did you missed the school because you don't wanna go for medical checkup, Why don't you want medical checkup?”. I said “Ma’am I don't have any problem with medical checkup but as I was not well so I missed the class”. She told me okay if you are not worried of medical checkup then shall we arrange a doctor for you would you be okay? I knew she was lying and no special doctors will be arranged for only me. So I said okay mam you can ask doctors to check me. She said that I will get punishment for my absence and I have to wait in the class after school.
I waited for some time in the class and then another lady teacher came and asked me why I am waiting here? I told her about the punishment. She went and informed to Miss Richa Sharma and Richa mam with her other collogues teachers came in the class.
They were making fun of me and teasing me that I was shy for the medical examination. I said no. Then Richa mam said that if I was not shy than I should remove my clothes here.
That moment was so embarrassing, I smiled and my eyes became red with shyness. Then the biology teacher went to the lab and brought the stethoscope from the labs. And she said me not to worry she will only take a medical test. I was a kid but not so small kid that I could undress in front of ladies. Finally they were my teachers and so first they made me remove my shirt than my pant. I was 17 years old that time and when I was only in my underwear they the Biology teacher began her work she was examining my chest, stomach and pressing my abdomen to check my kidneys but at that time I did not knew but Today I know they were just faking it to make fun of me. After a minute and lots of her touching I became hard and hard and hard. I was ashamed but could do nothing O thought they will take me to the management but they did not. On the contrary they asked me that did I have any problem down here. I said no mam. She said then what are you hiding in your underwear. I said nothing mam. Then she ordered me to remove that underwear comforting me by saying that its just a medical test don't worry. I took off my underwear and they started laughing at me and gossiping in each others ears. All I disliked but only one thing I liked and that is When I was completely naked Richa mam said that she will inspect now from here. She was pulling my penis from her index finger and seeing from every direction. Then when she was inspecting from the top after a and stroke me for 5–6 times slowly I did cum on her hand. That was fun but from then I never eye contacted her directly and she used to laugh whenever she sees me.
I know this is like a story but this is true. Because the situation was something different most of the people wont believe. but the best thing is that I laugh and feel exited whenever I memorize that.

但是这天我也逃了,当我第二天去的时候,我的老师Richa Sharma把我叫到她的桌子前,问我缺席的原因,她知道我是一个非常调皮的男孩,所以她知道我因为体检而逃了几天课。她问我:"你旷课是因为你不想去体检,你为什么不想体检?我说:"女士,我对体检没有任何意见,我是因为身体不舒服才没去上课"。她告诉我,好吧,如果你不担心体检,那么我们会为你安排一个医生检查,你有意见吗?我知道她在撒谎,不会为我安排专门的医生。所以我说好吧,女士,你可以让医生给我检查。她说,我的缺席会受到惩罚,放学后我必须在教室里等着。
我在教室里等了一会儿,然后另一位女老师来了,问我为什么在这里等?我告诉了她关于惩罚的事。她去通知了Richa Sharma老师,Richa女士和她的其他同学的老师一起来到了教室。