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What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?


Peter Broadmore
, Dual British-Canadian citizen & History buff
Back in the early ’70s I was being headhunted for a job with one of Canada’s largest and oldest conglomerates. It was the first time I had ever been sought out for a job and I was quite dazzled by the sensation. I had just celebrated my 28th birthday.
After an initial screening interview and a meeting with the executive responsible for corporate and government relations, I was invited to have lunch with a member of the family that owned the corporation. He was rotating through the company’s various subsidiaries and I would be working with him in the division to which he had been most recently assigned.
We were to meet at an upscale restaurant in Toronto’s financial district. It had an excellent reputation but it was way out of my price range and I had never eaten there. I made sure I arrived early. In fact, I was so early I was the only patron. I told the hostess I would be meeting someone, told her his name and took a seat at the bar with a cup of coffee.
I had been there about five minutes when a second customer walked in. I knew his face, but couldn’t remember his name. I gathered that he, too, would be meeting someone and, like me, had elected to wait at the bar until his party showed up.
I smiled a greeting when he came over and he nodded as if we were old friends. I was mortified. I had no idea who he was but he looked so familiar and he was so comfortable to talk to that I had no doubt we knew each other from somewhere or other. I blurted out one of the usual pleasantries, hoping a brief conversation would jog my memory. It didn’t.
Nevertheless, we chatted about the usual topics Canadians find endlessly fascinating… Ontario’s weather that summer, the difficulty in finding a good place to park downtown, and the sorry state of the Canadian dollar.
Suddenly I saw the hostess bearing down on me with my lunch companion in tow and I realized I would have to introduce him to my ‘friend’.
I prayed for the ground to open beneath me so I could escape the humiliation of what was likely to be a most embarrassing moment for everyone.
The hostess chirped that our table was ready and I turned to the gentleman beside me. With a shock, I suddenly realized that I had been talking to the newly-elected Premier of Ontario, William Grenville Davis.
We had never met.
“This is Mr. M…. sir,” I began, then turned to my future employer and introduced him to one of the most popular politicians in our province’s history.
I got the job and forever afterwards appreciated the gracious and generous way in which Mr. Davis put up with the stumbling conversation of a total stranger.


le photo for TwirlyGirly
, I'm a lifelong makeup geek who follows the science
I was 22 years old, and had just begun working for a major commercial airline seven months before.
Another airline came to our office for a promotion, and held a drawing for prizes.
I won two round trip passes on their airline to Puerto Rico, and four days/three nights in a luxury hotel on the beach in San Juan.
I invited a co-worker to come with me, and we flew down to Puerto Rico and checked into our hotel.
Tired from our trip, we decided to eat dinner that night in the hotel's very fancy Continental restaurant.
We were dressed to the nines. Hair done, makeup perfect. This was before acrylic nails were mainstream, so before the trip I had taken the time to carefully apply glue-on, long fingernails which I'd painted fire engine red.
First we each ordered a glass of wine. We were sipping the wine when our waiter returned to take our dinner orders.
Trying to look sophisticated, I pulled out a cigarette and my lighter*, and flicked the lighter to light my cigarette.
Unfortunately...the nail on my left thumb got in the way of the flame, and lit my fake nail on fire.
Horrified, I watched as a 3" flame shot straight up from my nail, along with a trail of black smoke.
The waiter continued to stand there, stone-faced, pen and order pad in hand. His expression didn't change. Talk about professionalism!
The closest receptacle of liquid to extinguish the flame was my glass of wine, so I quickly submerged my thumb. There was hissing and spitting as the flame went out.
When I pulled my thumb out of the glass, the end of my thumbnail was melted, curled under, and black.
The waiter didn't even blx - although I'm pretty sure he was composing the story of what I'd done in his head, to relate to the staff as soon as he took our order and returned to the kitchen.
"Embarrassed" doesn't even begin to cover how I felt in the moment, made worse by the fact I had to wear that charred, deformed nail for the reminder of our trip, as I hadn't brought supplies to remove and replace nails with me (and after scouring the stores near our hotel, I couldn't find what I'd need to buy to do it while there).
Did that incident inspire me to quit smoking? Nope. I continued to smoke for several years after that (but I was a lot more careful to keep my nails away from fire).
*This incident occurred in the late 70's, when smoking in restaurants was still allowed.


Naked at 15
so i was in class 9 and not a bit interested in studies, i failed in my quarterly exams "the paper was quite easy and rest all of class passed, your child is a duffer"- this is what my maths school teacher informed my parents. quite worried about my future, my parents approached my maths tution teacher and asked him to give extra focus on me."laato ke bhoot baato se ni mante"- he replied and further said to my parents that my marks will be his responsibility provided they allow him to deal with me in his 'own manner' to which my parents agreed and from that day no class of my tution passed without a good beating.
he always used to threaten the class "paroge nahi to nanga karke maarunga" (if you will not study, i will strip you naked and beat you)- something which i earlier believed was just a senseless threat.
but finally when i refused to study inspite of all beatings he finally one day said to me "chal nanga ho ja"(come on! get naked) i first took it as a joke but then soon i was forced to pull down my jeans and i thought it is what he meant by 'nanga' but then i was asked to remove my underwear to which i resisted a lot and started crying, but he was adamant and so finally after a struggle of five minutes he managed to forcefully pull my undie down with the help of some front sitters and further made me to put my hands on my ears.
So it was first time when i was in my own senses and my willy was exposed in front of all(nearly 40 pupil) to see and i couldn't do anything about it apart from crying. I was humiliated to the very core and it was a time when i felt like to run away but i couldn't.
my teacher totally unconcerned of my situation tried to set me as example and it was announced loud and clear that if anyone will not study, he will find him standing in the same state. In order to humiliate me more, he made me to agree that i was getting punishment which i actually deserved and did further restrained me from putting my eyes down and said i should face my audience while standing in same state because that is my true punishment.
so after standing in that state for nearly 30- 40 minutes of shameful exposure, I was allowed to wear my clothes and the punishment ended.
But that punishment did actually changed my life.From that day onward i studied, not for my own future but to live a life of respect. The eyes of my mates staring at my penis pinched me and I wanted those eyes to see me with respect, i wanted to laugh at those people whom i have seen that day laughing secretly on seeing me naked and this what made me to take study as a challenge..
I studied.. studied and finally i was made to secure a top 100 rank in JEE and finally i see today in final year of IIT delhi.(the most prestigious indian institute)

我在九年级的时候,对学习没有一点兴趣,我在季度考试中失败了。"试卷很容易,其他同学都通过了,你的孩子是个笨蛋"--这是我的数学老师告诉我父母的。由于对我的未来相当担心,我父母找到我的数学老师,要求他对我给予额外的关注。 他回答说:"laato ke bhoot baato se ni mante"--他还对我的父母说,如果他们允许他以"自己的方式"处理我,我的分数将由他负责,我的父母同意了,从那天起,我上的课没有一节不挨打的。
他总是威胁全班说"paroge nahi to nanga karke maarunga"(如果你不学习,我就把你的衣服脱光,然后打你)--我以前认为这只是一种无意义的威胁。
最后,尽管我被打了几次,我还是拒绝学习,他终于有一天对我说 "chal nanga ho ja"(来吧! 脱衣服)我先是把它当作一个玩笑,但很快我就被强迫拉下牛仔裤,我以为这就是他所说的 "nanga",但后来我被要求脱下内裤,我非常抗拒并开始哭,但他很坚持,所以最后在挣扎了五分钟后,他在一些前排坐着的人的帮助下,强行拉下我的内裤,并进一步让我把双手放在耳朵边。

Larry Wilkerson
, former Job Superintendent, Retail Manager, Carpenter, at Far Too Many
Had graduated from college during a tight job market. So I was working with my father in construction and living with my mom and 13-year-old sister.
One evening after work, I stopped for an adult beverage and met a young lady. One drink became too many before I went home. Went to bed and the room would not remain still. Spinning and jumping along with my stomach.
I remember sitting on the throne and putting my head on the cool tub next to me. I woke up in bed the following morning too late for work. I went into the kitchen and began drinking coffee and attempting to piece the night together. My mother walked in and asked if I cared for breakfast? I didn’t but decided it would most likely be beneficial so I accepted. As she prepared my eggs she would glance at me and smile humorously.
As I ate, I asked what had happened last night?
She explained she heard me enter and bounce off the walls getting to my room. A while later, she heard me heaving in the bathroom. That’s where she found me. Underwear around my ankles passed out on the throne, and a bathtub full of vomit.
Now, here I am a 23-year old, grown man, having his mother pull up his underwear, wipe his butt, and put me to bed. On top of that, my young sister cleaned the tub before she went to school.
There will never be enough apologies in the world for that act nor anything to repay that debt to my mother and sister.
One thing I did do…I never, ever got that drunk again!


Phil Sales
Thank God it wasn’t me but I recall the story of my Father-in-Law returning home from a Hunting/Fishing club meeting, aided by some of his friends. My Mom-in-law found him out cold on the bathroom floor. She was as smart as she was wonderful. She threw a blanket over him, and left him right there!


Sam Adams
Look at the bright side - bet your sister learned something about the consequences of overindulging to that extent as well. Hopefully she won’t have to learn the hard way like most of us did.
The first time I got seriously drunk I was 16 and that’s over 50 years ago - I still can’t drink rum. That’s a lesson I would have preferred to miss.


Madara Uchiha
, Writer (2018-present)
I was 8 (I’m a boy) when my aunt once took me shopping. When she was shopping for her clothes, a bunch of ladies grouped around me (I was so pretty that I looked like a girl). They asked my aunt if they could dress me up in girls’ clothing and my aunt thought it was just innocent fun. She allowed the women to take me away to the kids’ section and start trying all sorts of cute dresses on me. The whole time, I was standing there naked (started wearing undergarments when I was 13) while all the ladies were putting and changing clothes on me. They even had me try on some girls’ underwear for them. Finally, when they brought me back, I was wearing a skirt, a crop tank top, a flower hairband, lace panties, and princess sandals (all pink, of course). My aunt thought I looked pretty so she bought all the things I had on and decided to make me wear all of them while she finished shopping and take me back home.
I was wearing that outfit for over 2 hours and we walked all around the mall. To add up to my embarrassment, we were approached by several people and they all told my aunt she had such a pretty and adorable niece.


Radhika Narayanan
That's a really bad and traumatic experience. Today's gender fluid woke liberals won't understand the pain. They will think it is a great way to break gender identities - not bothering whether you were in agreement or not. Hope you have healed.


Madara Uchiha
There are two things I’d like to contribute to your comment.
Firstly, I was lucky to have a strong heart that wasn’t bothered or traumatized as much from the incident. It barely affected my mental health and I turned out okay. However, not many boys are as lucky and strong as I was.
Secondly, I’m strongly against the ‘Breaking Gender Identities’ thing. I believe that every human, be it a man or a woman, has an identity. Every gender has certain duties to perform in order for their families to thrive and live happily. Every gender has its limits and its own advantages.
In other words, there are things a woman cannot do and there are things a man cannot do. There are things only a woman can do and there are things only a man can do. We need to respect these facts and accept the reality that a woman can never be a man and a man can never be a woman. Although I strongly support gender equality, I still believe the two genders cannot be treated the same way.

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Raj Rai
unusual to the max. All those “ladies” must’ve been really hard-up to see a male body (even though a tiny one) so they got their cheap thrills by doing what they did. Mom shouldn’t have allowed this to happen in the first place, but she did, and she too enjoyed it! Main thing is that you’re not affected negatively in anyway whatsoever by this incident.


Sameer Babu Ummer
If only you were a girl and other men dressed u up as a boy. Now that would have raised such international level disturbance with WHO UNESCO and even the Vatican weighing in. Obviously the Men would have been arrested so would have been your uncle/aunt along with your parents. But hey. You just a boy. No body cares. Welcome to feminism. (They term it as equality or something base as that at times ;) )
Enlightened New World. Yeah!

如果你是一个女孩,而其他男人试图把你打扮成一个男孩,那就好玩了。现在,这件事将引起国际层面的骚乱,世界卫生组织、联合国教科文组织甚至梵蒂冈都会参与进来。很明显,这些男人会被逮捕,你的叔叔/阿姨和你的父母也会被逮捕。但是,嘿。你只是一个男孩。所以没有人在乎。欢迎来到女权主义。(她们有时称其为平等或一些类似的东西 ;) )
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Pradeep Kumar
Y so many people found it has creepy…
I personally experienced when my cousin(who is young back then) had wore girls dress ….his mom used to make dress for him…but yeah after 4–5 years she stopped ….so I don't think its bad if u make wear a boy girls dress when a boy is baby…


Thomas Koshy
Ur aunt is sick. I wouldnt hand over my little boy Or even my nephew to strangers.


so you were technically abused only if all this was against ur wish


Lia Cartoon Lover
It might be embarrassing but it might also be fun. You have a cute little memory. One day you be laughing when you think about it. *And I don't think it's a child abuse*. I also think you really look cute in that dress.


Madara Uchiha
That is true. Today when I think of that evening, I only laugh at how humiliated I felt.
I really did look damn cute. You might not believe it, but I looked like I was the prettiest girl in the mall, especially with all the blush (natural one, not make-up) on my cheeks.


Jeevanantham Thangaraj
That's not some embarrassment but idk it looks like a good story that's worth remembering and dude just for you to ease up in school sometimes they made me wear skirt as I too looked like a cute girl

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Sehaj Preet Malhotra
I feel bad for you you must be traumatized

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Sajid Yusuf
Omg ! That’s quite funny and embarrassing as well.hope to read more content from you . Good luck