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How do you know when someone really loves you?


Bella Smith, Freelance Writer/Contributor at The Minds Journal (2019-present)
If someone really loves you, they won’t make you feel like you need to constantly fight for their attention. They know the way to make you feel at home.
If someone really loves you, you don’t have to keep begging them for a text, call or attention.
If someone really loves you, they’ll admire you for something less obvious and they’ll never ask you to do things that you obviously can’t.
If someone really loves you, they will never let you go sleep wondering if you still matter.
If someone really loves you, they won’t let the energy you’ve shared with them be wasted
If someone really loves you, they won’t let you lose the best years of your life .
If someone really loves you, they wouldn’t let you slip away. No matter how bad the situation may seem.
If someone really loves you, they will never hurt you. And if they do, you’ll see that in their eyes, they’re hurting too.
If someone really loves you, they won’t hesitate to tell you the songs that kept them alive when they felt like nothing else could save them.
If someone really loves you, they’ll appreciate your nude soul far more than your nude body.
If someone really loves you, they will not hit the like button on most of your post. They’ll click all the comments.
If someone really loves you, they’ll understand that no matter how good your heart is, it also gets tired.
If someone really loves you, no matter how busy they are, they will always find a special time for you and don’t let you wait too long for their text or call.
If someone really loves you, they should make you feel safe, loved and happy. Not tense, scared and anxious.
If someone really loves you, they’ll always make you think that you are interesting enough to talk to everyday.
If someone really loves you, they’ll always find a way to make you feel that you really matter. Otherwise, they will find an excuse.
If someone really loves you, no matter how mad they’re, they won’t stop to care.
If someone really loves you, you don’t always have to force them to respect you.
If someone really loves you, eventhough they saw you at your worst, they’ll still think you are the best.
If someone really loves you, they’ll care about why you’ve been quiet all day and they don’t get mad cause you’re acting different.
If someone really loves you, you don’t always have to force them to stay in your life.
If someone really loves you, they will make you a better person than you were once before.
If someone really loves you, they’ll enjoy your madness and do not try to change you.
If someone really loves you, they’ll never forget the day you started talking.


Ram Ganeshia, be wise follow your brain along with heart.
1. The way they look at you
A lot can be said in the eyes. When your partner looks at you, do their eyes look calm and kind and sweet? Maybe a little sparkly? Do you ever catch them looking at you when you're doing something else? These are all quiet ways of communicating love.
2. The kinds of things they plan to do
There's nothing wrong with curling up for some movie-watching action, but it's also worth paying some mind to what kinds of activities your partner plans for the two of you. If they pick special events that you would particularly enjoy, that means they're listening — and they want to make you happy.


3. They want to make you happy
If your partner sometimes puts aside their preferences to yield to what you want or need, this is important. Not every time. Not always. We all need to do this kind of thing for each other. But if your partner says, "I want to do whatever you want," and means it, they are performing a small act of kindness — and love. It's hard sometimes to put one's desires aside and do what your partner wants. But it's so worth it.
4. They pamper you
We're all tired at the end of the night. If your partner cozies up and rubs your feet or your back, they are displaying a little act of love. Same goes for if they run you a bath, or read to you, or make you a midnight snack or cup of tea.


5. They show emotion
It's hard to cry in front of someone else. But if they feel comfortable in doing so in front of you, you may be well on your way to love town.
6. They trust you
And you trust them. Trust is vital. For any real, lasting partnership to be forged, trust has to be utmost in the equation. If you travel and don't worry about what they're up to in your absence, and the same is true for them, this is a good sign.


7. They are understanding
Compassion goes a long way. If your partner is gentle with you, that's so valuable. If you have to cancel a date because your friend needs you, or if you just want to spend your Saturday morning sleeping after an exhausting week, and that's met with understanding or even enthusiasm, you're with the right person.
8. They care about you
A combination of actions and words express the way someone feels about us, and it's worth noticing when a person is particularly warm or compassionate or lovely. If your partner has told you they love you, enjoy. If not, don't get too hung up on those words. If your partner exhibits many or most of these characteristics, they care deeply for you. And it's very possible that they love you. Let it unfold.


Josh Borza, studied at State University of New York at Cortland (2010)
I could sit here and write a book or a long answer but I’m gonna make this short and sweet and from the heart in hopes people read it because I am going to be real and answer based on experiences from my life seeing
they only see you in a room full of beautiful people,not their phone either. After being with enough woman good and bad , I believe in true love now . We are all meant for someone but we don’t find them a lot because of how people love and interact based on peer pressure and worries of what others may think. I’m newly single, ( calm down ladies… ) and if I knew what I learne over the years when I was young i would take back a lot and not date one ,To often we dated for looks or status, or even thinking we liked someone but how do you honk you like Someone unless you truly know them . Facebook , Instagram, whatever other app you use is all smoke in mirrors. What I’m saying I’m guilty of to and I regret it . We to often put on a from in the beginning which dooms us from the start. Then six months down the road were comfortable and our real self comes out realizing it’s more of an infatuation or crush or even sexual. Then its over and your wonderin* why you can’t find someone steady. Or why can’t i find a husband or wife ? Well the answer is In front of us all but society and technology give us false realities.


There is not one perfect human out there but there’s a ton of good people we can marry and live with ,we would just appreciate life for what it is and stop fsking to be something;we’re not in order not;to lose someone we think we love,when all Along you know your not really happy , or all yourself is this what love is.? And for me it really hit me when I had kids. When my son was born 7 years ago something changed in me forever.i appreciated life for what it was. Life is beautiful and fulfilling when you can really love something. Having a kid made me open my eyes as to how arrogant and ridiculous I was. I loved and still love my kids and that’s the first item I fealt love like that. I had a great childhood ,great family and friends a mentors but never understood it .

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Now I see all people for who they are. Everyone’s got something to give. And 90% of the people we think we want to date aren’t showing their true colors, making it impossible and almost unfair to make people believe we’re ready to love and be loved . So after saying all that I apologize to anyone I hurt or treated poorly. I was immature and not ready to be a man and thought I was. All people are beautiful ,black white , color doesn’t matter. I’m a man now and I can honestly say I dated what I thought were hot girls and that was dumb. I didn’t realize people’s looks don’t make them attractive if anything they make people ugly inside. I see woman now and appreciate and I’m attracted to confidence,kindness,responsible ,good care keepers,family woman ,and overall Just A good heart. Because even if you don’t think they seem pretty on the outside when someone creates a bond with you they grow with you. They become sexy and almost insatiable. You crave them more and more every day . There smell , their attitude, their personality , the way they do and approach things, and other little things we overlook.


So that’s what love really is ………….. it’s waking up and looking over at your partner sleeping and you get a weird smile on your face and just watch them sleep……
it’s being yourself without ever questioning who you are and them being ok with that and supporting you.
it’s missing the smell and even missing the way someone gets mad at you from time to time ……
it’s never feeling emtpy and never feeling full …….
its sitting up at night talking for hours without realizing where the time went……..


its looking at pictures of them and feeling proud of them for who they are and who they are becoming or have become……….
it’s giving in and saying sorry when your not always wrong ……..
it’s sacrificing a day with your friends to help ur wife who came down with.
it’s going through struggles and hard times only to learn and grow from them and become even stronger and better………..
it’s not ME and it’s not YOU……it’s US…….
if I could I would change my past but I’m not sorry because everyone has a plan and this is part of mine ….


those mistakes groomed me for who I am today and whoever I am with next will be the right one because I a, ready to give someone my love ….. I do not never want to feel like I lost someone special again and hope I can find another soulmate….i miss kids mother who I realized I loved more and more everyday I saw her, I was just not ready to be the man she needed. If I could nod it all over I would tell her and show her everyday how special she was To me…. I miss her being mad and miss her being upset….i miss seeing her for who she is in the morning before coffee,no makeup and her robe on……I miss having someone have my back and open thier heart not me…. Love is everything you don’t;think it is ….its growing with someone through all the bad and rough times only to have a better bond after it. I cant even look at her picture without becoming sad and crying.if I had to I would 100% give her my life to save hers because I wouldn’t want to live without her.bein* without her would be far worse than being dead.thsts what love is . Putting someone else’s feelings and life in front of yours.if I don’t get back with her whoever i see next Will get the real me. So next time you date someone be yourself, do it for you bc if not you won’t ever love.i lost somebody special to me and I will NEVER let that happen again.There will be nobody and nothing more important than my lover and next bestfeind.i just hope I do find another one. I miss how soft their skin is , how they smile , and plan things out that Guys don’t. I appreciate woman for who they are so I’m ready to give someone my love. If you read this and feel the same way reach out To me , just start with talking and getting t know each other ,Thank you for real, woman are special and deserve to be given 100% of our love……. Im living in central New York and ready to take another crack at It
message me if anyone ever needs a friend or help. I’m enjoy expressing myself and listening.


Lori Swain
Love is not just an emotion or a word to describe how someone feels. It shows itself in your behavior. How you treat someone. It’s not about the gifts or social status. Love doesn’t care about material things. Love compliments who you already are. It doesn’t make you who you are. Love is all that is good and nothing evil. You can’t love someone if your betraying them.
I think the word love is used to freely. I believe a lot of people are in love with being in love. They confuse lust with love. They think love is going to fix them, make them happy or complete them. Love is not a responsibility. Your happiness is dependent on you. You must be happy with who you are and love yourself. Only then are you capable of loving another. You can’t fix someone and no one can fix you. I can’t make you happy and you can’t make me happy. Love happens when we are ready. A natural attraction is felt between two people. They are interested in each other and want to know more about them. They learn this person. They like their personality and how they think, their idea and their dreams. They become closer and compliment each other. They want to be with that person. They want only good for them. They support them on everything and do what they can to protect them. They never want to see them hurt or unhappy. There is nothing mean or hateful about their actions. They love each other as they love themselves. With kindness, compassion and understanding. Always.


When you love and are loved you we know it. Your partners actions and behavior will show it. You will feel their love. You’ll never doubt his love, you’ll be able to tell him anything without feeling embarrassed, his presence will comfort you. You’ll know your safe. There will be no fear only trust. He will encourage you and support you. There will be no demands or threats. You will see the love for you in his heart and in his eyes. You will know in your heart that this person would hurt you. You will know without them saying a word that you are the one they love and beside you is where they want to always be.


My neighbor is an example of true love. In his 70’s now, his wife and him married 50 years ago. You can see in his eyes how much he loves her every time he says her name. When I meet him a year ago he asked if d like to meet her. He took to a big beautiful room at the end of a hall. A big window took up one entire wall. He introduced me to his wife. He was as proud as he could be. He told me how after there 3rd son was born she was diagnosed with a strain of M.S. before their son was 1 yr old she was bedridden. This was over 30 yrs ago. He raised the 3 children, cooked cleaned and cared for his wife as well as worked 2 jobs to pay the medical bills. He refused to have her hospitalized. The prognosis was not good he told me. I looked at his wife as a tear ran down her face. He took a tissue and said “ honey, let me get that sweet tear” as he wiped her face. He said he built her this room large enough so the family could be with her. The big window so she could thank God for each new day he gave us together. There was a table and chairs. A sofa and recliner. Games and puzzles. The room was full of life. Her in her bed with flowered linens so cheerful. It was beautiful. She was unable to speak but he knew what she had jestered and he pointed to a collage of pics on the wall. Years of past holidays with family and friends. So many people and her in her bed surrounded by them all. By now I was in tears. And sh make a sound and he said here, she says it’s your turn to dry your eyes. As he handed me a tissue. I looked at her and told her she is so blessed to have so many people that love her. He said the doctors call her a miracle. She out lived her first doctor and he gave her only 3 yrs to live. I was looking at love. The miracle of love. She nodded and smiled and glanced at her husband. I swear could have heard her say “his love”.


As he was walking me out I started to notice the house so clean and how he has always been such a happy man. It must have been a difficult life managing everything I asked him how do you do it? He said “ do what”. It must have been hard. 3 kids and 2 jobs. He said. There is no “how” about it. She’s my wife, these are my kids. This is my life. I am living my life with the people I love.”