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UK to bake in 33C amid extreme heat warning


(Extreme heat warnings are in place until Friday as the heatwave continues.)


Public Health England extended its heat-health alx until Friday, as temperatures hit 32.2C (89.9F) at Heathrow Airport, making it the hottest day of the year again.


The Met Office has issued two new-style extreme heat weather warnings and told people to watch out for sunburn and heat exhaustion.


It has also warned of thunderstorms for parts of England.


One of the amber heat warnings covers parts of Wales, all of south-west England and parts of southern and central England. It will be in place until Thursday, when temperatures are expected to peak.


The second amber warning, which is for Northern Ireland, is in place from 08:00 BST on Wednesday to 23:59 on Friday.


Public Health England advises staying out of the sun between 11:00 and 15:00, drinking plenty of fluids and avoiding excess alcohol and physical exertion during the hottest parts of the day.


The two amber warnings in place for thunderstorms last until 19:00 on Tuesday.


One is in the East of England, taking in Cambridgeshire, Essex and Suffolk, while the other affect parts of London and south-east England, including Greater London, Kent and Medway.


The storms could last for two to three hours with a few places may seeing 40 to 60mm (1.6 to 2.4in) of rain in one or two hours.


There is a wider yellow weather warning for isolated thunderstorms across south-east England on Tuesday, lasting from 13:00 to midnight, with the Met Office saying there could be torrential rain, lightning, large hail and gusty winds.


The Met Office is warning that over the next few days many people could be at risk of sunburn or heat exhaustion, including dehydration, nausea and fatigue.


The more vulnerable are being warned of more adverse health effects.


And it has warned that, as temperatures soar, some heat-sensitive systems and equipment may fail, leading to power cuts. There could also be delays to road, rail and air travel, meaning people experiencing long delays might suffer.


The Met Office said the high temperatures were expected in the day and at night, meaning disrupted sleep for many.

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It also warned that as more people visited coastal areas, lakes and rivers, there was an "increased risk of water safety incidents".

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Six people drowned in English lakes and rivers over the weekend, with rescuers warning of the invisible but deadly dangers of open water. And a 13-year-old boy drowned in a lake in County Down on Monday.

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In Scotland, people watering plants and filling paddling pools increased the demand for water by 200 million litres a day last week, Scottish Water said.


Kes Juskowiak, operations general manager at Scottish Water, said the company had "struggled" to meet demand in places, with tankers used to ensure supply.


BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor said the high day-time and high night-time temperatures are set to continue for the coming days.


Northern Ireland, in particular, is going to see further increases in temperature on Wednesday and Thursday and could get close to breaking the record - set only last weekend - for its hottest day.


Thing will start to cool down again over the weekend, with temperatures returning to those expected at this time of year of between 20C and 25C (68-77F).

随着气温恢复到每年这个时候预期的20 - 25摄氏度(68-77华氏度),天气将在周末再次开始降温。
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He said hot spells like this one do happen every summer - but that extreme heat episodes in the UK are becoming more frequent, prolonged and hotter.


According to the Met Office, warm spells have more than doubled in length, from 5.3 days in 1960-1991 to more than 13 days between 2008 and 2017.

根据英国气象局的数据,温暖期的长度增加了一倍多,从1960-1991年的5.3天增至2008 - 2017年的13天以上。

But we are some way off the UK's hottest day recorded - which was 38.7C (101.7F) in Cambridge two years ago.


The Met Office launched its new extreme heat warning at the start of June 2021 to highlight potential widespread disruption and adverse health effects. Amber is the second-highest level in the system.


It comes after a record-breaking number of heatwave deaths were recorded in England last summer.

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Heatwaves are becoming more likely and more extreme because of human-induced climate change.


The world has already warmed by about 1.2C since the industrial era began, and temperatures will keep rising unless governments around the world take steep cuts to emissions.


What to do if someone has heat exhaustion


If they can be cooled down within half an hour, then heat exhaustion is not normally serious.


The NHS advice is to:
·Move them to a cool place.
·Get them to lie down and raise their feet slightly
·Get them to drink plenty of water - sports or rehydration drinks are also OK
·Cool their skin - spray or sponge them with cool water and fan them. Cold packs around the armpits or neck are good too


However, if they do not recover within 30 minutes, then what follows is heat stroke.


It is a medical emergency and you should call 999.


People with heat stroke may stop sweating even though they are too hot, their temperature could have passed 40C and they may have seizures or lose consciousness.


And I keep seeing people dragging their damned dogs around in this heat! Not in the shade, because their owner wants a tan! These dogs genuinely look like they're dying inside, heavy panting and desperately trying to move over to shade.


I live in a thatched pub, the kitchen is directly underneath my living room and the extractor fans are outside my windows. It's horrible.
Have a 6 month old so struggling to keep her cool.
Also have a house bunny and a dog, both are just sat on their cool mats all day and I'm constantly giving them ice and cold veggies.
This country is not equipped for this kind of weather. Was working Sunday and yesterday and the kitchen hit 48° - everyone enjoying the beer garden and the food whilst we're dying from the heat. We should be allowed to close when it hits a certain temperature.


I still can’t believe that we don’t have max temp rules for work when we have had min. Temps as long as I can remember

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Surprised the BBC doesn't have a "benefits of extreme heat warning" like they did with climate change for bitesize.


I remember it was part of the GCSE curriculum to weigh the pros and cons of coal power stations Vs wind turbines. The only con they could come up with besides "it isn't always windy in any given place" for wind power was that "people think they're ugly", as if a coal power station is a wonderful sight to behold.


Wonder if BBC news presenters today will actually address the elephant in the room, or continue with the smiles and positivity pretending like everything is all good.
"oh look we've broken another record guys! Haha enjoy the weather"


There was a segment the other day in the 6 o'clock news about climate change. They referenced the heat here and floods on the continent


I’m in no way a climate change denier. Anthropomorphic climate change is a serious deadly problem and we must address it.
However, this current heatwave in the UK is by no means historic. In fact in 1901 the hottest day of the year was July 19th and it was 33°C. If you look at historic heatwaves this is a fairly average year. Higher than 35 is when we enter, what was once, rare historic highs.


my work doesn't have aircon i'm calling in sick idc


I don't blame you. There should be legislation in place for a maximum workplace temperature. Our buildings aren't designed for weather like this and so many businesses/schools refuse to make reasonable accommodations.


The indoor temperature reached 38°I worked at once.... not fun.

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Not to be a one upper, but we were stuck at work in 40c weather a year or so ago. We'd had enough and WFH the following day. When the weather had calmed down a bit, we went in the day after to see what temperature it had reached. It had hit 44c.
This place was a converted barn office, no AC, windows locked shut (keys had been lost years ago), and only some decades old fans to blow some air around.
Our boss had come in on that day, stayed 30 mins before saying, "right, it's too hot here, I'm going to relax at home. Bye."
We watched her leave. She didn't give us any permission to leave so we stayed.
Absolute scum of a woman.
There needs to be a legal factor in this, especially since summers will only get warmer now.


Don't worry, as soon as someone literally dies of the heat in an office some companies might start taking steps towards beginning to do something.

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They'll take an insurance policy or start lobbying their MPs to get it recategorised as a natural disaster. Utter reprobates.


35 in hospital and we are in full PPE. (Plastic apron, gown, masks, goggles, hat and gloves).
Not allowed fans due to covid risk. Slowly drowning in sweat.


Not allowed fans due to covid risk.
Who on earth runs the risk assessments on these things? Surely the risk of heat exhaustion on hot days in full PPE is higher than the risk that a fan might blow a COVID particle in somebody's general direction?


It is too fucking hot, that's all I have to say on the matter.

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I'm guessing air-conditioning isn't a thing in the UK with all these posts about the lack of ACs? Is it cause summer has never been particularly hot? Kinda like France where houses are built more towards preserving heat for winter but the country now is experiencing similar heat waves?


No air conditioning, houses made of bricks and insulated like crazy. Saves a lot of energy in the winter, kills people in the summer.
Sad thing is that this looks like a yearly tradition that may only get worse, and it's just not really possible to retrofit air conditioning into most UK homes, there's just no where for it to go.
I purchased a mobile AC and it can just about keep a single room at 26 degrees in the current weather because mobile AC is super inefficient.

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How the fuck does anyone have any hope at this point when we're literally IN the climate crisis RIGHT NOW and we have the elites actively and openly making it worse for us


Some tips from someone who lives in a warmer climate. Keep those windows and curtains closed during the day. You need to keep the sun (and therefore the heat) out.

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This is actually terrible advice for the UK. Our houses are built to retain the heat, so keeping them closed up doesn't work like it does in naturally warmer countries where construction methods differ.
Better advice here is to open windows but close curtains, allowing a breeze but not causing a greenhouse effect from the sun coming in through the windows.


No it’s not. At a certain point in the day the air temperature on days like today is hotter than the air temperature inside your home. Flinging your windows and curtains open in the midday heat is just allowing hot air into your house and making everything worse.


It may not work, most UK houses/buildings are built to retain heat for the winter months. Curtains may work, but if you are not opening up the windows, all the heat will be trapped, especially if you have the roof directly on top.


If your house is built to retain heat, that means it's well insulated, which will also help if trying to keep the heat out. Curtains are essential. Shutters are better but people don't have them in the UK so I didn't mention them.
If you leave the windows open, then the house will heat up to the same temperature as outside.
You can't cool a house down if it's hot outside, only stop it from getting warmer.


Not necessarily. Yes, it is insulated well and should have kept the heat out like you said, in theory. But you have missed the practical fact, most of our houses are darker in colour, say, brown/red from brick walls and roof tiles, they are designed to absorb heat from the sun and they are not your typical white fridge. That's the same as a locked car under the sun, if you don't open the windows, you will have some 50deg inside. Unless you are living in some sort of underground bungalows or cellar, you need to open your windows for sure to cool down your house.


Sadly doesn't work for long. UK houses are designed to keep heat in, rather than out. Big insulation in the roof, no shutters, windows often laid out to maximise sunlight.
Even with the curtains closed heat still gets in, makes it's way upwards, and takes a lot longer to get out again.
We can usually keep the house cool for a day or 2 of this sort of heat, but past that it's just horrible.


Some tips from someone who lives in a warmer climate. Install AC. I have AC in every room, it's great.


Unfortunately a huge cost for something that will only really be used for a few weeks of the year in the UK. I don't think I've ever been in a residential home in the UK that has built-in AC. Our homes are designed to get through the other cold and wet 50 weeks of the year.


Unfortunately a huge cost for something that will only really be used for a few weeks of the year in the UK.
Soon it will be more than just a few weeks lol


Yeah you're right, it will be more than a few weeks but I still think people will prefer to have houses/systems geared at colder weather. I think wet and grim will stay as our majority weather type (and get grimmer, wetter and colder).
Just more extremes of everything coming out way basically.


I'm willing to put a nice bet that within 20-40 years you're going to start seeing a lot of AC units outside peoples windows above their front doors as global warming keeps on going.
To me it's quite striking, as a kid watching american TV shows where they all sit in front of the fan, and getting their AC installed and being like ....wow its so wierd in America.
Years later here I am considering an AC install so there you go thats climate change lol


It’s not a huge cost to get an external ac unit and one or two internal blowers, £1500 or so . I’d consider it a worthwhile investment if we got these sorts of temps every year for over a month. If it spares my mental health not being slowly cooked in my own home I’m all for it


Common heat extremes because too much emissions.
Better decrease my energy consumption.


meanwhile China builds a new coal powered factory every hour. not saying that you aren’t right, but just making your own life miserable isn’t how we solve climate change.


Last year was much worse, and for a much longer period but the 'extreme heat warning' is a new concept so is making it seem like this current heatwave is particularly remarkable. Looks like we need to get used to these sort of days and soon!


NoLegJoe 1
Been pinged by the NHS app. Pray for me as I spend the next 6 days locked inside my boiling 33+ degrees loft flat


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