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Have you ever made an entire movie theater laugh?


Erin Scott, studied at Homeschooling
Yes, twice.
The first time, my sister and I were with our boyfriends on a double date. We chose to see Scary Movie 3, which obviously isn't actually supposed to be scary, given that it's a parody of horror films. We get to the theater, and the only seating available for the 4 of us is 7 empty seats in the same row. So, from the aisle its: sister's boyfriend, sister, me, my boyfriend, 3 empty seats, and then the remainder of the row.
Now, I love horror films. But I usually prefer to watch them at home so that I can “control" the environment, so to speak. Anyway, the ending scenes are building, and some of the major parody scenes from ‘Signs’ and ‘The Ring’ are coming together. At one point, a main character bends down to pick something up, and there's the creepy girl from ‘The Ring’ behind him, and I screamed… so loudly. The entire theater burst out laughing at me, and I slid further down into my seat, face on fire. The laughter goes on long enough that my boyfriend gets up and moves a seat away from me, which causes even more laughter and some squeals from people who can't catch their breath. That was in 2003, and I still haven't lived it down.

这是2003年的事情了,但我至今仍无法忘记,也因为这件事,我现在更喜欢在家里看恐怖片,这样我就可以 "控制 "观影环境了。

The second time wasn't during a movie, but rather a Q&A with Billy Boyd (Pippin from the LotR movies) and may I just note that he is quite funny and quick-witted. He tells us that he's in a band, and explains how he learned to play guitar by practicing one particular song; he asks if we'd like to hear him play it, and he of course receives a resounding yes.
After the applause, he segued into another song… and I knew that I knew it, but couldn't quite put my finger on an acoustic guitar version of the melody. He starts singing…
“Oh, baby baby, how was I supposed to know?”
And I lost it, as did half the theater. Fists-clenched, knees-bouncing, doing a silent little seated happy dance, while screaming silently in awe and excitement that one of my favorite actors is singing one of my favorite songs. I wasn't the only one excited, though, since the applause for this performance is full of whistles and shouts of enthusiasm.
It starts to settle down. The theater becomes quiet again, and in that lull between applause and the beginning of the next topic, I can no longer contain my excitement.
“Oh my God, I'm fangirling so hard right now!” I exclaim.
People start laughing.
“Me, too!” Billy cries.
And now the theater is uproarious at the exchange.


Mel Jackson, former Computer Teacher
Ahh, my bestie Johnny Bayly had died in 2008 and so it was that another witty, good-looking Irishman bit the dust.
A few years before he and I were at a loose end in Dublin city. As we ambled along Parnell Street I noticed a new ‘Experience’ was about to start. It was titled something like ‘You Must Save Mars’. I loved anything sci-fi so started to convince him that we had to do this interactive movie thing. He only wanted to go for a drink but eventually acquiesced and we entered.
There was a long queue as everyone had to sign a waiver to the state of their health and if it became exciting enough to make them ill that they wouldn't sue. Everyone signed. I asked Johnny if this would be ok for me and he was reassuring. He’d always been a cool dude.
At last we were bundled into a darkened room. There were a lot of what looked like spaceships dotted about. These were made even more imposing as they sat atop a strange mechanism making them taller so requiring us to climb aboard. They looked as though they’d take off or at least shake us up a lot. On a wall in front of us was a large screen. The apprehension and fear in the room was palpable. We sat there up in our space pods waiting. But waiting for what??

Mel Jackson,曾是计算机教师
几年前,我们在都柏林市内闲逛,沿着帕内尔街散步,我突然发现街边有一个很有意思的项目,它的标题是类似 "你必须拯救火星 "这样的,我想它一定能给我们带来一种全新的体验。

Suddenly, the lights went out. We were in pitch darkness. I waited for my eyes to adapt… but still the darkness continued. The crowd was so quiet now that you could hear a pin drop.
Then a lone voice, quivering with fear, screamed out ‘I want me mammy’, Again a pained silence and all at once the entire room bellowed with peals of laughter.
The lights came on again. Everyone just sat there laughing, looking delighted and wondering who had given them the best ‘Experience’ although the show hadn’t even started yet. His timing had been perfect. I pointed to Johnny and they all looked at him as though he had already saved Mars.
The staff outside must have wondered what had broken their spell. They'd been mischievous by hyping up the tension conning us that they needed us to sign a waiver. As we walked out into Dublin's nightlife a curious staff member asked about the howling laughter and someone explained. Johnny was looking cool and chuffed while bopping contentedly out the door.
As usual, he had made my night.

灯光再次亮起,大家都坐在那里笑,看起来很高兴,想知道谁给了他们如此美好的 "体验",尽管演出还没有开始,但这个人出声的时机把握得很好,我指了指约翰尼,大家都看着他,仿佛他已经拯救了火星。

I saw The Other Boleyn Girl (2008) in theaters for some reason.
The cast includes Scarlett Johansson, Eric Bana and Natalie Portman
If you haven’t seen the movie, this contains (SPOILERS)
Natalie Portman basically seduces Eric Bana’s character as King into marrying her and dumping Scarlett Johansson. She later regrets it when he clearly just cares about the sex and basically rapes her. Even though she despises him at this point, at least she can grant him a child right? WRONG!! She has a miscarriage several times and is afraid to tell him because she knows how he might react. To him, she will be considered worthless and this could lead to all the harsh shit that people suffered during that fucked up time.


To make a long story short, in sheer sobbing panic and desperation, while also trying to figure out how she can conceive a baby, she turns and looks at her brother played by Jim Sturgess and walks up to him with a “Please?” look on her face…
At that moment I shouted in disgust, “NO! NO! NO! NAW MAN! NO WONDER BRITISH PEOPLE ARE SO UGLY!”
That place erupted in laughter so loudly that I nearly started a career in comedy that night. Just kidding. I actually wanted to hide LMAO. It was actually a pretty racist remark but I didn’t mean it. You gotta admit though, that scene is pretty fucked up.


Hardik Balasara, B.Tech Mech. Engineering from Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad (2018)
Yeah but not an entire theater, just the people around me who heard and saw what happened,
Before I start to tell about that moment, you should have known that by birth I was a lovely child of my mom, I love her more than anything in this world, When I was around 5 years old, I was used to give a kiss on my mom's cheek a lot and my mom also used to give me the same. Whenever I go out like going to the school or playing, I used to kiss my mom and also did the same after returning home.
One fine day, I was at the theater for watching a movie, I was with my mom, dad and my dad's 3 or 4 friends, they were with their wives and children too, we all were seated in one row together.
Now the story starts,

Hardik Balasara, 机械工程专业技术学士,毕业于讷迪亚德的Dharmsinh Desai大学(2018年)

I was around 5 years old so I was not having my own seat, I was seated in my mom's lap. After around 1 hour of movie I told my dad that I have to go to bathroom, my dad gave me directions for that and I went out from the theater. After that I again entered, but it was dark, I could barely see anything, but still I had to find my mom, so went the side where I came from, but I accidentally entered earlier row, and there was a lady sitting just behind my mom, that lady was a complete stranger for me but I thought she was my mom, so I went there and sat on her lap, but she didn't say anything to me and allowed me to sit, and after sitting in her lap, I kissed her cheek as I used to do with my mom. And then that cheek was different so I realized that it's not my mom, that made me completely shocked and everyone around me was laughing including my mom dad and family friends. So I felt embarrassed and started crying, that lady was laughing too, and then that lady and my mom made me stop crying and told me that I had done nothing wrong. That lady was really lovely and soft hearted, she kissed me too and told me to sit on her lap. But I was embarrassed so I didn't go there.
Yeah I know that it was not wrong but still it was embarrassing moment for me and it was quite funny too. This thing always makes me laugh whenever I try to remember this.


Kenn Beck, I have been watching movies for 40+ years.
I didn’t, but my brother sure did, and he didn’t even mean to.
The year was 1988. The day was hot and muggy. The movie theater was air conditioned. The film was Moon Over Parador.
For those who do not know, Moon over Parador was a movie about an actor who bears a resemblance to a dictator of a fictional country Parador. The dictator dies, and his second in command forces the actor to impersonate the dictator to stay in power. Along the way, he falls in love with the dictator’s mistress, Madonna.
All of that sounds far more interesting than the actual movie. It was boring.
My brother (Tom), my friend (also Tom) and I are seated as such; Tom Brother is on the aisle, I am next to him, my friend Tom is next to me. I have only once in my life fallen asleep in a movie, and it was because I had finished playing a double header and then went to see Spawn on opening night. I never fall asleep, no matter how bad the movie is.

Kenn Beck,我看了40多年的电影了。

At one point, we all knew the movie was not going to be entertaining, but we didn’t bother leaving the air conditioned theater on such a hot day. Friend Tom started doing that head thing where you fall asleep and wake up when your head starts to fall. At one point, both Toms fell asleep and simultaneously laid their heads on my shoulders, which I shrugged off in a manner I would imagine people would find comical.
The movie is nearing its climax, and I am just disgusted at how boring it has been. The actor, played by Richard Dreyfuss, stares into the eyes of the mistress (played by Sonia Braga), and says “Madonna… I love you.”
After a perfect single second of absolute silence, the entire theater was treated to a long, loud snore. Everyone in the theater (probably only 30 or so people) began to crack up. I laughed, until I looked at my brother to see if he found it as funny as I did. He was completely unconscious, leaning as far out into the aisle as one can without tumbling to the ground, his mouth agape. I shook him harshly, telling him to wake up. I could tell he was legitimately sleeping.
To this day, I love telling that story. My brother is a born comedian with a terrific sense of timing, even when he is unconscious.

电影已接近高潮,但它实在是太无聊了,我很不喜欢,由理查德-德雷福斯扮演的演员盯着女主人(由索尼娅-布拉加扮演)的眼睛,说 "麦当娜......我爱你。"
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I did remember one incident when I myself got a lot of movie goers to laugh. I am not one to ever talk during a movie. I actually can’t stand it when people do that. I always stay until the credits are over, and I usually don’t say anything until I am out in the lobby.
On a very hot summer day in 2000, some friends and I went to see U-571. As we entered the theater, the humidity was high, and the air felt weird. We knew a storm was coming, but it was still nice when we went in.
The movie was pretty entertaining, despite its horrifically glaring historical inaccuracies (which we didn’t know about at the time anyway). Throughout the quieter scenes, we could hear the sound of thunder outside the theater, and you could hear rain hitting the roof, so we knew that the storm was here. There is a scene about 2/3 of the way through where the captured German Sub is being attacked by depth charges. The camera shows them sinking outside the ship and detonating.
Just as one of them exploded, the power in the theater went out; the movie stopped abruptly, and the house lights went dark, submerging the entire theater in momentary blackness.
“They got ‘em!” I yelled out, and laughter erupted throughout the theater.
I can still sling a timely joke once in a while.


Craig Braquet, worked in the computer industry from 1978 through 1999.
I’ll give you two answers in one.
I’ve made an entire theater laugh (and I’ll explain)
My friend was present for a great one that made only certain people in the theater laugh. (which will also be explained)
(1) I worked for AOL during their boom years and the movie “Independence Day” had just been filmed and AOL was having a special showing just for employees at the local theater in Reston Virginia.
When Will Smith (Hacks into) the mothership’s “computer” his screen showed “Connected”, and from the back of the theater in my best mimic I said: “WELCOME! You’ve Got Mail” in a theater full of AOL Employees. I’m trying to remember but they may have had to back up the film because it took so long for everyone to stop laughing.

Craig Braquet,从1978年到1999年一直从事计算机行业
当威尔-史密斯黑入航母的计算机时,他的屏幕上显示 "已连接",我坐在影院后面用模仿的语气说:"WELCOME! You’ve Got Mail.(欢迎!你有一封新的邮件。)"在场的全是美国在线的员工,他们可能不得不把电影倒回去重新看,因为大家笑了很长时间才停下来。

(2) David (Or a friend of David, this was a long time back folks), a college friend of mine, was in France visiting and was at the movies watching an old John Wayne War movie. At one point Wayne stands up in the trenches and points to an advancing line of tanks and exclaims: “TANKS!!” The subtitle translation on the screen read “Merci”.
(for those less french language fortunate, Merci translated to English is “THANKS!!” Only a small percentage of English speakers in the theater cracked up laughing at that one. :) And hopefully everyone’s gotten the TANKS/THANKS mistake too. :) :) it was a great cerebrally funny incident.

我一个大学时期的朋友大卫(或者是大卫的一个朋友,那是很久以前的事了,我也记不太清),当时正在法国旅游,在电影院里看一部约翰-韦恩的战争老电影,有一幕韦恩在战壕里站了起来,指着一排正在前进的坦克,感叹道:"TANKS(坦克)!"屏幕上的字幕翻译为 "Merci"。
或许有些人不懂法语,我解释一下,Merci翻译成英语就是 "THANKS(谢谢)!"影厅里一小部分讲英语的人为此笑的停不下来,希望大家也能理解TANKS/THANKS这个错误,真的太好笑了。

Kelley Spartiatis
With a huge bucket of popcorn and Coke in hand, we found a seat in the front row. It was a scary movie and I like to be fully immersed in the horror.
Good, the trailers were on so we didn’t have to wait too long for the movie. I hate people who talk through movies. Trailers, though, it doesn’t matter.
There we were chatting away, getting ready for the movie, phones got switched off and popcorn was already being munched. The trailer was for Taken. It looked really good. I was talking about how we should go and see it soon. Terry agreed with me, loudly.
This trailer is on for an awfully long time … then the credits rolled and the lights came on.
EVERYBODY was looking at us.


We looked at each other, horrified, as realisation dawned on us. Then we checked our tickets to see which wanker had sent us to the wrong theatre. It was the two wankers sitting red faced in the front row. We had come into the wrong screen and literally ruined the end of the movie for everyone in there.
I wanted the ground to swallow me up. We stood up and turned to face everyone and in unison sincerely apologised. It was then we realised that nobody was mad. People were giggling and smiling at us. As they were leaving the theatre, they were laughing and telling us it was OK.
I was expecting to get pelted with leftover popcorn, but I think it was obvious to everyone that we weren't intentionally disruptive. They realised long before we did what mistake we had made.
Off we went to the right screen to watch our actual movie.