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Our son is already 30 years old and he still collects action figures and scale models of robots. What should we do?

我们的儿子已经 30 岁了,但他仍在收集各种比例模型玩偶。我们应该做什么吗?

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Jose Bustamante
Include such things in your list of potential gift options for his birthday.
Oh! You were asking what you should do to get him to abandon his hobby? That's easy:
Not a damned thing.
For starters, he's an adult, so you have no rights in the matter.
On top of that, it's a hobby, no different from collecting stamps or building model ships and planes. Hobbies are healthy, so long as they don't interfere with one's responsibilities or harm anyone.
In addition, hobbies which have their roots in childhood joys and interests are mentally and emotionally helpful, stabilizing influences.
Finally, he's a fewkin' adult! You have no right to interfere in his choice of leisure pursuits!
Seriously, what in the world makes you think you have any rights in this or can accomplish anything positive by refusing to respect his life choices? Are you actively trying to drive him out of your lives entirely?

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Bookie Bear
My husband is 30 and still loves building starwars things out of Legos. I fail to see where the problem is with him collecting figures. If he's using your money, without permission, then take away access to your money. If he's spending all of his own money and still living in your house, and you want him out, then the action figures isn't the question, it's how to get my 30 year old son out of my house on his own feet like any adult should. But if the only problem you have is with your son is he is buying action figures, then I would believe you did a pretty good job at raising him, there are much worse things he can he doing with his time and money.
So, if you are happy with everything else and want to know what to do, have him give you a list of his favorites, or figures he wants and go out and buy him one or two for his birthday, or Christmas, or any other special occasion.

我丈夫已经 30 岁了,但仍然喜欢用乐高积木建造星球大战的东西。我看不出这种收藏行为有什么问题。如果他是在未经允许的情况下用了你们的钱,那么就保管好你们的钱。如果他花掉了自己所有的钱还住在你们的房子里,而你们又想让他离开,那么这些玩偶并不是问题,问题是如何让30 岁的儿子像其他人一样从家里走出去做成年人应该做的事。但如果您的儿子唯一的问题只是购买可动人偶,那么我相信您在抚养他方面做得很好,毕竟他可能会浪费时间和金钱做更糟糕的事情。

Dina M
Nothing. Your son simply has what people generally call “a hobby.” It's very common for adult people to have hobbies. Some people collect stamps or coins, some people play snooker, some people go hiking or play recreational sports, some people play an instrument, some people write fanfiction for popular TV shows. And some people collect action figures.
Be happy that your son has an interest.


Karen Muriello
Let him. Is it so different from people who collect elaborate dolls, or model cars? In my humble experience, grown men can still be grown men and keep childhood tokens.


Sandra Huibers
Why do you need to “do” anything about this?
He collects something he's interested in. That's normal.

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Yuki Frost
Hobbies are meant to full our down time and make us happy. it’s ok to like things that may seem childish regardless of your age. If he doesn’t have a social life outside of collection then it may be time to encourage him to see a Tharapist so he can learn to balance his life more properly. If that’s not the case then just let I'm enjoy things. He’s fine.


Thomas O'Connor
Nothing, some people collect stamps, others collect baseball cards, others action figures.
I have a wife and a family, a car and a home with a mortgage, in the attic room of my house, I have my office set up for my work, and also my collection of star wars action figures displayed, I have 4 thousand at last count.
As long as it is just a hobby, and he is not wasting all his time and money on it, then there is no problem.

我有妻子和家庭,有车有房,有抵押贷款,在我家的阁楼里,我建立了自己的工作间,还有我收藏的星球大战动作玩偶,现在统计已经超过了 4000 多个了。

Drake Stanton
Encourage him to keep them in good shape so that when he eventually sells them, he gets more money for them!
Other than that (and maybe a quick word about keeping them off the floor where they can be stepped on or chewed up by the dog), leave him be. He’s an adult now, and his hobby doesn’t hurt anyone (unless, of course, someone steps on one he left on the floor).


Nancy Denmark
You should do nothing. Your son is a grown man and can spend his money in what he chooses. If that is what he wants to collect, what is the problem? Now if you are paying for them, then stop giving him the money for them. If he is paying for them, leave him alone. Maybe he is collecting them because one day they may be worth more money one day or whether he is collecting them just because he enjoys it, that is up to him. He can do what he wants with his money.


Jerome Campbell
You do know it's actually common for a men his age to collect and play toys right? I mean I would like to know the reason why some older men collect and still play with toys but it really common. So I wouldn't do anything to your son, it isn't like he is hurting anyone, I just let him be.


Walt Huber
Sounds like he has a hobby. Why do you seem to take that as a negative.
Support his hobby. It can provide a easy choice for gifts for holidays.


Celia Savage
At 30, your son is his own man and making his own decisions. If he enjoys collecting action figures and robots, so be it. There is nothing that you can do, other than to help him to consider some other alternatives to enhance his life. It sounds as if he is still living at home with you, so does he go out much? Des he have friends whose interests he might share? On the other hand, if his collection is bringing him joy, that’s fine.. and, you never know but he might have created a valuable asset.

30 岁了,你们的儿子属于他自己并且可以自己做决定。如果他喜欢收集玩偶,那就这样吧。除了帮助他考虑一些其他选择来改善他的生活之外,你们无能为力。听起来他还和你一起住在家里,所以他经常出去吗?他有朋友可以分享他们的兴趣吗?另一方面,如果他的收藏给他带来快乐,那很好……而且,你们永远无法预测或许他创造了一笔宝贵的资产。

Mau Hidalgo
Let him continue with what he loves to do and be happy, just as easy as that.
And you… Be thankful that he’s not in drugs, or alcoholism.


John Hogan
I'm glad to hear he doesn't collect exotic & venomous reptiles or enjoys playing with various forms of explosives…
if he still lives with you, encouraging him to find a place of his own might distract him.
BTWay some scale models and action figures can end up be worth more than you might think….


Cankun Xiao
I've been buying toys, and I've been buying all kinds of new things that I'm interested in, so it's not surprising. I am 28 years old.
Everyone has a hobby, not addiction. No need to look at anyone. Whenever I buy a lot of Legos and pile them on the table, I see other people's faces actually swallowing drool.
There is so much pressure in today's society that everyone needs an outlet. For myself, buying toys, playing toys, playing games, is a kind of pressure, relaxation, better than smoking, drinking.