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Why is it that when I am standing straight, I look thin, but when I sit down, my thigh and stomach fat spreads out excessively?


Austine Promise
When you're standing up, your body is stretched out and your abdominal fat is extended over a larger area. When you sit down, your abdominal area compresses, bringing all the abdominal fat together, making it seem copious. Only people with very low body fat don't experience this.
Most people see some rolls of fat "appear" when they sit down, simply because the change in posture compresses all your abdominal fat together in one place.
Quantity Makes a Difference
Some people tend to put on weight in their abdominal region. This happens often as people get older. It doesn't take much abdominal fat to create a roll when you sit down. The more abdominal fat, the bigger your roll will be.
If your stomach is flat when you're standing and the roll only appears when you're seated, you shouldn't worry too much. It's when your belly starts to protrude while standing that you should be concerned, because excess abdominal fat can cause health problems.
There are two types of belly fat: subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat lies just beneath the skin and doesn't pose a problem. It's the type of fat you can pinch — like the type that forms small stomach rolls when sitting down. Visceral fat lies deep within your abdominal cavity and is the more dangerous type.
How Much Body Fat?
You don't need to determine whether you have the right amount of body fat from looks alone. Have your doctor or another health professional measure your body fat and assess where you stand. According to the American Council on Exercise, the average body fat percentage for women is 25 percent to 31 percent. For men, the average range is 18 percent to 24 percent.
If you're fit, you might have less fat, in the range of 21 to 24 percent for women and 14 to 17 percent for men. Athletes will have even less body fat, and they are the types who may not see that roll of belly fat when they sit down. But they put in a lot of hours training, unlike the normal person.
Thank you.

您无需仅凭外表就能确定自己的体脂量是否合适。让您的医生或其他健康专业人士测量您的体脂并评估您的位置。根据美国运动委员会标准,女性的平均体脂率为 25% 至 31%。男性平均范围是 18% 到 24%。
如果您身体健康,您的体脂率可能会(比以上标准)更低,女性为 21% 至 24%,男性为 14% 至 17%。运动员的身体脂肪会更少,他们是坐下时都可能看不到腹部脂肪的类型。但与正常人不同,他们进行了大量的培训。

Tyson Grahl
I think you look good enough the way you are. Having a “Barbie” shape isn’t always that good for you either. It’s often too skinny and that’s just as bad as being too big. I think you should appreciate your body the way it is unless you start to see “rolls” there when standing straight and bigger ones when you don’t. Even at this point I’d just use weight watchers. It worked wonders on my wife.


John Johnson
this is what fat does . It has no rigedity and only is contained to a shape held by the skin. There is nothing wrong with that either . Just like your breast they take the shape of your skin or by what’s holding them . If your belly and thighs conserned you try to in up and losing fat, gain muscle . It will not stop it but it will be less. BTW you look good


Jay Clayton
Its normal girl we all get thw same

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Well, that happens to me, but I have Scoliosis
When sitting my spine makes my belly look so big
and you look great btw!

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Antonio Hardcastle
If it’s truly excessive, and not just your perception of yourself due to body dysmorphia, you’re probably “skinny fat”. Meaning all fat, and no muscle, and to the eye when you stand up you look slim because your fat would be a normal amount of muscle, but when you sit the fact you’re just an atrophied bag of goo becomes apparent and it spreads out excessively. Muscle would have stayed firm and propped you up on your seat, but as a skinny fat you’re just spilling out all over whatever firm obxt presses against your gelatinous form.