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How do I workout at home secretly?


Nicholas Chen
Interesting question.
I used to be a workout addict (or gym addict, somemight say) and that resulted in unhappiness within my family members. More often than not, my rigorous, time-consuming workout schedules would clash with our family time and in turn, irritate them.
One day, it heated up to the point where the silent volcano finally erupted. I won’t share with you the severity of the repercussion, but it was bad. So bad that a gym freak like myself, had to stop working out for weeks, months, and don’t even get me started on the withdrawal symptoms.
So I had no choice but to workout secretly, when no one was watching.
I would wake up very early, like around 4–5 am, and do my sets.
Benefits of exercising/working out really early in the morning:
You will very rarely have your workout schedule clash with others.
You will feel much more energized throughout the day. (More focused, more apt)
You don’t have to worry about working out for the rest of the day.
So these are just my plan. Plan out a good workout session to fit in that early time frx, and you’re all set.
Hope I helped.

我会很早起床,比如凌晨 4-5 点左右,然后做我的组。

For years I worked out at home secretly, and often I still do, though I am a bit more open about it now. My reasons for it were complex, but included a fear that other household members would be made uncomfortable.
When others are home, it's a bit harder. But it's not too hard to quietly sneak in a set of pushups, situps or body weight squats when you go in the bedroom to change or the bathroom before getting in the shower. (Now I prefer a cheap wheel to situps. It's easier on the back and gets the workout done much quicker. )
I always did the exercises very strictly and added difficulty rather than volume to keep them quick and quiet. For example, I quickly changed to pushups up on my knuckles going chest to the floor. I transition from squats to pistol squats (though started those I had a few noisy wipeouts, so be careful.) I found it pretty easy to sneak in 20 reps here and there, and tried to do at least one set on one exercise every day.
If what you are looking for is simply a moderate improvement in fitness level, or to maintain, this program worked fairly well. It's not going to make you a Mr. Olympia or World's Strongest Man contender, but it is amazing how much difference it makes to your strength and appearance to go from couch potato to secret workout ninja.
It's been 15 years since I did that regularly, though I still prefer to work out in private and mostly not publicize it. Now that I have kids I decided that I should be a little more public about it in an effort to set a good example, and I do sometimes do it in front of them, or with them if they'll participate.
I did once come clean at a get together with a bunch of old friends when one asked “who has a secret vice.” It turns out most of them didn't find it as interesting as booze or chocolate, and I did face a little ridicule, so maybe secret is the way to go.

我总是非常严格地做练习,并增加难度而不是音量,以保持它们的快速和安静。例如,我很快就变成了用指关节做俯卧撑,胸部着地。我从深蹲过渡到手枪深蹲(虽然一开始我有一些吵闹的失败,所以要小心。)我发现在这里和那里潜入 20 次很容易,并尝试每天至少做一组练习.
自从我经常这样做已经 15 年了,尽管我仍然更喜欢私下锻炼,而且大多不公开。现在我有了孩子,我决定我应该多公开一点,努力树立一个好榜样,有时我会在他们面前这样做,或者如果他们愿意的话,我会和他们一起做。
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Dave Herrington
I’m not sure why you want to hide this and it would be very interesting to know your motivation. As to your question, Ryan Long had a great suggestion and so did anonymous after him especially the parts about body weight exercises because that’s about all you’re going to be able to do unless you can hide some dumbbells, you could do some curls with laundry detergent containers stuff like that. As un-glamorous as they are sit ups and push ups are still good exercises and body weight squats.

我不确定你为什么要隐藏这个,知道你的动机会很有趣。至于你的问题,Ryan Long 提出了一个很好的建议,在他之后也匿名了,特别是关于体重锻炼的部分,因为这就是你所能做的一切,除非你能隐藏一些哑铃,你也可以做一些卷发洗衣粉容器之类的东西。仰卧起坐和俯卧撑虽然没有魅力,但仍然是很好的练习和体重深蹲。

What do you mean secretly? Who is it you don’t want to notice?


I mean that my family must not see or hear me

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Ok, then do airsquats and pushups


Lucas Poh
The best way to workout at home secretly, is none other than to lock yourself in your own bedroom and do your workouts.Definitely, you would also want to minimize the amount of sound you produce as much as possible.
Thus, resistance training is the best type of workout for you to do at home secretly.
Here are a few workouts you can do at home:
Dumbbell Uppercuts
Alternating KettleBell Lunges (With Pass-through)
Dumbbell Bicep Curls


Jesse Rosenthal
As some others have said, you can try going into a room and locking the door. You can schedule your workouts for times that no one else is home.


Manpreet Kaur
Working out secretly always shock the world with results. If you want to do workout at home secretly, go for squats, thrusts, pushups and rope jumps. These four exercises includes full body workout which will transform your body overall.
Don’t forget to eat healthy food if you are doing workout. It will give you more strength and will ignite your goal for which you are starting doing workouts.

偷偷锻炼的结果总是让世界震惊。如果你想在家里偷偷锻炼,那就去深蹲、推举、俯卧撑和跳绳. 这四个练习包括全身锻炼,这将改变你的身体整体。

Alex Bobby
Why do you want to work out secretly… Its not bad thing to hide…


Kangkan Panging
Try 7 minutes app.

可以尝试一下下载个 7 分钟的应用程序。