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What are some signs that you are throwing away your life?


Chris Ebbert, Innovation Advisor at Government of Sweden

Chris Ebbert,瑞典政府创新顾问

I am not convinced that it is really possible to throw away your life, except for committing suicide or a crime that will put you behind bars for the rest of it. Because everything you do is good for something, and everything you might do, but aren’t doing, also has its drawbacks.
Yes, you may think a life as a used car sales person in Alberta is a wasted life, and that you’d rather be a yacht skipper in Queensland.
Well, it just so happens that I know a very happy used car sales person in Alberta, and a very unhappy yacht skipper in Queensland.
And that, I think, is the only bit where you can tell that you are wasting your life: When you’re unhappy. There is no point in remaining unhappy, just like there is no point in suffering pain.

是的,你可能认为在 亚伯达(加拿大西部的一个省)做一个二手车销售员的生活是一种浪费,你宁愿在昆士兰(澳大利亚州)做一名游艇船长。

Ayobola Ogunbanjo, Loves to counsel. Genuinely interested in others.
You are a social chameleon- You easily change your true colors, and you forcibly adapt to anyone around you. In the process, you wound your own dignity, and make it difficult for people to trust you.
You are obsessed with the rat race - It’s OK to strive to be better in life, but when you are consumed with winning the rat race, then you will constantly defeat yourself. Because, the truth is, there will always be people ahead of you.
You talk more than you act - Truly, you do have dreams and lots of goals. As a matter of fact, you constantly talk about them, but you never take steps to actualize them. Then, you are gradually throwing away your life.
You are the best in your circle - When you surround yourself always with people you are better than, you have to watch it, because you might not be challenged to do greater things. Thus, you might end up throwing away all the talents, intellect, etc, that could have been put to better use.
You are always sad - You see no reason to be happy, to smile or to laugh. Hence, you shut off the happy chemical ’endorphin’ that could have help elevate your mood and reduce your chance with depression.


You always keep to yourself- I understand you could have been hurt, but hey! that’s not enough reason to cut ties with everyone. Or probably you are naturally quiet or shy. Whatever the reason you have, you short-change yourself once you refuse to interact with others. Imagine all the fun, happiness, love and opportunities you had be missing.
You sleep for more than half of the day- In as much as sleep is the good for the body, too much sleep can affect your productivity. You tend to procrastinate and just lazy around.
You waste everything- Money, time, friendship, ideas, and resources.
You do not forgive- Unforgiveness is a very bitter pill. It kills slowly and it stops you from enjoying all the sweetness that life has to offer.
You cannot define your goals in life- If you do not know what you want out of life or where you are going, then automatically, any route will serve you. Then, you might end up frustrated and unfulfilled.
You lack self-love- You cannot stand yourself. In fact, you love to talk down on yourself. The truth is you are damaging yourself and robbing yourself of the opportunity to grow.


Pratik Saha, Internal Auditor at HDFC Bank

Pratik Saha,住房开发金融公司银行的内部审计师
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This happened yesterday.
It was a small narrow road.
Only one bus can pass through that road at any one time.
When the bus I was in turned into that road, there was another bus trying to enter the same road from the opposite direction.
When the driver of the other bus noticed this, he braked and drove the bus backwards making way for our bus.
After our bus drove down the slope, he drove up.
Both of them saved time and went ahead with their journeys with a good peace of mind.
Happy end.
Now assume, the bus driver felt that going backward as a form of defeat. He thought ‘Why should I go backward? I also have equal right. I will go forward. Let him go back’ and continued accelerating.
Strangely the other bus driver also felt the same thing.
Both reached the centre of the road and kept honking at the other to go back.


Each felt that they were giving a tough fight to the other and wanted to win.
However, the reality was,
By doing this both of them lost lot of time.
Due to the constant honking and abuses, they lost peace of mind.
Someone recorded this and put on Quora, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It went viral and both of them lost jobs.
So when do you throw away your life?
When you focus only on your fighting skill and keep fighting for hours, completely forgetting about what you are going to win by doing that fight.
It happens in our everyday lives.
Someone ridicules your elemnentary French. You want to prove to him that you are stronger than him. You practise for weeks, forgetting your work and learn a language that is going to be of no use to you.
Someone insults you. You spend months planning to pay him back and make him suffer.
Someone says you don’t have knowledge in particular topic that is going to be of no use or interest to you. You keep studying it for hours and finally prove him that you know it.


All these are illusory wars that start because your ego is hurt and your thinking is numbed. You are dragged to the war-field and you keep fighting.
And finally after long sweaty-and-bloody war, you sit down and realise what you have earned. Strangely, Nothing.
In fact, you have only wasted a lot of your valuable time and energy for that one person who was of no importance to you.
Sometimes, it is good to let go of it.
Sometimes, it is good to not bother about things that are only going to halt your progress.
What you win is more important than whether you have fought for it or not.
I tell people around me. If someone hurts your ego, don’t show it to him. He is going to die some day. What is the point in proving your ego to him. Instead show it in your work. If you do that, you will grow. Once you grow, he will automatically be invisible to your eyes. He will get lost in the crowd that looks at you in awe.
Instead, if you keep fighting with him, you are going to be at his level forever. You are only wasting you life in this process.


Pranav Mishra, Passionate Writer, Keen Observer, Quoran.
These are a few signs, in my opinion.
You are doing things mechanically. Doing the same thing again and again and again…. not trying to improve. not trying to make it interesting.
You are stuck in a relationship, and not trying to make things work. You have given up on your relationship, but you are stuck and don’t want to move. It may also be that you have not even tried to improve your relationship.
You are not ready to accept the simple truths of life / fail to understand how the world works. World runs on certain rules. If you don’t follow them, you will more often miss the bus.
Wishful thinking. Things are not always going to go your way, until you really work hard for them. But you pre-assume your success and triumphs. You are just happy thinking of yourself as a winner.
Losing hope, even without making a serious attempt. Many people don’t even make a proper effort, and just decide to give up. Either they expect too much too early, or they never want to fail, or they are plain lazy. They should try and try, and never quit without making a sound effort.
Believing that you are a loser and can’t improve. Many people have already accepted that they are losers. They are not aware that there is immense potential inside every individual.
Addiction to stuff: alcohol, drugs, porn. This may consume so many years of an individual’s life.
Chatting too much. Unnecessary and unfocussed talking is way more harmful than we think. It doesn’t only kill ours and others’ time, but also make our thought-process insincere and unfocussed. We have to be focused to achieve the maximum out of our lives.


Hans Hajjaj, Digital Marketer/writer

Hans Hajjaj,数字营销人员/作家

1 - All your decisions are made by others for you
There are people who have lived their whole lives and accepted their affairs as they are, without changing, improving or developing. Don't be of them! You must live your life as you want it to be,
So, beware of letting others control your life, driving you as they like, and beware of hiding behind others who take responsibility for making important decisions in your life. Don't let others tell you what you want. You are the captain of your ship and you are in control of your own life.
2 - You do what you do only because it is safe
Do not let fear choose your future! Going through this life according to the easiest and safest options is the most dangerous thing you can harm yourself. You cannot improve while refuse to break out of the ordinary. You will not move forward unless you are ready to accept change. Yes, it is neither easy nor safe, but every step you take in this direction has a rewarding return. Nobody knows how many miles you will go chasing your dream until you achieve it, but this chase can make your life meaningful. Even when you fail, stumble, and delay fulfilling your dream, you are much better than those who do nothing to achieve their dream.


3 - You see nothing but obstacles
The difference between opportunity and obstacle is how you view it. See the positive in everything, and stop focusing on the negative. If you keep your head bent, you will miss seeing what life has to give you. When you encounter a problem, look at it as a window of opportunity, and don`t give up, then it becomes a powerful force that turns sadness into joy and depression into happiness, and makes problem-solving a habit, and you discover your hidden abilities to convert negative into positive.
4 - You work very hard, but your progress is zero
To succeed in this life and be happy in your life, you have to focus your attention on the right things, in the right way. All human beings have limited resources: our time is limited, and our energy is limited. This limitation makes it vital that we make better use of our resources, intelligently. Therefore, do not occupy your time and yourself with tasks of minor importance, do not confuse what concerns you with what is important to you.


5 - Those you care about don't care about you
If you find that you spend a time of your life to people, when they do not allocate their time to you likewise, or allocate a little portion of their time to you, or do not know you except for a reason or interest for them, then know that you are wasting your time and energy. The wrong things happen when you trust the wrong people and waste your time with them. Know the value of yourself among others, know the appreciation you get from them, and know the appreciation you deserve. Surround yourself with those who support you when things go wrong, and stand by you when people flee from you, and know that people come and go, and you must leave some of them to leave and open your arms to others to take their place, and this is how life goes on.


Mary Burnham Bischof, Practice and appreciate Buddhist philosophy.
Who am I to decide what signs indicate someone is throwing away life? It isn't really up to me to define such personal choices. We all have one thing in common. Our life is ours. There is no wrong way or right way one must follow or be put into the ‘throwing life away’ category. I'm not cool with judging someone for wasting their life because they do or don't do things I agree with. It's not up to me to designate. The only sign I feel justified to assign is if what a person does in their life causes real harm to me, anyone or thing other than themselves.
We can speculate from our own bias if by doing such and such a person is throwing their life away but why does it matter?


Martin Bermea, Language Teacher: English, Spanish and German (2008-present)

Martin Bermea,语言教师:英语、西班牙语和德语(2008年至今)

This is so personal. Humans need some stress to get by. It's up to you to think that you are throwing your life away. It's funny that some people think that they are wasting their life just because they are wasting some time.
This is just another reason to feel stressed.
I guess you're wasting your life if you think that you are. By all means, do something about it. Get busy, think hard about what you want to do before death comes.
1000 years from now, no one is going to remember the top people from these times or you and me. Therefore be happy, while you can.
By the way, masturbation is a part of life. So is thinking that you are a failure. Cheer up. We all agree finding a nice couple is better than masturbation. Working on the field you like beats earning twice as much doing something you hate. Enjoy life while it lasts.


Nat, Lived and reflected long enough
If what you are doing doesn’t make you happy and doesn’t get you closer to the place where you want to be in the future, you are throwing away your life.
Therefore the safest way to never throw away your life is to find your passion, and enjoy it.
The sure way to throw away your life is to do what you dislike but others want you to do. Never do something you dislike unless it is something that you know it will bring you something you truly like afterwards. To invest for the future it can pay off。


Sreenivas S. Iyer
One is never feeling energized or happy.
The person is bored of the daily monotonous routines.
He feels if he is stuck with a job which he is not sure of being content or enthusiastic about going to the work place every day.
The person does not get proper sleep in spite of being tired due to constantly being bothered about the way his life is taking shape.
One is not feeling settled in his or her life because of various insecurities.
The person is not having a good social life. He is not having anybody to talk and from whom he can seek inspiration.
One starts feeling frustrated and angry very often due to the situation he is in.


Kristian Pilg?rd, lives in Denmark
Life, or if your a winner or loser is relevant to the goals you set yourself.
If you set out to live in forest, and do so comfortably. Then all good.
If setting out to be rich, and become rich, but then complain, well.. then not so great.
What I am trying to say is, if your throwing away your life or not, will be relevant to yourself, what you think, your goals, values and all.
Some often ask how some people can have so little ambition in life!, maybe scorn for the life they lead, too simple maybe for some. but they may be content. They may also want something else, but later. Maybe they just don’t tell about their plans all the time.
I could say throwing life away is sitting at a computer, playing games all day. But that may be enjoyable for person to do. I also enjoy that sometimes.
I could say a good meaningful life is being outdoors.. but others may think that is mindless, overlooking a lot else in life.