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Tom da Fat cat
@The Chonkers King yeah but he's fat too lol. I think he has maine coon and bengal cat in him or something. Found him and his sister snowball as stray kittens.


I found my cat abandoned at a petrol station local to me, and he was tiny and you could see all his ribs, only a kitten at this stage. But he’s now about 10 years old and built like a body builder he did get hit by a car, but he’s just a little bit of his vision, but other than that I think it’s fair to say it doesn’t stop him. I came home from work to see him dragging a very frantic seagull down my back garden and I’ve also noticed that when he’s hunting he keeps his bell off his collar in his mouth to muffle the sound


Tom da Fat cat
@JaxElder yep I have the same type of cat with the same type of shape weighing at 15 pounds of pure muscle. Her Hobby is to scare everybody lmao

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nathan jualin
You sure your cat wasn’t Bear Grylls? Lol

你确信你的猫不是贝爷吗?哈哈(译者注:贝尔·格里尔斯 Bear Grylls,昵称贝尔、贝爷,英国探险家、作家和电视主持人,因拍摄《荒野求生》闻名)

Tom da Fat cat
@nathan jualin lmao he looks like it, but he's just a cat almost triple the size of the average cats.


Braincube 013
He sounds truly free.


nathaniel nizard
You are kind of irresponsible. What is the point of having a domestic cat if you don't protect against himself. They have insane pain tolerance and are extremly instinct drivent, so basically you let your own cat live a life of suffering because you found it fun leaving its worst instinct take the upper hand, a house should be a big enough territory for them anyway. If you want to let your domestic cat out, then you put it on a leash. There are exceptions like "farm cats" but these don't roam around the forest hunting racoons.

你有些不负责任。 你养猫,却不保护它,那你养它干什么。 它们极其能够忍受疼痛并且受本能驱动,所以基本上你让你的猫过着痛苦的生活,因为你觉得这样很有趣,让它最坏的本能占据上风,无论如何,房子对它们来说应该是足够大的空间。 如果你想让你的家猫出去,那么就牵绳遛它。 “农场猫”属于例外,但它们不会在森林里游荡去狩猎浣熊。

Tom da Fat cat
@nathaniel nizard bruh why u making a comment trying to act smart when you don't even have one did they ever say they are killing it, did they say they are abusing it? Go back to pre k and get a degree from there before you make a comment kid lmao. And its funny that you edited your comment when it still dosen't even make sense


Eat more pork porky
A real shitstorm here folks. Idiocy on parade. Show me videos of house cats attacking coyotes, raccoons, and foxes. Let alone killing them lol. You will however find plenty of cats attacked and killed by those same animals. Dogs also, although they can usually more easily stave off the attack and survive.


Timmy Humphrey
@jhon smith i would prefer being locked up in my house than ho outside


Philipverne jules
.......what? You should have kept your tomcat molly cuddled indoors , well fed and overweight and unable to move . That would've been true love .


Philipverne jules
......much of the described unrestrained free roaming pet cat behaviour permitted by owners is now illegal in Australia . Big fines and pet cats must be microchipped, , but my neighbours still let their black n white tomcat out at night and I tolerate it . He catches the rodents and cockroaches .


Tom da Fat cat
@Philipverne jules lmao never said he was unable to move dumbass. Read my comment before you answer pussy go cry to your mommy


What a good catto.


Good, that's why you keep it inside. It got what it deserved.


Marcus Jones
@Huginn Bodgaedir TBF cat head IS delicious

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nathaniel nizard
@Tom da Fat cat I frequented enough cats in my life to know what I'm saying, however english is not my native language and I post compulsively so I often come back and edit my mistakes... Lots of people like you get away by abusing blattantly their animal trough sheer ignorance. Having the responsability of an animal and getting it disfigured is a very big deal. So yes, fuck you too I guess.


Tom da Fat cat
@R GP y'all won't ever get it


@Tom da Fat cat Cats are invasive species, and they are a big nuisance in my neighborhood.


Jae Alexander
That little mofo was a Warrior WTH


Tom da Fat cat
@R GP that's cuz they are either domestic pets or strays. Of course they are going to be alot of cats just like any other domestic animal


@Tom da Fat cat That's still no excuse to save an invasive species. Let the cat get torn up.


Tom da Fat cat
@R GP bruh just cuz an animal is invasive dosen't mean they have no life. I mean, look at us humans at a population of over 7 billion , yet we complain about invasive animals. Its like saying there are too many kids, so you let them kill each other just because they are too many. Before you comment me, learn this thing called common sense, and stop acting like your a genius, when you probably don't even know what your saying lmfao go back to your hometown fuckville instead of wasting your damn life on YouTube


Your Local Simp
My has a bent over ear and half of his face was bitten off but he completely healed and is still alive and is 12-13 years old and he’s still picking fights with other cats, dogs, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, etc

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Shinigami Gaming
@nathaniel nizard Raccoons don't live in forests bro. And how am I irresponsible? If I didn't let him out, he broke his way outside. You gonna pay for that damage? So he got himself injured? But suffer? Sorry man, I gotta stop you there. Aslan did not suffer. A cat does not suffer when in pain. A car suffers when malnourished and not well taken care of. I assure you, up until his demise from FIV, he was well taken care of. He was just a hard knocked cat who loved to fight.


@Tom da Fat cat Yes I agree humans are invasive species, but as humans we brought an invasive species over and it is our responsibility to clean them up. Also I never said they had no life, and maybe you should read some articles on the damage cats are causing to the environment.
I do agree that some humans should leave. Also did you know there are more cats than humans in the world? I think humans should stop their wasteful ways, matter of fact why don't we start by sending you on the list to Mars? Since you want to get butt hurt and act like a Karen being defensive over invasive species.


Bath Boy
my cat that was the size of a male pitbull fought dogs in the neighborhood. then he got lazy and my mom accidentally ran over him and he died :(.


nathaniel nizard
@Shinigami Gaming Cats suffer when in pain like any living beieng, they don't show it at all because instinct and they die like shit at the point they can't handle shit anymore, it is a complete drama almost all the time with them. Your cat gets out of your house and get rekt in a park or something it is on you and your conscience. Also your cat getting FIV after you get it is cherry on the cake. You are a sick douchetard.

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Scarlet wings
good lord I don’t wanna shade hard you after the fact but that’s pretty negligent.


Scarlet wings
Bayarea_pyro 415 If you cat wants to go live a short and hard life outdoors and risk an early death, then let it! Freedom, am I right?


Tom da Fat cat
@R GP dude your acting like cats are the worst things in the world they are DOMESTICATED, alot of people are going to breed them obviously. LOOK AT HUMAMS. Were kinda invasive, yet we complain about other animals. Get a life dumbass


Tom da Fat cat
@R GP I'm done.... Your too much of a dumbass to understand what the hell I'm saying. They aren't even wild anymore and are taken cared by humans majority of the time. Plus I have 3 cats myself, and they don't go around acting like " invasive " species. It depends on the damn cat, YOU BELIEVE TOO MANY SHIT. Damn people are so fucked up and annoying like you in 2020...


Tom da Fat cat
@Your Local Simp um no. coyotes and large dogs would destroy a cat if it wanted to lmao. Now I'm starting to think y'all exaggerated the story


Tom da Fat cat
@Shinigami Gaming yeah I can see how he could tear up a dog, but then you got people out here saying their cat killed coyotes and foxes lmfao


jhon smith well said! A pet is a domesticated animal that still has instincts. People that complain why the animal had its freedom should then complain why they have theirs.

jhon smith 说的好!宠物虽然是家养的,但还是拥有本能。人们抱怨为什么动物要有自由,他们怎么不抱怨他们自己也想要自由呢。

Tom da Fat cat
@C-Martz exactly. This girl is complaining about cats being "invasive" when we literally have a population of 7+ billion


Tom da Fat cat
@R GP and I'm surprised of how shitty you are. " CaTs ArE iNvAsIve SpEcIeS " of course they will be fucking invasive cuz they are domesticated. Like I said earlier, they been BRED by people. How old are you, 4? Don't get involved little kid, cuz nobody wants to know that you graduated in fuckville

我说R GP啊,我很奇怪你怎么如此恶心。“猫是入侵物种”,当然猫有侵略性,因为它们是驯养的啊。就像我先前说的,人们喂养猫。你多大了,四岁吗?别再说了,没人想知道,你是从哪个蠢地方来的。

@Tom da Fat cat Honestly I think you're a troll. And I don't see anything wrong with an invasive species getting hunted down. You sound like you have Dunning Krueger effect. But other than that fuckville is kinda funny coming from a narrow minded person.
So genuine question here. If there where rats eating up your furniture would you do nothing about it?

老实说,我认为你是个喷子。我不认为杀死入侵物种有什么错。你看起来好像有达克效应(译者注:达克效应,是一种认知偏差,能力欠缺的人有一种虚幻的自我优越感,错误地认为自己比真实情况更加优秀) 。从一个心胸狭隘的人嘴里说出蠢地方真是滑稽。
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Tom da Fat cat
@R GP bruh so? You think life is perfect. There will be fucking annoyance in this world so deal with it. Do you think this world is just for you? If you don't want cats in your yard, shoo them. But no, you be saying "CaTs ArE iNvAsIvE sPeCiES" when you can't even get your ass up and chase them off . You are prob a cat hater who wants other people to hate them too anyways, and damn your annoying as hell. are they killing you? Are they making you bleed? If not, DEAL WITH IT -_- the only thing invasive is your ugly ass profile pic. I wonder why people are not commenting on here anymore. Get a life before you leave a comment cuz you clearly don't have one. Your a definition of a uneducated, dumbass pussy who listens to other dumbasses. Hell yeah cats are invasive, but it doesn't mean they don't deserve to live, So fuck off already. You don't have to remind me that you joined the retards club lmfao

你是男的?你认为生活是完美的。 这个世界就是有操蛋的事,面对就好了。你不会认为这个世界就是为你而存在的吧?如果你不想让猫呆在你的院子里,揍它们好了。但是,你一直在说“猫是入侵物种”,你就不会挪一下你的屁股把它们赶走吗。你大概是个恨猫党并且希望其他人也仇恨猫,你真是太烦人了。猫有要杀你吗?猫让你流血了吗?如果没有,赶走它就是了。唯一入侵性的事情是你那张丑陋的个人照片。我在想为什么人们不在这里留言了。(译者注:暗示就是他太丑,把大家吓跑了)在留言之前,先过好你的日子,因为很明显,你没有。你就是一个典型的,没读过书的混蛋,只会相信其他混蛋。不错,猫是有入侵性,但这不代表它们不配活下去,所以请滚蛋吧。你不用提醒我,你有智力缺陷,哈哈哈