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What are some of the best proposal stories you have?


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Ritesh Kumar Mishra, Experienced person about love life

Ritesh Kumar Mishra,爱情生活方面经验丰富的人

A man who was very close friend of a woman, aday camr when he decided to convey his feelings.
He didn't know what would happen, his heart was thumping very fast, his eyes were full of love, he just wanted her to listen him, he was filled with so much love for her, he had fostered his feeings like a child and now he just wanted to unburden himself.
He proposed her.
The woman was astonished to hear this as she didn't expect this to happen from him. She took a deep breathe and asked to him, “Before I tell you anything, I just want to know why do you love me?”
What man said only a real lover can say, “I don't know.”
She smiled and accepted him.


Hardik Airy, Knows a bit about people.


On the first morning of the new year 2016 even before the sunrise I and her decided to go to the sunrise point for the morning walk . We both wanted to witness the first sunrise together.
It was pitch dark when I received her from her house and we both started a brisk walk, holding hands together taking advantage of the darkness.
January can be a cold affair in North India and specially in the mountains and I sensed she was feeling it for she was now walking more closely alongside me and her hands were now clenching my Jacket.
When finally we reached the Sunrise point , we saw that a faint orange-yellow light has broken out in the horizon, it was almost time.
“Quick! Make a wish” she suddenly said with a warm excitement in her voice, her face which was now clearly visible reflected her cheeks which were now plum red due to cold.
“Arey baba say fast , else you’ll have to wait whole year to make the wish.”
I took her cold hands into mine, pulled her closer and said
“I wish that I see every New Year sunrise with you being by my side”
And she blushed, her plum red cheeks were now cherry red. In the distant from behind the mountains the sun rose but who cares , her eyes looked more mesmerizing.


“Wake up!” I said as I shook him.
“What's wrong?” he slowly opened his eyes.
“I can't sleep.” I said and lay my head on his chest.
“Is something bothering you? You can talk to me about it.” he said in a sleepy voice, caressing my hair.
“Mum called yesterday….She said she has mailed me pictures of prospective grooms and wants me to choose. What do I do?”
“You don't have to do anything. I'll choose the guy for you.”
“Shut up! I'm serious. How do I tell her about us? I'm so scared.”
“We'll think about it tomorrow. Now go to sleep.” he kissing my forehead before hugging me tight.


“Hey babe! You up?” he said turning back from his desk.
“I’m scared, okay? Tell me what do we do now?”
“I say we look at the pictures and marry you off to the hottest guy. What say?”
“Be serious, okay?”
“Sorry babe. I was just trying to lighten your mood.”
“I know.” I said as I sat down on his lap and put my arms around him,”But this is serious okay? I don't wanna lose you. I love you.”
“I don't wanna lose you either but someone has to keep cracking jokes so that you don't die of a panic attack.”
“No one can die of a panic attack.”
“You're getting non-serious.” he said smiling his crooked smile.
“Ugh! You're so annoying sometimes.”
“Shall we do this?” he said holding a scissor close to the seal of the mail.
“Let's do this!”


He cut open the mail and took out a bunch of photographs.
“We sort them out and list the short comings of each and every guy and explain them to mum later on.” I said, making a game strategy.
“Ooh! Some of them are really hot. You sure you don't wanna marry anyone of them.”
“Be serious.”
“Okay. Okay. I'll get a notebook.” he said getting up.
He went into the bedroom and I could hear him while he opened drawers to find a notebook. I started sorting out the pictures when I saw a familiar face among them.
I froze as I held that picture in my hand. It was him. The guy I was in love with.
No sooner did I get up and turn around to show it to him than I saw him kneeling on one knee holding out a gorgeous ring.


“Turn it over.” he said.
I turned over his photograph to find the words Will you marry me? written on it. My heart started racing.
“Yes!” I exclaimed.
He got up and we started kissing.
“How did you get mum to do this? How did you tell her about us? Wasn't she mad? What about papa? Does he know?” I bombarded him with questions as soon as we stopped kissing.
“Your mum is a great lady and also a fabulous actor. She trusted me when I told her that I loved you. And turns out that your dad is really afraid of your mum and also he likes tall muscular guys who are nice and sweet.
“I love you!” I said as I jumped upon him to kiss him.


Aisha Rawat, studied Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics


It was the time of summers Myra and Aryan ,were merely 12 years old at that time and were in the same school . He was maths Topper and was way too fast with numbers .
On the other hand Myra was an innocent girl .she dont used to talk much . Used to help everyone in class was in good terms with everyone. And was topper of class also.
Coincidentally Aryan always used to appear on the way of Myra in morning before school . Coincidentally they both used to go together to the school and used to come home along too. Coincidentally they both were in same tuition .
So everyone in class 7th of that school used to know that Aryan likes Myra, except Myra. She had heard a lot from her friends but had no idea that someone can also like her for being too quiet . She had no idea That someone can like her for talking about Rain all day .she had no idea that someone can like her for her crooked smile .
Somedays Myra used to think that all the things that she has heard from her friends was just rubbish . But then she used to notice the awkwardness of Aryan in front of her . his smile used to be different in front of others and it used to tell a different story in front of her .
So one beautiful evening at 5 : 00 clock which was there tuition timing and as i told you Aryan always coincidentally used to meet her at the exact place that day too, he met her , they started talking and just before entering tuition Myra asked him .
“ who is your best friend in the class ”
But he did not answered anything and moved his face away from her . Myra got her answer after seeing him blushing for straight 2 hours .


Shifa Salheen, Software Developer

Shifa Salheen,软件开发人员

Muskaan was the topper of the class and a girl who was always lost in her books .
Sameer's image in the class was of Casanova and was famous for his pickup lines on girls.
Everyone in the class knew that they have a crush on each other except Sameer & Muskaan. The whole class used to tease them but they always thought its just for fun.
Sameer thought a topper can never fall for a boy who has such image.
Muskaan felt a charismatic guy like Sameer can never fall for a nerdy girl like her but every time when she saw him, her heart skipped a beat.
And as they say, opposites attract, Muskaan & Sameer fell for each other but could never confess their feelings to each other fearing the pain of rejection.


Then came Annual function and Sameer & Muskaan were hosting the function together . They looked perfect together in the event and a lot of people teased them that they are looking like couple together . Deep inside both of them blushed but their face missed the expression . They shared so many cute moments like colliding with each other , accidentally touching each other hands or secretly staring each other . They both wanted to confess their feelings but couldn’t .
Soon Valentines Day came and deep inside Muskaan was expecting Sameer would propose her as she got news from his friends that Sameer is planning to propose her.
Minutes, Hour and Day passed but she didn't get any proposal. She was dejected, devastated and felt his friends did a prank on her but the reason was Sameer could not gather the courage to face her lady love.
A few days later Sameer and Muskaan were chatting with each other on Orkut. Muskaan was adamant on knowing his feelings as she knew a few months later they both will be in different worlds (They were in Class 12 ) and she may never get to know whether he liked her or not.
They chatted for hours and suddenly the conversation went like
Muskaan : Sameer Can I ask you something?
Sameer : Yes sure.
Muskaan : I heard you have crush on someone in our class.
Sameer : No , Not at all.
Muskaan : (Dejected) won't you tell me ? I think you don’t consider me as a friend?
Sameer : (Anxious and thinking how to confess) Its just a rumour Muskaan . Nothing like that (Deep inside he was scared of losing the friendship).
Muskaan : I am giving you last chance . If you won't tell me her name , I will break our friendship.If we cant share our secrets whats the purpose of our friendship.
Sameer : "Its Pluto whom I like ".
By the way, Pluto was the nickname given to Muskaan by Sameer when they were friends.
Muskaan (blushing): Pretending as if she was not knowing.
Silence for 5 minutes and Sameer felt he lost her love and friendship both. He was dying each minute waiting for her response and suddenly a message popped up
Muskaan: “I love you. “


Akriti Karpatne, Graduate Research Assistant at University of Washington (2020-present)

Akriti Karpatne,华盛顿大学研究生助理(2020名)

As soon as Rahul opened the door, Tanya hugged him tightly.
Rahul: Tanu, I’ll probably die if you don’t stop squeezing me. What’s the good news babe?
Tanya (taking a step back, with a plastered smile): I am getting married!
Rahul couldn’t digest this. Tanya, his Tanya is getting married.
Rahul: I am sorry, I guess I didn’t hear you right, you what?
Tanya: I am getting married. Can you believe it? A guy actually liked me!! It seems like a dream.
Rahul(trying hard to sound happy): I am happy for you. It’s a great news.


Tanya: Hero, are you gonna invite me in or should I go back from here?
Rahul: Oh…umm…come in , come in. Since when did you start behaving so formal, eh?
Tanya: Since now. I have to be a little civilized you know, or else what will Raj think?
Rahul: Oh, so his name is Raj. Nice. Obsessed with letter ‘R’ , aren’t you?
Tanya: Oh shut up nothing like that.I don’t know how he happened to like me, I thought I was always gonna be friend-zoned by good guys.
Rahul: Then, he might not be that nice.
Tanya (with a sly smile): Do I smell something burning? Oh, wait is that YOU?


Rahul: Oh please. Poor guy would have to deal with so many demands. I want this dress, I wanna eat Chinese, I wanna talk for hours at night, I want a puppy, and your never ending list of “I wanna…” I already feel pity for the guy.
Tanya: You are impossible Rahul. :/ I would have probably thrown some abuses at you, but since its my Day 1 of being a civilized person, I would not.
Rahul: Raj can’t take my place.
Tanya: awww honey, I kinda adore the way you are obsessed with yourself, anyway, I gotta go, I have a lot to shop before marriage. See you!
They hugged before departing. This time Rahul couldn’t let her go from his embrace. In the shot span of 2 years, their friendship had bloomed into something neither of them understood completely. But, today, Rahul did. It was much more than a friendship. It was time to chase the thing he had been running from, his love for Tanya.
He texted her- “Meet me tomorrow, at your favorite place, sharp 6 p.m.”
The next day Tanya went ahead to meet Rahul at Marine Drive, her favorite place. Rahul was already there.
Rahul: Come sit, want to have kacchi keri?
Tanya: No, I get pimples.


Rahul: You girls. Wayy too much inclined over looks.
Tanya: Not everyone is Rahul Thakur na …people do consider looks
Rahul: Okay. Do you remember that you once told me about your “dream proposal” of how you wanna be proposed here at this place, ?
Tanya: Oh, yes I do remember that. You dropped your chocolate ice cream that day on your shirt and ruined it. that sorta proposal will always be a dream.
Rahul turned towards Tanya, took her hand in his, and looked into her eyes and said
“Miss Tanya Sharma, I don’t know how, when, or where, this happened, all I know is that I fell in love with you. I fell in love with you. but I read somewhere, we should express what we feel. Just thinking about you with someone else, felt like losing a part of me. I can’t afford to lose you. You have made me a better person. The little moments where we endlessly make each other’s fun are the best part of my day. I can’t think of a life without you in it. I wanna be the poor guy who handles all your tantrums and gives you all the things you desire. Like this one of getting a proposal at this place. I wanna be the guy who buys you your favorite shade of pink dress, who lets you eat all the Chinese food you want, who is by your side waking up every morning. In a world where everything ends, I want to give you a never ending kind of love”
Tanya was practically speechless, tears trickling down her cheek. Rahul, wiped off her tears with his hand.


Pratik Phalke, Too young to add a bio for Marriages !!!
“Ohh God… !!! Almost all our friends are getting married. Even my parents now are behind me to get me married. ”, a frustrated Bhoomi expressed herself to her best friend.
“HaHa.. Yeah. By the way you will come to my marriage right?”, Jay asked teasingly.
With a broad smile she said,
“Yes but only if I am the BRIDE !!”
“What?”, uttered an amazed Jay blxing his eyes continuously on hearing this.
“Nothing you idiot.”
“Wait. Did you just propose me?”, he asked calming himself from this sudden unexpected moment.
“I am glad to know you at least realized it.” She made him feel even more dumb.
“And I want to spend my entire life ahead with this best friend zoned guy of mine”, she said winking to him.
Love just took birth in the the hearts of those two best friends !!!