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Is the USA more successful than Canada?


Max Leggett
A laughable idea. Canada has a longer life expectancy and much lower infant mortality. As someone who has Multiple Sclerosis I’m pleased not to live in a sh*thole that would bankrupt me with medical bills. We’ve had mass shootings, but they happen about once every 20 years, not once a month. And while I wouldn’t say Canadian politicians are overly honest, they’re not bought and sold like every US politician, from the local sheriff all the way up, and they don’t do insider trading on information they hear in parliament. America is a third world country with lots of billionaires.

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Robert Crooks
It depends on your definition of success.
If success is having lots of rich people, a huge military, giant economy and great world influence, then the U.S. definitely more successful.
But, if your definition is having people who, on average, are happier, healthier and wealthier, as measured by even American surveys like U.S. News & World Report, then Canada is more successful


Ms. Wright
Canadians are not under threat of losing of their democracy or their reproductive rights. No Canadians will go bankrupt or die due to health care costs. School boards in Canada are not manipulated by racist and religious fanatics who want to ban books, teach “intelligent design”, or revisionist history. Canada’s conservative party is not batshit crazy. Due to paid parental leave and a minimum wage nearly double that of the U.S., Canadians are able to bond with their babies rather than returning to work within days. No Canadians are put to death for committing a crime.

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Tony Bartlett
How do you measure success? By pure monetary wealth then the well off in the USA is probably richer than Canadians.
However if you measure success by quality of life the Canadians knock the Americans into a co key hat


Bill Kumlin
The US has 10 times the population of Canada yet has 100 time the number of guns. It has 25 times the number of murders that Canada does (that’s 2.5 times based on population). It’s murder rate per 100,000 is almost 3 times Canada’s. The US, in its history, has killed more of its own citizens than in all of their wars combined.

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It always seems to be Americans who ask questions like this. It’s as if they’re mortally offended that anyone else in the universe might be perceived as being even remotely as successful as they are.
What they — and you — always fail to appreciate is that “successful” is an enormously elastic concept. One achieves success when one manages to accomplish whatever goal one has set for himself.
A great many Americans seem to live by Malcolm Forbes’ dictum that “he who dies with the most toys, wins”.
So do some Canadians, alas.
Fortunately for the planet, most of us do not.


Tim MacKinnon
Not possible. Canada is one of 23 countries in America.
however a lot of people use the continent’s name instead of saying USA. And the answer would be Canada is far more successful than the USA. Longer lives, fewer bankruptcy, lower infant mortality, better health, taller people, lower taxes, more equality.


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Every year Forbes (a U.S. business magazine) publishes a list of the best countries to live in. The Scandaninavian countries always end up in the Top Ten. Canada does too, but lower down the list. The U.S. never makes the Top Ten.
Geoworld presented their own uation, with Canada coming in #4 spot, and U.S. coming in #23 spot for 2020.
The U.S. is the only modern Western countrie that does NOT have universal health care. They have vital statistics (infant mortality, adult life-span, education, health care, violence, etc) that make the U.S. look like a Third World country.
In fact, a year ago, Fortune Magazine said that the U.S. WAS now a Third World country.
The U.S. is a cesspool. I would never recommend to anyone to move to the U.S. I moved to Cananda in 1972, and my relatives back in the States wish they had done so, too. Life is so much better here.

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Kis Brink
I do not think it is. It would depend on how you define success but while many of the world’s richest people live in the US how miserably others live is a measure of the lack of success of the US.
Canada has never started a war - the US has started many,
The quality of life of the average person in the US has been dropping since 1952 it’s been going up here so while Canada could do much, much better that’s an aspiration we can work towards.
The success some people have doesn’t seem to translate well to a better life for the many.
It’s hard to know why anyone is left who thinks the US is a successful nation


usa is very successful way more successful than canada. usa has the power to change a lot of things. it also has branding other countries and made them popular. you never really hear about canada that much really. mostly people want to come here.


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America has the biggest economy in the world. That’s been true since WWII. Quite an accomplishment for a country with less than 5% of the world population. Our demographics includes almost all races and cultures from across the world. The US economy is $20,9T. CA’s economy is $3T. Canada’s economy is 1.6T.


Martin Alexandre
Canada is first, Japan second, Germany third, Switzerland fourth, Australia 5th and USA 6th in 2021 (US News and World Report and Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania) following polls taken and inquiries made in 78 countries of the world.


Mary C. Corbett
There are various reasons. Generalizing: Canada is much further north and has always been bitterly cold during long winters.
Farming: Crops generally do not fare as well. Think about it - the Maritimes are subject to extreme weather: wind, rain not infrequently at hurricane levels, bitter winter and poor growing seasons (minor local exceptions), Quebec is largely northern with decent growing areas around Montreal and south of it. Ontario is fairly decent in the southern part, between Lakes Huron and Erie and to some extent Ontario. The southern prairies are OK - except when there is drought or frost at the wrong time - they produce huge wheat etc crops. BC - well there are areas (most recently some key ones were flooded). The more northerly areas - mostly, forget it in terms of creating any mass wealth from growing.
Mining: There is oil etc off the East coast and in the prairies (mainly Alberta) - unfortunately a lot is owned by … foreign interests.
Fisheries: …
Manufacturing; To a great extent in Ontario, and very extensively subject to foreign control …
The climate is no joke. You try being outside when it is minus 40–50 Fahrenheit - Much of Canada is more similar to Siberia in structure, climate and resources than to the US.
The population? It was about 7–8 million (maybe) when I went to school -and is now what? 37–8 million. Helping the numbers grow and creating enough wealth to support that change in numbers has been no mean feat either!
So we are mostly not in a moderate weather zone like the US, therefore we have settled our country later, - and the US has absorbed rights to the various forms of manufacturing possible with the natural resources of the continent as a whole.

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Chris Giesbrecht
I have never lived in the United States, so I can't really compare the two based on personal experience. However, I've had many conversations with Americans and I've never met a more welcoming bunch of people. I don't think I've met an American that I didn't like. That said, there are some fundamental differences in attitude. Ideas that make sense to me, a Canadian, are baffling to Americans, and I'm sure the vice versa is true.
Free health care, paid for with taxes, is hands down the main reason I’m glad to stay in Canada. I make a very comfortable living, and would if I lived there as well with my current profession. But I still could not easily afford the medical bills required to give birth, or mend a broken leg, or, god forbid, get cancer treatments, unless I had some pretty good insurance which millions of Americans don't have but which every Canadian does. The joke up here is that a Canadian version of Breaking Bad would last like half an episode. “Mr. white you have cancer. Your treatments start next week. Any questions?”
The usual argument I get from my American friends is something along the lines of “"why should MY taxes pay for somebody else?” These are presented as serious arguments.
There is a social safety net in Canada, ensuring that the least of us can still expect not to starve to death, or die needlessly of a treatable illness. Believe me, the lives of the poor still suck, but there's a reason why Canada’s life expectancy at birth is higher, and rate of infant mortality is lower, than the U.S.
Canada is light years from being perfect. I'm not arguing that Canada is somehow ‘better’. We treat our indigenous people like shit, and racism towards them is probably more overt than any racism in the states. We have fewer billionaires and fewer innovators in science and engineering. And don't listen to other comments, there is some serious crime in a few of our cities, primarily in Western Canada;
If you're a smart, ambitious, lucky, and otherwise gifted individual, then maybe America is better.
I, and most other Canadians, love America and think you can do better than what you're given, but to say that life in one is better than the other is an unanswerable question, even by those that have experienced both.