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[ SCHOOL UNIFORM ] China, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam.


Most of the Chinese uniforms are cosplay and fashion, and most Chinese schools wear sportswear sorry for making a mistake.


La Jo
They resemble Korean uniforms. Korea cosplay due to k pop and k drama popularity. Same in Japan


Loung Kee Chan
some is true, in china guang zhou school uniform is that.


blx 1
The skirts looks to me often shorter than I expected. More like the uniform in an anime but I like it


yes 00:05 ~00:15 korea uniforms

是的,00:05 ~00:15是韩国校服。

Tatiana LP
Chinese schools have uniforms like that in the video, but I believe they wear them for certain/special ocassions, and they wear the sports uniform more often.


No one ever
And force their children to play violin at 3 and when the children grow up they want to become musicians. The parents just tell them to be a doctor or lawyer or other good professions and when the child stops practicing, the parents just scold at them like lmao


Yeah, the people are cosplaying but those are the real uniform


Anishalin Pyngrope
Korean uniform is the best


Juliya Samadder
Yes but i love all the Asian uniform


No, that's Japan.


Yuki Kimura
I'm a type of person that wouldn't mind China's school uniform of sportswear. It looks comforting and doesn't stand out too much


Superpower Dragon
some private schools in china do actually wear those fanzy uniforms


It's just sad how we dress up :C. 0:17 is the real way how we dress up.


Thats fine, i think most interested people knew that<3


don't be mind,some of people actually wear uniforms like that ,and the vedio show us intresting diffrences


I thought you've mistaken Chinese with Korea


yi mu
You'd better learn Chinese seriously.


yes,most chinese uniform are not like this


Maegal Roammis
is that also the same thing for many photos of korean and japanese ones?


lee yoyo

哈哈哈 yes We are always white—blue sportswear .Because the leaders want students focus on their study bussiness not on beauty or personality

Stats Science
These Images presenting Chinese's uniforms seem to be from Korean or Japan's


Udisha Singh


Some of them are not even accurate and based off sterotyles PLEASE LMAO


There are some cloths like that in amazon try looking for some

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Thats bc they arent real uniforms


Jia Yi Tan
u know singapore/malaysia? whit the collared white shirt and blue dress thingy? yea i'd prefer these school uniform over singapore/malaysia one (aka mine)

你知道新加坡/马来西亚的校服吗? 就是那种有领白衬衫和蓝裙子的搭配? 是啊,比起新加坡/马来西亚的校服,我更喜欢这些校服。

[ S I N J U ]
Primary school students in Vietnam can wear skirts


I am in your house
no, most of them aren't like this,
i go to a school in China so-


I am in your house
there all petting boring irl


Is it true tho? Mine is just not "Aesthetic to me '-'


aesthetic? boy they're uniforms


No, you're wrong! Here we have a lot of public schools for grades 1,2,3 where all girls are allowed to wear skirts. What you see on the video is just a promotional image for high school students in Vietnam!

不,你错了! 这里有很多1、2、3年级的公立学校,所有女生都可以穿裙子。你在视频中看到的只是越南高中生的宣传图片!

Quốc Bảo Đỗ
Vietnam's uniform is almost divided into 2 parts. In the North of Vietnam, students usually wear a white shirt with jeans, and in winter have a uniform jacket (for students under 15 years old will have to wear a red scarf when going to school). Students in the south of Vietnam will start wearing "aodai" from the age of 15


Captain Charisma
Because in the past Vietnam is separate into two is that the reason the uniform is different??


@Captain Charisma Our uniforms are different because of the differences between the cultures of each region, not because our country is divided! You're probably talking about our history in Vietnam in the past, but that's not true! We have united our country a long time ago and remember that our country is not just a region and a single ethnic group, we are a multi-ethnic country! We have 6 socio-economic regions and 54 ethnic groups from all over the country! Thanks for asking the question! Love!

我们的制服之所以不同,是因为每个地区文化的差异,而不是因为我们的国家分裂! 你可能在说我们越南过去的历史,但那不是真的!我们的国家很久以前就统一了,记住我们的国家不仅仅是一个地区和一个单一的民族,我们是一个多民族的国家! 我们全国各地有6个社会经济区域和54个民族! 谢谢你的提问! 爱!

As a Vietnamese, I am honored that you guys love our school uniform.


23Piya Wongkong
Thai students in schools and universities have a variety of uniforms, as can be seen from the different colors of the skirt or pants, in addition to that, we also have a PE uniform and a boy scout uniform that varies from place to place.


Most countries have Scout and Guide.


Ernesto Gastelum
i think almost every country has a PE uniform

As a Chinese high school student, I can say that few schools use JK or DK uniforms as school uniforms. Most schools use suits similar to sportswear as school uniforms.(For example, my winter school uniform, I can show you if you are interested.) In recent years, the most popular school uniforms in China are Shenzhen school uniforms (深圳校服)because of their low cost and durability.They are even collected by the British Museum.

So is it like the uniforms at 0:17? They're like sweat cloths? And the image in the middle was from a Chinese drama series I seen on netflix. That girl is very cute.

跟0:17的制服一样吗? 就像汗衫一样? 中间的图片来自我在netflix上看过的一部中国电视剧。那个女孩很可爱。

@DJShire Yes, our school uniform is similar to this.

@DJShire 是的,我们的校服和这个差不多。
胡 德琨
Basically, I have never seen Chinese boys around me wearing dk ,I had previously bought dk and put it on too much like the agents in the 1930s (dk在我身上的效果像电视剧里面1930年代的特工,特别是我推着自行车走在学校路上)

ارميونس عنزية
For me, Japan and Korea are beautiful and creative in all respects, especially their customs and traditions, which they appreciate and do to the fullest

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Edit: Sorry, but why all this attack just because I said that Korea and Japan appreciate their customs and traditions, this does not mean that I offend any country mentioned in the video and those who say that their customs and traditions originated from China Well, what is this? This does not prevent me from praising your behavior and traditions and I respect the state of China and all Chinese people but I only wrote about Korea and Japan because they are my two favorite countries not to belittle China or any other country so please stop writing other countries in my comment and make me feel racist if you don't like my comment just ignore it doesn't need to be attacked


Inshrah Qulsoom
But why not china it's similar to them also


닉넴이 너무 오글거려서
@Inshrah Qulsoom Most of China's uniforms are sportswear. He made a mistake. Those are cosplays.

@Inshrah Qulsoom 中国的大多数校服都是运动服。他犯了一个错误。这些都是cosplay。

japanese and korean customs originated from china, even the people themselves recognise this part of their history

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l am from Japan


@u nd me! I had a stroke trying to read your comment lmao. Someone said that Japan and China get along when that isn't true at all.

@u nd me! 读了你的评论我都呛到了,哈哈。有些人说日本和中国处的很好,而事实上一点也不。

ارميونس عنزية
@u nd me! Not because the vid is about school clothes, it means that I cannot express my feelings of deep love for the two countries, and I did not make a comment that the clothes reflect the customs and traditions of the country.

@u nd me! 不是因为视频是关于校服的,而是因为我无法表达我对这两个国家深深的爱,我也没有说这些衣服反映了这个国家的风俗和传统。
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Kami Hirari (Usagi_ri)
@Suri_ I’m not sure what you mean, but as a Thai person I think the uniforms shown are pretty accurate

@Suri_ 我不确定你的意思,但作为一个泰国人,我认为视频展示的校服相当准确。

true but please keep in mind that many of their customs and traditions did originate from china


Korean people are super fashionable,they know how to dress themselves up, and they are AMAZING at it.


@Misakiroll they are simple people. Chinese are better, believe me. U saw a lot chinese people and thought it korean

@Misakiroll 他们很简单。中国人更好,相信我。你看到很多中国人,以为是韩国人。

Nguyen Tuan
@surname Robert I bet you didn't even know the Han dynasty existed. Han culture in East Asia is the cradle of all Asian countries. I'm from Vietnam and I'm very familiar with China's influence in Asia.


surname Robert
@Nguyen Tuan Culture is about influencing each other, but the idea of unilaterally spreading only one side is wrong. Goryeoyang is generally known only for its popularity during the Yuan Dynasty, but it continued to be popular for a while during the Ming Dynasty, and it was prohibited only because it was not originally a Chinese custom 100 years after the founding of the Ming Dynasty. If you look at the costumes of works set in the late Yuan Dynasty to the early Ming Dynasty, such as Chinese dramas and Chinese movies, such characteristics of Goryeo Yang appear, and this is what kept the historical evidence. Goryeoyang is an example of cultural exchanges between the two countries that influenced the Yuan Dynasty and the early Ming Dynasty, but there were cases of misuse on the Chinese Internet community in the 20s, claiming that hanbok was a kind of Hanfu or close to theft. However, this is a far-fetched argument that is completely contrary to reality.

@Nguyen Tuan 但文化是相互影响的,单方面传播的想法是错误的。“高丽样”广为人知只是因为它在元朝很流行,但在明朝时还流行了一段时间,直到明朝成立100年后才被禁止,因为它不是中国的传统服饰。如果你看看以元末至明初为背景的作品,如中国电视剧、中国电影的服饰,就会出现这样的高丽样的特征,这就是保留了历史证据的地方。高丽样是两国文化交流的典范,影响到元朝和明初的,但20年代在中国互联网上出现了误用现象,称“韩服是汉服的一种”或“接近偷窃”。然而,这是一个完全违背现实的牵强论点。

Nguyen Tuan
@surname Robert I am referring to the cultural influence of medi China, not to say that the costumes of other countries are stolen from China. Culturally, the Tang dynasty covered half of Asia. The Emperor of Japan first learned from the Tang Dynasty about the process of organizing the state apparatus. It was followed by a series of arts and cultures that influenced the whole of East Asia. Up to now, the poetic form of Tang poetry still exists and directly affects the rules of poetry writing in neighboring countries. This is one example in its extensive cultural series.

@surname Robert 我指的是中国古代的文化影响,没有说说其他国家的服装是从中国偷来的。在文化上,唐朝覆盖了半个亚洲。日本天皇首先从唐朝了解到国家机器的组织过程。随之而来的是一系列影响整个东亚的艺术和文化。唐诗的诗歌形式至今仍然存在,并直接影响着周边国家的诗歌创作规律。这是它广泛的文化系列中的一个例子。

surname Robert
@Nguyen Tuan I agree with that. It is true that it was greatly influenced by the Tang and Yuan periods, but that cannot be a legitimate reason for robbing Korea's unique culture.

@Nguyen Tuan 我同意这一点。虽然受到唐元时期的影响很大,但这不能成为掠夺韩国独特文化的正当理由。

harry liu
I just say no,guy,Korea and japan's culture originate from china,their culture belong to china,including his name's character,they studied Chinese culture in ancient,we glad to see these history,you should know the truth,it's so easy


surname Robert
The idea that China unilaterally spread culture to many countries can be seen as arrogant and ignorant. In addition, China is a mixture of various ethnic groups, so is there a real culture?


@surname Robert Just because there are various diverse ethnic groups with different cultural aspects, that still doesn't mean that it isn't culture. Culture can evolve and includes diverse aspects they decided to incorporate. China was the blueprint of east asia just like how greece was the blueprint of europe.

@surname Robert 仅仅因为中国有各种不同的民族,有不同的文化方面,仍然不代表它不是文化。文化可以发展,包括他们决定纳入的不同方面。中国是东亚的蓝图,就像希腊是欧洲的蓝图一样。

Handy Noviardana
@harry liu why people debating about chinese influence, we talk about modern school uniform here, right? Is there any chinese influence in these modern school uniform?

@harry liu 为什么人们在讨论中国的影响,我们在这里谈论的是现代校服,对吧? 这些现代校服有没有受到中国的影响?

people are just jelous thats why theyr'e mean to you. dont mind them


Rakshii22- OT7(◍·ᴗ·◍)✧*。
I think uniforms are necessary in schools as it ensures equality as all the students wear the same thing and there is no judging based on the type of cloth someone wears as in western schools. I have seen the poor ones having trouble sorting their wardrobe out for school and also bullying because of this.


You think the poor in the United States can afford unis?

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Rakshii22- OT7(◍·ᴗ·◍)✧*。
@50cent What about Schools??

@50cent 学校呢?
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@50cent well most of the asian schools are private schools. govt schools have uniforms too but quite obviously they are more affordable, both in price and quality.

@50cent 大多数亚洲学校都是私立学校。公立学校也有校服,但很明显,无论是价格还是质量,校服都更实惠。

AraArataki Itto
Well, you do have a point


@50cent honestly it will be really nice investment. 3-4 pairs and it's no headache for years. If it's still expensive then there will be hand me downs from senior relatives since every school pretty much have the same uniform (except for gym clothes and school specific shirt) that they won't use. I think there is usually an option for subsidized uniform in some school too. At least that's how it is in my country.

@50cent 老实说,这将是非常好的投资。3-4套,可以很多年不操心。如果还是很贵,那就会有亲戚家的学长把他们不用的校服传给我,因为每个学校的校服几乎都一样(除了运动服和学校专用的衬衫)。我认为在一些学校通常也有补贴制服的选择。至少在我的国家是这样。

Um, some "Western" countries have school uniforms! Almost all schools in Australia do, & at least some in Britain- I dunno about elsewhere, but I suspect the US is actually unusual for not having them.

嗯,一些“西方”国家有校服! 澳大利亚几乎所有的学校都有,至少英国的一些学校有,我不知道其他地方的情况,但我怀疑美国没有校服的学校也很少见。

Anyone notice how Vietnamese girl's uniform is just pure and serene in function and aesthetic? <3


김치가 맛있어요
Korean uniforms wear a tight short skirt that comes up above the knee, a white shirt and a vest, and a jacket on top. On the chest of the jacket, there's a name tag and a school pattern.


Elementary school students don't wear school uniforms and wear them from middle and high school. Most gym clothes are blue and black. Korea is 6 years in elementary school, 3 years in middle school, and 3 years in high school.When I become a middle school student, I am not in the 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, but in the 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade.The same goes for high school. In the third grade of high school, the third grade takes an exam called the SAT and goes to college. If you fail, you can't go to college.


I am Tanu
You are korean
I wish I live in Korea too
Korean school uniforms are cute


sisters lifestyle
oh,, but we indian have skirts that we also wear in above the knee and white shirts , tie of tag of school and bleasure i luv my school and unifprms thanks korean boi ,, very luv from india west bengal


김치가 맛있어요
@sisters lifestyle I forgot! Korean schools also wear ties. the shape of the tie vearies from school to school.
The uniforms are similar to each other! love india west bengal school unoforms!♥

@sisters lifestyle 我忘记了! 韩国学校也打领带。领带的形状因学校而异。
这些制服彼此很相似! 我爱印度西孟加拉邦的校服!

I always wanted to g to korea when im 17 i will move to korea inshallah im a muslim btw i luv koreans their so pretty cute and nice


I also went to school in Korea and i can say that this is true


stella tayo
as a vietnamese girl living in canada, i wish i could wear those viet uniforms! they are so pretty. but aodai is something i cant imagine wearing to school at a certain age. if thats required i'd hate it

作为一个生活在加拿大的越南女孩,我希望我能穿那些越南校服! 它们太漂亮了。但是奥黛是我无法想象在某个年龄穿去学校的东西。如果必须穿,我会讨厌它。

Thu Anh
Vietnamese clothes are both neat and in tune, Love VietNam

祉丞 任

In fact, in 85% of cities in China, especially big cities, such as Shenzhen, Shanghai and Shenyang, the uniforms of middle school students are exactly the same, and the uniforms of boys and girls are the same style.


It’s like a tracksuit, isn’t it?

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When I was still in China, I have uniform that have shirt with our school logo and a short skirt


And the boys have pants and a tie with shirt that also have our school logo


Be nice
@Rachelcookie321 yea but it comforting af

@Rachelcookie321 是的,但是超舒服。

II live in China, and all the Chinese uniforms here are lies. All students in China are wearing gym clothes. Recently, there have been some schools that make school uniforms like Korea. But still, most gym clothes are their school uniforms. As proof, all the Chinese uniforms on this YouTube are models, not real students. When introducing Korea, real students are mixed, and celebrities are their own school uniforms. Celebrities' schools are famous, so I know it's actually their school uniform. If you search for Korean uniforms on Chinese Internet shopping mall Taobao, you will find a lot of Korean-style uniforms. And the place where I live is Guangzhou. Guangzhou is so big that it is one of China's three largest cities, and I live in the center of the city where house prices are the most expensive. It is true that 90 percent of the students here wear gym clothes.