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What experience from your teenage years still makes your heart race?


Sruthi reddy
Rewinding to 2009 when I was in 9th standard.
In high school, I used to take math tuition (special classes after school) because I sucked at it.
My daily routine was to go back home after school by 4:15 PM freshen up and go to the tuition by 5:00 PM.
I had a lady bird cycle (which is pretty much non existent now) and I used to go everywhere on it.
So my tuition sir was a bit of an ass who concentrated more on unimportant things like dress code , what children do before and after tuition hrs, who they hangout with rather than teaching students the actual subject.
But still most of the students enrolled at his tuition center because some of his ex-students got in to IIT’s and other top colleges( the truth is he only taught them until 10th still claimed the students victory and hardwork as his own).
I still wonder why I ever joined his tuition. ( Maybe because back then there was no khan academy even if it was there I had no internet :p and also maybe the herd mentality)

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Anyway,so he made it a point that every girl must come to his tution .
He makes all the girls leave the tuition center first.
Then, he sends one of his chamchas (assistant) in 10 mins to check if all the girls left and are no where near the tuition center .
If any girl was found wandering the assistant would inform the tuition sir and he would call the girl’s parents and make a scene out of it saying that your child maybe having a boyfriend blah blah even if the girl was innocent.
So all of us would rush back home as fast as we could.
The tuition ends at 7:00 PM.
One day the tuition was over. In the dark I took some time (5–6 mins). *Bad luck* to find the cycle key in my bag I only had 5 mins to cover a distance of like 1 km at least.
So I started cycling faster, and the cycle chain was broken. * more bad luck*
I still had to cover around 500 Mts and I was left with another 5 mins.
So I lifted the back part of my cycles and pushed it on its front wheel while walking.*because patience is the key*
In this process my chappal broke and I still walked bare foot. *don't give up is my motto*


Meanwhile, I had to pass a street with a lot of street dogs which were fighting over something. They decided to attack me so even though I was just passing by calmly.
That moment I threw my cycle and bag and ran for my life on barefoot.
Even then I got bitten by those street dogs. *rotten fate*.
I somehow reached home.I was all in tears and my legs were bleeding from the dog bites and I had scratches all over my hands.
My parents immediately took me to the hospital and I had to take 5 painful injections for those dog bites.
While I was in the hospital, tuition sir calls my dad and told him that I was wandering near the tuition center and that he should be more alx about me and find out what is up with me. *Seriously man all this for nothing?!*.
But my dad told him what condition I was in and gave it back to him properly and asked him to invest his time on coming up with innovative ways to teach students
And I never went back to that tuition…
Even to this day I get scared when I see dogs ,I don’t like them and I cannot stand or sit around one even if it’s the most trained and the sweetest dog on this planet *I am sorry and no offense to all dog lovers reading this *.
Also, I cannot tolerate teachers who waste their precious time and resources on stupid things which don’t contribute to the betterment of a student.


Timothy Emmanuel Lim
I was in my late teenage years at the time, so it wasn't too long ago.
Back then, I was a very devout Catholic boy who'd help out in Christian camp retreats as a facilitator or musician.
I was [probably still am] a very awkward guy who'd drop his guts and gusto around very pretty girls.
But we're not talking about just any ordinary girl (to me at least.).
I'd been crushing on her for years. Even till’ this day, I still reserve a soft spot for her.
Let's call her X for anonymity.
I'd known X for quite sometime now, in fact, how she and I grew closer as friends at the time because we were also part of the same clique, until an untimely disbanding came into play.
(She and I never really grew apart from that. Thank god.)
So X and I didn't really have much over the holidays, so we decided to facilitate a camp together. It was actually a camp about sexuality and the faith. The kids we taught were ‘of that age'.
(If you’re assuming something, please hold it. That wasn't my intention at all.)
During this camp, we held sessions and talks from adults about how the Christian faith could be implemented into dating and marriage.
During one of these sessions, X was sitting just in front of me.
So one of the guest speakers narrated a short story; about a man in India who supposedly watched a girl he wanted to marry and naturally — he prayed to God for guidance.


So this man in India was supposedly told by God that he could marry the woman of his dreams. The man always asked, “Is it the right time to make a move?” and God naturally responded, “No. The time is not now.”
(Mind you, he had always crushed on her from afar, but barely spoke to her.)
Each day, he prayed to God and at long last, after 5 years, God finally gave him the answer, “It is time.”
So the man went up to the woman of his dreams and proposed, “Will you marry me?”
She naturally responded;
And so naturally, the guy didn't get married with that girl.
While everybody had been listening in, X decided to turn around, look me in the eye and say;
“Will you marry me?”
And in that moment, I froze, looking something like this;
I acted just like a deer freezing in front of headlights.
Or more realistically, I looked like this;

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Another guy however, sitting behind me responded;
“Huh? Well uhhh, I don’t know…”
And his friends lambasted him;
“She wasn’t talking to you! Go home, ahahahhaahaha!!!”
Which distracted everyone from what had just unraveled.
To this day, reminiscing this scene in my head discombobulates me and probes a lot of questions;
“What probed her to say that? Why me?”
“Was it just coincidence? Did she just feel like ‘testing’ the contrary?”
But I guess we’ll never know.


Ch. Lavanya
When I was a child I was afraid of ghosts. As I grew up I realized people are more scary.
I was in ninth class.
Our school was six km from home and we didn't have the luxury of going in car of or bike either.
We three siblings started at 7:15 in the morning and reached by 8:00 am.
Everything was fine in the morning.
But as soon as school hours were about to end my heart used to race at jet speed.


I had to travel the same six km back but sometimes with my classmate and sometimes alone as my sister and brother used to either go with their friends or my father used to pick them up.
That six km distance was the most dreaded.
A man in his twenties used to wait for girls in a corner.
And as soon as I reached there my heart beat almost stopped.
He used to run towards me and plead ‘please come aside’.
I never understood that sentence but the way he used to follow always made me shiver.
I was like this everyday…
I used gather all my strength and walk as fast as possible looking back.
He used to follow to a certain distance and later vanish suddenly.
Because of his fear I don't how many ways I discovered to go home.
I'll never forget that road and that person's face!


Ram Kumar G
I don't know how to ride a two-wheeler - motorcycle/scooter or mopeds. I learnt cycling though.
When I was around 18, I threw a tantrum with my parents to buy me a bike (motorcycle) for my commute to college (more due to peer pressure to look cool).
My dad, with lots of hesitation, taught me the basics of handling a bike - handlebar functions, changing gears, etc.
I rode well for about 200 metres or so I thought. I got a little more confident and went ahead further. I skidded badly and before I realized I fell off the bike and hurt my right big toe badly. Few guys hanging out in the street corner rushed to help and after asking my well being and address one guy rode the bike back to my house.
Upon careful inspection of the bike for any damages, I found a blxer (indicator) broken and a footrest bent. I dragged myself back to my house with a badly bleeding toe much to the shock of my parents.


Dad was upset and forbade me from further misadventure with his bike. Infact, he was against me riding bike and was all for driving car. With periodic news of college kids and youngsters involved in serious accidents in their two wheelers, my Dad was a staunch advocate of cars for me though he continued to ride his motorcycle for short errands.
That's my story of never learning to ride a two wheeler and given my experience I always shudder the prospect of riding a two wheeler.
I never owned one. But at 24, I bought an used car and ever since I have been driving around. My friends find it weird or surprised to know about me not knowing how to ride a two wheeler and wonder how I manage without one and worse how I run sundry errands in my car. Yes, my life's like that. Last 15 years, I'm driving everywhere.


For the past 10 years, I have been progressively owning different SUVs/MUVs and the current ride is a large SUV and I have driven in every gully, good roads, no roads, shopping errands, airport runs, malls, etc apart from daily office commute and occasional highway drives. To me it's a way of life which some people misconstrue as a pampered lifestyle. Can't help it though.
On the flip side, I don't know the joys of riding a motorcycle, though I've been a pilion rider many times. I don't know what it is like to ride a Royal Enfield or Yamaha Rx100 or the feeling of adrenaline pumping while riding a Harley Davidson or Benelli or KTM Duke motorcycles. I miss out being part of those riding clubs, brotherhood or biker merchandise and often pass the bikers during highway drives in my SUV. I have very patchy knowledge about bikes, super bikes and often shy away from holding serious conversations around them. But when it comes to cars (especially Indian) I can lecture for hours. Lol!

另一方面,我不知道骑摩托车的乐趣,尽管我已经骑过很多次了。我不知道骑皇家恩菲尔德(Royal Enfield)或雅马哈(Yamaha)Rx100是什么感觉,也不知道骑哈雷戴维森(Harley Davidson)或贝内利(Benelli)或KTM Duke摩托车时肾上腺素分泌的感觉。我错过成为那些骑行俱乐部的一员、错过了兄弟关系或错过了摩托车商品,在高速公路上驾驶我的SUV时,我经常从骑行者身边经过。我对摩托车、 竞速挑战的了解非常零零散碎,经常回避在他们身边进行严肃的谈话。但说到汽车(尤其是印度车),我可以讲上几个小时,哈哈!

The other problem with using my SUV is to planning for parking. I can't just like that go anywhere and park. Since parking space in a city like Bangalore is scarce, I plan which shop/mall to go, which areas to avoid. For e.g, I avoid going to Garuda mall as the multi level car park carriage way is narrow for my SUV, worse is Oasis Mall at Koramangala - These days I'm fed up of Bangalore traffic and it is undrivable. There is no difference between peak and non peak hours, weekdays and weekends.
Very few people know about my inability to ride two wheeler and upon hearing they find it surprising and sometimes look at me with disbelief as if I'm an alien (how do you manage short errands?).
Sometimes I used to think riding a bike is not a big deal and used to blame my immaturity at 18 to handle a bike. But when it comes to actually handling a bike, my heart races and the memories from my teenage flashes before me.


Nitish Singh
I was thirteen and it was my 8th grade final exam. We were seated in a classroom according to our roll numbers. It was the very first day of exams. The roll numbers were arranged in a way so that an eighth grade student was a bench partner of a ninth grade student.
I was excited to see who was sitting with me. And to my luck she sat on my bench beside me. She was one of the most beautiful girls in the school. She was in ninth grade but she was the crush of the entire eight grade.
Everybody gave me jealous looks as she was talking to me. I got a chance to clear my maths doubts that day.
The exam started. Everyone was busy doing the paper. She got up in the middle of the exam and went out of the classroom. She didn't return for half an hour. The exam invigilator, who was a female teacher, got suspicious and went to look for her.
A few minutes later, the invigilator came back and rushed towards the other room. She looked frightened and she was sweating. She gathered a few other teachers and took them to the girls' washroom.
The scene that the invigilator saw and showed to the others was horrifying. The girl was crying and lying in a corner of the washroom. Her shirt buttons were opened up and skirt was messy. She was frightened and not talking to anyone. She was then taken to the girl's common room and consoled by the teachers.


As per the invigilator, two guys with face covered were seen running out of the washroom as soon as she entered. She tried to stop them but they escaped. They were not school students as they were not in uniform. And poor security at the gates allowed them to escape the premises sooner. The girl even couldn't recognise them as they had covered their faces. And she was not in any condition to describe what happened to her in the washroom.
It was the very first time that I had witnessed such a thing happening, and that too in the school. I was shocked. A FIR was filed by the parents of the girls but it was of no help as the two guys couldn't be caught. The girl had depression for a few months and skipped school. Her parents even questioned the school management for security reasons.
Nobody knows whether the girl was raped or not. But regardless, no place is safe for girls, be it school, a public place or even home. This incident happened 15 years back in a small town. How safe are urban schools today??
Thank you.


Rodney Vessels
I will always remember the Girl in the Red Dress, Kathy Gardiner, whom I met in 7th Grade. To answer this question and to reexperience my encounter, I sought to find the closest representation of what Kathy looked like in 7th grade, in her red dress.
Kathy was also the first girl I ever called on the phone, to my recollection. I remember well the challenge of trying to talk to her on the phone, while my younger sister incessantly pestered me with the whispered words, “Kissy boy!”
After the phone call, which was a disaster in my mind, I never talked to Kathy again, until my senior year in high school. We never dated; but in 12th grade, she started to respect me for my talent as an actor in school plays. She even played on a girls softball team that I organized. We called the team “Vessels’ Valiant Virgins!”

我将永远记得我在七年级时认识的那个穿红裙子的女孩凯西·嘉丁纳(Kathy Gardiner)。为了回答这个问题并重新体验我的遭遇,我试图找到与凯西七年级时穿着红色连衣裙的最接近的形象。

I lost track of Kathy after high school, until my 20th high school reunx. At the time, I was a corporate lawyer for a financial firm in Minneapolis and also did a weekly column for my local newspaper, the Stillwater Gazette.
Before the reunx, I wrote in my column about “The Girl in the Red Dress.” Kathy saw the column and, at the reunx, she told me “that was hot!”
I hope to see Kathy one more time next month, at another high school reunx. I’ll report on my experience meeting her again (if she is still alive and shows up).
My heart still races, when I think about her.