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What is like to be a Prostitute in India?



Anonymous: I think being a sex worker for 2 years in a one of the biggest red light areas of the world I am suitable to give this answer.

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How I became a sex worker? when I was in my school I became an addict of various narcotic substances but getting money from home was very difficult. One dealer gave me some weed in advance but I was unable to pay on the due date, he started threatening me and I had to arrange the money anyhow. one of my friend(partner in crime) introduced me with some guy who promised me a huge amount of money for sex and this was the easiest(and only) way of earning money at that time. it goes on as my need was money and their need was sex.

我是怎么成为性工作者的? 当我在学校时,我成为一个对各种麻醉物质上瘾的吸毒者,但想从家里要钱很困难。一个商人提前给了我一些大麻,但到期后我无法支付,他就开始威胁我,无论如何我不得不想办法赚钱。我的一个朋友(犯罪伙伴)介绍我认识了一个家伙,他答应我,只要和他性交易,就给我一大笔钱,这是当时最简单(也是唯一)的赚钱方式。我需要的是钱而他们需要的是性。

How I joined red light area? my regular client didn't find me interesting anymore and it was very difficult to find new client without any nexus, again bad time started no money no weed more depression. one day one girl in the same profession told me about the red light area, initially, I was afraid but the debilitating financial conditions compelled me to join that place.

我是怎么加入红灯区的? 我的老客户不再对我感性趣,我很难联系到新的客户,糟糕的时间再次开始了,没有钱、没有大麻,我的抑郁症更加严重。有一天,一个从事同样职业的女孩告诉我关于红灯区的事,起初我很害怕,但由于经济状况不佳,我不得不去那个地方。

My initial days: I was given grade-A category status( which is given on the basis of one's physical appearance, age, body curves), so I had to serve high profile persons only or if i find any decent guy there in the brothel.(for B or C catagory rules were different as they get monthly fixed income irrespective of the number of clients they serve) .


My experience in brothel:Experience with fellow workers- Fellow workers were very friendly they care for everyone like sisters, mothers.(people inside were more loyal and honest). Rules were strict to ensure that any customer should not be charged more than previously decided rates(tip depends on the customer).


Experience with customers: some were very horny they just wanted to have sex they tried to use my body in every possible way to justify the value of money they paid. some were emotional they tried to connect with me by asking questions about my life, by sharing their life events stories. some people just want a shoulder to cry out loud (They just hugged me a lot for all night but the hug was completely asexual). Some man cares a lot for the dignity of prostitutes, they respect us same as any other profession but some think prostitutes don't deserve any respect. Half of the customers don't go to brothels for sex but to share there feeling with someone.

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My findings: Most of the people are not happy with their life or their wife. Finally i am not ashamed of anything what i did because everyone is trying to sell something some are selling their talent, some are skill, some are selling education. SO WHAT IS WRONG IN SELLING MY BODY. Thanks everyone for such wonderful and inspiring comments. GOD BLESS YOU

回复 Srinath Nalluri: Loved these lines:“Finally i am not ashamed of anything what i did because everyone is trying to sell something some are selling their talent, some are skill, some are selling education. So what is wrong with selling my body?” God bless you :) As long as you are happy with what you do, go for it.

Nikhlesh: After reading this, I’m not going to judge you because there are already more than enough (conservative) people in the society doing this job brilliantly. Nobody knows what you’d been through during that time. I could feel the authenticity of the answer since I watched many documentaries on prostitution & interviews of prostitutes. Just an Upvote from my side for sharing your views.


Anonymous: First of all, I would like to thank Lord Shiva for inspiring me and keeping me on the correct path thoughout my life. Secondly, I was never and will never be a prostitute in my whole life, but I was on the verge of becoming one, thanks to my 'friends'. Hence I feel I should narrate my experience and I want this to be a lesson to those who are reading it, especially young girls.


I study in a college in Kolkata, currently in my final year. I live with my parents and little brother who is in school right now. When I first got admitted to college, I decided to stay in the hostel attached to the college, since my college was in the city proper and my house was is a suburb of the city and the journey took more than 1 hour by train and then bus.


I had to share a room with 2 senior girls. Their parents lived in the city itself but still they stayed in the hostel. That seemed a bit weird to me. In the beginning they were quite formal to me but after few months we became good friends and started to share everything. I tried drinking and a bit of smoking as well.


First thing which made me suspicious about them was their purchases. They also belonged to middle class families. But they always bought branded things. Branded clothes, makeup kits, shoes, bags etc. And also a ton of alcohol. They used to drink a lot and sometimes pressurized me as well, though I drank very rarely.


Second thing was their odd timings of going home and coming back. I used to go home once a week. They went multiple times a week. And they always wore flashy and revealing clothes and a lot of makeup. A couple of times one of them told she was going home but came back at the middle of the night. They always had excuses ready.


Thirdly, they were very bold and outgoing but never had any boyfriends.


Overall they were quite well behaved and caring as seniors so I decided not to change rooms even when extra rooms became available. One day they went shopping and bought a ton of things from a luxury mall. They also brought alcohol. I couldn't help but feel jealous. My dad could never buy me such things.


That night we drank a bit too much. And I asked them how can they afford such things. Then they revealed it all and I was shocked to the core. They used to do escort service at night. That was where all the money came from. Prostitution.


A middle class girl like me could never have thought that. This is against all my morals and principles. How can a girl sell her body like that? I don't know why I decided to stay with them after that. I guess I had been influenced by greed.

像我这样的中产阶级女孩是不会想这样的,这违背了我所有的道德和原则。女孩子怎么能这么出卖身体呢? 我不知道为什么在那之后我还是决定和她们住在一起,我想我是受到了贪婪的影响。
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Thereafter, our chats and discussions becames increasingly sexual day by day. What first time sex feels like. What men want in bed. How to be more sexy and appealing. How to please a man. Blowjobs, fetishes, etc. They expained the difference between an escort and a prostitute, though actually both are essentially the same.


They got 2000–10000 rupees per client per night. That was a lot of money for a middle class girl like me. One day, one of them asked me if I was interested to do it. I immediately refused, but they had other plans. Same story again, we got pitch drunk one night and they asked me again if I was ready to do it. By that time they had drilled all the advantages of escort service into my brain. This time I said yes. That was the worst decision I have ever made.


The next day they asked me again. I said I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to sell my body but wanted have enough money to buy whatever I wanted. They told me it would be fine if I tried it once. I have to admit this. I wanted to try sex as well and so I told them I was ready to do it.


They congratulated me and told me I would be able to live my fantasy tonight and get money for it as well. 'Sone pe Suhaga' type situation.They told me to give them a good picture of mine. I gave them one though whatsapp. They sent it to their dealer who told them that I was perfect. Young and virgin. The dealer sent it to a client.

她们祝贺我,并告诉我今晚我就能实现我的梦想,也能从中得到钱。就是电影《Sone pe Suhaga》中的情景。她们让我给她们一张P好的照片,我通过whatsapp给她们发了一张。她们把它发给中间人,那人告诉她们我很完美,又年轻又是处女,于是中间人把照片发给了一个客户。

He offered a whopping 15000 rupees. I was stunned. Off course, the actual amount was much more, because the dealer would get his share as well. I was given an address and was supposed to reach there by 10pm.


I started mentally preparing myself. They helped me dress up in their clothes. By 9pm I was overwhelmed by guilt, fear and emotions. I started crying and refused to go. They were surprised and tried to console me. But I had made up my mind. I would not sell myself.


Next day I went back home and told my parents that I wanted to be a day scholar. They were surprised but supported me. I told them that my roommates were bad and the hostel food sucks and hence I don't want to stay in the hostel.

第二天,我回到家,告诉父母我想做一名走读生。他们很惊讶但支持我。我告诉他们我的室友很坏,宿舍的食物很难吃,所以我不想呆在宿舍里。我开始更多地珍惜我的家人,更爱他们。 拥有他们我感到很幸运。 我感激不尽,我的名誉完好无损。

I once decided to tell a close friend of mine about the two girls. I was astonished by her reaction. She told me that most girls in the college already knew of their activities. Some boys also knew it and hence avoided them. Only I was stupid enough to have ignored so many glaring symptoms. She told me I was lucky to have come out safely from their company.


It has been almost 1.5 years since then. They have passed out of college. I have no contact with them now. This was my experience of almost being a prostitute in India, and also living with two of them.


I want my readers, especially young college girls to know the following:
1.Never sell your body, no matter how much money is offered to you.
2.You won't be able to come out of it, once you start it.
3.Once you lose you honour, you can never regain it. It will always haunt you.
4.Never become greedy for money and sex. You will earn enough in life and get sex too when time comes.
5.If you think you are in bad company, immediately come out of it.
6.Cherish your family and whatever you have in life.
7.Don't listen to girls/boys who say that sex/prostitution is empowering and that you need to have sex to prove something. You don't need to prove anything to anybody.
8.In the other answer to this question, the writer had written that there is nothing wrong in selling your body. Its bullshit. Ask her if she would make her daughter a prostitue as well.
That's all. Thanks for reading.

回复:Ajit Kumar Panigrahi:I had read this story before… I am 100% sure, it's copied.

Surajit Pandit: One bad move and your life can change drastically! Good that you could ignore the call of wild nature and save yourself from defamation and degradation. This is similar to ‘Nishi Daka’ (I guess that you know Bengali where there is a folk story about how some unsatisfied souls would call out the name of an unsuspecting person in the middle of the night in a sexy and sweet feminine voice only to make him possessed and drive him like a zombie to a possible horrific death trap. Even Rabindranath Tagore wrote in one of his autobiographical anecdotes about how he was once possessed in a village when he answered a female voice calling out his name) You are lucky to ignore the call of the wicked Spirit who tried to lure you with lust and money! Stay away from such vices especially in your young school and college days.

一个糟糕的举动,你的生活就会彻底改变! 好在你可以无视本能的召唤,把自己从诽谤和堕落中解救出来。这类似于孟加拉的一个民间故事,讲的是一些欲求不满的灵魂在半夜用性感甜美的女性声音,喊着那些毫无戒心的人的名字,让他着魔,把他像僵尸一样逼到了一个可怕的死亡陷阱里。 就连泰戈尔也在他的自传体轶事中写道,他曾经在一个村子里回应一个喊着他名字的女人的声音时,被附身过。远离这些恶习吧,尤其是在你年轻的大学时代。

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