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What 10 things can I do now to have a better life?


Change your sheets. Or, generally upgrade your sleeping conditions. Clean, fresh sheets, comfortable pillow, light, soft blanket will dramatically improve your life. Especially since we spend 1/3 of it sleeping.
Plate your food. Have you noticed how beautifully presented food at the restaurants makes you happy and tastes better? You can do it at home, make sure that you place your food on the plate carefully and arrange it nicely, sprinkle some herbs or even flowers on top. It''s such a small thing but makes a big difference.
Air out your room. Or even your entire home. Fresh air helps us feel better and more optimistic, think clearer, and is healthier.
Stop consuming preservatives. Nearly everything thats commercially mass produced and doesn''t spoil for months - juices, drinks, cereal, processed meat - has preservatives. I looked them up yesterday while researching shelf life for my natural energy shot. The most common ones were lixed to DNA damage.
Surround yourself with nature. Plants, indoor and outdoor, flowers. Walking outdoors. Laying in the grass. Pets.
Upgrade your toilet paper. Find the one that’s softest. Such a small thing and such a big difference.
Read or listen to inspirational stories. Humans are empathetic beings. If you learn something uplifting and happy, it will be contagious.
Breathe. Many times we are too busy or stressed out to breathe properly. Straighten up your shoulders, sit up, and breathe in slowly, then breathe out. Feel better?
Listen to classical music. Cows give more milk when they listen to Mozart. Plants grow better. It’s gotta be good for us, too, right?
Hug more. Hugging releases endorphins and makes us feel great. It’s awesome because it also benefits the person or a pet you’re hugging.

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I dexed every social media account possible. Actually I don’t have a smartphone right now. I do most of the work using my laptop and tablet. I promised to my parents that I will not use a smartphone unless and until I succeed in my life.
I started reading a lot. I bought an Amazon Kindle a year ago and it has changed my reading habits completely. I can’t afford to buy a hard copy everytime. With the help of Kindle, I can read anywhere & anytime free of cost. (not free cost actually)
I joined the 5 am Morning club, Jogging 3–4 kms gives me enough energy for my hectic schedule. Your body is the only thing which always stays with you no matter what the situation is. So respect you body.
I travelled a lot in recent years, Because of travelling, now I don’t have any complaints in my life. Believe me or not, there are lots of people out there whose life is worse than us, but still they do not give up. This gives me motivation & inspiration to work on my own set of problems.
I have 5 real friends, Most of the friends in my life are now just contacts in phone. Those 5 friends are my real friends, I really care about them. Those are not my friends anymore, they are like my family.
I fell in love, It took many years for me to understand the difference between lust & love. Falling in love is really one of the best feelings in the world. She is one of the most beautiful person to come in my life.
I started spending time with my family, I was an intovert, but not anymore. I listen to people more than talking. I learn from people''s mistakes & experiences.
I’ve notes down all my ambitions, Each day I assess how far I am on achieving my ambitions. There is no problem if you cannot achieve your ambition, a problem arises only when you fail to identify your ambition.
I stopped judging people, Judging people on religion, bank balance, language, and other factors are actually making you weaker. Instead focus on who you are. Understand yourself.
I take complete responsibility of my actions, It helps me to learn from my mistakes. Accepting your responsibilities make you a better decision maker.


Have a trading account today. You shouldn’t rely on banks to provide you 7% interest. You deserve more.
Have a freelancing account. Don’t do freelancing if you don’t have time. But have a look on the projects. There might be someone who needs your expertise.
Find an extra source of income. If you have one, that’s okay but having an extra source of income is also good. It’s good to see money coming from different directions.
Have an extra skill. If you are in a job, that’s great but having a skill as a hobby will support you during bad times.
Connect 10 more people in lixedIn. It’s always great to have professional connections with social connections.
Get some more oxygen. Plant a tree. Don’t have space? Plant a money plant in your room. It purifies the air. Pure air provides more energy and reduce stress.
Drink 1 liter of warm water in the morning just after you wake up.
Run a mile. Exercise. And do yoga. Sleep early.
Don’t use mobile or laptop just before you go to sleep. It disturbs your sleep. A bad sleep means a bad tomorrow.
DON’T put your head towards North direction while sleeping. It’s called the death position. It might cause sleep disorder and illness. Earth’s magnetic field hampers your blood circulation when you do this. This can be dangerous in long run.


Read. Every time you get an urge to kill time on social media, read.
Build skills. Every time you open YouTube for entertainment, watch videos which will educate you.
Learn a new language. Download Duolingo. Learning a new language is like playing bubble shooter on your phone.
Run. Get running shoes and keep running. If there is a dog in the vicinity, stop. It might think you are a thief. If not, just keep running.
Get serious about your hobby. Spend at least 10 minutes on it daily. In a year you will look like a professional and might also earn a side income from that.
Write. Whatever comes to your mind. You don’t have to be a writer. You don’t need a context or prompt. Just write whatever comes to your mind with whatever vocabulary and grammar you are equipped with. In a month, you notice that you feel lighter and better at expressing your feelings.
Eat fruits. Every time you feel like eating sweets, eat fruits. They satisfy your sweet tooth.
Sleep. Sleep on time. On time is not after 12 in the night. Sleep early. Earlier than 12. Wake up without alarm. It is okay even if you can’t wake up on time initially, but make it a habit to wake up on time.
Leave a mark. Every word you speak should leave a positive impression in other’s lives and not damage or hurt someone.
Gratitude. Feel grateful for what you have. You will attract more into life.


Workout, every day, without fail. This not only helps you look better and toned but also helps you during episodes of physical stress and fatigue.
Read. Books. Of any genre. But only as long as they can be termed productive.
Use public transport. This will help curbing pollution and reduce your carbon footprint. You dont want to leave a planet full of dirt for the next generation, do you?
Stop posting your partying snaps on social media. And please dont post them on Facebook or Twitter. The world doesn''t have to know how awesome your life is.
Or better yet, don''t use social media. Honestly, you will save a lot of time if you do this.
Have many friends, but trust a few. You never know what someone might be thinking.
Work hard, play hard. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart. You will enjoy the benefits much more.
Keep learning. Knowledge is infinite. Learning new stuff helps keep your brain active and healthy
Practice public speaking. You have no idea how often this skill will come handy.
And lastly, upvote answers. Don''t just read them. It does feel good to be appreciated.


1. Avoid social media as much as you can
Social media tends to drive people crazy. Constantly scrolling down your feed, forever checking how many likes your post received, getting jealous when you see someone having a better life than you. It''s toxic. Focus on your own life, and avoid caring about what other people are up to. You will be much happier this way.
2. Be grateful for everything you have.
If you break your leg, be thankful that you even have a leg. If you have poor eye sight, be grateful that you''re not blind etc. The more you are thankful for the little things you take for granted in life, the more content you will be.
3. Have a regular sleeping pattern
Try to sleep the recommended hours needed for your body.
4. Be the best version of yourself
Do not change to fit in with other people’s expectations of you. Change because you want to be a better person for your own sanity.
5. Travel
Go out, have adventures, explore different cultures and ways of living. You''ll be surprised as to how therapeutic this is.
6. Exercise
Exercise is a great way to release any stress you may be having in your life. Not only is it good for your body, the act of exercise can help you psychologically.
7. Do not chase after people
Never chase after people! If they come back, they know what you''re worth but if they don''t, it''s their loss. In life people will come and go, you can''t keep everyone, you don''t own them. Let them go. Be free. Be happy.
8. Surround yourself with positive people
People often say that we are the people we surround ourselves with. Hence surrounding yourself with positive people, will also make you a positive person! Now who doesn''t want that, right?
9. Read read read!
Read and expand your knowledge. It doesn''t have to be a book, it can be articles, or even Quora. Just read, and keep your mind occupied with interesting facts and information!
10. Eat well
I know, cliché right? But I mean it. Eat well, avoid junk food as much as you can. If you love fizzy drinks, try flavoured sparkling water as an alternative. If you love chocolate, try eating sweet fruit like bananas or melons. Drink green tea instead of milk tea.

1. 尽量不要使用社交媒体。
2. 感激你所拥有的一切。
4. 做最好的自己。
5. 旅行。
6. 锻炼。
7. 不要挽留离开你的人。
8. 与积极向上的人为伍。
9. 多读书。
10. 吃些健康的食物。

Deactivate Facebook, Uninstall Whats-app, Tinder, Instagram etc. Make a new life for yourself. Give up all the attraction/ addictions of these things. Be at peace. Trust me all who are active on these sites/ social media etc are just wasting their time and are gaining absolutely nothing.
People will tell you to exercise 5 days a week which is absolutely fine but my advice would be to play any one out door game like Cricket, Football, Badminton etc. Which would make you work out simultaneously if you are not a gym freak. Do it even if you are working for 12 hours a day!
Learn the skill of decision making. Yes hardly anyone talks about this but it is something indispensable to have a good life. Look this skill requires time to develop but if you can develop a crisp decision making ideology you will transform your character. Try to learn to take accurate, timely, crisp and precise decisions.
We are nothing but a creation of our habits. Yes! develop a habit of giving your absolute all in things which you do. Absolute 100%. For example follow this concept, say if you are brushing your teeth do it with absolute dedication. Try to do one thing at a time. Try to give it your all. This way you will silently develop a habit of never giving up & striving till the last inch. Even if you are fighting for a losing cause go down fighting like a lion.
If you are earning start investing in mutual funds or equity. Enter the economics of stock market. Try to master it and learn it from experts. Set goals. Stay invested. This way you will not be needing pensions later in life when you retire. Fixed deposits, Bank interests are a waste of time. Think about it!
The biggest worship is to help others. Be kind. Be a learner for life. Be a giver for life. If you have a lot distribute quilts & shawls to the beggars or anyone needy. If you can then go to a Gurudwara, Church, Temple, Masjid or any place where you find your almighty and distribute packets of food from your hard earned money and ask for only peace for the world at large in return. This will give you absolute peace and a never seen sense of satisfaction. It will propel you to a better life.
Take your time to react. Remember your silence is the strongest possible response for many situations. For example if someone has an argument with you. He or She might be right or wrong but you should be the one to give in. The one who ends the argument is not the winner always but the one who leaves it gracefully is. Learn to practice self restraint in your words. Speak less. Yes Speak Less!. Read More. Read More!. Think much more. Think much much more!. Observe silently. Learn. Speak only when it is absolutely necessary.
Spend quality time with your loved ones. Your father, mother, children, wife i.e. your family is your biggest asset. Live your life with them. Find happiness in small things. Your family needs you to fill their life with light, peace and happiness. Be that source of happiness for them.
One more important thing, eat healthy food. Drink fresh water. Sleep early. Rise early. Brush your teeth before going to sleep. Do this daily. Switch off or remove your phone at-least 1 hour before you go to sleep. So that you rise with the sun and shine bright.
Last but not the least. When you reach a state of absolute bliss after the above steps. Still try to connect with your soul all answers are within you only. The day you start understanding yourself you will have a much better life, something which you cannot even imagine currently.

1.别再用脸书了,卸载Whats-app, Tinder, Instagram等软件。为你自己创造新的生活,放弃这些吸引力很大的东西,让你的内心平静下来。相信我,所有活跃在这些网站和社交媒体上的人都是在浪费时间,最终他们什么也得不到。

Hit the Gym - Workout because it gives you more energy throughout the day and you will feel a lot better.
Stop watching the News - News are purposefully made negative and over-the-top to create money. Avoid that negativity as much as you can.
Get up early - Start waking up between 4–6 in the morning every day. Make the first two hours of your day count and the rest of your day will follow suit.
Get outside your comfort zone - Do something every day that scares you. Most of the amazing realizations and discoveries are made outside your comfort zone.
Say NO to things you do not want - Do not justify yourself, do not give a reason and simply say “NO”.
Read Non-Fiction - Learn more than anyone around you is willing to learn. The more you learn the higher your personal value will be and the more you will get paid in life.
Say Yes to the things you do want - Some of these things are difficult, I get it, but you will not have anything unless you work for it first. Do the things you want to do regardless of what doubts or thoughts try to keep you back.
Plan your days - The difference between successful people and non-successful people is that those with success use their 24 hours wisely. Make the most use of yours instead of letting it go to waste.
Go outside every day - Snow, Rain, Wind, it doesn’t matter. Take a walk, get a bit of fresh air and just go outside. You will feel better.
Do more things for you - Stop trying to please those around you and do what inspires and motivates you.


Wake up early. Sleep early and start your day early and fresh and start your morning ritual of meditation, workouts, cold shower and a good breakfast. Your routine should include 20 minutes of learning a new skill each morning and 20 minutes at night just before you go to sleep. The first 20 minutes after we wake up is called the alpha stage. Therefore, whatever you see, hear or do will set the tone for the day and will affect the rest of your day, and whatever you read, see or do will set the mood for the following day.
Learn to fight anger. Anger is not good for your health. Besides, it increases wrinkles and enhances your aging rate.
Fight ignorance. Read good books to fight ignorance by all means possible. Read books on wealth creation, self-improvement, and learn about relationships.
Read about human psychology. Read technology books to understand things and learn new skills.
Accept challenges. Challenges make you grow. A life without challenges makes you stagnant and bored.
Defer gratification and invest your money. Avoid spending on short term fun and save or invest your money to earn compound interest. You’ll be glad you did it when you’re 60.
Start a small business. Don’t rely too much on a 9 to 5 dead end job. Don’t rely on a pension or 401(k). Create your own retirement plan comprising small investments, stocks and a side hustle.
Avoid Procrastination. Take action. Things will never work out in your favor until you make a move. Don’t postpone what can be done today until tomorrow.
Visit your mother frequently. Nothing can be more gratifying. She will be happy to see you and you will rejuvenate yourself.
Become resourceful. Being resourceful without overworking yourself into burnout.
Take good care of your health. Health is your greatest wealth. If you don’t take good care of your health, your health will only deteriorate as you age, and you will be accumulating wealth only to spend it on the doctor when you get old.


Invest in good relations: Be it a friend or a romantic affair, or even distant relatives. invest time and energy in people you believe are worth it.
Money in the bank: For a man who has lived most of his twenties in debt facing a shortage of money, I learned an important lesson, “Nothing gives you confidence like money in your pocket.” Live your life, do things you have wanted to always but save at least 10–15% (30% recommended) in mutual funds, savings bonds, etc.
Do not have a bucket list: Most people have a bucket list and work their rears off trying to tick each item off the list. It kind of hinders your mindset to see better things in life. Take life as it comes, set short term dreams and stop stressing about things you are yet to do in life.
Never cross a credit limit: Ideally, you should never owe money, but for the long run set yourself a credit limit which you would never like to cross. It should ideally be 2–3 times your present salary.
Family: Take care of your parents and people who were there when no one else believed in you, always. Spend time with them frequently even if your time schedule does not allow.
Understand human psychology: The more you study and understand psychology, the more you will understand why certain people behave in a certain way. A man who understands the human mind truly will always be kind and forgiving.
Habit: Form good habits,such as exercise daily.
Underestimate: Stop comparing yourself to your friends on Social Media and other places. You would be underestimating yourself if you do not understand everyone has a different timeline in their lives.
Loneliness: Learn to enjoy solitude.
Lie: You could lie to everyone in this world but please, never ever lie to yourself. Accept what you are and only then can you change your life.


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