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China BEATS US in Life Expectancy


It’s diet. Americans have an obesity crisis and no matter how good the healthcare system you can’t just fix someone who chooses to be unhealthy. On top of this we have a fentanyl crisis that’s killing so many Americans.


TheyTake MyCalls
Why is the food so unhealthy though? Why does bread here cause sensitive people to get bloated but bread in france doesn't. Conventional farming is a lot of the culprit, our foods just arn't getting healthy input to begin with. The soil is dead, a lot of the medecines in foods are just not there. Soil needs to be alive, since a lot of nutrients comes from the microbes in the soil, you cannot just add 3 ingredients in fertilizer and have the food contain all the nutrition of healthy soil. Sure the nitrogen and phosphorus make the plant look healthy and good, but its not. Normal tomatoes are missing a lot of the lycopene they used to have, lycopene is a natural chemotherapy, so normally people would be getting chemo in a non toxic form by eating tomatoes, but not as much today.

为什么食物这么不健康呢? 为什么这里的面包会让敏感的人发胖,而法国的面包却不会。传统农业是罪魁祸首,我们的食物没有从一开始就得到健康的输入。土壤贫瘠了,食物中的很多成分也不存在了。土壤需要有活力,因为许多营养物质来自土壤中的微生物,你不能只在肥料中添加3种成分,就让食物含有健康土壤的所有营养。当然,氮和磷使植物看起来健康和良好,但事实并非如此。正常的番茄失去了很多它们过去拥有的番茄红素,番茄红素是一种天然的化疗,所以通常人们会通过吃番茄来获得无毒的化疗,但现在没有那么多了。

Banana Mustache
@TheyTake MyCalls Microbiologist here, 100% true.

@TheyTake MyCalls 我是微生物学家,百分百正确。

@TheyTake MyCalls
You’re correct, but let’s be honest. People in this country are morbidly obese not because the tomatoes are missing some ingredients…

@TheyTake MyCalls 你说得对,但说实话,这个国家的人病态肥胖,并不是因为番茄缺少一些成分……

It is disheartening how difficult and expensive it is to get a fresh meal made at home. Difficult in that the American rat race is intense and few foods are devoid of extra sugars. Expensive in that fresh foods don’t last longer than a few days and are more costly. Bread is case in point with the cheapest longest lasting breads being terrible, fresh bread being much more expensive and don’t even think about having time to make your own.




It’s not expensive. That myth has been debunked repeatedly. It is cheaper to purchase ingredients and cook at home vs eating fast food/takeout every night. The issue is people either don’t know how to cook, are too lazy, don’t have the time, or a combination of all three.


@Brett perhaps if you eat vegan? Inflation hit meats hard. Good meat and vegetables are not cheap. Canned, frozen and fast food is comparatively cheap in terms of dollars and time for a meal. A good batch of beans can be affordable and stretch two meals, but it takes several hours to prepare. Time and money costs both add up, which most are not afforded. You unintentionally admit time is a factor, time taken working overtime, two jobs, etc. The total costs of shopping, purchase cost and preparing meals is not affordable.

@Brett 也许如果你吃素? 通货膨胀严重打击了肉类。好的肉和蔬菜不便宜。罐头食品、冷冻食品和快餐相对来说都比较便宜。一批好豆子可以负担得起,可以吃上两顿饭,但它需要几个小时的准备。时间和金钱的成本都在增加,这是大多数人无法负担的。你无意中承认时间是一个因素,加班、做两份工作等都需要时间。购物、采购和准备饭菜的总成本是无法承受的。

I call bullshit. Chile, Australia, and Canada has similar obesity rates yet have among the world’s highest life expectancies. Also, Cuba has a higher life expectancy than the United States with a significantly higher obesity rate. Also, obesity rates are increasing internationally (this isn’t a unique issue for the United States) yet global life expectancies are quite stable. This is a failure of the US healthcare system.


@Herb615 All the “free healthcare” in the world isn’t going to help someone of their diet consists of McDonald’s and Pepsi. That’s America.

@Herb615 世界上所有的“免费医疗”都帮不了那些只吃麦当劳和百事可乐的人。这是美国。

@TheyTake MyCalls I agree with you but also don’t think a large number of obese people are obese because the soil is dying..

@TheyTake MyCalls 我同意你的观点,但我也不认为大量肥胖的人肥胖是因为土壤贫瘠。

The DripDrop

@宋艾倫 I'm calling bull shit.

I eat pretty clean and healthy, and while inflation has been noticed, it's still not that bad.
Fresh veggies are so cheap! Look at the overall cost of eating out vs a month worth of groceries.
I guarantee I can feed you more and better than you even could at the dollar menu.

@宋艾倫 胡说。
新鲜蔬菜太便宜了! 看看外出就餐的总成本和一个月的食品杂货价格。

Greg Kingston
Less physical activity and poor diet account for most of our problems. It sounds cliche at this point, but obesity will almost certainly shorten your life. 70+ percent of the US is overweight or obese. Minimal amounts of exercise and minimal processed foods can make a huge difference.


Over-dependence on cars due to lack of public transit/bike infrastructure and lower standards for food compared to other countries contribute to these problems.


All food is processed


Daragh McQuaid
You can’t ignore the problem of thousands of people unable to afford Adequate health care


John Millis
Why does it matter do you really want to live that long anyways I think I’m good I’d rather die living life my way as I like

这有什么关系,你真的想活那么久吗? 无论如何,我觉得我很好,我宁愿按我喜欢的方式死去。

Daragh McQuaid
@Desmond Cameron its a problem I agree but people in Europe and china also do unhealthy things and live much much longer. I live in France currently, they drink smoke and have MacDonalds on every corner yet they life 5 years more

@Desmond Cameron 这是一个问题,我同意,但欧洲人和中国人也做不健康的事情,而且活得更久。我现在住在法国,他们抽烟,每个角落都有麦当劳,但他们还能多活5年。

Gurgle Blaster
While poor diet and activity are contributing factors life expectancy is an average of the age of people who die. We have had 20 years of war, male suicide is a massive issue, and we have a massively malfunctioning Healthcare system that tend to be larger factors. Because people die more often far younger than obesity/poor diets would factors into their deaths. If you look at countries like Finland, Iceland, Japan, France their citizens have higher quality of life and live longer.


Gurgle Blaster
@Desmond Cameron they currently have the highest rated Healthcare system in the world if I am not mistaken costing them a little over $2k per capita. While that is much higher than other EU countries its actually only half of what the US spends at a little over $4k per capita.

@Desmond Cameron 如果我没弄错的话,他们目前拥有世界上评级最高的医疗系统,人均花费2000多美元。虽然这比其他欧盟国家高得多,但实际上只是美国人均4000多美元支出的一半。

Dr. Steve Sudell Jr.
100%. Everyone wants to point blame on healthcare, completely neglecting of lack of diet and exercise.


Gurgle Blaster
@Dr. Steve Sudell Jr. obesity is a factor and a big problem here in the states but, so is healthcare, 20 years of war etc. The reality is there is no one single factor. Suicide is also a major factor( because people are dying below the age of 40 which drastically lowers the overall life expectancy of a country)as our suicide rates are double that of our EU neighbors which you know having access to Healthcare tends to mitigate.

@Dr. Steve Sudell Jr. 在美国,肥胖是一个因素,也是一个大问题,但医疗保健、20年的战争等也是。事实是没有单一的因素。自杀也是一个主要因素(因为人们在40岁以下死亡,这大大降低了一个国家的总体预期寿命),因为我们的自杀率是我们的欧盟邻国的两倍,你知道,有了医疗保健往往会减轻这一点。

Greg Kingston
@Daragh McQuaid Many of those people would not need much health care if they took better care of themselves. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, obestiy, are all preventable or can have the risk greatly reduced by lifestyle changes.

@Daragh McQuaid 如果他们能更好地照顾自己,其中许多人就不需要太多的医疗保健了。心脏病、癌症、糖尿病、中风、肥胖症都是可以预防的,或者通过改变生活方式可以大大降低患病风险。

High meat consumption coupled with high sugar consumption and refined wheat and corn product.


Just observe what people have in their shopping carts, and how many people are so fat and/or lazy they use the cart handle to hold themselves up, then you’ll realize it’s about personal choices.


TJ Singh
The average American weighs three times as much as the average chinese. So if you compare life expectancy per pound we live three times as long as other nations

美国人的平均体重是中国人的三倍。所以如果你比较每磅的预期寿命, 我们的寿命是其他国家的三倍

Illegal food in most parts of the world is legal in the US


will danger
What food?


@will danger Pretty sure the reference is to additives put into our food in the US that is banned throughout Europe, etc.

@will danger 很确定,这里指的是在美国添加到我们食品中的添加剂,而这些添加剂在整个欧洲都是被禁止的。

TheyTake MyCalls
Yeah, there is a lot of unhealthy foods and if you want to get into the nitty gritty there's a lot of health concerns now dealing with glyphosate and other hebicides/pesticides used in conventional farming. If you look at the health issues lixed to glyphosate, we see a rise in a lot of seemingly seperately caused diseases like celiac disease, parkinsons and alziheimers etc... right when conventional farming took off in the early 90's. These chemicals particularly glyphosate has been lixed to damaging the gut cell lining which then causes gut permiability which then results in chronic inflammation. Now, glyphosate was from monsanto, they were recently bought by a major pharma company Bayer. So it may not be a leap to say profit is tide into people being unhealthy to begin with and then requiring them to get expensive healthcare. Pharma owns a lot of the food inputs, they already, whether knowingly or not, are damaging peoples health through conventional farming methods and GMO crops. So the question is just are they knowingly trying to make people sick or are they doing it by accident? Either way they are profitting from it. I choose to pick the former based on what I have seen with businesses, and so am in the belief they are doing it on purpose. To give you an idea of what other countries are doing, EU countreis are planning on banning glyphosate, it's listed as a carcinogen there, its listed as a carcinogen in international orgs, and other random countries are realizing the health damage it is causing. The EPA says its safe though, and of course Monsanto said it was safer than water. Unfortunately, it is a water soluable toxina and so it is in the air, water, and rain, and we keep dumbing billions of tons of it a year because of corruption really.


hong kong life expectancy is like 86. full 10 years longer than US.


Lin Yang
The results came from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) National Center for Health Statistics lol
Americans continually proving they do the bare minimum background research before spouting nonsense online.


Pedro B
China was just an example. The US is also behind countries like Turkey or Thailand in life expectancy.


@Pedro B I got that, my point is that the life expectancy decline data alone does not tells us much per se


Eric C.
The US is widely more obese than China and has more drug overdoses.
China has other mortality problems, primarily wild smoking amongst males and pollution (which disproportionately affects some parts of the country more severely than others).

中国还有其他的死亡率问题,主要是男性吸烟和污染 (对中国一些地区的影响比其他地区更严重)。

phillipa clemons
China has free health care and doesn’t live on McDonald, Kentucky fried or Red Rooster and similar fare, loosely referred to as food


Obesity rates have been rapidly increasing in China yet their life expectancy is increasing but ours is dropping.


EMAN67:RP forum
@Herb615 free Healthcare off sets that.

@Herb615 免费医疗抵消了。

Don Keyshlong
Is it really estonishing that the life expectancy dropped that much un 2020?


Sonia Campbell
Walk around Wal-Mart for 5 minutes. It's not that astonishing.


Cold Forged
Who would find that headline even surprising, let alone “Shocking”?


Dave Nicholson
Rich nation, but most of us are poor! DUH!

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Jordan Lee
our rich die earlier deaths than the rest of the worlds rich as well.


Karine Fonte
As much as American life expectancy might be indeed decreasing, please remember whatever you say about China's statistics MUST ALWAYS ADD THE SENTENCE "according to the Chinese government's statistics, in a country known for distorting and tampering with pretty much everything, numbers included, to look good".

尽管美国人的预期寿命可能确实在下降,但请记住,无论你对中国的统计数据说什么,一定要加一句“根据中国的统计数据,在一个以修改几乎所有事情(包括数字) 而闻名的国家,就为了看起来好一点”。
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Is it honestly hard to believe though? Cigs and alcohol are more frequently used in China but they have far less obesity, adult children care for their parents, and urbanized society means people tend to walk a lot.

真的很难相信吗? 在中国,香烟和酒精的使用更为频繁,但肥胖的人要少得多,成年子女要照顾他们的父母,城市化的社会意味着人们往往要走很多路。

Christos Potamianos
KFC is insanely popular in China. But, point taken, they don’t eat it every day.


Vincent Nielsen
@Christos Potamianos Nor do we..

@Christos Potamianos 我们也没有每天都吃KFC
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Greg Kingston
Healthspan vs lifespan. Take care of yourself and you won't have to be like Joe Biden when you hit 80. Exercise makes your brain bigger and resistant to effects of aging.


Shelton Aragon
Also Chinese people are shorter and exercise a lot more than Americans do


Scott MacLean
The fact that we all know our politicians are owned by the wealthy and we can't seem to do anything about it is a tragedy.


Highly Profitable Fuctktard
Crystal said we have a horrible health care system. Maybe so, but it's still the best in world

Crystal 说我们的医疗系统很糟糕。也许吧,但它仍然是世界上最好的。

John Bemery
Ask not what your government can do for you, ask what you can do for yourself. Eat less, but better. Get outside exercise everyday, in all conditions, make yourself stronger. Focus on healthspan instead of lifespan. Personal health is not something that can be given or bought, it's mostly about managing your own behavior.


Sure people can always do more for themselves but we also need universal healthcare that is available in every other developed country.


John Bemery
@mE2 Our healthcare system is mostly about prescribing palliatives to reduce symptoms, it's too time consuming for doctors to try to solve the root causes. Many symptoms are actually our immune system response to the root cause, so reducing those symptoms may actually be strengthening the underlying problem.

@mE2 我们的医疗系统主要是开处方减轻症状,对医生来说试图解决根本原因太耗时了。许多症状实际上是我们的免疫系统对根本原因的反应,所以减少这些症状实际上可能是加强了潜在的问题。
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Mood Lamp
Money doesn't buy happiness but we live and die for it.


Life expectancy isn't lower because of US healthcare system, but rather one's inability to care for their own health.


That’s pretty bad when ur so rich but ur citizens r dying earlier, life expectancy should always be rising especially when science and tech get better to extend life, something is wrong when life expectancy goes down


Sanjeev Vij
Greatest nation on earth!


It depends. Look at Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore. American beef is popular there. They are highly developed nations / cities. They are all in the top 11 for life expectancy.
There's fast food everywhere. I notice that American fast food in other countries is a bit less unhealthy. The ingredients list for some products are shorter.
People have different lifestyles. Japanese meals often have fried stuff in them but they eat like the equivalent of 1-2 chicken strips. They eat a good amount of veg. Less corn syrup and sugar. Less fat. Portion size is smaller. They walk a lot more whereas americans drive and their communities are often not made for walking.
Chinese primarily eat pork. That is the default meat. Beef will be more expensive than pork and chicken.
Compare drink sizes in US to everywhere else. A small in the US is like a large in other places.


Byron Smith
It's not the beef which is unhealthy, it is all the sugar added to normal foods.


eleventh house of zenith 30
Look up videos on Chinese Street food. Their cooking oil comes out of the sewers.


I live in an asian populated city in Los Angeles...we arent fat here either mainly because we eat our own food which is not in n out or mcdonalds...theres a reason why china town is in every country...we generally stick to our own food and traditions.


Pedro B
Many countries in Europe and Asia have "western diet" and still life expectancy increases. It's expected of any peaceful country. A decrease of life expectancy is a sign of civilizational collapse.


Lets be honest, this is not about health care. It's about daily health and how far the money goes, not how much you have. My grandfather lived to 98. He mostly did his best to avoid hospitals but he had a very active life style and kept his body, and immune system strong by pushing every day. Universal healthcare is just ignoring a bigger rot that would make healthcare more affordable and less necessary.


The highest life expectancy in the world is Hong Kong. That is a semi-autonomous city in China. People walk far more. People are far more health conscious, eat healthier, have smaller portion sizes than the US. There's also traditional food therapy that people consider.
Even poor people will eat quite healthy. Healthcare is accessible for the poor.


Randy Smith
"If everyone is going to the doctor for a runny nose, how will this reduce the cost of healthcare?"
Easy, much cheaper to treat people in community clinics than emergency rooms


EMAN67:RP forum
Fast food, unaffordable health care.


Let’s totally trust their data like we did 2 years ago.


Toni Kaihola
China is one thing but US life expectancy is declining, while other Western nations’ are rising.


Mark Bialik
If you lock a cat in the house, away from the world, it also has a longer lifespan… loses its curiousity, becomes afraid of its own shadow, can’t hunt, etc

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Because Americans are not afraid of their own shadows XD


Hong Kong, a city in China has the highest life expectancy in the world. Japan, Singapore and South Korea are also high. There's also other western nations that are high in the ranks. Even Canada is notably higher up than the US.
US has many factors like people being far more sedentary, huge portion sizes, more unhealthy junk food, inaccessible healthcare for a chunk of the population, less health conscious, food deserts.


Mark Bialik
@theuglykwan yeah, the US has lots of bad reasons for their problems. Doesn’t change a thing about what I said originally though. I’ve been to China multiple times, btw. How about you?

@theuglykwan 是的,美国的问题有很多不好的原因。这并不能改变我一开始说的话。顺便说一下,我去过中国很多次。你呢?

Aaron McConkey
Hmmmm maybe not everybody can afford to eat free range organic anything right? Ever thought about that?

也许不是每个人都吃得起自由放养的有机食品,对吧? 想过吗?

Yeah but we don't have ghost cities


Tom Johnston
Average Chinese IQ is 105 vs 95 for the US. The US should expect to lose to China is many areas.


V Labar Productions
Are people in China actually living though? I would rather live a shorter and more fulfilling life.

中国人真的在生活吗? 我宁愿过一种短暂而充实的生活。

很赞 1