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You'll never guess the reason for these giant holes.


Many buildings in Hong Kong have holes, right in the middle of them.


With a population of over 7 million people, you'd think that space would be at a premium, but these giant holes exist in so many buildings.

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Dragons. And Feng Shui.




The holes are designed to let dragons fly through them unobstructed from the hills to the sea. Blocking the path results in bad Feng Shui which impacts the energy of the entire city.


The holes are known as ‘dragon gates’ and according to feng shui, these holes allow dragons to fly from the mountains to the ocean each day, allowing positive energy to flow through the building as a result.


Chong Sze Tong:
Nice theory but unfortunately it is just a modern day folk lore. The real reason is a set of building guidelines developed by the Hong Kong government in response to complaints of “wall effects” caused by the erection of rows upon rows of high rise buildings. See this CNN article for full details:
Why do Hong Kong high-rises have holes in them? - CNN Style

不错的理论,但不幸的是,它只是现代民间传说。真正的原因是,香港政府制定了一套建筑指南,以应对人们对一排排高层建筑的修建造成的“墙效应”的抱怨。详情请参见CNN的这篇文章: Why do Hong Kong high-rises have holes in them? - CNN Style

Danny Gurr
Don't spoil that myth please!


Mickey Udem
Amazing, thank you.


David Bäckström
One thing doesn’t exclude the other it’s good Feng Shui to open up, which helps dragons.It also stops the upwards winds created by the chimney effect by high rise buildings by creating turbulence in the middle of “the chimney”.


Joseph Fitzsimmons
Oh sure, if you want to believe what the lame stream media tells you. Everyone knows CNN is fake news! The holes are for dragons! Dragons and occasional Krakens, as well.


Bobby Greene
I was hoping in todays world that nobody did or did not do anything because of “dragons”… Good to find the real reason out


Max M. Muster
I call B.S. of smartypants CNN, they are just dissing local folklore and Feng Shui because it's not culturally compatible with Western/American culture. If wall effects were so bad, buildings across the world would have holes from Tokyo to Singapore to Manhattan — they don't all. It's a local Chinese/Hong Kong cultural —spiritual specificity.


CNN even fails to explain that dragons in Chinese culture are good beings, not evil beings like they are thought of in the West.


With property prices as astronomical as in Hong Kong, no one would complain about a “lack of ventilation and light” done away with — yeah right — a comparatively tiny hole in a huge building…

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Raymond Seavey
Unfortunately, people are more interested in cool sounding bullshit than they are in the truth. Quora really has gone to hell these days.


Michael Anderson
Well that makes sense, dragons would easily fly over the buildings anyway


Eva Newman
I’m keeping the Dragons! Great thought that it stops the “wall effect” as well. Win Win.


Peter Walbran
Well this might be true, but I like the dragons much more.


Tek Style
that's exactly it. it is to allow wind to passthrough so it doesn't collapse. it is an engineering design. and also can be used to add an exterior touch such as a garden, balcony or such for the residents to hangout like at a local park while also, enjoying the great view and away from all the craziness at the public level (I think if so, it would only be accessible to the residents)


Pekk Lau
I do believe it is there to create the feeling of space. I@ve been in cities that have continues buildings. Those cities feels like they are constricting you resulting in me feeling bad and not productive.
The feeling was in Hong Kong was much better and I felt more active.

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James Haz
It’s also for when typhoons blow through and it relieves some of the stress on the building.


Fred Haskins
The New South Wales (Australia) Police Academy was sold to the Chinese Dao Monks, one of the main reasons for the purchase was the two opposing arches on the eastern and western walls that allowed the Feng Shui good spirits to pass uninhibited.


Martin Barnes
CNN is known to be anti dragon.


I also thought they were to allow strong winds to go through them to prevent the buildings from collapsing.


Tatiana Sougakova
If the ancients called strong wind - dragons, then both theories are correct and there is no contradiction :)


Kazi Rahman
We can actually design buildings to withstand strongest wind speeds. But collectively these buildings will alter the microclimate and create strange eddies and make the city unpleasant. So the holes prevent swirling and weird wind behaviour in the vicinity of the buildings.


Levent Topakoğlu
Then perhaps it could be possible to install wind turbines in those holes.


Ashley Lynne Ward
You’re right! Either the writer is misinformed or just wanted to see how many gullible people would upvote this nonsense about dragons.


Danny Gurr
You mean dragons don't exist?


How do they persuade the dragons to fly through the holes? Do they use some kind of bait?


Kevin Guerra
nah, all you need is some lubrication for the hole and they're good to go, through it, flying i mean

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Grzegorz Borowiak
Perhaps you don’t have to persuade. Just as you don’t need to persuade a badass aviator to fly under the bridge. It might be in dragon’s nature to fly through holes like that.


Danny De Jesus Cris
There are signs entry and exit like in drive thru, order, pay/pick-up, go.


Eryk Krupka
I thought the reason of those holes would be to prevent swaying of the buildings caused by wind. You can see two-story unused spaces every 12 floors in 432 Park Avenue. They are nothing but the windbreaks.


Andy Cooper
From the dragons I’ve talked to, it’s only the “old timers” who still use the dragon gates. The younger generations see it as an unnecessary tradition since it’s really easy to just fly around or above the buildings. Some of them even refuse to make the daily trip to the ocean which has caused a noticeable drop in positive energy flow in many cities.


Needless to say, as the older generation dies off and the gates get less usage, something will need to be done to increase city flyovers. In a recent study, humans placed floating dragon fruit in the gates with mixed results.


Roberto Romero
Also, younger dragons these days would not be able to fit through those gates anyway.


Andy Cooper
True. Many of them, even after adolescence, continue to live in the lower recesses of their parent’s caves and their parents still do the majority of the hunting.


Nizarimi Abdul Wahab
Aerodynamic maybe?



I think you’re correct. In Hong Kong, the problem of stagnant air due to clustered high-rise buildings is so severe that we have a special term for it, 屏風樓效應. It is often discussed in policy-making and among residents.

Ron Angel
Has anyone photographed the body of a dragon on the ground that hit a building without a hole?please post here.

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Daniel Buttafuoco
Why can't the dragons fly over the buildings?


Danny Gurr
Because, historically, before the sky rises were built, dragons had “sky rights”.
They are entitled to these rights of way for ever.
Obviously these holes have to be placed according to historic “sky ways” as set down in the dragon building laws and principles section 27, sub-section C, clause (iii).


Daniel Buttafuoco
What the hell was I thinking? You're right, of course. I have to brush up on my “dragon laws.”


Joe Ting
Maybe Ukraine buildings could have been designed with this in mind. Russian rockets would magically head straight through the holes on the way to the ocean.


Cherie Cone
Hi Joe! Cherie here. I like the way you think. Or, I can reprogram the Russian rockets to fly through the holes, do a u-turn and go back and bomb the daylights out of wherever launched them.


Alan Heah
Perhaps that is why many skyscraper-ed cities today trap such negative energies that cannot escape.
Including the upcoming The Line, a 170-kilometre long strip in Saudi Arabia.
Any dragon gates planned there?


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