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I have heard many people say that they went to the Himalayas and it changed their life. Where exactly in the Himalayas do they go?


Nadhiya Athaide
In November of 2014, I visited the Thiksey Monastery in Thiksey, Ladakh, India.
The Thiksey monastery is one of the largest Tibetan monasteries in the region and is home to hundreds of monks. Visitors are also allowed to stay in a nice traditional-style hotel near the monastery for as long as they please. Most notably, the monastery has an entirely separate women’s wing for female monks (nuns).


Ladakh is a beautiful unx territory in the Kashmir region renowned for its stunning geography, communal harmony & rich Buddhist heritage. The territory overall has a 40%+ Shia Muslim majority. However, the Leh district that the Thiksey monastery is in is majority Buddhist and Buddhism is the 2nd largest religion in the territory.
Every morning, 2–3 monks blow these long trumpets that produce a powerful sound to signal the commencement of morning prayers.


While there on a Wednesday, I saw a monk chanting in a prayer room. He was chanting a famous mantra called “Om Tare tuttare ture Soha”. This famous mantra is dedicated to the mother of all Buddha’s Tara. This mantra is also said to have mystical healing powers.

在一个星期三,我看到一个和尚在祈祷室里诵经。他念诵着一句著名的咒语,叫做“Om Tare tuttare ture Soha(绿度母心咒)”。这句著名的咒语是献给佛陀度母的。据说这句咒语也具有神秘的治愈能力。
译注来自百度:绿度母菩萨,我国古代称「多罗菩萨」、「多罗观音」,共二十一尊,皆为观世音菩萨之化身。绿度母即二十一尊度母之一,此尊现少女相,全身绿色,一面二 臂,现慈悲相。念诵此尊真言,能断生死轮回,消除一切魔障、业障、病苦等,并能消灾、增福、延寿、广开智慧,凡有所求,无不如愿成就,且命终往生极乐世界。

I had gotten sick on Tuesday and I woke up the next day quite congested & bit miserable, but I wanted to enjoy the rest of my trip. I walked in & quietly sat down in the back to avoid distracting him. He continued chanting this mantra for about 7 minutes.
While I couldn’t understand the words, the hauntingly beautiful notes of his incredible voice moved me to tears. The crazy thing is almost instantly after he finished, my nose cleared, my stomach stopped feeling queasy, and my headache was gone. To this day, I don’t know if this was a sign/miracle or just a weird random coincidence. Long story short, I now listen to this mantra whenever I feel sick or under the weather.

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Shashank Shah
I fist visited Himalayas in the year 2009 and since then there is no looking back..
Perhaps the mountains have made me realize my dreams for life and I just cant afford to lose a year without visiting them.. I have been ADDICTED to them.. and it feels like this entire lifetime isn't enough to visit every place that Himalayas have..
frankly speaking.. I have visited places that seem like the fairyland shown in The Lord of the Rings movie.. within a span of 1 km the nature changes so drastically that you wish someone could invent a camera with 24 hour long battery life and you could just shoot every moment you spend there..
In my opinion, there is no such specific place because every inch of Himalayas is beautiful.. beyond imagination..


How they have shaped my life:
Well, the Himalayas have lead me to pursuing my mountaineering course so that I can conquer some of the peaks and stand atop the world and see how the world looks from the summit.
They have taught me to:
- Appreciate Nature and keep utmost care of them by keeping them clean.
- One-to-one connection between you and Nature.
- Make new friends and listen to their stories.
- Keep my head down and reach my destination before the day sets.
- Introspection.
- Get to know your strengths and weaknesses,
- Help others selflessly.
- Become independent and accept situations as they come in your life, like a drastic change in weather from a bright sunny day to heavy rainfall, which dampens your enthusiasm to 0.
- Stay away from the hassles of city life, technology, world news and just feel the Nature.
- Learn to live with simplicity when the locals welcome you to their house as if they know you for years and offer you the best cooked local food.

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Well there are many more things I can write, but these points should be enough to get you started to visit the Himalayas and experience your experience which is different from everyone else.
Take a look at some of the photos I have clicked while in the Himalayas:


I am always there to guide you through any trips if you intend to go there in the future.. Happy travelling and experiencing the Himalayas.. :D


Vijay Prasad
Well I have been to Himalayas thrice. If you happen to bump into the himalayas even once you are doomed. Yes the Himalayas does change your life but its not like when you chance upon it a magic happens which changes your life instantly.
I have trekked in the sprawling himalayas a couple of times and the following are some of the ways in which trekking in the himalayas has changed my life:


1. In the mountains the people are very very warm & friendly. I don't remember the last time I was invited by a stranger to his home for a cup of coffee. They lead a contended life and basically they are happy with what they have.
2. In the mountains you develop a bonding with your fellow trekkers including the trek leader, cook and pony care taker. A beautiful friendship nurtures beyond caste, creed & sex. The relations we share in the city is never a parameter when it comes to friendship in the hills. Sharing your experiences with your fellow trekkers is a priceless joy which is hard enough to describe in words.
3. In the mountains you get first hand experience of how to adjust with situations and deal with crisis. A bright sunny day can suddenly turn into blizzard. It teaches you on how to tackle the situation effectively. This strenuous activity has taught me myriad lessons on various spheres of life.

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4. In the mountains I learnt the importance of being alive. While negotiating a narrow & steep path I dangerously slipped and was almost about to fall off a 1000 feet vertical drop. The trek leader saved my life. I was more thankful to him than anything else. I also learnt that we should not have any ego's, should not hold on to any grudge, should let go off the past as we will never know when the end will come. We lead such a uncertain life and things may change in just a blx of eye.
5. In the mountains you learn how to deal with limited resources. Food, water and other basic needs are generally scarce. Hunger & thirst on a bright sunny day/snowy day makes us realize back home how we waste food consciously without thinking twice.
6. In the mountains you learn to effectively work in a team by helping each other in crossing obstacles & during injuries/crisis.
7. In the mountains you live a life away from mobile phones, emails and to-do lists which resets our biological clock and infuses fresh energy through digital detoxification.
Sharing some of the pictures which I shot during my trip.

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There are many more things which the Himalayas are yet to teach me. I will keep learning & will disseminate them as & when I learn it :-)..
So what are you waiting for. Book your next holiday and rush off to the himalayas at the earliest.

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Jaideep Singh Negi
Few days back i went to Badrinath, Valley of flower & Hemkund Sahib and while coming back i felt so relaxed, i was smiling with no reason. The sound of flowing water of Ganges was the reason that i coercively smiling and was so attached to mother of all rivers. I think if you want to change your life you should go to the genesis of mother Ganges and its various tributaries. The whole upper range of Himalayas is the genesis of various species of flowers, animals & Herbs that will surely allure you towards her.
Just feel the nature and its origin and you will surely going to feel what's the use of your life. For the last thousands of years she is providing minerals and nutrients to the upper and lower part of India without any remuneration against it. I think that continuation gives us a lesson that life is all about "Karma".
Do visit these places, terrain is a bit tough but nothing comes easy you know :)


Eddie Firmani
I enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing month in Darjeeling in 1978. The everchanging mountain views and the rarefied air was almost like the magical impression given by the movie Lost Horizon. There are several treks from Darjeeling into the Himalayan foothills and I enjoyed those.


Bhanu Prakash C.U
Many people go to different places in Himalayas and it need not be the same for everyone.
I'll share my experience.
Though not life changing, the experience was something great and it boosts the positive energy in you.
I would like to inform that I am an atheist. The places I have visited in Himalayas are considered to be holy.
I have trekked Yamunothri, Kedarnath and Mount Kailash.
The positive energy I'm talking about is not spiritual. But its the feeling that you can achieve any thing if you give your full efforts. Its the joy of accomplishment. The Mt. Kailash was the toughest trek I've taken.
Its the nature in the Himalayas that changes things in you. Its the tough/harsh weather,terrain etc. along with beautiful nature.
So any part of Himalayas can give you a life changing experience.


John Murphy
I spent six weeks around Mt Everest in February 1988.
It was very beautiful but it didn’t change my life.
There’s nothing mystical about living up there.


Andy Kovtun
Mystical stuff aside, there’s a very materialistic reason to say so for many people. Unless you’re a pro mountaineer or a Sherpa, just a traverse trekking is such an effort that you’d better start training very early to have fun doing Himalayas.
I’d say, that’s quite life changing, per se :)


· They realize how beautiful the earth can be in form of mountains, glaciers, rivers, lakes, tress, flowers, birds, animals.
· They realize that they are the part of nature and not there to exploit it.
· They realize their strength and weakness when they climb/ trek through treacherous paths of the Himalayas.
· They realize how peaceful can silence be.
· They realize how little their worries are when compared to vastness of the Himalayas.
· It shatters their ego when they see the massive and unclimbed peaks of The Himalayas.
· They realize their tiny existence when they look up at night sky and see millions of stars of Milky Way.
· They realize how to help everyone is the only way to success.
· They realize euphoria is a state of mind and can’t be gained by materialistic stuffs.


Himalaya is great is wonderful ,Majestic and beautiful. It attracts and call you always . So don't go to the Himalaya ,if you visited once will go again and again ....this is miracle of Himalaya . You feel rest , peace and happiness in the lap of the Himalaya. It gives you strength, balance and peace of life that's why people say that it changed their life.
Whenever you have time trek of the Chander Shila ,Chopta Uttrakhand in winter and at the top of around 14000ft you really feel that ...."You are Divine" ...nothing is after you and before you have the are stable and this peace in the atmosphere is just only for you .You feel that you are the only person on this earth .

如果你有时间……在冬天徒步穿越Chander Shila,Chopta Uttrakhand,在大约14000英尺的山顶上,你真的会感觉到……“你是天选之人”……前无古人后无来者……你有巨大的能量……你是稳固的,大气中的宁静只为你而存在。你觉得你是这个地球上唯一的人。

Kanika Agarwal
But I feel every corner of Himalayas is full of fresh air..positiveness.. Friendliness. And you are so close to nature.
I mean ..I don't know about others..or something like life changing.. Bit..first toh traveling itself is something which gives me happiness..and everybody else too if you agree. Secondly if its Himalayas..everything looks so cool breeze which automatically calms n soothens your mind..n then it makes you think spirituality.. Like yes there is God..who created such beautiful mountains...To be was in the Himalayas..
Was yes a kind of life changing thing for me.


Santosh Parvatikar
The Himalayas stretches from Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh. Anybody who went to any of these states can say they went to the Himalayas…


Most of the places on the Himalayas are pretty enough to leave a lasting impression so you could close your eyes, pick a place and end up with great memories. Having siad that, i will say that if you are looking for peace and quiet with natural beauty, avoid the commercial destinations like Nainital and Shimla to name a couple of places.


Aether AL
I hope all those young westerners who have the means to go looking for a miracle guru in the Himalayas — become first and foremost conscious of their impact on the environment and not only do they not leave any trash behind but participate in cleaning generations of nirvana-seeking-plastic-strowers .. but there’s no way their journey is going to contribute something constructive and positive to the planet ; if they truly cared they’d refrain from going altogether and from partaking in this sacrilegious industry — if you’re looking for the light : look within.

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Ted Dus
Himalayas didn’t change my life, so maybe it’s not exactly the answer you are lookng for.
I’ve trekked in high mountains in Himalaya, Karakorum and the Andes. Every time it wasn’t just an adventure, but also a spiritual experience. In high mountains you are alone with the nature, far from civilisation. The only sounds you hear is the wind or a distant avalanche. You are surrounded by unspoilt, raw, powerful nature, that makes you feel small and humble. It’s like feeling the presence of God (I’m saying this as a non-religious person). It’s a kind of experience that gives you another perspective on life. You see your problems in a different dimension and all the material stuff becomes much less important. You get filled with positive vibes that stay with you long after you return to civilisation.


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