5个鸡蛋的“暖心”故事,引爆保守派和自由派的争吵 (上)
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Dasha Taran
The woman in the picture with a police officer is Helen Johnson from Tarrant, Alabama. She was caught stealing at a nearby Dollar General and the police were called to arrest her. The surprise of all is when the police officer arrived at the scene and asked her what she stole, she said, "Five Eggs To Feed My Hungry Children.". The police officer took her back to the supermarket and bought her groceries to feed herself and her kids. Miss Helena started crying and asked the police officer, "Sir, this is too much for you have done for me...". The police officer replied, "Sometimes we shouldn't apply the law but must apply the humanity!". ❤

照片中和警察在一起的女子叫 Helen Johnson ,来自阿拉巴马州塔兰特。
她在附近的Dollar General 偷窃时被抓,警察被叫来逮捕她。
Helen 小姐哭了起来,问警察:“先生,你为我做的太多了……”。

Sue Medwin
What an undertaking and caring police officer. God bless you Sir


Ella May
Unfortunately in many parts of America for the many years to come there will be more starving children as women are forced to raise babies instead of abortions.
Where are all the pro-life people? They're all crying about what women should do with their uteruses but when it comes to real life effects of no abortion such as this, you won't see them anywhere in sight.


They ain't nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.
Abortion is hardly the biggest issue endangering young lives in America. School children getting gunned down, sex trafficking.
If they legitimately cared about “innocent lives” they'd push for at least stricter checks on gun buyers, tougher penalties for human traffickers. Anti-abortion is just another tool pushed by a bunch of sexists using the Bible as an excuse to control women.
Edit: I believe everyone should practice safe sex. Still, accidents and attacks on females happen. Abortion should at least be available for those cases if not for everyone.
No matter how offended the repliers are, I'm still going to keep the word “hypocrites” in my comment. If they feel called out maybe that's because I'm right.


Michael Taylor
??? Maybe I missed something … who said she needed an abortion, shes just financially down on her luck. Did she say something about never wanting kids because she had no money for food?

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Wes Hessel
Well said. This woman is a good mother. God bless her. That offer showed compassion. But showing her photo and her child's photo not the wisest move

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Chris VanCott
You did miss something…her first sentence you may try to re-read it lol


Wes Hessel
She mad a point but it didn't exactly have anything really to do with the story. This woman is a good mom. My heart goes out to women that feel they can't go thru with pregnancy. There is no easy answer. Just good to see the officer help this woman and her children.


these Democrats are easily bought. They care about nothing, except for what they can get for free. It doesn’t matter the cost. Nothing matters to them, so it should not surprise you that they’ll hang together, hang together


Wes Hessel
That's not accurate at all. Most Democrats work very hard and help others often. Show the Lord's compassion like this office did. You are using a story of compassion to insult Democrats, has nothing to do with Democrats at all.


Camillea Graham
You sound offended? Are you??


Steve P
Yeah, there are many stupid liberal morons on Quora with no ability of reason and logic. Ur right, they are still morons


Wes Hessel
Huh. Democrats are not silly. We are compassion driven like God teaches


Sharon Hendrickson
If Democrats are “compassion driven” as the Lord teaches, then how come they support the FORCED taxation of hard working people so the Government can take their money to do something wrong with it that they are against?


Troy Hendrickson
You miss a lot I bet, her point was valid, don’t be a pharisee


Riley D
She was making a broader point that we force people into poverty and then criminalize them for it. She did not say that this mom should have aborted her kids, but was making the point that women are forced into having kids and then criminalized for trying to feed them. If you want to reduce abortion you would create a society where kids and families dont go hungry


Tom Wise
So, you’re saying the mom would be better off without the pretty little girl in the photo, and the pretty little girl in the photo would be better off dead. Sounds pretty callous, don’t you think?


Victoria August
Why, in the richest country of the world should we be feeding illegal migrants from other nations before we feed and care for our own?


Sue Dhillon
All humans irrespective of where they come from should be taken care of. Any human in need is worthy of love and nurturing, not just people here in America. We should help as many as we can.


Laura Eden
Because we are the richest country in the world! I was raised by the maxim,”From those that much is given, much is expected.”Rose F.Kennedy

我从小就学会了这样一句格言:“给予人的越多,可以期盼的也就越多。”——Rose F.Kennedy

So was I, but I disagree that illegals are fed before citizens. They walk across the border and demand food, water and housing. Yes, they demand it. My cousin works border patrol near Yuma, AZ. And they berate the agents constantly for not meeting them with the things they need. And yes they walk across. They don't crawl under fences, climb over fences or sneak in the dead of night. The gates are open and they walk right in.


Tommy Kingstone
A human being is a human being. The only ones who should be treated as second class citizens are those stupid enough to vote for Trump.


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