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The aircraft maker reportedly excluded Chinese and Russian citizens from boarding a military transport plane at an airshow


Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has issued a public apology after it allegedly barred Chinese and Russian citizens from boarding its A400M military transport plane during a public event held as part of the 2024 Singapore Airshow on Saturday.


Multiple Chinese guests at the trade exhibition posted on social media complaining they had been barred by German military personnel from boarding the Airbus plane, which was owned by the German Air Force, during the Public Day of the airshow.


In a video posted by one Chinese attendee, the woman at the entrance to the A400M informed him they needed to check his nationality “because it is a German aircraft.” She reportedly stated that “Chinese and Russian nationals are not allowed to board the plane.” The same guest claimed to have filmed German personnel “chasing him” away after learning he was Chinese, the Global Times said.


A second blogger said that the Germans had physically attacked him, leading him to file an official complaint with the organizers of the Singapore Air Show, claiming “discrimination against Chinese people.” Chinese visitors were reportedly allowed to board other countries’ military planes.


While Airbus did not explicitly address whether Russian citizens were also excluded as some social media reports alleged, the company acknowledged in a statement that some visitors had “raised questions about access” to its plane and claimed it had “immediately communicated and coordinated with the customer and our Airbus teams at the show to ensure that the aircraft was open to all visitors” for the rest of the event.


The European firm insisted that it “seeks win-win cooperation with the Chinese aviation industry” and aims to be build “bridges of communication” between China and Europe.


Airbus has dominated a growing share of the passenger aircraft market in recent years due to its American competitor Boeing’s long string of potentially deadly manufacturing issues. The Boeing 737 MAX 8’s onboard computer faults sent two planes full of passengers to their deaths in Indonesia and Ethiopia in 2018 and 2019, resulting in hundreds of commercial airliners being grounded for nearly two years. Its replacement, the 737 MAX 9, was also grounded and faced a production ban by US regulators after an Alaskan Airlines flight experienced a blowout in mid-air last month.

近年来,由于其美国竞争对手波音存在一系列潜在致命的制造问题,空客在客机市场的份额一直在增长。2018年和2019年,波音737 MAX 8的机载计算机故障导致两架满载乘客的飞机在印度尼西亚和埃塞俄比亚坠毁,导致数百架商用飞机停飞近两年。上个月,阿拉斯加航空的一架飞机在半空中发生井喷事故后,波音737 MAX 9也停飞,并面临美国监管机构的生产禁令。

Brussels and Washington have long complained about Beijing’s alleged theft and surveillance of western military technology. The US has pressured the UK and EU states to ban Huawei from their 5G infrastructure, lest the company’s equipment turn out to include backdoors feeding sensitive Western data to the Chinese government. To date, no evidence of the alleged capabilities has been made public.


Abdul-Jabbar Zia Usman
Comac has launched a Chinese built plane already. So its just a matter of time before airbus faces serious competition and it will loose. like the west is loosing its manufacturing might to China


Ask whole, billions of Chinese are flying with your airbus. you had no respect for your customers. F O


An American defence company that's is totally racist against certain nationals.


Only Nulanders, sorry Ukrainians could board the plane.


Singapore airshow insincere apology


Signs of a degrading EU, infected by Washington.


“Apology accepted Captain Needa” - Darth Vader


China is one of the biggest market for Airbus planes, now the Chinese are justified in cancelling any existing orders, and make no new orders for Airbus planes, and the Chinese should not make any new orders for Boeing planes either. China and Russia have already started building their own passenger airliners, in a few years it will be fully developed, right when the existing planes they already have from Airbus and Boeing are reaching the end of their service life. China and Russia can sell their planes to the expanding BRICS, which will be 85% of the people on the planet. This stupid racist act will have some major serious blowback to the two western aircraft makers.


Umeshu Tan
The Germans are the MOSST Racist people in the world. They BELIEVED that they are the superior Aryan race... and the others are subhuman... Stay away from them.


Umeshu Tan, Yeah they are so superior that the zio cabal is destroying Germany's economy over Ukraine and sanctions. Sholz is weak and stupid.


Stealing technology by looking at a plane? boarding it we know how it was built? Really? And it’s not racism as racism is racist only when they say it is, so what is it then? Shrouded hate in camouflage?

看一眼就能偷走技术? 登上它就知道它是怎么建造的? 真的吗? 而且这不是种族主义,因为种族主义只有在他们说它是种族主义的时候才是种族主义,那么它是什么呢? 伪装下的仇恨?
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Please exclude Airbus from future Singapore airshow. Racism will nit be tolerated in Singapore. Singapore is a multi racial nation.


Mark T.
western europea owned airbus hates china and the Chinese ppl but loves Chinese $$$ - thats what it is, racism is kind of inborn in those white supremacists ...


Germany has been a Zion Supremacist State since the 1950s

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apology not accepted


This is an indication West is paranoid!


Good. They are spies


Proto Star
Let be real here folks. If you're a Nazi, what do you do? You Nazi up of course! Especially when the evil Chinese engineering types start poking around. Because God knows those Chinese are practically declaring war on the EU and the USA. I mean, remember those 'Chinese Spy Balloons' that were flying all over America like a scene out of "Red Dawn" or something lMao. My fellow Americans, reduced down to blathering idiots who totally believe they are not in the Matrix.

我们面对现实吧。如果你是个纳粹,你会怎么做? 你当然会纳里纳气的了! 尤其是当邪恶的中国工程师开始四处闲逛的时候。因为上帝知道,那些中国人实际上是在向欧盟和美国宣战。我的意思是,还记得那些“中国间谍气球”在美国到处飞,就像《赤色黎明》里的场景一样。我的美国同胞们沦为喋喋不休的白痴,完全相信自己并未身处矩阵(《黑客帝国》)里。

Proto Star, "If you're a Nazi, what do you do? You Nazi up " It's don't. Stop and -1.

“如果你是纳粹,你会怎么做? 你当然会纳里纳气的了! ”如果没有,停止并返回第一步。

Espetrankilho da Silva
Any idiot knows that most of the military intelligence that is spied on is done by people of the same nationality as the spied on countries (or allied countries) and that they receive money and other benefits for these services.

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I don't know what's more stupid... whoever signed the directive to ban it or the company that apologized for the ban.


A citizen who at most... would take some tourist photos...


This is Sinophobia/Russophobia in the vein, but the Chinese market they want...

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The best thing against this is to stop buying anything of Europeans and Americans and do better


Lola Lopez
the Germans will always be nazis...

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Lola Lopez, They're occupied state with a foreign constitution.

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Start producing your own domestic models. About time boeing and airbus become history.


Gennadiy M
If its a PUBLIC airshow, that means there is no secret or sensitive stuff on display anyways. Whats the point of denying them access? Its just racism, clear and simple.

如果这是一场公开的航展,那就意味着无论如何都不会展出任何秘密或敏感的东西。拒绝他们进入有什么意义? 这就是种族主义,简单明了。

Alex B
Russia and China should get together and build a joint venture plane just like the Germans and France

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No to Racism they preach


red bean
The Germans cannot hide its racist mentality. And the stupid thing is to be anti Chinese in Singapore when the majority of its citizens are ethnic Chinese. They are lucky that not untowards happened to them for their racist slur against Chinese.


Most western companies employees sell company data to rivals for


WWIII as soon!


Dan Dawson
bruh do a clearance check for the show if ur gnna nationally discriminate its not a good colour


Dan Dawson, So you simply want to hide the discrimination? And then say in hiding it, that it avoids the bad look?


Airbus's customer relations understanding seems to be zilch and the imbecilic German staff just make things worse. Perhaps they didn't expect non-Europeans to be at the Singapore Airshow!


很赞 24