世界上污染最严重的城市99%在亚洲, 印度占83个
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According to a new report released by the Swiss air quality technology company IQAir, nearly all of the world’s top 100 most polluted cities are in Asia. The vast majority of these are in India, which was also ranked the world’s third most polluted country, after neighbouring Bangladesh and Pakistan. Four are in China’s xinjiang... autonomous region.


India shows China who is the boss, 9 out of top 10 are India cities , Jai Hind


Bharat has never won this many titles before


Achievement of a lifetime unlocked! Proud to be Indian


How is India ranked the 3rd most polluted country and not 1st when 83 of the 99 most polluted cities in Asia are in India?


Not just air quality, ground quality in India also abysmal because people literally pooping in the street while shouting "Jai Shri Ram"


This is India without any significant factories, if they have even a quarter of chinas factory i can't imagine how hellish it is


A boy aged five, with terminal cancer is drowned as his family forcibly submerge him in India's Holy Ganga River in bid to cure him. This is the reality of Rank 111 Hunger Index India. A country that lives in middle ages, superstitious and narrow-minded, with hare-brained delusions of being a Vishwaguru (World Teacher). The smart Indians (<1%) know the reality and the future of this country and queue outside the US consulate for a visa


India always like to be world No 1 , and this time the dream is fullfilled yet it is air pollution


|ndia has been chanting "|ndia superpower by 2020" since 1998. Now, seeing that it didn't materialized, they changed their tune and chant "|ndia superpower by 2047" instead.


|ndia is crying because she was denied an UNSC permanent membership over and over again despite begging for it since 1994. |ndia's Bollywood scxts may have changed over time, but intellectuals can see through the ploy of |ndia. |ndia's motive for an UNSC reform was never about peace or equity. It was all about satisfying the |ndian ego/jealousy and their inferiority comp|ex: If |ndia can't have a permanent UNSC permanent seat, all other countries shall not have it either. Thus, the |ndians are pushing this agenda, the "need" for an UNSC reform, on all social medias.


Congratulations to New Delhi for being the world's most polluted capital 4 years in a row


In the Mumbai slums, slum dwellers share the same neighborhood with India’s and Asia's richest man, Mukesh Ambani. Despite being so rich, he did little to help his countrymen, especially those that live just across his mansion. There is an |ndian saying that says "the life of a cow is more valuable than a Dalit/slum dweller."


I can easily name 3. India, pakistan, bangladesh


This will pass. Remember years ago when all the world's attention was on China's pollution? Now it's clearer and cleaner.


The pollution in Delhi is really horrible. Whenever I visit the city I can see many Delhiites coughing. That lady in the end was correct. It is a known fact that people of Delhi like to show off their wealth. But even the public transport is crowded there. One of the main problem was left out and that is stubble burning.


Every neighbor of India is turning against India because of India's expansionism policies. Countries which India consider its own, such as Maldives and Bangladesh, wanted "India out".


I'm glad our air here in Philippines still not so pollute and still very breathable❤️


Super power country, powered by smog


India's exports to the United States rose 17% last year. While imports from China rose even higher at 29%. In other words, India is now being turned into China's "sweatshop", providing endless supply of cheap labour for Chinese manufacturers to export their goods globally. Now you know why India can only ban Chinese apps and not Chinese goods?


The tragedy is that getting polluted before getting rich

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Comparing India to China is akin to comparing Pakistan to Japan , Bangladesh/Nepal to South Korea , Sri Lanka to Taiwan . One group is influenced by Chinese civilization, the others group is influenced by Indian civilization. Two different class. One is Yellow the others is Brown/Dark. One uses chopsticks, the others uses bare hand. The most developed country in ASEAN is Singapore, a nation populated by predominantly Chinese an East Asian origin people.


One group collectively & consistently ranked within the world top 10-20 in IQ Test, PISA Score, University Rank, International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) & Mathematical Olympiad standing shoulder to shoulder with western world ....while the others group collectively & consistently ranked somewhere in the middle out of 100+ participant nation standing shoulder to shoulder with some failed states & banana republic.
It's like comparing some Africans countries with Europe. No developed countries exist outside of Western & East Asian world.


India joined QUAD for one reason and one reason alone, to counter China's。 unstoppable rise to the top. However, India is running a huge trade deficit with the PRC. Which is definitely not helpful in countering China. Worse, China keeps saying NO to India's constant begging for a permanent seat at the UNSC with veto powers while Indians keep buying Made in China


China's industrial output for 2023 accounted for a staggering 39% of the entire world's overall manufacturing. It's even larger than that of the US, EU, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, India and Vietnam, combined !


Air, Land, Water pollution all at once. And mostly due to people just literally tossing garbage on the streets.


Imagine you're not a smoker but you get a daily dose of smoke to your lungs by only breathing the air in your city.

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Why other asian countries not in list :
Indonesia : small amount of big projects compared to india mega project like Gift cities
Vietnam : same reason but they have major Chinese companies
Phillipines : a tourist country not any major industry there
Pakistan : no.2
Bangladesh : no.1
Again i m not supoorting india but why paxtani people saying bad as their own country is in no.2


How does a country with barely any manufacturing and electrical output compared to its neighbor have this much pollution?


Proud moment for us Indian's we finally did what we achieved this whole time be one of the polluted countries now our goal is to be no 1.


Wait.. anyone knows or wondering what the 1 out of 100 outside of asia is?

等等.. 有人知道或者想知道亚洲之外那1个国家是哪个吗?

Governments in Asia be like : "yes yes, very sad. Anyway, we still have millions of tons of coal and oil that must be sold and burned ASAP"


i enjoyed my time in india and most people were kind. but i think a factor in the pollution is cultural, many people have superclean houses inside but they don't care about throwing trash and the dirt outside

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Cmon India and China, they need to do better.. they got like a third of the world’s entire population. More people more responsibilites.


The Sustainable Development Report by the World Bank ranks India 151 out of 163 nations. In other words, India's GDP growth is unsustainable in the long run. Based solely on government deficit spending and domestic consumption induced by cheap credit. Which led to soaring public debt-to-GDP ratio and a household savings rate of just 5.1%, the lowest in India in 49 years (China = 47%)


ah yeah, the top of the iceberg. again they say the cars is the main problem, not ships, factories, power plants...


Problem India has very corrupted politicians, everything has only a say,they wanted to do and do that but never has them done !but always compare with other countries, politicians telling their citizens, about future that never will come true of money belongs to them and the rich ! So how can this country go away with pollution ?


Lol They won't talk about pollution in china but want to spend time talking about India. How convenient? Always look at problems everywhere but within yourself


I would prefer time in prison to visiting India. Truly contains the worst of mankind.
That Poor Brazil Biker and her husband thought India was just another country. How wrong they were!

我宁愿待在监狱里也不愿去印度。这个国家真的包含了人性中最糟糕的部分。 那对可怜的巴西骑行者和她的丈夫以为印度只是另一个国家。他们错了多么离谱!

More automobiles ,vehicles means the country is a superpower with $10 trillion GDP as per the supremo .


The industry in this country is still underdeveloped. Why is this happening?


Fun Fact: What makes India the 3rd most air polluted country in the world is NOT because of cars and factories. Take a guess what then.


Hey, that's the price you pay for democracy, people can do whatever the F they want. We have that here in the US too, but in the form of black ice.


Well, China also had this phase, maybe it's going to be India's turn, and at the same time, generate all that sweet moolah.


No wonder their street food is even dirtier.

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As a indian i can say indian middle class and lower class will face consequences of this pollution abou 80% of total population


They show their cars off LOL, true, just like how they do it here in canada with their dodge chargers.


Currently India is on building phase. Every country was polluted at that time.


We asian, ( china India and all others) are factory of world and factory does some pollution I challenge western nation who are criticizing us to manufacture the product as much as with low pollution


Air are not safe in India ,only cows are safe in India


Believe me, democracy and hinduism will get everything better and better and better and better! India will be a superpower, and will surely have the cleanest air, water and toilets all over the country!

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Of all G20 countries, India is the only lower middle-income country. Lower middle-income economies are those with a GDP per capita between $1,136 and $4,465 btw. India is only in the G20 due to its population size, that's all to it


Unfortunately this is quite normal, India is a very populated and fast developing countrie, in one decades things will go better.


Maybe all of these green initiatives should be directed here, not first world nations that already have (relatively) clean air.


That is scary. South Asia must take urgent action toward environmental conservation.


Tis what happens when you agree to makes the worlds goods cheaply and with no environmental oversight.

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You all have been misinformed. India is a very developed country, and by 2025 will take over the US as the world number 1 superpower. The whole country (literally all cities, towns and villages) are clean, modern and futuristic, with zero crime rate and zero pollution. Its capital New Delhi has clear blue sky and is renowned for being the cleanest and greenest city on earth.


Its not a bad sign its a sign of countries development As new startups and industries are booming here,Cry harder China !!


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