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Susanna Viljanen
Most sufficed with one (at time) and there were three reasons for it:


1.The only known methods of contraception where the rhythm method and condoms. Without hormonal contraception, getting an unwanted pregnancy was simply too big a risk.

1. 当时唯一已知的避孕方法是节育法和避孕套。没有激素避孕药,怀上不想要的孩子是一个风险太大的问题。

2.There was no social security system for single parents. “Bastard” is a swear word for just this reason. Abortions could easily lead into death of the mother as well as the unborn child. Abortion was considered a murder.


Adultery was a crime, and in the Viking era Scandinavia it was a capital crime. Getting pregnant out of wedlock or as a result of adultery would mean death in the Viking society - and if a man was caught from fornication in flagranto delicti, he too would lose his head. The Christian society was more tolerant, but not much.

3.通奸是一种犯罪,在维京时代的斯堪的纳维亚,这是一种死罪。在维京人的社会里,未婚怀孕或因通奸而怀孕都意味着死亡—— 如果一个男人被抓到正在通奸,他也会被砍头。基督教社会更加宽容,但也不多。

On the other hand, people tended to marry young, everyone was supposed to marry, deaths and getting widowe[er]ed was commonplace, and widow[er]s would re-marry quickly. Divorces were rare, but did occur. Since family and extended family line had much stronger importance than it is today (your family was basically your only social security besides the Church), being single was ingredients for a catastrophe.

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Brothels were common, and noblemen tended to have mistresses besides their wives. This was not as common amongst the bourgeoisie, where inheritance of property was an issue and one single illegitimate son could ruin everything. Rape was a capital crime, but armies tended to commit mass rapes while on campaign.


Niko Vasileas
It would be impossible to say “on average” because we are talking multiple nations, cultures, thousands of years of history and different classes—even commoners were not always in the same class. Also, while this is a bit disturbing we most consider consenting and non consenting sex partners.


In antiquity and parts of the middle ages where slavery was common slaves could be used sexually by master or a member of the household. Invading armies were famous for raping and carrying off “war prizes.”


Wives would probably be expected to only have had sex with a husband, which depending on the time and or place, may have simply been one man, or if widowed or divorced may have been married off to others. In some places—especially remote areas large families may marry off an unwanted, younger daughter who would be used as a sex slave often by her father-in-law or if her husband was much older.


At the same time prostitutes would have had several partners. In some cases they were pitied “soiled doves” in other they were sacred and worked out of temples, the “handmaidens of Aphrodite.”


Husbands would have had their wives and possibly access to prostitutes or mistresses. Homosexuality and bisexuality would have gone on, again depending on the time and place with varying degrees of approval, but disapproval of sex hasn’t ever stopped anyone before, then or since.

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Larry Jeffery
Considering how much the authorities tried to reduce it there must have been a lot. 20 per cent of the population in the Roman world were slaves, public sex not uncommon, bars were very common as we're brothels. You can still see sexual graphics on the walls of bars in Ostia , Pompeii and elsewhere. People always seem to have wanted sex. Ironically today in spite of all the prohibitions and obsessions illicit sex is common in Muslim countries.

考虑到当局试图减少性行为的频率,罗马世界人口中有 20% 是奴隶,公开性行为并不罕见,酒吧和妓院非常普遍。在奥斯提亚、庞贝等地的酒吧墙上仍然可以看到性相关的图像。人们似乎一直都渴望性爱。具有讽刺意味的是,尽管今天存在许多禁令和对违法性行为的执念,但在穆斯林国家非法性行为却很普遍。

Gwydion Madawc Williams
Everyone was under heavy social pressure to marry. The rich could also pay for sex and visit brothels, and the richest openly kept mistresses.
The Greek upper class included open homosexuality, but it seems not the lower classes. Likewise but less open for the Romans, and largely forbidden in media Europe.
Deaths and remarriages were also common - note the Wife of Bath in the Canterbury Tales.
Armies in all three did a lot of rape, particularly when cities were captures.


Thomas Musselman
There was no Shere or Kinsey report to poll people but historians are confident that use of prostitutes was extremely common; how many people also engage in serial monogamy is not known.


After the Punic war victory Paterculus observed “Rome gave herself up…to pleasure….Ovid, Virgin, Horace, Catullus, Tibullus and Petronius presented male-male and female-female sex in a manner that exemplified later Roman casual attitude toward such conduct.” Pompeii had 35 brothels alone.

在布匿战争胜利后,帕特库卢斯说:“罗马沉溺于...享乐之中…奥维德、维吉尔、荷拉斯、卡图卢斯、提布卢和彼特罗尼乌斯以一种后来罗马人对这种行为的随意态度为例展示了男男和女女性行为”。单单庞贝就有 35 家妓院。

And for “the ancient Greeks, the concept of sexual sin simply did not exist”. “Greek men were generally free to pursue premarital and extramarital sexual pleasure”. Women of the upper class were not. Brothels were common and legal.


Clarence Sherrick
Such information is impossible to determine as records concerning such matters have never been compiled.
One could assume that such activity varied from individual to individual in each society.
There were plenty of brothels in the cities of ancient Greece and Rome, so sex for purchase was readily available if you could afford it.


However, the average male in Catholic Medi Europe was a peasant farmer and due to the powerful religious proscxtion against pre-marital sex. he was, on average, very likely a virgin until marriage.


This did not occlude the occasional farm animal, hand usage and possibly an experiment with another male.
There were very likely a few attractive peasant males that probably notched their belts a few times with several precocious farm girls.
However, this was more likely to occur between well off upper class males instead. Males that had means had a far better chance of getting sex in any era..


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Jim Chlier
The most concrete way to answer this question would be to do careful genetic analysis over time and see which DNA appears more or less often. Doubt anyone’s done that though.


Consider that prostitution was an on-going concern, meaning not only that there were women having sex with lots of men, there were men out for sex outside relationships. Also, that that when we get records later, illegitimacy was pretty common. Then you look at the sexual behavior of people today from morally strict groups like Born-Again Christians - who certainly have adulterous affairs and out of wedlock children, though I don’t know specific figures (at least one couple of Christian singers got caught having an affair and of course Sarah Palin’s daughter, perhaps not born again, but certainly raised with an abstinence-only view, has had two children outside marriage). What this tells us, as does much hard data over time, is that a strict religion does not necessarily result in the corresponding behavior.


Add all this up and I’m inclined to think men often had sex with at least their wife and often several other women over their lifetimes. Women had good reason to be more cautious, but again, children were born out of wedlock, so they weren’t always being careful either. Still, I’d guess fewer women had more than one partner, but it seems very likely many did.


Gabriel W
There’s two factors; marriage and brothels. Neither the ancient Greeks/Romans nor medi Europeans practiced widespread polygamy in the way that the Egyptians or Mesopotamians did, so they were limited to one spouse. However, the different values of these civilizations also come into play. In medi Europe, Christian doctrine forbade all kinds of extramarital relations, but in antiquity, there was more freedom. Brothels were openly visited by all classes of society, and a man was allowed under Roman and Greek law to sleep with any of his servants, whether they liked it or not.
So, in short, the archetypal Medi citizen was limited to one partner, while the Greeks and Romans had more extramarital relations.


John Harland
This seems like a variant of the question “am I normal”?
It is very difficult to get accurate information about the sexual mores of most eras of history because while people’s sexual adventurousness covers a wide span from monogamous to utterly indiscriminate, most people of any era will be quiet about any deviation of their own behaviour from what their society regards as “normal”.


Bailey Mattson
This answers covers medi Europe only.
Well it really depends.
See the churches really hated sex. Like, they weren't just against prostitution. They were against all sex unless you were married and planned to have children.
But it varies. Prostitutes had many, many partners. But they're not “"average”, really.
The really common man/woman would have around one to two partners. Sex outside of marriage and without the spouse was very taboo, and while many men used brothels, many also were afraid to commit adultery.


Adulta Plus
We as a whole realize that cutting edge individuals didn't develop sex. Therefore, certain individuals have thought about the number of sexual accomplices it that was normal for individuals in antiquated and bygone eras to have inside their lifetimes.

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This is a hard inquiry to respond to in light of the fact that the quantity of sexual accomplices that an individual in old or bygone eras had inside their lifetime relied upon a wide exhibit of variables, which incorporate the individual's character, orientation, and monetary status, as well as the overall setting in which the individual ended up living.


Moreover, we don't actually have an adequate number of information to say precisely exact thing the "normal" number of sexual accomplices for an individual in the pre-current world was. The majority of our enduring proof comes from sources composed by friendly elites. This makes it considerably harder to know precisely the number of sexual accomplices it that was normal for customary individuals to have.


Since there is such exceptional change across societies, for this article, I will zero in on what we are familiar the quantity of sexual accomplices individuals in old Greece could be anticipated to have. Large numbers of the things I'm going to say, however, can be applied from an overall perspective to other old societies too.

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Character is likely the main element here by a wide margin. Similarly that individuals with various characters have various degrees of interest in having sexual accomplices today, exactly the same thing was valid in ancient times. There were a few men in old times who might engage in sexual relations with an alternate individual consistently if conceivable.


Ron William
The question might be rephrased as since biblical times which would include harems and etc which were actually owned/run by sexual traffickers.


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