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Feifei Wang
You mean if we somehow solve global warming, and AI hasn’t killed us, and we haven’t killed ourselves with nuclear war… I don’t think there will be a sole superpower going forward.

你的意思是,如果我们设法解决了全球变暖问题,人工智能没有杀死我们,核战争也没有毁灭我们自己…… 我不认为未来会有唯一的超级大国。
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So, the idea of a global superpower was actually a pretty new concept. It came out of the Cold War era of arms races and proxy wars between the US and USSR. I felt that first the British Empire and then the US becoming the supposed “dominating” power in the world were more of historical outliners that happened under very specific circumstances. For The British Empire, it was colonialism and the beginning of true globalization. For the US, it was WWII + Cold War + Doomsday weapon. It’s not a rule. Our history wasn’t filled with world superpowers. Sure, we have plenty of empires that dominated a certain region for a (often short) period of time, but never a “world” power.

所以,全球超级大国的概念实际上是一个相当新的概念。它源于美苏冷战时期军备竞赛和代理战争的时代。我认为,首先是英国帝国,然后是美国成为世界上所谓的“主导”力量,更多的是历史上在非常特定情况下出现的例外。对于大英帝国来说,它是殖民主义和真正全球化开始的标志。对于美国来说,则是二战 + 冷战 + 末日武器。这并非一个常态。历史上并不总是存在着世界超级大国。诚然,历史上存在过许多在特定区域(通常时间短暂)占主导地位的帝国,但从未出现过真正的“世界”霸权。

I don’t think we will ever have that kind of circumstance for that kind of consolidation of power to happen, (short from another World War will most likely become a nuclear war, and we all die…)


Despite never winning a single war after WWII, The US undoubtedly commanded the greatest most powerful army on earth and a nuclear stockpile enough to blow all of us to kingdom come. So if you’re talking about sole military superpower, I felt that the US would clinch on that with the last penny of its budget. The US would let its economy die before it reduced its defense budget.


But with nuclear weapons on the table, we are (thankfully) more cautious with large-scale ground wars that involve countries from the Security Council. So at the end of the day, the most powerful, most advanced, most well-equipped, and well-trained army is just an ego-booster for Americans.

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I think more and more people realized it makes more money to work together and trade than go to war.
I think and I hope 2100’s world wouldn’t have a superpower. But everyone collaborates with each other, everyone trades with each other, and we all get rich quick.

我希望,也是我所期待的,2100 年的世界将不会存在超级大国。而是所有人互相合作,所有人互相贸易,我们都将快速致富。

Michael Phi
On longer timefrx, I think India will be. A lot of Indians are already CEOs of giant tech company. They have growing population with adequate resources. A lot of people think China will. Could be for short period of time, but China having huge problem with their birth rate and future population. If they can’t fix it somehow by 2050, India will eventually outgrow them. Meanwhile, the US can still remain the throne, if there is a civil war or a revolution that fix the damn current goverment. Russia could be a good canidate as well. To be honest, it is pretty ambigous right now and it could be anyone game. Nevertheless, India looks very promising with current trend and data. In order to become a super power, you need good amount of land/resource, decent working population, strong culture/religion, political policies. The US has bad culture problem. China has population problem. Russia has policy problem (too hostile). So India is on track to become the next superpower. And btw, I am not Indian, just an observer.


Larry Evans
Is that really a serious question? We don’t know what’s gonna happen next week. Think about it a minute, in the 1950’s, who in the hell saw China being the big a player that it is.


Honestly, I don’t think the planet will still exst in its current configuration. Moreover, I don’t really care. I don’t expect to live more than the next ten years. If Jesus Christ hasn’t returned by 2100, it will be the World Order running things and everyone will be a slave. But that’ll be AFTER the 5 BILLION useless “eaters and consumers” have been eliminated from vaccines, more pandemic's, useless wars, endless terrorism, government oppression and the friendly offer of a kind Euthanasia like what happened in the 1973 movie “Soylent Green” (which was set in 2022, btw).


It’s already happening in Canada. Just a few weeks ago, there was a report of medical malpractice in Canada. A girl went into surgery for something like an appendectomy and instead found herself with both arms amputated. By way of apology, the hospital offered her Euthanasia. I don’t know what she chose. I’d probably go with their offer.


Douglas Hilton
The unx of Nations. Putin's invasion of Ukraine has cost the global economy several trillions of dollars. A unx of the most advanced nations should eventually invite enough develo nations to join, that future wars will be extremely limited and of short duration.
The unx of Nations will eliminate all corrupt practices. To incentivize nations to join, the unx of Nations assumes all federal government debt.


Sai Doddi
Easily India. India's GDP will overtake China's GDP in 2060. India will then take the top spot and continue to rise as China will decline due to lesser able workforce. India will continue to flourish and will become the world super power and remain so until 2100 as more of its workforce is induced into the economy.


Sudhansh Singh
Predicting which country will be the sole superpower in the year 2100 is highly speculative and uncertain, as it depends on numerous geopolitical, economic, technological, and social factors that are difficult to forecast accurately over such a long time horizon. Additionally, the concept of a single "sole superpower" may evolve or become less relevant in a multipolar world characterized by diverse power dynamics and shifting alliances.
That said, some analysts and scholars have suggested that China could emerge as a dominant global power by 2100, given its rapid economic growth, technological advancements, and geopolitical ambitions. China's expanding influence in various domains, including trade, finance, infrastructure development, and military capabilities, has led to speculation about its potential to challenge the United States' status as the world's preeminent superpower.


However, it's essential to recognize that the future is uncertain, and numerous geopolitical, economic, and societal factors could shape the global landscape in unpredictable ways over the next century. Other countries and regions, such as India, the European unx, Russia, and emerging economies in Africa and Latin America, could also play significant roles in sha the balance of power on the world stage.


Brette Geofferey McCalistter
Call me crazy, but my bet is on Gibraltar. Here’s why:
It holds a geographically and tactically superior position. With the use of a little force, it can close off all access to the Mediterranean.
It boasts direct trade routes to France, the UK, Africa, all prominent trading regions.
It borders Spain to the north (weak), Morocco the south (weak), and Algeria to the east (mostly desert so easy to traverse militarily)
It has a cool name.
You might doubt me now, but just know that I’ll be laughing my head off when you’re all indentured servants to the Empire of Gibraltar.


Ian Chamberlain
China assuming they keep develo their industrial base and export markets. The United States is rich but the Chinese sell products in bulk around the world. I can buy a diesel heater for my boat that would cost me £100 if I buy it from a company in China. The same style, capacity, efficiency and longevity of heater in the western world would cost me £700+ . This means I could buy two, keep one and sell one for profit and still be at least £300 better off if I buy from China. I should have been born in China


There is no question in my mind, it will be China; China is astute in international relationships and how to pit one nation and its leaders against another. It has already stated it will replace the US as the world’s only superpower by 2049.
The US has never had an effective and knowledgeable diplomatic corp which at its best is robotic in the performance of its duties.
China is a nation with a 2000 year history of politcal and negotiations.
It has learned from its past and brought the study of other nations’ thinking and activities with its successes and failures to an art form.


Wade Biggs
China, then India, possibly the United States again. It will have to be a nation with the industrial capacity, resources and population. The days of island nations being a superpower died with Great Britain.


According to the WEF and UN by 2030 the USA won't be thr superpower anymore. Instead it will be dominated by multiple powerful nations working together in a globalist coalition (new world order). These countries according to the UN/WEF will be led by China .


West Coast What
Likely a united Africa.
Or a united and brand new Antarctica.
or even perhaps Russia, Canada & Greenland (once all that snow melts).


Ron Richards
That’s 76 years from now. A lot can happen between now and then. Fact is, my being a Christian and knowing a little bit about Biblical prophecy, I think the only superpower long before then will the world leadership led by Jesus Christ. In fact I believe his return is right around the corner. By 2030. Visit some of my other postings on Quora explaining why if you really are that interested.


Bert Wolfe
The 20th century was The American Century. The 21st century will be The Chinese Century. The American Century IS OVER! The sooner that Americans from the highest councils of government in Washington, DC to the average American on the street accept that, and start adjusting American foreign policy to that reality, the better off both the United States of America and the rest of the world will be.


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