印度多地遭遇热浪 已致多人中暑死亡
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Over 60 people have died of heat stroke across the country amid record-high temperatures
As temperatures in parts of northern India, including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Bihar, have soared past 50C (120F), reports of fatalities have poured in. Over 60 people are believed to have died of heat stroke in the past several days, Indian media reported on Friday.


In Bihar state, at least 18 people have died of heat-related ailments within 48 hours, officials said on Friday, according to the Indian Express. This includes eight officials who were deployed for election duty. Polling in Bihar, one of the most populous states in the country, is being held during all seven phases of the election.
The government of Bihar has ordered the closure of all schools and coaching institutions until June 8 due to the severe temperatures.


As many as 41 people have died of suspected heat stroke in the last 24 hours in Odisha – an eastern Indian state on the Bay of Bengal – the Hindustan Times reported, citing local medial officials. Odisha is witnessing its longest heatwave in nine years.
In Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, two children have reportedly died of heat stroke, according to the Times of India. They were rushed to the hospital after falling ill, but were pronounced dead on arrival.


Earlier this week, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) issued a red alx for Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat, warning of a ‘very high likelihood’ of heat illness and heat stroke across all age groups. On May 29, the Mungeshpur area of New Delhi reportedly recorded a temperature of 52.9C – the highest in the country’s history. However, the IMD later said the reading could be due to a fault in the sensors and was likely inaccurate.


The high court in the state of Rajasthan urged the federal government on Thursday to declare the heat wave a national emergency. “We do not have a planet B to which we can move onto... If we do not take strict action now, we will lose the chance of seeing our future generation flourish forever,” the court reportedly said.
Meanwhile, at least three high courts in the nation’s capital have permitted lawyers to discard the customary robes and coats for the summer, Reuters reported. While India’s Supreme Court and most high courts have air conditioning, many lower courts and consumer forums depend on fans and have poor ventilation, the report said.


The heatwave is raging on amid the ongoing general election in the world’s most populous county. On Saturday, the seventh and final phase will be conducted in 57 constituencies across eight states. According to reports, paramedics will be deployed to polling stations on Saturday to provide first if necessary.
Earlier, the country’s independent election body set up a task force to review the impact of the heatwave and move the polling stations if needed. The heat has been cited as a potential cause for lower-than-usual turnout in the election.


Srinivas Injeti
More solar power for us. Less traffic on the roads. More water conservation methods put to practice. Less spending of money. It is a win win situation for us.


bob jack
Modi doesn't care about climate change you got what you deserved


Russia will provide cheap energy for electricity and China will supply cheap air conditioners.


Breathing hurts with temperatures this high. And most people in India cannot afford air- conditioning.

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Poor people, my sincere condolences to their families.


just use old fashioned mercury or alcohol thermometers and you will not see these kind of "magical errors" that reinforce climate narrative.


that's rough. In 1930:S 10 times more people died in USA due to heat, with a population 1% of India.


"However, the IMD later said the reading could be due to a fault in the sensors and was likely inaccurate." Everything is allowed by the Climate church, to push the narrative.


Keeps happening everywhere. Maybe it is climate change.


I remember reading old English texts about these heat waves in India, and it keeps getting hotter... With more than 1.5 billion Indians now, fatalities might get higher...


Kaisar Stardio
This is what happens when you commit yourselves for relentless deforestation, "infrastructure development" on the place of wildlife reserves and mass chemical spraying in the skies. The rapidly diminishing �� cover in the country is one of the main factors behind such scorching heat waves. Everyone should also look at the inhumane nature of construction works in India and elsewhere. The capitalists and their contractors sleep in air conditioned rooms whereas the poor labourers suffer in agonizing heat. Is that what a "large economy" looks like?


Anthony Raymond
I will have to keep an eye on this as the Australien Govt told me that the 'Excess Mortality' during Covid was brought about by 'Climate Change'.

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Vava Oliveira
Above-average rains and devastating floods everywhere, followed by periods of intense droughts and scorching temperatures, cataclysms, earthquakes, devastating hurricanes like never before, biomes and species disappearing at breakneck speed. What else needs to happen so that we understand that the planet can no longer support us and our way of life and that we need to change? And it's not just about greenhouse gases, it's all wrong. The way land is occupied, changes to the planetary surface, with the landfilling of humid areas and deforestation, the accumulation of huge skyscrapers that have an extremely impact on the environment, etc.


USA has been working to rig climate for decades. USA sprays tons of chemicals over USA almost constantly. crisscrossing the sky with their chemical trails. On top of that, there is what USA calls their HARP program designed to cause "natural disasters". Maybe India should be looking at the Mass burning of Native Hawaiians that occurred with full consent and cooperation by Hawaii officials.


Those who are brainwashed into denial of human caused climate change are in for painful surprises. Venus is a good example of high atmospheric carbon dioxide, mid day temperature there is near 315° C (600° F).


I live in the Panamint Mountain Range above Death Valley in Nevada...I have adapted like a Gila Monster. Stay Away or Die...D'ont Tread On Me.


Garry Compton
I'm totally convinced that the US and Norway { dba Elitist } are using the weather weapons on certain countries , in order to punish them or just to show the Leaders that they need to align with the One World Order - Turkish/Syrian earthquake was another terrorist attack.

我完全相信美国和挪威(即精英)正在对某些国家使用天气武器,以惩罚它们或者只是向领导人们展示他们需要与世界一体化秩序对齐 - 土耳其/叙利亚地震是另一次恐怖袭击。

Christopher Ott
Delhi's hottest day of the year is usually witnessed between 26 and 30 May, with an average high of 42 °C (108 °F) and low of 27 °C (81 °F). So this is not so unusual. Just pushing the climate change agenda.

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tony p
I live in a hot country (Australia) and 50deg is hot. You can easily die in that.


Craig Read
What a joke. Same as the Delhi Rona 'scariant' which was killing millions of Indians - except it was from the stabs. Last year it was cold. Year before normal. Year before that a little hotter. Next year it might be cold wet and raining. Grow up FFS.

真是个笑话。就像德里的“Rona”恐慌一样,它导致了数百万印度人的死亡- 除了这是因为注射。去年很冷。前年正常。再前一年有点更热。明年可能会又冷又湿,下雨。成熟点吧,见鬼。

Re-criminalize child porn and watch what happens


Don Graham
Climate change is to blame ? The climate is always changing and always will !! Indian heat waves are NOT new , they have been happening for thousands of years and probably a lot longer . refer to the British Raj150 years ago when the British occupied India , all they talked about in their writings was the heat , soldiers dying from it , couldn't go out in the midday sun etc etc . So why suddenly has it become a problem ? Many things but one would be Indian people are just not used to the heat anymore , they have many ways of avoiding it , some have air con , many have electric fans , better housing and shelter , obesity and too much sugar in their diets , yes sugar . When you eat sugar your body temperature increases and your ability to shed heat declines . Excess sugar consumption and diabetes is a major major problem in India. In hot weather you should only drink water , not drinks chock full of sugar as most are , you will just feel hotter !

气候变化是罪魁祸首? 气候一直在变化,而且永远都会变化!印度的热浪并不新鲜,它们已经发生了几千年,甚至可能更久。回顾150年前的英属印度时期,当时的英国占领者所写的东西中,他们总是谈论炎热,有士兵死于高温,中午无法外出等等。那么为什么突然间成了问题呢?有很多原因,其中之一是印度人不再适应高温了,他们有许多避开高温的方式,有些人有空调,许多人有电风扇,有更好的住房和庇护所,肥胖和饮食中过多的糖分,没错,是糖。当你摄入糖分时,你的体温会升高,散热能力会下降。过量摄入糖分和糖尿病在印度是一个非常严重的问题。在炎热天气中,你应该只喝水,而不是喝满糖的饮料,因为大多数饮料都是如此,你只会感觉更热!

I cannot even imagine being outside in 52C heat -- never mind trying to do work there like that ... at 35C it is pretty much impossible to cope.


According to Yellen/Secretary for US Treasury, India has overcapacity in human resources! That's over produced too many human parasites or Bharatsites. These people are redundant, a burden to India and a liability to the world at large! Advanced technologies in AI and Robotic machines CAN replace them!


Richard S
Liars again! The $greens$ also predicted NY and Florida would be under a foot of water, some 10 years ago now. Lol! So the climate crazies don’t know anything. And they certainly would not tell you the truth, even if they did. It’s not in their business interests to remind people of how badly co2 theory already failed to change anything, after drastic and immediate 80% cuts worldwide during Covid lockdowns, for many months and many years in some cases.


Paul Chan
The subcontinent is isolated by the Himalayas system of mountains, preventing air current flowing north and south, this is a geographical disadvantage. Water conservancy is inadequate, rendering India in a circle of drought and flood.


45 times more likely, really? To put it in a simple analogy. If the time scale was in a 24 hr day and preindustrial was 5 am and it’s now 2 pm. We blame industry going on during the day for the warmer temperatures since this morning. Human CO2 levels are tiny compared to anything in nature and total CO2 is 0.04 % of the atmosphere, which has not increased in 50 years. If it goes below 0.02 plants stop growing. If it goes to 0.08 it would take several decades and more plants would grow, producing more oxygen. The earths weather is cyclical.


We need to put it in perspective and consider that the Earths temperature has been steadily FALLING over the past 5 million years and is now far cooler than before and has much less CO2 in the atmosphere.


Shovels N' Shrubs
Dang, I guess I'll stop griping about the triple digits we're in store for. 122°F is too much for me!


This is very tragic. Hopefully the Indian authorities will urgently drop their notorious neglect and assist the unfortunate population.

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Rush 5
Prior to that Alwar, also in Rajasthan, had held the record of maximum temperature in India, at 50.6 degrees Celsius in 1956.


Mayo Carditis
If you can classify a peak solar flare cycle as climate change then yes its climate change

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What do they expect in that grossly overpopulated sewer, hundrers of millions in extreme poverty, holy! cows and humans crapping all over, holy rivers full of half burn corpses, the stench of filthy cities waffting for miles, utter hell is just beginng and greed is their one true god. Tech and so on will waste away as mother nature wipes away its diseases.


bob jack
Modi live in nice cozy air condition while his people live in under the extremely hot sun hahahahaha Modi is a fraud.


Before you blame climate change remember the industrialization of India contributed to making it hotter, with industrialization there are more cars, more generators, more transformers, more powerlines and distribution lines, more trains, more complex machines generating heat. Making all the cars electric will only solve 20% of the problem. Remember in India people are still allowed to start fires for burning waste and other materials. So before you rush to blame climate change remember that when an extremely populated hot nation is industrializing at such a fast pace, things like this will happen


I experience 40+ degrees a longtime ago in Corfu, I was melting even swimming. I don't fancy going to the middle-east latitude to experience this sort of nightmare. I hold out thoughts for natures survival.


很赞 7