印度极端热浪:孟买城市贫民和富人如何应对 | 不平等的热浪
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印度极端热浪:孟买城市贫民和富人如何应对 | 不平等的热浪

India’s Extreme Heatwave: How Mumbai's Urban Poor And Affluent Are Coping | An Unequal Heatwave

印度极端热浪:孟买城市贫民和富人如何应对 | 不平等的热浪
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As the city of Mumbai, India, bakes in an extreme heatwave in 2024, how does where one lives impact one’s capacity to cope? In the suburb of Bandra, the affluent live side by side with residents of the slums. We find out how successful entrepreneurs Shraddha and Raghav, who live in a spacious apartment, as well as auto rickshaw rider Feroz and his family, deal with the extreme heat.
Can one NGO’s roof initiative help slum dwellers, who have no access to air conditioning or expensive home retrofits, deal with extreme heatwaves forecasted in the years ahead? Vivek Gilani of the Fairconditioning Foundation talks about the solutions needed.

一个非政府组织的屋顶计划能否帮助贫民窟居民应对未来几年的极端热浪?公平空调基金会的Vivek Gilani谈论了所需的解决方案。

Rich lady is such a cringe.


Nice exhibit of curves.


The rickshaw driver has a loving wife. That should be every mans goal.

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The Rickshaw driver's family and emotions are so authentic. They seem to be contented and make the best of their situation amidst all the troubles they face. They are a true inspiration for all of us that whine about minor inconveniences.


Keeping fishes in such a worst situation didn't expected from riches. 0:57


that is exactly what's expected from just showoff riches.


Very sad looking fish tank


Agree. Neglected fish tank. Seems like they don't have time and just brought it to please their son


That was the first thing I noticed.


Yeah Man, fishes are kept in worst situation.


I thought the same. It shows a lot about what her and her family think of other living beings.

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@Shmeemy they do have a wholesome relationship as husband and wife

@Shmeemy 但他们夫妻俩的关系确实很好。
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I am sorry, but I find the affluent lady so ignorant. I mean come on, you won't lose your life if you don't use swimming pools during the summer. Just to facilitate the rich, the poor and middle class are suffering. In a society not just the rich are required to live, people should work hand in hand to overcome problems. If you know that there is the worst summer in india and the people are suffering, you should try to do things that will atleast provide the resources to those who don't have much access to it. In the race of who can earn the most and live off well, people have become so selfish and ignorant of others suffering. And that is characteristic of a shitty society.


The affluent lady does not owe anything to society. Just because she is wealthier does not mean she is morally obligated to give away her wealth, just as you are not morally obligated to donate $100 to save one starving child in Africa (although you could). Donating $100 will literally save a child's life (and will not drastically impact your life) but I'm pretty certain this thought never even crossed your mind.


You'll love North Korea then..


both couples seem to have a nice relationship :)

这两对夫妇看起来关系不错 :)

Sticking together through thick and thin, the essence of marriage

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Eye opening contrast between both the worlds , seeing is believing or knowing at a different level . Kudos to Mr.Gilani and his organisation for the mitigating efforts for the slum dwellers .


Poor as they are, the couple in the slam is still happy and lovingly feeding each other ice cream. Warms my heart and hoping things get better for them.


honestly I would not be surprise if the rich couple low pay their own workers, they just come off super entitle. Love the hard working family! humble and grateful for his family!


The air is extremely hot, but 92% of Indian households don't have air conditioners - too poor to afford AC and electricity. Astonishing!! Viksit Bharat 2047. Jai Hind.

空气异常闷热,但92%的印度家庭没有空调--他们太穷了,买不起空调,也用不起电。这令人吃惊。2047年成为发达国家(Viksit Bharat 2047)。印度必胜!!

and Modi says the indian economy is conpetitive with china.


The difference in caste systems lifestyles is crazy


Caste? From where did caste come here. The poor man in this video is muslim not even a hindu to have a caste.


What is the purpose of widows and doors. I live in the tropics so I know about heat. What does she mean that windows are not really a thing, while the burns and may even kills, it also provide deep cleasing removing molds and other issues, even while we sleep the home should be well ventilated fresh air heals many sickness, God and nature does not support living our lives inside, board house with ceiling does not heat up as concrete and cool down easier. The problem is that there are no trees for breeze and shelter

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the houses in the slums are built connected to each other. so they share side walls. so no windows on the two walls. the slums have very narrow houses so there's no space for a window on the front wall, just a door. the back of the house have more houses that share the back wall... so no windows on the back walls. this is an issue with a majority of slums.


They did the rich couple dirty. The couple probably thought, they were doing a profile on them but instead they are going to be roasted forever


the difference is the rich only think of themselves, but the working class will give cold water to those who do not have, typical, the parents are not doing any favour's to their son either, important for kid's to experience good and bad, this way they live in their own little bubble


I think it's a generalization for both ways. I don't believe this is like that so black and white


Why not use mud tiles instead of the cement ones or the tin one's..no need for insulation


If they’d have me, I’d love to spend the day with Feroz and his lovely family.


The should place the fans near the ground and direct them upward since it's cooler at the ground level.


Drinking more than a standard glass of wood apple juice would become a burden to the liver with such high level of fructose. The poor family has a better drinking habit than the rich


People have become contradictory temporarily..like the rich lady who never understood why the weather became hot? It's because the space of her building kept emitting heat for the poors living around it to suffer..and I stay in bombay as well.but we never had an AC for the past 30 years..that we kept planting trees every year..just that simple


When you country gets rich, the disparity between rich and poor gets bigger. The governments know its either you fork out huge amount of $$$ for welfare or keep the status quo

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i am visiting india next month...how is the jogging outdoors like and the gyms there?


No one jogs outdoors that's not a thing in india maybe parks but definately not on roads like the west, all gyms are air conditioned and well equipped - with d/week/month passess


So sad to see the condition of poor may allah bless them with good health and prosperity in future.


Having one kid only is such a necessity for india. It's almost can work miracles for the nation.


You are not very smart. If you do some research online, you will realize that the national birth rate is already falling below replacement level of 2.1 children per woman. The population now is rising due to past momentum. India's population will peak in 2075 and then begin to fall after that year. This is easy information to research, but you still don't know it.


The extreme end of the rich and the poor lifestyle in India. The extreme heatwave "kills" the poor while the rich enjoys the pool. Who says life is fair?


The ancient people go underground to beat the heat in summers and maintain steady warmth in winter.


I don’t want to hate on the rich lady for being rich but the way she takes care of her fish and the way she talks I just know she’s a bit ignorant


China ���� accounted for 2/3 of new global coal plant capacity in 2023.
- China built 70 GW of new coal-power capacity last year, almost 20 times the rest of the world's 3.7 GW combined!


With A lot or companies moving out of China looking for cheaper labor and better opportunity to work with a willing and transparent government, India populous should soon be getting better jobs. In turn, new infrastructure to house the companies and taxes to build better homes for its citizens.
I hope things get better for them.


This is going to be very difficult. India wants investment but it doesn't want people to take the money out of India.


I feel bad because my apartment is good and people in India are suffering.


Asians should call on China to stop accelerating fossil use,
and to follow international laws and orders.


Do they have reliable thermometers in India? Because, you know, that so called 'record' temperatures that were measured and all over the news, ... well, it just wasn't ... faulty measurements... feel sorry for the climate soldiers.


am happy for the rich lady


You are among the minority


The poor must stay with modi


That's why you're gonna stay poor


Poor Muslims and Rich Hindus. Welcome to India.


Hindus aren't rich either


You're truly ignorant there are many affluent Muslims in Mumbai, and Hindus aren't always that rich. They pickout the random (hoping this chabnel doesnt have agenda) people and end up with meeting this people


Imagine the smell since these people don't believe in deodorant


This must be the most ignorant comment on the whole internet so far, congratulations!


@luroluroluro but it is true or you just immune from smell. Sorry if that hurts

@luroluroluro 但这是真的,或者你只是对气味免疫。如果伤害到你了,我表示抱歉。

@kaidanalenko5222 you are immune from the basic understanding of empathy and human rights, apparently. Hope you’ll find some compassion in your life.

@kaidanalenko5222 显然,你对同情心和人权缺乏基本的了解。希望你能在生活中找到一些同情心。

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