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I saw someone here posted that China has 1/5 of the world population so it's natural their biggest gachas would do well every month, and that makes me wonder...Why doesn't India make gachas?

我看到有人发帖说,中国人口占世界人口的 1/5,所以他们最大的扭蛋游戏自然每月都会有不错的流水,这让我很好奇......为什么印度不制作扭蛋游戏呢?
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Reasons being:
They have 1.01/5 of the world population (more people than China)
Their tech sector is very robust, and there are a lot of Indian game devs all over the world.
Indian history is on par with China. Their culture also have a lot of myths and tales that provide plenty of materials for every unique settings.
Indian culture is quite unexplored in video games.
So, any Indian gacha player can provide some insights on this?

1. 他们的人口占世界总人口的 1.01/5(比中国还多)。
2. 他们的科技产业非常发达,全世界有很多印度游戏开发商。
3. 印度的历史与中国不相上下。他们的文化中还有很多神话故事,为各种独特的设定提供了大量素材。
4. 印度文化在电子游戏中还未被开发。

U have no idea how much ppl here don’t like spending money Also Anime in general only really got big here over the past 5 years And gaming in general is also pretty niche here

你不知道这里的人有多不喜欢花钱,而且动漫也是在过去 5 年才在这里真正流行起来的,游戏在这里也很小众化。

If Japan can turn horse-racing into a gacha game, surely India has SOMETHING cultural they can turn into gacha


Please, most Indians barely have spare cash to splurge in gacha. Their purchasing power ain't that big. They have to think twice when buying something.

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You are conflating population with spending power.
China has a lot of people. They also have a lot of WEALTHY people, and the games and animation sector there is decently big.
Japan has much less people. However, they have a good chunk of wealthy people, and the anime and games industry there is MASSIVE.
On the flip side, we have India, which has population rivaling China, but wayyyyy more poor people. In fact most indians don't have enough to feed their own massively overblown households, much less spend on gacha games.
The people who are rich in India are SUPER RICH.
Think "I own India" type of rich. But the people who are poor are super poor. I'm sure there's some mega whales living in India, but as a whole, a gacha game about India would probably not be very lucrative.


Cricket gambling apps are popular here, like dream11

板球赌博应用程序在这里很受欢迎,例如 dream11

Phone call scamming then ?


Just think about the the 330 Million of Gods of them!


Anime and games aren't popular here
The games that are popular here are free fire and pubg(bgmi), these two games are as popular in India as HSR and genshin is in gacha sphere
Also most gaming channels here don't play genshin either, once Beastboyshub played genshin but never again, regardless there's a significant number of people here that still play genshin, they just don't spend, i have met many in game as well, playing genshin itself is a huge task, spending money is a whole different matter
There's a reason mobile gaming is popular in India, people here are poor and don't have spending money on gacha and aaa games, sorry but it's true, majority of people's first computer is a mobile, console sales here are low as well, barely anyone here talks about other AAA games either, aint no middle class family is spending 5000-6000 rupees on a single game, it's unaffordable
Here in India, with the cost of a single AAA game, you can literally feed yourself for 2 whole months,yes, including cooking charges, you can only imagine how spending money on games would look like in society, wherever I go, it's either children playing bgmi or freefire, in shops, in malls even in my neighborhood
Edit: This doesn't mean India is technologically behind either, there's enough technological growth here, on par with most leading countries, it just came here late and a significant amount of programmers here go out of India for jobs

这里流行的游戏是“free fire”和“pubg(bgmi)”(都是手机大逃杀游戏),这两款游戏在印度的流行程度不亚于星轨和原神在扭蛋圈的流行程度。
此外,这里的大多数游戏博主也不玩原神,Beastboyshub 曾经玩过原神,但后来再也没玩过了,不管怎样,这里有相当多的人仍在玩原神,他们只是不花钱而已,我在游戏中也遇到过很多这样的人,玩原神本身就是一项艰巨的任务,花钱则是另一回事。
手机游戏在印度流行是有原因的,这里的人很穷,没有钱花在扭蛋和3A游戏上,很抱歉,但这是事实,大多数人的第一台电脑是手机,游戏主机在这里的销量也很低,这里也几乎没有人谈论其他 AAA 级游戏,没有一个中产阶级家庭会花 5000-6000 卢比买一个游戏,这是负担不起的。
在印度,一款 AAA 级游戏的价格就可以养活自己整整两个月,是的,还包括做饭的费用,你可以想象在这个社会上谁会花钱买游戏,无论我走到哪里,商店里、商场里甚至我家附近,孩子们不是在玩 bgmi 就是 freefire。

Also the so called GAMERS aren't actual gamers, they're entertainers and mostly only stick to one game to cater to the audience.
And it's hard to dismiss, but most indian can't afford a decent phone to run any game, so obviously they'll play those low graphic games like free fire and valorant because those can be run on worst of the worst phones. Indians, majority of them, are extremely poor.

很难去承认这一点,但大多数印度人买不起一部像样的手机来运行任何游戏,所以显然他们会玩那些低规格的游戏,如《Free Fire》和《Valorant》,因为这些游戏可以在最差的手机上运行。印度人,其中大多数,都非常贫穷。

No one will play it, and people do not like spending money on games over here,


As an Indian we are headed towards a gaming boom but people that have invested in gaming industry locally are looking more towards sports gambling stuff like cricket team-making multiplayer bs games, that's why gacha games aren't that popular as of now, but anime and manga are seeing a rise in teenage circles so in a next few years gacha games are definitely gonna make it big in India.
Other comments talking about how india hates spending etc is somewhat true we are only just reaching the level of affording disposable income and on top of that Indians are quite tech and internet culture averse (except for gen y and later folks) to be spending on gacha games or even to come across them.


Nobody would play it, half the gameplay would be dance and song


Bollywood idol gacha. Count me the fuck in


That's kinda fire tho


Imagine if the summoning animation is just a bunch of flashing lights and dramatic cuts over and over.

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Imagine if a character death will span over a whole story chapter with dramatic reactions from the other characters. I'm totally onboard with that!

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Thsi is a good idea, I'm in, can't imagine how funny that would become.


Eh people here mostly like battle royale/shooter/moba games and spend money on that.
The only gacha game a little famous here is genshin.

呃,这里的人大多喜欢大逃杀/射击/moba 游戏,并且只会在这些类型上面花钱。

Most good programmers just leave India. The IT industry in India is more about quantity than quality. Pair that with an industry that has almost no roots in the country and its requirement of huge time and money investment, you get an answer to why there are no Indian video games.

大多数优秀的程序员都离开了印度。印度的 IT 行业重数量轻质量。再加上这个行业在印度几乎没有根基,需要投入大量的时间和金钱,你就知道为什么印度没有电子游戏了。

Their social structure won't allow it


I'm Indian gacha player and here the majority of the people who play games on their phones are f2p as packs cost quite a bit of money for most people and in terms of India making their own gacha games it's a problem with the entire Indian entertainment as it's just really bad throughout (TV shows, movies, songs and games etc) so most people are just starting to look towards foreign entertainment options like anime, kdrama, kpop, American TV shows and eastern gacha games


India is about a decade or more behind China in most respects. China 10-20 years ago was not a good place for making video games.
Developing a video game industry from scratch, like all industries, requires a large and continuous investment of time and money. You would need Indian equivalents of Tencent, Mihoyo etc. to take risks and develop local games for an undeveloped market, against the competition of foreign F2P game titans like PUBG.

印度在大多数方面都比中国落后十年甚至更久。10-20 年前的中国并不是能做出好的电子游戏的地方。
像所有行业一样,从零开始发展电子游戏产业需要大量持续的时间和金钱投入。你需要印度等同于腾讯、米哈游等的公司来承担风险,为未开发的市场开发本地游戏,对抗 PUBG 等外国免费游戏巨头的竞争。

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PUBG and Free Fire are extremely popular here. They are low quality fps games but they do have gacha as monetization

PUBG 和 Free Fire 在这里非常受欢迎。它们是低质量的 fps 游戏,但都有扭蛋作为货币化手段。

poor? I guess?


India's GDP per capita is like 1/5 or 1/6 of China, so even if they made gacha games, the majority of the players from India is very likely going to ends up as F2P's, since they don't have the money to buy it.

印度的人均 GDP 大概是中国的 1/5 或 1/6,因此,即使他们制作了扭蛋游戏,印度的大多数玩家也很有可能最终成为免费玩家,因为他们没钱消费。

The only gacha games i played are genshin and wuthering waves so far so i cant tell about all other gacha games, but genshin did have some indian culture, from dishes to few npcs (a dog is literally named as dog but in our national language). Even in lore such as the name rukkhadevata and also the lore for apep's minions also had names similar to the hindu gods, etc. But yeah we didnt have any massive representation.

到目前为止,我玩过的扭蛋游戏只有原神和鸣潮,因此我无法说明其他所有扭蛋游戏的情况,但原神里面确实有一些印度文化,从菜肴到一些 npcs(狗的字面意思是狗,但用的是我们国家的语言)。甚至在传说中,如 rukkhadevata(大树慈王) 和 apep(阿佩普) 的爪牙的传说中也有类似印度诸神的名字等。但是,是的,我们没有任何大规模的代表。

Because the majority of India's gamers do not spend money.Most of Indian gamers just pirate the game instead of buying it.If some Indian company released a gacha game it will go bankrupt because most of the players do not spend money


LIke Global Indian people won't pay money for gacha


Because Indians are too busy on pubg, free fire or the most generic popular thing, they dont play niche

因为印度人忙着玩 pubg、free fire 或最普遍流行的游戏,他们不玩小众游戏。

Yeah here in india, anime is decently popular, but the most gaming revenue comes from pubg/ free fire game.
I mean i sometimes see some players from random coop who are indians as well. But dont think 90% of people would spend more than 50$

是的,在印度,动漫相当受欢迎,但大部分游戏收入来自 pubg/免费射击游戏。
我的意思是,我有时在一些随机合作的游戏会碰上印度玩家。但我不认为 90% 的人的花费会超过 50 美元。

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Why dont you try looking into their economy first. One can only spend on mobile games if they're pretty well on economy no?


Simple; no demand for it.


Indian gaming industry is all over the place, no way they are ready for such investments.


I remember watching the game Dev event happened and it showed that after bgmi and freefire, genshin is the most played game in India in terms of daily usage.

我记得看过一个游戏开发活动的PPT,结果显示,就日常使用而言,继 bgmi 和 freefire 之后,原神 是印度玩得最多的游戏。

Ooh that's interesting, source for that?


Indian game development conference
But as you can see, avg revenue is 20$ per person per year, which is nothing compared to China


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20$ per year is abysmal lol
But 2 million new paying users huh, it'll definitely grow a lot more in the coming years.

每年 20 美元太糟糕了哈哈

I forgot to mention, this was from last year.
If anything, it's rapidly increasing in numbers.


Take a look at GDP per capita adjusted for purchasing power parity
So if we go by just the numbers. The PPP per capita GDP of Japan is 2x China and 4x India. China has a big enough population to make up for that 2x difference. India's population is slightly larger than China but nowhere near 2x. If you go by just the numbers, India would need to double its population while maintaining the same PPP per capita GDP. Neither of those are easy and they probably don't want to double population either.

因此,如果我们只看数字。日本的购买力平价人均 GDP 是中国的 2 倍,印度的 4 倍。中国人口众多,足以弥补这 2 倍的差距。印度人口略多于中国,但远未达到 2 倍。如果你只看数字,印度需要将人口翻一番,同时保持相同的购买力平价人均 GDP。这两点都不容易,而且他们可能也不想让人口翻番。

Because India is too busy fighting itself, religious parties are pushing agenda of Hindu and Hindi , they want everyone to convert into one religion (Hinduism) (even tho they are forgetting that what makes out country beautiful is our diversity!) , media is bought by political parties, all tax goes in agencies whose mission to make India in Hindu country , modi says digital but he only wants to push his own agenda of hatred , we will never grow in anything until we don't wake up , we need progress instead of fights for religion


"How can I make this post into political and religious warfare"


Are they wrong though


T - "What are the set of d orbitals involved in forming capped octahedral geometry?"
S - "The radius of Earth is 6371 km"
And then S wonders why he was not given marks although "what he said wasn't wrong though"

试卷 - “形成封顶八面体几何的一组 d 轨道是什么?”
学生 - “地球半径为 6371 千米。”

indians are not interested in anime, do they?

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It's been getting popular in recent years, we're getting small animecons n such for the past 2 or so years.


I missed the part about indian has more population than china.
Back when i was a school grader, I remember china population is miles higher than india.


Because scam call centre earn more than making a game


Gaming sector in India is just bad man. Majority of the gamers play on worst of the worst end phones and pcs. That's why games like free fire and valorant are mostly played, since those games can be run in worst end devices.
Also, the streaming side is just as bad, if not worse. They mostly play one game and stick to it to not get less views. They mostly entertain the viewers instead of actually skilfully play it.

印度的游戏业太糟糕了。大多数游戏玩家使用的都是最差的手机和电脑。这就是为什么像《Free Fire》和《Valorant》这样的游戏最流行,因为这些游戏可以在最差的设备上运行。

China is also a global powerhouse while India is still considered 3rd world. You can't spend money that you don't have


They don’t have a cool culture like CN and JP. Not to be mean but how is going to pull for those characters?


Bro nobody will spend shit in India other than hardcore players


很赞 10