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Praveen SV
This guy is named Luming Duan


For starters, this Chinese guy may be one of the most brilliant individuals of this century. Known for his brilliance and passion for innovation from a young age, Luming Duan was admitted to the University of Science and Technology of China at a young age to study the field of quantum mechanics. He went on to earn a Ph.D., and even before finishing it, he had published in some of the topmost research journals. He finished his Ph.D. at 29.


His mentor's name is Professor Guo, and he encouraged Luming to go abroad and further pursue research on foreign soil. Luming was doing postdoctoral studies at the California Institute of Technology. There, he won the Salon Research Award in 2004 (an award considered a precursor to the Nobel Prize). He was offered tenure at the University of Michigan, but then he received a phone call from Professor Guo.


Professor Guo: "It’s about time; you have to return to China. The fruit should never forget the tree it came from. It's time for you to teach whatever you have learned abroad to the students of your motherland."


Soon, the Chinese government offered him a position at Tsinghua University and practically promised to provide whatever he needed to continue his research. Evidently, the Chinese university paid him more than what he received in the US. The University of Michigan did everything in their power to make him stay. But Luming commented, "When drinking water, one should think of the source of the water."


The Chinese government is investing extremely heavily in quantum physics research in China and was practically searching for talent to attract. They practically went to any extent to ensure Luming's return, and of course, Luming did return. Not only him, but the Chinese government was successful in persuading the renowned scientist Yan Ning, along with many others, to return to their motherland.


When ISRO Chairman Somnath commented that IITians and even NITians do not even sit in placements for ISRO, literally every so-called patriotic Indian was screaming abuses at IITians and NITians, calling them traitors and White man's slaves for working abroad.


Most of my college life was spent at NIT Trichy, and for research purposes, I work closely with NIT, IIT, and IIM folks. One of my friends from IIT Hyderabad recently got placed in NVIDIA with a salary of 55 lakhs per annum.

我的大部分大学生活都在NIT Trichy度过,出于研究目的,我与NIT、IIT和IIM的人员密切合作。我在IIT海德拉巴的一位朋友最近在NVIDIA获得了一份年薪550万卢比的工作。

Just tell me, why in the hell would people like her want to work for ISRO, which pays a salary that is not even one-fifth of what she's earning now? You treat real talent like shit and pay them compensation that is almost an insult and a degrading to their talent, yet have the guts to call them traitors and slaves of Whiteman? Why the hell would any Indian want to go all the way across the globe to be in a total foreign culture if he is gaining respect in India?


The reality is, IITians, IISCians, and NITians are talented enough to receive offers from abroad that guarantee good pay and respect. Many of my juniors went to Harvard, MIT, etc., for MS, and what they are earning is several times higher than what ISRO or anybody gives.


As I always say, patriotism works in both ways. If you look at China, the government goes to any level to fetch talent. My friend in Germany is telling me that many of his Chinese colleagues are returning to China as they earn MORE in China compared to what they were earning in Germany.


Leave earning more, if at least 80% of what they deserve was given to IITians, they would sure stay back. But WHAT THE HELL INDIANS DO? They will pay peanuts, despite they have the potential and deserve several times higher, and they are supposed to stay here because of patriotism.


So basically patriotic Indians expect the IITians to suffer for life because of patriotism. This basically is like calling the child a bad, immoral, disobedient son for not living with his parents, despite parents being mentally and physically abusive to the son from a young age.


This blunt 10 paise good for nothing delusional patriotism is what is destroying the country. The sudden rise in this arrogant patriotism in the last few years totally blinds the Indian sense of morality and common sense. Honestly I don’t even know the origin of this delusional nationalism.


Just not the money. Think about resources.


I am in the field of AI. My whole research is in the field of Large Language models, and I work in applied areas of AI and data science. I am lucky to be in a university that has a supercomputer and takes care of the resource thing. I can practically use costly AWS as much as I want to test my ideas, but I can count the number of colleges in India that have supercomputers. In fact, not even all IITs and NITs have supercomputers. Without supercomputers and access to higher-power GPUs, your research in AI is almost five years old, and that will look like a generational gap in the fast-moving field of AI. Without an ounce of shame, some delusional patriotic people (both educated and uneducated) have begun to speak as if India is going to rule AI. These are the same folks who were claiming that India is going to be a champion of the world and will provide COVID-19 vaccines to the whole world.

我在人工智能领域工作。我的整个研究领域是大型语言模型,我在人工智能和数据科学的应用领域工作。我很幸运所在的大学拥有一台超级计算机,并负责资源问题。我可以随意使用昂贵的AWS来测试我的想法,但在印度拥有超级计算机的大学屈指可数。事实上,并不是所有IIT和NIT都有超级计算机。没有超级计算机和高性能GPU,你的AI研究几乎是五年前的, 在快速发展的AI领域,这看起来就像是代际差距。一些虚幻的爱国者(包括受教育的和未受教育的)毫无羞耻地开始宣称印度将统治AI。这些人就是那些曾声称印度将成为世界冠军并向全世界提供COVID-19疫苗的人。

Some of my Quora followers have personally told me they returned back to India just out of a sense of patriotism to run back to foreign just because of the non-availability of resources in Indian universities.


But guess what? It didn't matter at all for the armchair patriotism. All they know is to spew venom against Indian’s best talents.


Finally, politics. Oh yes, I don’t want to go into that rabbit hole, but politics plays a predominant role here. While our counterpart China is busy doing all it can to attract their homegrown talent back, we have our greatest supreme leaders claiming, ‘Plastic surgery existed during Mahabharata times’, ‘Cow Urine will cure COVID-19’, but honestly, I don’t blame the government at all. I mean, it is the voters who voted them? Had these so-called patriots demanded better infrastructure, deserved pay, and overall good academic institutions, then the government would have done that. But unfortunately, India is one of the poorest countries, filled with uneducated and educated uneducated who would rather drool over the fantastical, mythical achievements of ancient India and develop arrogance over it.


Sadly, this brain drain is going to literally destroy India to the point that at best, we may be able to retain the average-level intellectuals, and the arrogant nationalists continue to vote for such government and continue to call those people in prominent academic institutions, leaving India as traitors.


Note: Delusional, good-for-nothing, arrogant 10 paise worth nationalists can stay away from my answer. Any disrespectful comment will be dexed and reported.


Naveen Metta
Big issues for me are poverty and corruption. Feels like we're stuck, y'know? Rich gap keeps growing, and some folks take advantage for their own good. Makes it tough for everyone else.


Sharin Kaur
The other side.


There are many things in my country that i am proud of and many things that brings shame in me. It's hard to digest that the one you love isn't perfect. That he or she is actually deeply flawed.
It happens in relationships all the time.
It doesn't happen with just the person but everything. Everything in this world has two sides my favourite person, your favourite person, my country, your country etc etc.
And trust me it's completely fine to say that you love your country at the same time acknowledge the problems it has in it.
Love is not just loving the best parts of a thing but also accepting, acknowledging and working on the worst parts of it.


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Joseph Francis
“us vs them” mentality!
Its really concerning. Its really absurd and stupid and thats what makes it so concerning. Stupidity is more infectious than some bat virus.
If a rape happens in india now, people will look at the religion of the culprit and victim. People dont actually condemn the act. Rather blames the religion of the culprit . And they fight over religion.


If i beat salman khan for making a shit movie like radhe. The third rate Media in this country would report it like this for their personal interests.
“ a christian man hit a peaceful muslim man who was concerned about rising antelope population in india”
And people would be divided into two groups, the christian who would say jesus is the only way and Muslims who would say allah is the only way. Neither of this has to do with me ,salman khan nor the antelopes he care for. Yet these imbeciles would waste their miserable time like a hamster running on a wheel discussing about the religion of the victim and culprit.


If only they asked why i am not as a christian , did what i did , maybe we would focus more on actual problems that is me being a nutcase and why salman khan is taking up shitty movies? Perhaps i will get treatment and salman khan would try to make good movies?
So stop communalizing things and actually focus on the crime rather than religions.
If someone is raped and the first thing that comes to your mind is the religion of the victim and the culprit, sorry but you as a human being, failed.
Note: i am a big fan of salman khan. no disrespect is intended towards salman khan fandom, christian community, muslim community or antelope community. Dont be like the third rate medias in india and twist my words.


Katyayani Misra
A 14 year old got raped, people requested that there should be some arrest. Great!!
Then on Twitter Comments before any arrests, any inquiries
Love Jihad 14 year old girl
Arrest the Muslim where is Muslim involved here?
These ‘people’ have been doing it for centuries HMMmm only Muslims can rape Hindus cant? Really?


Point is
Maybe the officer investigating is a Muslim. Now what? Say now?
Maybe the rapist is a Muslim. Do all rape? There are many who will give life saving you. Now what?


These can be two scenarios.
Why we jump to conclusions?
Anything, Anything in India is about blaming on Muslims, any crime happens, blame it on Muslims.
Now I am not saying that Muslims or Hindus are saints but…. without any proof why we jump to conclusions?


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If you blame someone for a crime not yet verified and then start targeting, you basically dont care about the victim, what happened to her, you are just fulfilling your own seething hatred and that is highly unfortunate.
Law is law, India is a de ocracy and let the police and court decide.
Stop blaming random people for crimes. Let a crime be a crime first.


I get that we are proud of our history, our culture and yes we want our country to be a Hindu land, which it already is but we want it to be official and believe me I do as well.
However, I am against hating every Muslim of my country. Politically, religiously and culturally we are different people but we cant treat everyone as a demon.


I also get we are surrounded by Islamic nations but then thats the test we have. We have to maintain our balance while not belittling others. Not sure if I could convey what I want to say. Apologies.
Neither they are leaving and I as sure as hell wont leave so find that middle ground.


Rudra Pratap Singh
See India is a very big country and the constitution of India gives every citizen a right to do whatever they want, to think whatever they want, but at one point it causes many difficulties in other people's life.


Too much trust on whatsapp
We all know that there is not a very big punishment for anyone who make fake news in our country and that is why the marketing of fake news is increasing day by day. But as a citizen what do you expect ? You expect that your country men should be active about the fake news, they should be aware of the fake news running in our day-to-day life but we generally see that many people get deviated by these fake news and these fake news cause too much problem in everyone’s life.


Spicy or fun news instead of real news
We all know what is the condition of news channels in our country but what you think the real reason behind it ? according to me the real reason behind this so-called news channels and their so-called Prime news are People's choice almost every news channels work for money. They do what people like and they all know that we the Indians like too much drama spicy shows and such many things, rather than real news of our country, rather than the reality of farmers, the reality of poor, the reality of unemployed people.


Ritesh Prasad
Top five issues of India at this point of time are
Poverty & social inequality
Crime & violence
Financial & political corruption


"Pulwama” terror strike has propelled terrorism to the core. Terrorism is bothering Indians the most.
After 7 years, Nirbhaya's rapists are hanged ,so we are worried about slowness of Indian judiciary system.
I am worried why Indian talent mind citizens migrate to developed countries.


Even in this alarming time of Corona virus ,we can see people are ignoring government announcement of social distancing and self quarantine.
After this corona virus effect ,the Recession which will follow may cause mass Layoff from companies.


Complete lockdown of India is necessary to win the battle against corona virus,but the condition of poor people are not good ,I am seeing poor set off on Foot to UP and Bihar from Delhi.Government should do something for them.
As an Indian citizen I think the biggest worry is unemployment, although I believe the country is heading in the right direction under the leadership of Modi Government.


Indranath Chakrabartty
If we want to live with dignity, we must first understand the issues, then react.
If we do not want CAA, we must come with proper justifications, and arguments. But, students in colleges, senior Politicians are on street for mayhem & damaging property shamelessly. And bloody politicians are trying to take advantage of the situation, kee an eye on upcoming elections.
My worries are unstoppable corruption at all levels; and lowering of education, innovation, national pride, everything. Appears we are a bloody group of beasts fighting on streets.


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