傣族万人狂欢泼水节—— 云南最具有参与感的传统节日【滇西小哥】
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This is a festival I'm all too familiar with. Every year, we revel in the water-splashing festivities, which is not only a traditional festival but also a way to let loose. On this day, we can all live like children. Wearing Longji, picking flowers, bathing the Buddha, releasing river lanterns, and feasting on ethnic delicacies so we have the energy to pass on the blessings of splashing water. May we be safe and brilliant, and may our wishes truly come true: may everything be wonderful!

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does anyone else go back and watch and old video occasionally? from first following 6-7 years ago to now, it's actually crazy how far she's come. from 5 minute cooking videos to a full blown cultural docuseries. brings a tear to my eye


Yess. I miss her old video style. It’s not mean her new video’s not interesting. But her old cooking video make me nostalgia.


ฉันมาจากประเทศไทย ฉันรู้สึกตื่นเต้นมากที่ฉันฟังภาษาไตออก เราคงเป็นคนไทยพลัดถิ่น ดีใจมากที่ได้เห็นสงกรานต์ของยูนนาน มันยิ่งใหญ่มากและน่าสนุก ประเพณีเหมือนกัน ทั้งไปวัด ทั้งกินข้าวด้วยกัน มันเป็นเทศกาลที่อบอุ่นมาก ขอให้เพนจี และครอบครัว รวมถึงทีมงาน มีสุขภาพแข็งแรง และมีความสุขมาก สุขสันต์วันสงกรานต์

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Similar festival is celebrated in Arunachal Pradesh, India ,by Tai Khampti community , Here it is called "Sangken" ... and yes a lot of things are in common, the food , the handlooms, the temples ....many more ......


I'm from Myanmar. For these years, we can't celebrate Thingyan(water festival) well because we can't happy enough in these days. Our country is under the control of military. Thingyan is the representative festival of Myanmar. I hope we can celebrate happily water festival in future days of country without the military government.

我来自缅甸。这些年来,我们都不能很好地庆祝 Thingyan(泼水节),因为在这些日子里我们不够快乐。我们的国家处于军事控制之下,泼水节是缅甸的代表节日,我希望在未来的日子里,在没有军政府的情况下,我们也能快乐地庆祝泼水节。
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I got confused. I am South East Asian, and thought they were Burmese. They looked Burmese than Chinese.


@anxioushellcat6075 Yes, the way they wear and the food they eat are very similar with ours traditional things. Some of their dress look Burmese and Shan of Myanmar. Actually I was surprised when I saw first time of theirs. I think they are from Yunan and then we are so closer in border line of countries than other China's State. So may be long long time ago, since we are Buddhism, we look similar in most of traditional issues.

@anxioushellcat6075 是的,他们穿的衣服和吃的食物与我们的传统食物非常相似,他们的一些服饰和缅甸以及掸邦的很像。事实上,当我第一次见到他们时,我很惊讶。我认为他们来自云南,而我们比其他国家更靠近中国的边境线。所以这可能是很久很久以前的事情了,因为我们信奉佛教,所以我们在大多数传统问题上看起来都很相似。

@caje-s9657 yeah. I watched some vids of her saying they are closer to Myanmar. She looked Chinese but most of the people on this video looked South East Asian. Hehe.

@caje-s9657 是的。我看过一些视频,她说他们更靠近缅甸。她看起来像中国人,但视频中的大多数人看起来都像东南亚人。嘿嘿。

I love how the countryside setting adds an extra layer of charm and authenticity to the cooking process


Dear can you tell me, this water splashing festival is happening in which country because it's very very incredible
Mention the country name please?




In India ����(Assam) we have lots of people of this dai community but here we called Tai Ahom. Because Our Tai Ahom ancestors are coming Basically from Yunnan and Thailand..(you can search on YouTube about Tai Ahom)

在印度(阿萨姆邦),我们有很多这样的傣族人,但在这里我们称之为Tai Ahom,因为我们的Tai Ahom祖先基本上来自云南和泰国(你可以在油管上搜索Tai Ahom)。

Yep. The Dai people in Yunnan, and native Thailand people are Tai people too. They are all under the same ethnic group.

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Makes sense, I listen to these videos and think much of the language is similar to Thai and the food is even related.

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I'm really crying It's so beautiful, so amazing! I really respect people who follow their traditions. This is so inspiring

我真的哭了 这太美了,太神奇了!我真的很敬佩那些遵循传统的人们。这太鼓舞人心了。

You kept worrying about being slimmer "next year" to film, but if you hadn't jumped right in and decided to film this year I wouldn't have known this festival existed, and wouldn't have gotten to see how beautiful it is! THANK YOU for making this year the year you filmed!


Iam a srilankan we haven't traditiona like this but in My Childhood every New year (April) We doing a game like this with Our village friends.It is so Happy Time for us.But Now kids Dont know That Things.They Have phones and Television's.Love That childhood memory I remembered My childhood through your Video.Good Luck Dianxi Sister.My Husband, Daughter and My son also wishes you a Good Luck


The cinematography and editing is absolutely amazing!, definitely has the TV quality, huge props to the team! Also thank you for sharing your culture and story!


What a great and lovely celebration. There was so much food around and loved the beautiful traditional dresses they wore. Fantastic indeed


Apenji, I always like your travel videos. They show the beauty of China. Thanks for uploading this video. Happy Water Festival.


i love how festive yet sentimental this video is. thanks for showing us the unique culture of yunnan!


I loved the way your place celebrated this festival. Thank you for sharing with us,


You are lovely as you are!! NOT "too round"! I enjoy seeing your various traditional clothing and living. Well done!��

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How beautiful! I love water and just the idea of washing away impurities and cleansing, and becoming, and wishes.

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What a fun festival! Lovely culture. The foods look delicious and the clothes are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Me and our family use to watch your vlog every evening.you and your sister, family members are so beautiful.lot of love from North East India.(Nagaland.)


You are perfect & beautiful just the way you are! I thank Jesus for you, your wonderful family and awesome videos!


In month of March we also celebrate water Splashing festival to celebrate our new year it's a big festival in our culture and full of fun all family members and relatives gather in this time. we worship our mother goddess. Get blessing from elder we dance in rhythms of drum enjoy it and at last splashing water on each other. Love your video penji from India, odisha rourkela


Love from your American friends Bless you all with love, joy, peace, and a continued harvest.
What a fun and wonderful celebration!!


Those are beautiful traditional clothing. Everything is beautiful. It's so interesting and cool how humans make clothes and food too.

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As a Siamese Thai people, I am glad that you enjoyed our tradition "TAI" (with no h) style water new year. Hope that some too nationalism Thai (or Cambodian) people will not come up to this video and claim everything under the borderline of modern Thailand. Enjoy water festival


It is a festival and tradition shared by the same ethnic groups, it can't be defined as a Nation's property. So I totally agree with you.


The sheer energy of this festival reminds me of a rock concert. It's probably loud enough to wake the dead


Wow, how amazing is the art of food on one table. Thanks, Penji for sharing with us a glimpse of your culture. And the water splashing is so much fun. Would like to experience this festival someday.


Even you are a Little rounder than other girls you were absolutely stunning in that traditional dress .we healthy looking girls are also pretty and we also has a water splashing festival here in India

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In India majorly this kind of festival is celebrated in March and we call it Holi. The only exception, we mainly use colours along with water. So happy to see this


what an interesting documentary about the dai water splashing festival! this water splashing festival is also the new year for both dai and its similar groups like songkran in Thailand and pi mai lao or the Lao New Year in Laos. it is usually celebrated every 13 to 16 April and it's the time when many people travel back from the big cities to their hometowns, just like the chunyun period in china for the Chinese new year. the floating lotus lantern festival on the riverbanks reminds us of the Loy Krathong festival in Thailand.

这是一部关于傣族泼水节的有趣纪录片!泼水节也是傣族及其类似群体的新年,如泰国的宋干节和老挝的pi mai lao或老挝新年。泼水节通常在每年4月13日至16日庆祝,这也是许多人从大城市返回家乡的时候,就像中国的春节一样。河岸上放飞的莲花灯节让我们想起了泰国的水灯节。

What a wonderful video, in an entertaining and educating format! The people, the food, the clothes, the houses, the nature - everything is so beautiful and vibrant. I chuckled at you saying you continue gaining weight, me the same and I want to tell you that you look gorgeous and healthy! Much love


What a neat tradition! Reminds me of water fights I used to have as a kid with friends and siblings. The festival has such a lovely message, too... thank you for sharing this with so many people! I'm glad I got to watch it <3

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I think this video is the most fun . From the video taking, background music and you telling us the story. I really enjoyed this video. The festival is similar to Songkran festival in Thailand. I hope all the good things happen to you! And thank you for gritted your teeth to make this video this year, although you said you're more round each year, you look so so great!!! I love you! Love from Indonesia

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Thank you so much for this video. Seeing you and all the people having so much fun that bringing back my childhood memories from Burma when I was young.


This is a awesome video love your culture and food bless you for many more years to come


I loved every minute of this Your People celebrate the Water Element. Splashing each other with Blessing for Good Life and Food...What an Honor Wish I was a Water Bender Love you Penji


How lovely I love this so much the colours or the outfits, the celebration is wonderful, I would love to see this someday thank you for sharing it with us


I follow you from Iran, I love your programs and I watch them as soon as they are uploaded. I love you


This out a giant smile on my face. It looks like so much fun, but I think I would get very fat if I went because I would want to eat everything I saw.


oh my god. it looks so fun!!! i hope i can go to one next year. either in yunnan, myanmar or thailand


This reminded me of the amazing tamales my family makes wow my mouth is salivating yum!


Very impressed with your country's festivals, I'm Vietnamese and I really like the culture in China!! Really looking forward to the upcoming festivals in your hometown


How do those girls stay so thin with so much good food around them all of the time? It was beautiful and exciting to see this festival in process. Thank you for sharing it.


This is from india even though i watch ur vedios i really appreciate for ur time balancing making editing all really congrats that ur making that ur country proud every citizen wants that make to country proud


here in the Philippines specifically in Pangasinan, we also have that bamboo sticky snack and we call it tinubong mostly cook when new year.

在菲律宾,特别是在邦阿西楠(Pangasinan),我们也有竹制的粘性小吃,我们称之为 tinubong,它们大多在新年时烹饪。

You look so beautiful in that blue I know as women we compare ourselves to everybody but you know what you are absolutely beautiful the Way you are. I started watching your sisters videos too she looks absolutely beautiful. Thank you for taking me on the journey with you it was absolutely amazing and to see everything that I wouldn't get to see normally is overwhelmingly great.


That's exactly how we also make traditional sweet cake wrapped in banana leaf I'm from Northeast India , from the ingredients to method of preparation everything is same


很赞 11