2024-06-30 周而不比 10088

Vladislaw 3 days ago edited
Congrats to the team. Hope it lights some fires in congress and NASA


Ostpol Vladislaw
3 days ago edited
Thats not how it works. Now that Americans have that HD video of falling first stage near the village, the Americans are going to tingle their wingles to it for no end, calmed down and convinced that China is far behind and thinking that nothing has to be done. Believe me, i interacted with Americans here and everywhere. Thats all they need to relax and do nothing. There won't be any Sputnik moment, because Americans are going to blow their load on that video and become all eepy sleepy.


Vladislaw Ostpol
3 days ago edited
which Americans? I am an American and my wingles are not starting to tingle.
Actually since this happened you are the only person I have seen comment on it..
are you sure your wingles are not tingling?


CaseKL 3 days ago
Ask Boeing first


Richard Malcolm CaseKL
3 days ago
I suppose I can understand a corporation being opaque on news that might not be entirely happy for its shareholders. It is more disappointing that NASA is not saying more than it is.
That said, however, official Starliner coverage, inadequate as it is, is still miles beyond what CNSA has been giving the world on Chang'e 6. Which is disappointing, because it really is an amazing achievement that they can be rightly proud of.


Manthinks CaseKL
3 days ago
Boeing PR is total disaster given with all the US gov support and well-wishes by many.. Fact is failure to deliver the promises, it becomes not uncommon the narrative to be less "transparent"....
The misleading claim by NASA of a "successful" Moon landing by Intuitive Machine is a classic case...
[lix to Space News]


3 days ago
China aims to send a pair of astronauts to the lunar surface before 2030.
...and yet Andrew accuses the Chinese for "not openly published timings of mission events in advance...". Since when non-participants of Chines space programs are entitled to more privileged information given the background of geopolitical tension ?

“中国的目标是在 2030 年之前将两名宇航品送上月球。”

What qan do
4 days ago
Whenever you have an article about what "likely" happened, then there's not much there worth reading.


Richard Malcolm What qan do
4 days ago
There's only so much you can do when CNSA declines to offer minimum transparency about its missions on a timely basis, alas.


What qan do Richard Malcolm
4 days ago
Then report it when you know it. To quote Gene Kranz, let's not make things worse by guessing.


Richard Malcolm What qan do
3 days ago
Well, you can't win with this crowd. SN gets beat up in these same comboxes for giving insufficient or untimely reportage to Chinese space achievements. Now you're beating Andrew up because he reports it, in a timely way, but is forced to say, accurately, that much of the information remains unconfirmed by using qualifiers such as "likely."
Hey, I'm happy and congratulatory to CNSA. And hey, they are under no legal obligation to report anything they're doing. But it's still disappointing that they are so opaque about missions like these.


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DP Huntsman What qan do
3 days ago
They are not ‘guessing’; they reported what independent sources they are getting their data from.
Dave Huntsman


Scott Reynolds
a day ago
Maybe NASA should ask the Chinese for help getting back to the moon and landing upright?


3 days ago
I found an article
China begins returning world's 1st samples from moon's far side
07:54, 04-Jun-2024
CGTN , upxed 19:46, 04-Jun-2024


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6 days ago edited
tough times for China.. huge rare earth discovery in the U.S.
So much for the Chinese monopoly.


Ostpol Vladislaw
3 days ago
Why are you so happily posting this unrelated news in the comment section about Chang'e-6? Creating an industrial level mining operation to extract those materials will take decades, if they get the funding, pass the regulation and find the workers.


David Ostpol
3 days ago
Says the queen of off topic crap filled posts!!!


Vladislaw David
3 days ago
why did you up vote him then?

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David Vladislaw
2 days ago
I was temporarily insane and hit the wrong thumb.


Vladislaw Ostpol
3 days ago
oh give me a break ..


Vladislaw Ostpol
3 days ago
because it ends China's monopoly ..


Vladislaw Ostpol
3 days ago
Sorry capitalism and capital markets don't wait for decades when it comes to low hanging fruit. And that is what this find is .. and you would know that by simply reading the article.


"Military Could Invest In Mining Critical Minerals In Wyoming
The U.S. military has a huge interest in rare earth materials, something Wyoming has an abundance of. For instance, the U.S. Air Force’s F-35 stealth fighter takes 850 pounds of rare earths to build.
The Pentagon brass is interested in investing in a few critical minerals mining projects, particularly rare earth opportunities that have emerged in Wyoming.
For sure, there’s a laundry list to pick from.


Since 2023, the Defense Production Act (DPA) has awarded $267.9 million to 10 companies to advance critical minerals projects, like rare earths, that could help with large energy storage batteries and specialty metals.

自2023 年以来, “国防生产法案”已向 10家公司拨款 2.679 亿美元,以推进稀土等关键矿产项目,这些项目可能有助于大型储能电池和特种金属的开发。

None of the 10 companies are Wyoming-centric, but the military is looking to invest in rare earths mining projects, something that Wyoming has.
The rare earth minerals bonanza is the result of consumers starved for magnet metals integral to the green transition to electric vehicles, wind turbines, consumer goods, robots and military drones, missiles and chips needed for sophisticated computing power.


The military has a huge interest in rare earths.
For instance, the U.S. Air Force’s F-35 stealth fighter takes 850 pounds of rare earths to build, while the average electric vehicle (EV) takes about 1 kilogram of rare earth minerals, or 6,000 metric tons to produce 6 million EVs.
[lix to Cowboy State Daily]


Scott Reynolds Vladislaw
a day ago
Isn't the EPA going to have to do a multi-year study on how mining will impact the environment? Then you have to get the permits, set up an infrastructure, build a town for the miners, hire the miners, pay off the unxs, then start work....I'm thinking 10 years before any production, at a minimum.


Vladislaw Scott Reynolds
19 hours ago
When the DOD and National Security are added to the equation it changes from a purely commercial operation.

当国防部和 “国家安全”被加进来时,它就不再是纯粹的商业运作了

很赞 20