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Shaxi, Yunnan is a small village on my way to Tibet. I knew it was quite beautiful but I never expected I would like it so much. In fact, it was one of the most beautiful old towns that I have ever seen.
People were super friendly, and you can see the old traditional artisan shops in the small alleys of Shaxi Village. Then eventually I reached Lixiang, another old village on the edge of the mountains.


The best part of our day is after lunch and we take our homemade coffee chocolate sweet potato pudding to the TV room to watch Yan's latest travel vlog. Do you know what we like the most about your videos, xiao Yan?
They're so real, none of your footage is 'staged'. We got to follow you around on your travels.


I love this gal! Cute personality with a beautiful spirit that shows the world what China villages are all about.


I like it when you read us out the signs on the buildings and doors for us non-sinophones.

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I love this so much. Thank you for bringing the beauty of China to the world (and especially these small villages).


Your videos are better than anything I watched on TV about China. I love the way you present your country and your people. Thank you for the Mandarin and English subtitles. Your videos are so motivating for studying the language and to visit your beautiful country.


Hey Yan ! Really Thank You For This Early Video This Week !!!! I Didn't Know About This Village So Close to Lijiang, So I Must Go in October in My Way from Dali to Lhasa. You Take Care and Be Happy!!! Fernando.


I visited Shaxi in 2006 when it was a still run-down, sleepy hollow. I'm so glad the tasteful restoration has turned it into a gem.


It's like a scene from an old Chinese movie. How wonderful is your country! I respect your country for protecting its diverse cultures. Now Yunnan is on my travel bucket list!


Welcome to Yunnan. When you live there ,you will feel the time flying slower,the world became safe and peace

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You missed the enchanting view of Yu Jing Bridge at sunset, which is the most charming scenery in Shaxi.


The cool breeze blows on the ancient road, and the clear water washes away the dust in the heart。


What a great China channel and the presenter is so relaxing to listen to.


Beautiful village sorrounded by green fields and having ancient houses.
The presentation by Yan is clear. Thank you little Chinese Yan for making this video.


Just saw Flora & Note visit to this town. Omg, I couldn't agree more, it is the most idyllic place I've seen in China! It's not like the other places where it's designed more as a touristic destination. This feels much more like an organic community, so glad you visited Yan, it's gorgeous!

刚刚看到Flora & Note访问过这个小镇。天哪,我完全同意,这是我在中国见过的最有田园风光的地方!它不像其他被设计成一个旅游目的地的地方。很高兴你来过这里,这里太美了!

I love the music you played for the aerial video, such a beautiful ancient town.
My dream would be to have a central courtyard house, with plants and maybe a water feature.
The Buddhist Temple looks so beautiful. The skill of the woodcarvers is wonderful.


Bravo Yan , and thank you. My wife and I enjoyed wandering in this area , and you added lots more detail. Your drone videos are an example to copy!
We took a trip to 'Big Bend 'and Tiger-leaping Gorge -perhaps you could add those some time. We hope you will continue .Ride carefully! We value your work.


You are quite a traveling younger lady. Continue to enjoy your unusual travels. I lived in Qingdao for two years, another interesting coastal large city in mighty Shandong.


A beautiful place indeed; you also reached it during the blooming season. 2300 m altitude in a tropical/subtropical zone - that sounds like an ideal place for living. But now we see how, within months, you have transformed from a simple, gentle, humble pedestrian, into a fierce scooter rider, searing through pedestrian - male, female, young, old,... ranks, like all those utterly annoying scooter riders in all places in China, Taiwan, Vietnam,.... (alas - they are becoming more common in the Queens borrow of New York City, though, mercifully, they are - so far - not beeping right behind you). Thank you, Yan; a very good and highly informative video.


yunnan never stops amaze me. i've been to lijiang, very beautiful old town. never been to shaxi, it's also beautiful in your video. when you took the aerial shoot of the village, i instantly recognized the bai ethnic architectural design of the houses. it's unique and functional

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Thank you so much for this. It's so good to see the restoration work going on in this beautiful village. May your future generations be proud of, and enjoy their cultural heritage.


This is one of the locations of the cdrama Meet Yourself last year which stars Liu Yifei who played Mulan in the live action movie. Highly recommended cdrama. The sceneries and quaint cafes and streets are so pretty it makes you wanna pack up and live in Yunnan.
The square with the tree in the middle definitely is on the drama. The carving workshop looks familiar too but nsure if same shooting location. I was waiting for that iconic bridge that the drama popularized and from what i heard is now a tourist draw. And the canola fields, so beautiful. I just might need to rewatch the drama if only to appreciate Shaxi, Lijiang and Dali.


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I can't get enough of your drone excursions! The videography is outstanding and the accompanying sound track takes it to another level! Well done as always! Thank you!!


Your channel it's a treasure Yan, thank you for showing us this incredible country, traditional Chinese architecture it's unmatched!

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Such an incredibly beautiful place... I wish I would not be so anxious about traveling to China as someone who only knows a handful of words ._.
Thanks to your videos I can at least experience a tiny bit of this beautiful, beautiful country.
Please, never change the very real way of doing your videos. I enjoy them greatly <3

请永远不要改变你制作视频的真实方式,我非常喜欢它们 <3

It’s nice to see a historical town in China that is actually preserved with its original character in a genuine way. I feel like so many of the historic places in China become almost like theme parks, where the costumes and traditions become a sort of Disney attraction for tourists instead of an actual living culture.


Now, this may be my favorite of your wonderful videos, except there's that one on the communal round houses from a few years ago that I've watched a few times and the one on the long narrow cities along the river between mountains. So many others. I guess I don't need to have favorites. They're all a joy. Thank you for these beautiful glimpses of your country and the nice people who live there. Travel safe.


Thank you for sharing this beautiful video, I learn so much watching your channel! You also make me feel inspired to go out and look around, to live basically! I hope you stay well and happy!


I have been to Shaxi, Dali, Shangrila and Lijiang, spent a month there in '19. It was the deepest most beautiful experience just being in the ancient towns meeting the indigenous Bai and Naxi, joining them in dance and music. Lovely. I met the most wonderful people there. I will always cherish the memories and your videos bring it home how amazing it is, especially the drone footage showing the beauty of the villages with their central courtyard and surrounding homes. I so look fwd to returning in the right moment. Thank you Yan for the experience of China through your eyes! Love China!


Once again Yan you get great travel shots, I liked the in Shaxi area,very quite & beautiful old houses & lovely rural farming scenes, I noticed not many people ,like how the motor cars,Motor bikes increased in Baisha lots more people, Oh what beautiful drone shots,it makes your videos Yan, thank you for showing us all about Chinas Rural areas, as I call it the Eyes of the Golden Eagle, Cheers & Best Wishes ,Keep Safe ,Regards Trevor.W.Bacelli. Biloela Qld Australia.


Hi, my great grandfather is from China and my grandfather passed away when I am not yet interested of their roots now I have no way of pinpointing where they came from Am glad I found your channel because it brings so much comfort and just by the thought that maybe, one of that roads was once where my great grandfather also passed through or even lived.


I just love the old Chinese culture
I just love the traditional way people still living in china . this is absolutely beautiful . I feel in love with old village especially china
please make more video about old Chinese village


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Thanks for sharing again, I love old ancient buildings. We don't need modern buildings anymore hehe. If people want that just go to city somewhere to live retain the old buildings for memory is the most important now adays thanks again


Explore village dikengyuan or tianjingyuan. Underground houses built since thousan year ago. And explore Tongli villge at Jiangsu province near Suzhou.


Indeed what is most important is to preserve the beauty of culture and architecture for future generations. People must realize that every tourist is interested in old architecture. Even for modern architecture, it is important to draw wisdom and ideas from old architecture. How beautifully and with feeling those houses fit into the countryside. I like it a lot.

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China have a lot old ancient towns and villages,thanks for explore unseen China and hard work travel by herself,bravo girl


Thank you for this Documentary. I love watching Documentaries that show the remote moutaninous regions of China. I still remember watching a Chinese Movie about such remote rural areas of China. The Postman had to travel on his bicycle for four days up and down delivering letters in the villages and collecting letters meant for posting.


Thankyou for taking your time in Shaxi, Yan. I found the aesthetic of grey roofs and white walls against largely green contoured fields, in the drone footage, very beautiful, and the lanes and houses were somewhat contoured also, echoing the fields. At least for me, it has value seeing this sort of beauty, because most modern urban and suburban landscapes are built with other criteria in mind and have an ugliness forced upon them by necessity of speed and economy, with notable exceptions across the globe, of course. The more these things vanish, the more important they become, like the apparently artless beauty of the calligraphy on the door posts, which is the result of great practice. Wherever they are in the world, they need preserving. Thankyou again.


Beautiful, Yan! We've just been having a discussion on channel Jerry's Take on China about preserving Chinese culture. How to do it in a respectful way, not "Hollywood" style. Shaxi seems a great example! I love how the farming fields are close to the town, the way it was everywhere for centuries. Drone perspective gives such a great overview with lovely music.

太美了,Yan!我们刚刚在Jerry's Take on China频道上讨论了保护中国文化的问题。如何以一种尊重的方式,而不是"好莱坞"式的方式来保护中国文化。沙溪就是一个很好的例子!我喜欢农田紧邻城镇的方式,因为几个世纪以来,这种方式随处可见。无人机的视角和动听的音乐为我们展现了一幅绝佳的全景图。

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