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Moscow’s economic growth has defied Western sanctions


The World Bank’s annual national income rankings, released on Monday, showed that Russia has advanced from “upper middle” to “high” category on the strength of its economic growth.

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The bank measures gross national income (GNI) based on a method dating back to 1989, and upxes its classifications every July 1, based on the previous calendar year’s GNI per capita. The income is measured in the equivalent of US dollars.


“Economic activity in Russia was influenced by a large increase in military related activity in 2023, while growth was also boosted by a rebound in trade (6.8%), the financial sector (8.7%), and construction (6.6%),” said a post on the World Bank blog.


“These factors led to increases in both real (3.6%) and nominal (10.9%) GDP, and Russia’s Atlas GNI per capita grew by 11.2%,” the bank added.


This economic growth happened even after the US and its allies levied thousands of sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine conflict, openly stating that their goal was to destroy the Russian economy and provoke regime change in Moscow.


To be considered high-income, a country has to have a GNI of over $14,005, adjusted up from $13,845 for the previous fiscal year. The adjustment relies on a weighted average of GDP deflators of China, Japan, the UK, the US, and the Eurozone.


The income classification is supposed to reflect a country’s level of development, using the GNI as “broadly available indicator of economic capacity.”


World Bank figures also showed a trend towards development in South Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean, while the Middle East and North Africa were worse off in 2023 than in 1987. By contrast, Europe and Central Asia went from having 71% of high-income countries in 1987 to 69% in the past fiscal year.


Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️❤️


If the west keeps these sanctions up on the 25th round of sanctions Russia is going to be THE economic superpower of planet Earth.
Well done dear Russian government, you are living proof unilateral and illegal sanctions do not work.


petervk, Slava

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Ceuță Dragoș Cătălin
Indeed.... OUR MULTIPOLAR WORLD is ON....I was saying 5 years ago that it will be OPPOSITE DIRECTION MIGRATION.... meaning that immigrants will go back to their countries...


Ceuță Dragoș Cătălin
Many reasons for this.... western world have become a LATRINE,stinky one.... immigrants who are law abiding and pay taxes will having enough of locals BENEFITS paid from their taxes....will have enough of being treated like 2nd class citizens while their countries are EXPLOITED and ROBBED by the gouverments of the countries they are living in....did I meantioned the acces to high paid positions,which is denied to most of them

这有很多原因……西方世界已经变成了一个恶臭的厕所……守法和纳税的移民将从他们的税收中获得足够的当地福利……当他们的国家被他们所居住的国家的政府剥削和抢劫时,他们会受够被当作二等公民对待吗……我指的是获得高薪职位的机会吗? 大多数人都无法获得。
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Ceuță Dragoș Cătălin
I have took an image about RUSSIA in 2017


Ceuță Dragoș Cătălin
2018 world cup...have never been before...I was positively impressed by the ECONOMIC POTENTIAL....and the infrastructure already in place for it....only GOOD WILL and HARD WORK can enrich anyone

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I think U.S. foreign policy should be given A LOT of credit for this...


Justanothermonkey, Yes and we demand they continue to act the same way for future. The more russophobic they are the stronger our motherland becomes. Keep up the great work USA))


Russia has resources an is resourceful to defeat the cabal on all fronts. Nearly 50 countries have gangged up against Russia to destroy its economy, isolate it globally and subdue it militarily. More precisely, the US wanted to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia and depose Putin, replacing him with a corrupt puppet. Then break Russia into small weaker states and loot them. The cabal wanted to do to Russia what was done to USSR. But the Russians are united and determined to win and winning they are.

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Tyrone Blundell
And the IMF says, USA must cut back on spending and apply more taxes on over $400k incomes. To avoid default:(
Ask the greeks about the after feeling of default.


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Tyrone Blundell, Lol. Austerity measures


Is China next to become high income with all the sanctions?

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Tracie Smith
So much for sanctions.


What this shows us is that in reality Russia does not need the west, but still there is more improvements to made inside Russia for it to become totally self-sufficient. While oil and gas is still needed it would be great to see Russian energy giants diversify and use Russian territories to creat alternaive renewable energy that could be chanelled to all Russia and its allies in the east and south. Can you imaging if Russians did not have to pay energy bills but through taxes pay their share for the maintenance of energy farms. Should we see the rebirth of state (community) farms that supply the local area with food produce? There is so much Russia could do for its BRICS partners and friends that does not need the west. All this can be done without the use of the US$ or €uro)))))

这告诉我们,实际上俄罗斯不需要西方,但俄罗斯内部仍有更多的改进之处,以实现完全自给自足。虽然石油和天然气仍然是需要的,但看到俄罗斯能源巨头实现多样化,利用俄罗斯领土创造可替代的可再生能源,并将其输送给俄罗斯及其东部和南部的盟友,将是件好事。你能想象如果俄罗斯人不需要支付能源账单,而是通过税收来支付他们维护能源农场的份额。我们是否应该看到为当地提供食物的州(社区)农场的重生? 在不需要西方的情况下,俄罗斯可以为金砖国家的伙伴和朋友做很多事情。所有这些都可以在不使用美元或欧元的情况下完成。

Congratulations Russia even in the West they acknowledge you have become a high income country , more and better things to come , such a well run and resources rich country with no comparison on the earth .


300 WinMag
The US is now preparing sanctions against the world bank and the author of the report and his family.


WallStreet bankers have forced european citizens to eat from rubbish bins I guess the Russian sanctions are working well!

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BRICS - We are the future, today.


General Strike
Up yours, Wall Street !


Donald Wilkerson


Russia's current economic situation proves that there is no benefit having any trade deals with the west


Joseph Nielesky
This is all because of their great President, the whole world respects and admires President Putin. Biden not so much. LOL


Nick Miller
But Ursula von der Leyen said that Russia has been permanently set on a trajectory of economic recession with no hope of growth for decades! Perhaps she is unfit for her office!

但乌苏拉·冯德莱恩表示,俄罗斯已经永久地陷入了经济衰退的轨道,几十年来都没有增长的希望! 也许她不适合这个职位!

In certain situations, we still see a unipolar world, like Gaza's struggle against Zionist pigs. But look at Russia where one bloc did all they could to destroy the economy of Russia, yet Russia prevails, this was the effect of the other poles, Russia itself as strong power that the global south prefer it on its feet rather than on its back.


Are these gains going to lower and middle classes as well as the top? I would be interested in seeing the figures here

这些收益是否会像富人一样惠及中低阶层? 我很想看看这方面的数据。

thiaj, 3 people don't want to know how the working class is faring... ok then


The illegal 'make us or make us' sanctions have indeed united Russia(n) and brought out the very best in them; the governing authorities have also managed it well and created the right incentive laden condition for development here & not & beyond...

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Tziyon·Tawhid·&·The·Cr➕ss, What's interesting, is that the West sought to break up Russia and bankrupt it. Instead what has happened as you said it has united the Russian people and increased their wealth!


It is good for the people. Question is mainly: Where does the money come from? Is the high income sustainable?

这对人民有好处。问题主要是:钱从哪里来? 这种高收入可持续吗?

Keep those sanctions coming , you geniuses !


YPBt23d, Never seen reverse psychology backfire on a global scale.


Joël Pichette
Vodka won't taste the same if made from richer and more expensive white bread instead of dark bread.


Joël Pichette, FYI vodka isn't made from bread. You're thinking of kvass which is made from rye bread.


Russia is number 1 country the best country theres no debate end of story. All in all germany france and balkans and austria hungary / israel/india can all follow russia foosteps and have the capability to be not to far in ranks. first europe needs to deport all illgeal immigrants of arabs gorillas and clean up there mess of fake news and stuff. i think europe has woken up after france has turn full right wing now ;)


War and national independence from Globalism will do that. Globalism is a tool to control all the nations through economic means. Cut the ties to the Globalist economic model, then make a new Multi-National system and then they will flourish. Proof is in the pudding.


Gord M
Putin to Biden.: *ZIP*….say hello to mY LEEtle fren…


You have no choice but to say that.
And its not even done yet.
No-job england, and the usury world bank,
will be living in a mudshack at best.
Without a right to exist at all.


Rubeely Hamze
Great news , Western Sanctions are Boomerang , you see now days , western peoples throw out their own governments as in France


David Downey
Rubeely Hamze, I would take that as a "God is on Russia's side" kind of sign


Money is secondary. First you need the right people.


China, and Russia...... a powerhouse of industrial, economic, military, and brotherhood of man friendship.


David Downey
If there is ever a Mt Rushmore in Russia, Putin better feature prominently


Zhu Di
More sanctions, Joe & Ursula.

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RF needs to speed up the switch from oil and gas to manufacture product exporters and inventor

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Zhu Di
Russia is so huge, very rich in resources, full of talents, manufacturing & technologies … They must be the world richest. While in Joe country, they’re also rich but based on credit cards, spending now paying later. In Russia, they don’t borrow, 100% cash, it’s real wealth.


Zhu Di, No Russia isn't 100% cash and not even close. We use debit and credit cards and electronic money like everyone else does. Car, mortgage, and general needs loans are quite normal. Yes, 20 years ago cash was the norm.


The trend is clear - East is on the way up, west is on the way down. It’s obvious


Russia is doing quite well right now but the writing is on the wall that major changes in the economy will have to occur or this trend will reverse itself.


UncleFester, Was that a western wall, with writing written by westerners? I've seen that wall, its the same one where they have been saying China's economy will crash this year - for the last 20 years...

那是一堵西方的墙?上面写着西方人的字? 我见过那堵墙,过去20年来,他们一直在说中国经济今年会崩溃。

Wow not an easy feat!! Even under regular conditions that is exceptional! Well done.

哇,这可不是一个容易的壮举!! 即使在正常情况下,这也是例外! 做得很好。

Russia buckling under the weight of western sanctions as its citizens fall into the high income category and the economy is only the fourth largest in the world. That'll teach 'em...

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The economic progress of Russia despite the countless sanctions and financial shithousery by the US is remarkable. Nobody in Washington ever dreamed of this outcome and invincibility of US power world wide as defacto hegmon is shattered. But nevertheless, there are more surprises on the horizon and US domination is still capable of dramatic decline in currency and US assets overseas. ( which are in trillion and once they start coming home via selling, there is no Fed bank big enough to handle the uptake. )


American freedom fighter
iraq and libya would have made indescribable economic progress without being bombed and sanctioned the last 40 years.


American freedom fighter
without Chinese and other foreign imports the usa would have been dead by the year 2000.


Tao Walson
Luckiy, this information did not come with accusation of Russian's smuggling weapons grabbed from Ukraine to middle east to achieve the income. That means Russia hard earned it.


How is it the USD is worth so much vis-a-vis other currencies when that is not financially supported? How can a copiously printed counterfeit money be worth so much? Why are central bankers continuing to stupidly accept counterfeit money for their goods and services? The USD is a counterfeit money without comparison and the US economy runs on fumes; a phony economy; a global scam operation. The number 1 and 2 economies in the World are actually China and Russia.

在没有金融支持的情况下,美元相对于其他货币是如何价值如此之高的? 印制大量的假币怎么会有这么大的价值呢? 为什么中央银行继续愚蠢地接受假币来购买他们的商品和服务? 美元是一种没有对照物的假币,美国经济正在冒烟;虚假经济;一个全球性的骗局。世界上排名第一和第二的经济体实际上是中国和俄罗斯。
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DanDan D
Arn, They can print it and still keep it worth because almost the whole world takes the impact... try to leave the dolar pool and you will end up as Gaddafi.

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Whilst in yankland/UK/EU the opposite is true!


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很赞 14