中国MUST之行 - 云南大理 II
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Yan you are a truly Golden Eagle you spread your wings & Fly,what a wonderful place to start your trip, Yunnan Dali,wonderful food, it must have lot of different Agriculture districts producing so much quality Farm products, I noticed those wonderful Old style Chinese houses, I just loved the way the roofs are curled ,the drone has made your videos , that cheese making was very interesting, there's so much to see , we are all privileged to see through the Golden Eagles eyes, if you didn't make these lovely videos one would never see so much Beauty, on that note Yan, keep safe,Regards & Best Wishes Trevor.W.Bacelli.

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In Taiwan, we have quite a few Yunnan restaurants and they are very popular and my family visits one of them regularly! I first heard the name of Dali when I was a kid from the popular old martial arts novel "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils" 天龍八部 where the main character 段譽 is from Dali Kingdom's royal family...XD!! Yunnan has always been a dream destination for me! The market looks absolutely amazing!! Thank you for sharing!

Hi. Seeing this video brings back many memories. I first went to Dali in 2006 and then visited dozens of times between 2009 and 2014 when I lived in Kunming. I even lived in Dali for 1 year from 2014 to 2015. I also went to Shaxi many times. The first time, I rode my bicycle (not motor bike, just bicycle) from Dali to Shaxi. I think I took the same route you did, over the mountain. Thats the "back way to Shaxi." It looks like the road has been improved since I was there!

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Another fabulous video from you to us young lady ...they keep getting more and more entertaining . What a wonderful nation of lands , mountains ,waters and beautiful sights and sounds your native country has ...stunningly magnificent! Best wishes to you and be safe and sound on your brilliant travels ,from Scotland


I appreciate that you show the map ! For us foreigners in Europe who have never been to China, we get a better idea what you are talking about . I love that you get around on your bike. Be safe,….. much respect !!!


Unique as ever Yan, you are unique in your own skin, sublimely so. A very crowded place nowadays. Incredible preparation/presentation of food. My question is what happens at the end of the day with leftovers! Never covered is. In my place and communities, we have composting areas, even in Europe they will compost even in towns, openly steaming, the sweet smell of continuing life. For large populations, there must be some obvious answers? I remember the lake well with its islands. Alofting the drone, as usual, gives a brave perspective on communities in this modern era. Thankyou.............


Hi Yan! Really enjoy watching your episodes. Being a bike rider and having ridden in SE Asia, I sometimes worry about your speed through some of the villages. At least it looks fast on the video! Take extra care because I love your fantastic journeys and insight in and around such an amazing country. Cheers and safe travels!


If possible do expand the video series covering trekking, off road experience, mountain tours, hiking etc. What a lovely series so far and it's improving with each episode with historical hints, flowers, gates, lakes, cheese, ancient gates, roads and alleyway, gen z food bloggers, women led markets which is a similar cultural thing to North East and Himalayas in India but Dali is Unique in it's own way, unseen rose jams and fungus

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Another fantastic episode! Beautiful country. A lot of riding!
A quick google search tells me you could fit Scotland into China 122 times! Lol. Wow.


Nice that you got travel directions :-)
A great trip as usual .
What I would like to hear is more about the prices , for petrol, room , food etc . The Jam was a good price , thought the berries were expensive :-)
Thanks .

很高兴您得到了旅行指南 :-)
我想知道更多关于汽油、房间、食物等价格的信息。果酱的价格不错,但我觉得浆果很贵 :-)

Thanks Yan another great video. Can't wait till you go to Harbin
I have been there twice plus Beijing and Quingdau. My son (Canadian) his wife (Chinese) and 2 kids live in Harbin. You should visit them ;).


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I love the history and the maps, you have taken time to include in your opening story. I'll be in Padam, Zanskar Valley in a couple of weeks, a far cry from the little Welsh valley I live in, but I shall be following your journey as there is even WifFi there now. I'm sure your travels will take you both to Wales and Ladakh in due course. I'm looking forward to the views of the mountains from the sky (or the 'eye of the drone'). As always the markets in the town are a hive of industry and colour.

我喜欢你花时间在开篇故事中介绍的历史和地图。再过几周,我就要去赞斯卡尔山谷的帕达姆了,那里与我居住的威尔士小山谷相差甚远,但我会关注您的旅程,因为那里现在甚至有WifFi了。我相信在适当的时候,你的旅行会把你带到威尔士和拉达克。我期待着从天空(或 "无人机之眼")眺望群山。镇上的集市一如既往地热闹非凡,色彩斑斓。

i visited yunnan in 2019. the climate is mild, make it comfortable to travel. i arrived at dali at night, so not much to explore in the old city. i love the buildings of bai people, it's very beautiful. i also like the food


We enjoyed this episode so much thanks for sharing. The. Cheese segment could have been longer and who would have ever thought of rose petals in cheese. Now off to in garden to pick rose petals to make, Rose petal jam. And yet again your dronography is stunning.

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If there was a 'Yan' in every town to provide a food tour and a comfortable / interesting hostel I would book today! I have seen the big Chinese cities which are interesting but you are showing us a whole different China.


Very beautiful, and you had nice weather! What was swimming in front of the man in the boat? (Near the end of your video). Wish I could ride with you; I’d love to see Tibet, it’s impossible for me, but at least I can see your videos.


Hi Yan thank you for another great video what an array of different foods fruit and veg i have never heard of rose petal cheese ,is the food laws as stringent as they are in England ?.
Great drone footage the houses seem very densely packed together what massively high pagodas .All the best.


In 2012 I visited Kunming, Lijiang and Dali. It was a very memorable 2 weeks. My guide was my Chinese girlfriend of the time as I could never have done it on my own as an Englishman who can only speak a little Cantonese. I recommend Yunnan to anyone and everyone but make sure you have a good Mandarin speaker with you.
for me the memories that have stuck with me were:
riding a horse (that tried to throw me off)
traveling by bus and seeing waterfalls from tree covered high cliffs falling into the Mekong river
seeing an old looking metal working foundry next to the river with men hammering while silhouetted against a large fire
our bus (just local bus) driving through a herd of goats in the mountains and two annoyed 6 or 7 year old shepherds who looked very wild and dirty throwing stones at the bus
our bus driver insisting on overtaking cars uphill on corners and in the face of oncoming traffic (very scary)
eating the most delicious spicy meats
very local hotels
beautiful lakes
a village restaurant that was a families back garden and the pork we ate had been killed just the day before
eating strange flowers or plants that were surprisingly delicious
seeing the dirtiest and most disgusting toilets any human being has ever witnessed
Chinese city tourists trying to ride a wild Yak (or something) for a laugh lol
silver items sold everywhere
going to a local bar and being threatened by a drunk local guy and smoking a local Chinese cigarette (not a good idea)
seeing the border with Vietnam or was it Cambodia ? i cant remember but there were military checkpoints etc in that area.
turquoise lakes
huge green 'fields' that stretched away to the mountains
buying street food and NOT getting sick (yay!).
falling into a small river in a very small village because the road was broken and i didnt notice.
staying in a rich friends luxury apartment in downtown Kunming with a view of the whole city center.
I been lucky enough to have some very excellent holidays all over Asia but the Yunnan trip was different and very memorable.
Thankyou for your videos, I love your channel.


Your videos are always so informative and amazing to watch. I fine myself wondering if you have to get special permission to fly your drone where you do. This was a great start to your trip. I cannot wait to see the whole of it.



If you go to Lijiang, then I'd suggest that you make sure to head five minutes North of Lijiang Old Town to the villages of Baisha 白沙, and Shuhe 束河. They're not crowded with tourists like Lijiang Old Town and have some interesting sights, such as the Baisha Murals inside the Dabaoji Temple.

Yan, thank you for another great video! The cheese making was really the highlight. I love it so much when you talk to local people, it gives me such a warm comforting feeling to see that people are good to you and happy to tell about their life.
Also I have a question that I wanted to ask for a long time. Many places you've shown have a lake nearby. With so much water there are usually mosquitoes. But you never mention mosquitoes and people don't seem to be bothered by them. What about mosquitoes in China?


i have lived in Dali for the last two months, moved here from the UK, its beautifully around the lake and but I must correct you it not dry all year round, we had 4inch of rain a couple of days ago...Peace and JaYoe


Thank you! Adjacent to the Tang\\\\ Song dynasty pagodas was a complex that reminds me, vaguely, of the Forbidden City. Is it a palace of Dali kingdom, or is it a temple complex?


hey yen? just a little feedback, of course i might be wrong but when you put season and episode number in your titles it makes me feel like i missed out on a lot of episodes and it is harder to start a video this way. i feel like i have missed out on so many episodes and it's not worth it to start from the middle. but of course these are vlogs, not tv show so we can watch from anywhere. i just thought i should mention it.


I'm from Northeast India, and we believe that our ancestors came from this region thousands of years ago

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Not all northeast, only some tribes like Ahom migrated from South Yunnan where Tai lived. But Dali is north, they're Bai people, close to Han Chinese.


The thing about vlogging about once unknown and less frequented places in China is that, once it goes online, those breathtaking destinations will become viral, attracting more domestic tourists to swarm into those places by the bus loads. Then as more international tourists also vlog about these places, the "virus" spread even farther. So once relatively unheard-of destinations that even locals do not know will become crowded and overly touristy over time, spoiling the tranquility it once had. Good for local businesses but not so good for an overall vacationing experience. Eg. Mt Emei is a sacred religious place but up in the mountain peak it's crowded and noisy with too much tourist chatters.


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