中国和我们想象的不一样 - 在北京的头 24 小时
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CHINA is NOT what we expected - FIRST 24 HOURS in Beijing


I've been to China four times already and knew this. Yet, most of my co-workers, neighbors, and friends (in the USA) don't believe me that China is a great place to visit. They think my photos and videos are only of "what the Chinese want me to see". Does not matter that I keep telling them I was free to walk around these areas, unescorted.
They further refuse to believe me when I say China overall has cleaner looking streets and public parks than what we currently have in America. All of a sudden... I find myself surrounded by "China experts" who make ignorant statements like "the Chinese are all starving and live in old run down deteriorating dirty looking cities". The other ignorant thing I often hear is "The poorest Americans live better than the average Chinese". They say this and yet has never visited China once.
Thanks to folks like you who post these videos to try and balance out all of the lop sided negative propaganda fed to people in the West by the news media on a daily basis.

当我说中国的街道和公园总体上比美国干净时,他们更是拒绝相信。突然之间 我发现自己周围都是"中国专家",他们会说一些无知的话,比如"中国人都在挨饿,住在破旧不堪、面貌肮脏的城市里"。我经常听到的另一句无知的话是"最穷的美国人也比普通中国人过得好"。他们这样说,却从来没有去过中国一次。

Friends from Britain, you are very welcome to travel to China. In the video, the countdown to the traffic light shows the change of traffic light in the video. In fact, big data's technology is used. When many cars stop at a certain traffic light one after another, he will know that this time has become a red light, combined with the previous vehicle parking time, it is easy to achieve how long the traffic light will change color in the future. It doesn't need to be connected to government surveillance or anything like that. So you don't have to think about it. In addition, you mentioned that there are very many cameras on the street. There is no doubt that this is true. There are many kinds of cameras. The first is traffic violation cameras, the second is road surveillance cameras, which mainly prevent thieves, and the third is big data comparison and face recognition. Naturally, it plays a monitoring role, but the number of these cameras is small, mainly concentrated in public areas. Personally, I think that in fact, many foreign friends are not completely Chinese, and foreign reports are not entirely correct. Once again, welcome to China. Have a nice trip in China. Thank you.


@GeorgeWang-w9h You are right. Foreign travelers who come to China have two misunderstandings. One is that there are cameras everywhere. In fact, most public cameras are used for traffic management and belong to the traffic police system. The second is that there are police everywhere. In fact, there are very few police patrolling the streets in Chinese cities. The ones you see in uniform are just auxiliary police or security guards. They have no law enforcement power.

@GeorgeWang-w9h 你说得对。来中国的外国游客有两个误区,一是认为到处都是摄像头。事实上,大多数公共摄像头是用于交通管理的,属于交警系统。二是到处都是警察,事实上,在中国城市的街道上巡逻的警察很少,你们看到的穿制服的只是没有执法权的辅警或保安。

3:34 The cameras are for traffic use. Some are video sensors to control the traffic lights. Some are to capture illegal traffic behavors.
The two guys mustn't know which city has the most density of cameras in the world. It's London.

3:34 这些摄像头用于交通,有些是视频传感器,用于控制交通信号灯,有些是用来抓拍违法交通行为的。

The surveillance on the road is used to capture vehicles driving illegally, such as speeding, not wearing seat belts, answering and making phone calls while driving, and changing lanes at will. If these are captured, points will be deducted and fines will be imposed. If you do not violate the law, you will generally not investigate the surveillance


China is a very suitable country for retirement
This country is bigger than you think. You can spend decades traveling there.
Each region has completely different scenery, food and culture. The country offers views of deserts, oceans, forests, plateaus and canyons. So amazing.
The only disadvantage of China is that the work pressure is very high


Btw, London has the MOST security cameras per capita in the WORLD, so I found it interesting that you two focused on the cameras in China. Personally, I love cameras since I don’t plan on committing a crime and the camera footage will keep me safe. Here in America, over and over again, we search video footage in order to solve a crime. In New York City, we are installing MORE cameras because of the rampant crime rates, no one blxs an eye about it. We don’t need to be overly sensitive to the cameras in China, we really are NOT that important for anyone looking at us. Don’t forget, there are over 1.4 billion people, who has the time to watch over everyone. Replaying footage after a crime has been committed is helpful, no different from what we do in the ����


I'm so glad you guys got the proper visa. The 144-hour transit visa is not long enough to see even one major Chinese city. I think 4 weeks is a decent amount of time to visit China; you can probably visit 6-8 different places.


I've been to China for work six times, totally about 9 months. That's not enough time to explore a country like Portugal, much less a country as vast and varied as China. But at least the 144-hour visa is a start.


My Irish friend visited China, had no knowledge of the language but had a spiffing good time. He said he relied on the kindness of strangers to get around...even with language barrier LOL.
Super reasonable metro price, so he went everywhere in Chengdu


But I'm confused here.. I'm Chinese and lived in Beijing for years about ten years ago, I now live in Australia go back to China every year, I also watch many vloggers visiting china recently. But never ever knew or heard about anyone need to show ID to get into Metro...I saw many vloggers in different cities in China get around by metro just getting tickets at the self serve machines.
BTW, more police in Beijing because it's the capital the political centre, and also they're near Tiananmen which is like the white house in US. Not the case in elsewhere in China. Plus a lot of uniformed people you see are not police anyway, they're security guards.

我很困惑...... 我是中国人,大约十年前在北京住过几年,现在生活在澳大利亚,每年都会回中国,最近也看了很多来中国的视频博客。我看到过很多中国不同的城市得视频博客,他们乘坐地铁时只需在自助售票机上买票即可。

Its a shame people go to Korea and Japan 10x more often and even repeatedly before even considering China. 5000 years worth of cultural artifacts and architecture, 4th largest country in the world by landmass, all manner of natural wonders in every kind of biosphere, futuristic skylines, one of the world's greatest cuisines all at a fraction of the price of many western countries due to the cost of living there. Massively, massively underrated.


China tourism business is going to boom. I went to Japan and Korea quite often, there is no comparison. Wait for another 10 years, when the rural China opens to the world, China will be the most popular travel destination in the world.


Beijing and Shanghai are novice villages for Europeans who come to China. China is like a super big RPG game. You need to slowly explore the map. Only after leaving the novice village will the truly wonderful China be revealed in front of you. Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, xinjiang, Jiuzhaigou, Huangshan, Mount Tai, deserts, snow-capped mountains, Yangtze River, Yellow River, the southern region of Jiangsu in the rain and fog are like an ink painting, and the Erhai Lake in Dali is like a medi oil painting. I wish you a happy trip. China is worth exploring


The sentiment analysis of 306 YouTube comments reveals an overwhelmingly positive reception (87.6%) of the video and the travelers' experience in China. Many commenters welcomed the visitors, appreciated the authentic portrayal of China, and offered helpful tips for their journey. The comments often highlighted China's technological advancements, safety, and cleanliness. Negative sentiments (3.9%) were mainly related to concerns about surveillance and privacy, while neutral comments (8.5%) typically provided factual information or asked questions about travel logistics. Overall, the comments reflect a strong interest in and positive attitude towards tourism in China, with many viewers expressing a desire to visit or revisit the country.


I was quite surprised when I first visited Beijing in December 2015. Absolutely like it. Yes, under surveillance but I have nothing to hide so I feel very safe. For the Peking duck, usually the essense is the skin, not the meat. If you go to the right branch you may not need to queue at all. I went to one around Wang Fu Jing area and I went in alone, ordered one whole duck, finished it, and satisfied for the rest of the day.
China is no longer what others perceived to be any more. I went there with similar mentality and found that Chinese cities are very modern, people well behaved (in big cities; in contrary to tourists we met outside of China; and I do speak Chinese so may help a bit), helpful and friendly. To me, it is more modern than American cities as a matter of fact. Everywhere you got to pay digitally, although cash is still acceptable (due to the government's requirement/directive). For the nay sayers, forget politics, visit there and see for yourself.

中国不再是别人眼中的中国了。 我带着类似的心态去了那里,却发现中国的城市非常现代化,人们行为良好(在大城市;与我们在中国以外遇到的游客相反;我会说中文,所以可能有点帮助),乐于助人,非常友好。在我看来,中国的城市比美国的城市更现代化。虽然现金仍然可以使用(这是政府的要求/指示),但在所有地方都可以使用数字支付。对于那些持反对意见的人,忘掉政治吧,去那里亲眼看看。

I could be wrong but i believe Chinese associate hot water with health. So its a thing in most of Asia (through Chinese traditional medicine) where they will actually serve you hot water instead of cold water like we do in Europe. Even the water machine thingies will actually have heated water in many places in Asia.


There are so many Beijing-roast-Duck in the city, almost the same taste, but service at several levels, worth several levels price. SO if you just want to try some delicious food in China, DO not take the brand for something, just go in some restaurant people just fit in, not the big one or luxury one.
Besides, it's mushroom season in the country, especially July and August, if you guys consider YUNNAN as one of your tour destination, just take “Mushroom Hot Pot” there, or you can try it in other big city in the country, less tasty.


I'm glad you've got a long-term visa. You are no longer novices who only have a 144-hour visa!
Therefore, I'd like to recommend China tourism 2.0 to you.
Leave the city and appreciate the natural scenery. You can visit the grasslands and snow mountains in xinjiang, the deserts and murals in Dunhuang, the primitive forests and waterfalls in Yunnan, and the sea and diving in Sanya. Two years are not enough for China. Have fun!


To be honest, I have watched a lot of videos about foreigners traveling in China, only this couple with basic respect for China, without saying "I thought there was something wrong with China, I didn't expect China to be so good." I feel that the bloggers who say such things are biased against China before they come here and feel that it is not so good, so the expectations are also low. Nor have they always emphasized how much they like China, to make a comparison, "China is good in a certain aspect, and a certain country is bad in this aspect." . This is very good, foreigners do not need to love this country, as long as they break the prejudice, harvest a wonderful journey, and will share with their family and friends to introduce China, it is enough.


I happen to know someone working for Baidu, a Chinese map sevice supplier. The countdown mentioned at 12:00 of your video is NOT any "govt thing", just becase so many pp use Didi and the map App within it in major Chinese cities, the map service companes have numerous traffic data to analyze the partten of traffic lights' changing and "predict" the timing, that's the story.


China is not for touring, it's for working hard to death. As a Chinese myself, when I travelled in Japan, I saw many tourist-friendly signs that were written in English. While in China(even in the most developed area like Shanghai City), all the signs are basically written in Chinese, without any translation in English. I guess that's why Westerners prefer travelling to Japan, for getting a much better travelling experience.


People need to be open minded when traveling… please do some research of that country you intend to visit. It would help you a lot when exploring the places. Learn to adapt to the culture, language, food, learn the basic characteristics of the daily lives of the locals. Don’t compare to your own country or hometown… it would never be the same. For better or worse… China is a great country, rich, and tradition. Great ppl, and the government do take care of their own citizens.. just so you know!


You went to Shanghai last year, and on this trip the first thing you do is to look for an ATM to get CASH? 95% of payments made in China, if no more, are made by WeChat pay, Ali-Pay, or other sorts of electronic transfer. The merchants take out their phone, you take out your phone, and you make the transfer. Takes about 2 seconds, is accepted everywhere, and totally safe. Most Chinese now leave the house with no cash. Train tickets? Hotels? Wonton noodles on the street corner? It's all done with your smart phone. Kinda shocking that you have already been to China and when you arrive you immediately go get some cash. There are actually plenty of merchants who won't even accept cash or credit cards. The electronic pay by phone thing is one of the most common sign that you are in China.


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