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Reason is simple: Michael Jordan is becoming older and less known to people, while the NBA is simply not that cool anymore. Thus Nike has lost it's biggest marketing method. That's it.


Only kind of interested in the SB line now lebrons suck, kds suck, kobes i guess will be strong, ja1 suck, book1 suck, pegasus is ugly, jordan is still ok in a way quality sucks and color blocking and story sucks !! Last lebron shoe that was innovative was the 19. Kyrie was fire up until the last two shoes !! So its prob Kobe and Jordan holding up nike now

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Nike is too busy making shoes for those weirdos who collect and resell shoes instead of wearing them. Their shoes are not at all durable instead they concentrate on making it look different and than sell it with the term I hate the most "linited drop". It feels like Nike wants their shoes to be NFTs.


This is cap all shoe brands are like this. It's the over hyping of shit with resellers buying everything that's killed interest


Used to be a Nike fan, but I haven’t seen a Nike shoe wow me in years. Then if there ever is some sort of interesting new release, it’s either some sort of limited run or special edition that get’s sold out and resold at outrageous prices. This kind of stuff has drove me to try other brands like Adidas and New Balance. Even if they have hype shoes, everything is still relatively accessible

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Nike shoes are way too expensive given their middling to poor quality. The way Nikes are made, they should cost 40% less. Add in the bad vibes from their sweat shop abuse, and Nikes should cost 60%. Never again, Nike.

考虑到耐克鞋的质量中等偏差,它们的价格实在太贵了。按照耐克鞋的制作方式,它们的价格应该低 40%。再加上血汗工厂的恶劣影响,耐克鞋的价格应该低 60%。再也不买耐克鞋了。

It's why I always buy the "out of season" ones I like when they're marked down to $35-40/pair.

这就是为什么我总是在它们降价到每双 35-40 美元时购买我喜欢的“过季”产品。

exactly, they're made of majority plastic and cheap materials and they don't last long. i'd rather just spend more money on quality shoes, leather shoes, then nikes.


That's capitalism. Shitty products, high prices.


People have been saying this crap for over 30 years, it's not a quality issue, customers don't care about quality. They care about design. Nike has been releasing shitty designs for years

人们已经说了 30 多年这种废话了,这不是质量问题,客户不在乎质量。他们关心的是设计。耐克多年来一直在发布糟糕的设计

nike quality is so bad now, i don't know how they got to this place


and now Nike is making a lot of their shoes with recycled materials which is making the quality worse and they still got the nerve to keep charging regular price.


Still outsell all the competitors in the world.

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compared to when? You can't even answer because Nike's quality has been largely the same since the 90s.

和什么时候比?你甚至无法回答,因为耐克的质量自 90 年代以来基本保持不变。

you are speaking entirely out of your ass. Recycling doesn't lessen the quality of a material.


"40%" "60%"
Lil bro clearly doesn't know economics ️
"40%" "60%"

小弟显然不懂经济学 ️

depends on which shoe you get. Nike obxtively leads market in race shoes. Also have an amazing max cushion daily trainer in invincible run 3,

取决于你买哪双鞋。耐克在跑鞋市场中客观领先。此外,在无敌跑 3 中还有一款出色的最大缓冲日常训练鞋,

Companies like Nike keep forgetting that cruelty free applies to people too!
When you have 10 to 60 year-olds
Working $.10 for every $30 your shoes, your clothes, your packaging are gonna look & last like they were made for 10¢


"nice leather" and Nike shan't be used in the same breath. Nike chrome tans low quality leather and coats them in a layer of plastic and pigment that crease worse and don't last as long as a more natural leather


Sweat shop abuse? This goes for any brand that sources from third world countries. I don't think ppl care. It's the quality and price point that's most important


The quality and price point are not aligned with one another.


In my experience owning different brands of shoes.. yes. Nike is overpriced & doesn't last long, less than 2 years the glue fell off. My Puma & Adidas shoes last more than 3 years and still counting & most importantly didn't cost the same as Nike does. Talking about comfiness, I prefer Skechers. And New Balance & Reebok are pretty underrated.


Just buy them on resell markets, usually they’re way under retail

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Most Nike shoes should cost $30-40 USD at most. They're made to look at. That's it.

大多数耐克鞋最多售价 30-40 美元。它们就是为了好看而设计的。仅此而已。

Your iphone should also cost 50% less but you pay for the brand everywhere

你的 iPhone 价格也应该降低 50%,但你到处都要为品牌买单

Explain how it actually costs Apple about 50% of what an iPhone costs to make it and they have worse profit margins than Samsung so if anyone should be paying less, it’s you

解释一下事实上,苹果的生产成本仅为 iPhone 的 50%,利润率也低于三星所以如果有人应该少付钱,那就是你

The world is getting smarter and poorer. No one really buys branded anymore, but the best value for money.


Some people buy brands because of the style. I like Nike quite a lot and I don’t think I’m rich and snob from buying from a corporation that makes the stuff I like. Also, a lot of the great value stuff you were proposing (Walmart, Amazon essentials, etc) are much larger corporations


not really. It differs by degrees. It's always the same brands getting caught doing it. You do realise that there are differences in terms of how companies monitor and pay attention to this stuff. Nike clearly doesn't give a rat's @$$. Which explains why they get caught far more than anyone else using child labour in sweat shops.
Now you are dead right that the consumer doesn't care. That's 100% true. Otherwise they would punish Nike for it. Hell....Nike had the scandal of punishing their women athletes for getting pregnant by docking their pay considerably while advertising what a women centric brand they are.....and that didn't make women not buy Nike. So clearly marketing and brand image Trump's all other considerations. Except when it comes to virtue signalling over superficial nonsense apparently.


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​ @CodigosJJ these does have a bougier market though that priorities light shoes for running and being on your feet all day. Hokas and Ons are popular where i live (i work somewhere that sells them) because we have a lot of techies who do yoga and go running so they don't get out of shape working their computer jobs, and hokas are popular with the medical field ppl too , like nurses who are on their feet all day.

不过,这些鞋确实有一个更高端的市场,优先考虑轻便的跑步鞋和全天站立的鞋子。 Hokas 和 Ons 在我居住的地方很受欢迎(我工作的地方有卖),因为我们有很多技术人员做瑜伽和跑步,这样他们就不会因为从事计算机工作而走形,而且 hokas 也很受医疗领域人士的欢迎,比如整天站立的护士。
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​ @HammerStudioGames yeah i after if anything recycling the scraps into the foam and rubber soles required rhem to innovate a bit to make sure the recycled material soles would have similar quality to the Virgin rubber/plastic soles. I like the trend of this as it makes the design unique too.

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And why can they make like 600 different ones across all their markets at once? Because they cost nothing to make.
They’re basically fast fashion pretending to be premium

为什么他们可以同时在所有市场上生产 600 种不同的产品?因为它们的生产成本为零。它们基本上是假装高端的快时尚

Yes and I can buy extremely good quality copies fake Nike air max (So good to u can't even tell the difference and I have owned original ones as well). From Thailand , Vietnam etc for about $30 (Which is still a profit of at least $25 to ever selling them, has any cost $5 or less to make). The major issue is the extortion of cost that nike charges. They should really be selling these kind of trainers for about $50, and they would still be making a massive profit margin

是的,我可以购买质量极好的假耐克Air Max(好到你甚至分辨不出差别,而且我也拥有过正品)。来自泰国、越南等地,大约30美元(这仍然至少有25美元的利润空间,因为每双的成本可能在5美元或更低)。主要问题是耐克收取的过高价格。他们真的应该以大约50美元的价格出售这类运动鞋,这样仍然能获得巨大的利润空间。
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apple has Ferrari level profit levels. Unheard of for electronics.


For a sports shoe you need consistency and Nike doesn't have that. You buy a shoe and you like, then you go back for replacements and either the shoe isn't made anymore or you buy the same shoe and the quality is completely trashed.


also have the most inconsistent shoe sizing
same model, same size, different fit... like what???
my main sport is running and aside from alphafly and vaporfly, the other lineup are poor in quality... most notable is the zoomx foam getting busted from what users criticize
bought one and never purchasing from this brand again... overhyped, overpriced, trash tier quality
there are better options out there... don't get fooled by their aggressive marketing

同一型号,同一尺码,不同的合脚度... 这是怎么回事???
我的主要运动是跑步,除了Alphafly和Vaporfly之外,其他系列的质量都很差... 最明显的是ZoomX泡沫容易破损,正如用户所批评的
我买了一双,再也不会购买这个品牌的鞋子了... 过度炒作,价格过高,质量低劣
还有更好的选择... 不要被他们激进的营销所迷惑

Nike is the fashion brand. There is no need to produce for many years one model. Each year Nike gives a new generation which has much higher perfomance. I am ultramarathon runner and I have been wore Pegasus for last 7 years and I fully satysfy with evolution. Yes, Pegasus 35, 36 were awful, the 37 had bad durability but 33, 34, 38, 40 were amaizing. Hope new Pegasus 41 will be have such cool perfomance as it looks. In my opinion, the biggest drawback of the current Nike Running is the lack of T-shirts in the right colours to match the shoes. Because wearing a black T-shirt all the time is so boring


@ryanjoseph.51 actually, Adidas has the worse inconsistent size fitting


much worse quality in these last 5 or 7 years plus their shitty DEI politics .

过去 5 到 7 年里质量更差,再加上他们糟糕的 DEI 政治。
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problem with nike is the good shoe they make in limited quantities to drive profit off to trash garbage shoes that nobody wants.


My Nike Pegasus 38 were the most comfortable but firm shoes I ever wore and used them daily as well as for jogs. When they were stolen, I replaced them with the 39s and it was like a completely different shoe!

我的 Nike Pegasus 38 是我穿过的最舒适但最坚固的鞋子,我每天都穿,也用于慢跑。当它们被盗时,我换上了 39 号,感觉就像是一双完全不同的鞋子!

@Sean_neaS lol no what brand has the same shoe five years later this is literally a problem across the whole industry not Nike but they always get the hate for no reason.


This! Nike made the Lunar Glides 8 for one year - legit the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. I used to walk around London in those for 8+ hours and didn't have any pain. I could never find a suitable replacement.

就是这个!耐克为一年生产了Lunar Glides 8——真的是我穿过的最舒适的鞋。我过去常常穿着它们在伦敦走8个多小时,没有任何疼痛。我再也找不到合适的替代品。

Nike buyers are getting old and switching to New Balance.

Nike 的购买者正在变老并且转而购买 New Balance。
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Because Nike is a fast fashion company churning out thousands of SKUs a year but pretending to be premium.
They know what they sell is trash and won’t last but there’s more money in convincing people they always need a new style.


Shoe companies change/upxe their model about once every six months so that's a wash with me. One consistent thing I've found with Nike is the shoes are very narrow. I can fit into a D width, sometimes E width on most competitors shoes, but Nike varies from a D to an EE or EEE when I try them on. And this is the same model that hasn't undergone any changes. I never by shoes though a direct-to-consumer channel as fit is too important.

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Then what should one buy? This is a trouble with every sports shoe especially..


Exactly what they do with most of their running shoes line up. Constantly new models nobody even asked for that replaced the old ones that where often better


And the brand is in serious trouble. Totally not addressed here. They aren't a Victoria's Secret yet but they are getting there.


Same thing we are seeing in many companies like Boeing. Replacing CEOS that had backgrounds in the developing the product they sell, with just business/managment/sales focused people that only want to make money and don't give a shit about the product.


Whatever happened post pandemic is what Nike needs to go back on. Prior to 2020 the quality was superb and now all my new Nike stuff always has QA issues. Because of that I've looked elsewhere and found like 6 other brands that make me have no need to look back at Nike. Ship's sailed.


They shifted to maximizing shareholder value instead of making shoes

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Yeah, in 2020 they went digital in order to be vallued as a tech company and right now they push volume (discounts be damned). 10 years ago I rarely saw big discounts on nike shoed. Right now half the nike shoes are discounted at major retailers and these retailers seem to be carrying new brands that occupy nike's price point as well.
And that should scare nike because it tells you that the stores are aware of how fickle nike is and that their customers either want a better quallity shoe in the 100-150 range or a similar quallity shoe but non brand in the 35-60 range.


That simple yet sad statement explains the basic plot of most companies that have gone backwards these days.

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Prices are too high for what you get. The quality is just not there. On top of that Nike alienate anyone like me who has slightly wide feet. I can wear literally any other brand comfortably except Nike and Puma. Their toeboxes are way too narrow.


Nike is greedy for raising the retail price, but people now just don’t buy it, shoes are sitting and later they just sell them by discount


Reasons why Nike is failing
1. Over reliance on brand name
2. Much cheaper replica sneaker becoming more accessible
3. Ugly/Mediocre quality footwear
4. Boomer CEO Tech/NFT sales strategy (that always fails)
In general they are becoming ridiculously arrogant with the large marketshare they have, they expect that people will pay top dollar for anything that has a swoosh and they have pushed their luck so far that they are now having people walk away from the brand. Doesn’t help that sneakerheads are finally pivoting from the expensive shoes to good looking shoes. Scarcity won’t make up for an ugly product anymore and Nike needs to catch on to that.


The problem is that they have not been really making any high quality or innovative stuff at appropriate prices. All their new tech gears are way over-priced. Still beating those Jordan and ancient shoes to the ground
AND whenever there is a hot drop, it is essentially impossible to cop as limited stock is available online. I got all my heats by lining up at footlocker in the past couple of years and that is literally playing the waiting game, hoping people dont pick up. Consumers are constantly asking for what they want, but they have no interest in fulfilling them


Asics has a running shoe line up that wipes the floor with Nike's line up imho. And Asics are more comfortable and durable too. Whats more Asics has been just as innovative in the last 2-3 years as Nike and with the MetaSpeed Sky Paris has absolutely matched Nike in the supershoe race. All while being a significantly smaller company.
Fun fact: Nike started out as an importer of Asics (then known as Onitsuka Tiger) shoes to the US. Phil Knight got a lot of the ideas for starting Nike upon visiting Asics in Japan and getting a tour of their company and meeting the founder of Asics Mr. Onitsuka. Its very possible that without Asics there would have been no Nike.

在我看来,亚瑟士的跑鞋系列完全可以打败耐克。而且亚瑟士的舒适度和耐用性也更好。更重要的是,亚瑟士在过去 2-3 年中的创新性不亚于耐克,而 MetaSpeed Sky Paris 在超级鞋的竞争中完全可以与耐克匹敌。尽管亚瑟士是一家规模小得多的公司。有趣的事实:耐克最初是美国亚瑟士 (当时称为 Onitsuka Tiger) 鞋的进口商。菲尔·奈特 (Phil Knight) 在日本参观亚瑟士、参观他们的公司并会见亚瑟士的创始人 Onitsuka 先生后,得到了许多创办耐克的想法。如果没有亚瑟士,很可能就没有耐克。

Everyone's been flocking to other brands because of not only trend but for good reason of innovation and more affordable price. Nikes have maintained their cheap quality while increasing their retail price which is just ridiculous and even sneaker heads like myself have simply caught on, especially with so many undesirable sneakers coming out every week it seems out just sitting in stores or in the Nike/SNKRS app.


Just speaking for my situation. I have wide feet and as far as I know, Nike has little or no options for wide. Thus, I don’t even consider Nike when I need new shoes. I stick to Hoka or New Balance for the wide options and comfort

只是说说我的情况。我的脚很宽,据我所知,耐克几乎没有宽脚的选择。因此,当我需要新鞋时,我甚至不会考虑耐克。我坚持选择 Hoka 或 New Balance,因为它们的选择很宽,而且很舒适

Their shoes went up like 50% in two years - it's absolutely stupid. And they stopped making enough shoes for their general popular shoes like the air force because they wanted people to want them more and everyone just stopped buying them. I now only ever buy Nike stuff if it's at least 30% off.

他们的鞋子在两年内涨价了 50% —— 这绝对是愚蠢的。他们停止生产空军等大众流行鞋款,因为他们想让人们更想要它们,结果每个人都不再购买它们了。我现在只买打折至少 30% 的耐克产品。

I used to be a long-time Nike enthusiast. I dont buy them anymore because of the small toe box, they're over-priced and they really dont make cool shoes anymore. I now wear New Balances, and I really like the 574. IMO, New Balance is a better shoe.

我曾经是耐克的忠实粉丝。现在我不再购买它们了,因为它们的鞋头太小,价格过高,而且它们真的不再生产很酷的鞋子了。我现在穿的是 New Balances,我真的很喜欢 574。在我看来,New Balance 的鞋子更好。

Hoka and On Cloud are eating their lunch in the running shoes market. I was at a race a few weeks ago and 30-40% of the shoes were from these 2 brands. Nike was more like 10%.

Hoka和On Cloud正在跑步鞋市场上抢占他们的市场份额。几周前我参加了一场比赛,大约30-40%的鞋子来自这两个品牌。耐克的比例更像是10%。

New Balance became the trendsetter not because endorsements nor advertisement. That started coming in latter.
They built their legacy on shoe fitting and decent workmanship in shoes. They would start a cathegory poorly ( golf shoes as an example ) but then build it up to standards ( baseball cleats ). Their fitting , if you bought the right size and fit , would be perfect , even if at the expense of looks.
And their apparel held up to standards , not professional athlete standards , but sportswear for the casual practitioner durability and comfort.
New Balanve used to be, at least around New England , the shoes your white middle class women and men past their thirties wore. Yet they were consistently durable and comfortable.
A New Balance shoe , with the help of a knowledgeable store clerk , could be bought to fit your feet width and counteract your sole and heel wear pattern. They were as close as you could get a Doctor Scholls on athletic footwear.

在知识渊博的店员的帮助下,你可以购买新百伦鞋来适应你的脚宽,并抵消你的脚底和脚跟磨损模式。它们是你能获得的最接近于运动鞋中的“博士舒尔茨”(Dr. Scholl's,一个以舒适著称的鞋履品牌)。

If Nike wants to be a fashion brand then just be a fashion brand. Add some dress shoes, heels etc to their lineup lol. Doubt the quality will be good but that should add the growth these investors are looking for, for the short term.


Lack of innovation, overreliance on retro releases, and the old business model of artificial scarcity to drive up demand and hype are some of the reasons. As a sneakerhead, I aint buying nike anymore. So glad they are finally being exposed.


Before pandemic, I always searched for nike running shoes. Now, their running shoes are the worst of all the higher profile brands - adidas, ASICS, new balance, saucony, even previously lesser brands like Puma, Mizuno, On, brooks, all make much more comfortable shoes that seem to last longer for better value. Last Nike shoes I bought were invincible 3’s - what a pair of shoes they were in almost every facet and expensive to boot. My guess is casual joggers are probably number one buyers of athletic footwear since it’s fastest way to wear down a pair shoes more than likely, and making bad running shoes just seem like the fastest way to the bottom.

在疫情之前,我总是寻找耐克跑鞋。现在,他们的跑鞋是所有高知名度品牌中最差的——阿迪达斯、亚瑟士、新百伦、索康尼,甚至是之前较小的品牌如彪马、美津浓、On、布鲁克斯,都制造出更舒适、耐用性更好、性价比更高的鞋子。我买的最后一双耐克鞋是Invincible 3系列——它们几乎在每个方面都是一双好鞋,而且价格昂贵。我猜测,休闲慢跑者可能是运动鞋的最大买家,因为这是最快消耗鞋子的方式,而制造质量差的跑鞋似乎是走向低谷的最快途径。

Seriously, besides their marathon super shoes like vapor or alpha fly series, and maybe Invincible run series, there isn't much other interesting 'normal' running shoes beside their Pegasus. Other brands like Asics (especially Asics), New Balance, On, Hoka and maybe even Adidas, has more wide ranges of shoes that I would like to buy. It's kinda expected when you don't see many normal joggers wearing Nike anymore.. And I do see a lot of Asics and Adidas users at where I am running at.


As a long time consumer of Nike products, their quality has gone way down in the past 5+ years I’ve noticed. I still have products from before 2017 and they were cheaper and much better quality compared to the clothes and shoes they sell at the moment. However, I do feel like many apparel brands have increased their prices while decreasing their quality.


Nike just seems confused about what their business is these days. In a local mall, they opened a NIKE store where about three other stores exist that already sell Nike shoes. They then opened a second store in a trendy shopping district about two miles away. Nike recently closed the store in the mall after less than a year or two. Additionally, they have limited the production of a very good shoe type called the Nike Free. A great and lightweight walking/running shoe. It just seems they can't figure out what to do, or where or how to do it. I think they've gotten too big for their own shoes.


The problem is that Nike sells $20 shoes for $200+ Cheap materials, cheap Chinese manufacturing, fake leather ... just trash.
They're living on their past and WE consumers have figured that out.

问题是,耐克以 200 多美元的价格出售 20 美元的鞋子,廉价材料、廉价中国制造、假皮革……只是垃圾。他们活在过去,而我们消费者已经意识到了这一点。

The fact that there are Chinese factories pumping out the same exact shoe for 1/3 of the price means that Nike shouldn't be charging us $200 for shoes... the Nike fakes industry is huge.

事实上,中国工厂以 1/3 的价格生产出完全相同的鞋子,这意味着耐克不应该向我们收取 200 美元的鞋子价格……耐克假货行业非常庞大。
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I started buying fake nikes in the pandemic, the majority of batches in china are half the price for the same quality...


Nike doesn’t make athletic apparel anymore. They make “athleisure” fashion. It’s too bad they basically have a monopoly on the highest levels of North American sports. Nike produces all uniforms for the NFL, NBA, MLB, US National Soccer teams, the US Olympic teams, and most major D1 college teams. So if you watch any professional/high level sport, the swoosh is in your face the entire time.


I remember having a conversation with a friend a few years back. At that time, he was sporting a Nike running shoes. He said it was comfortable and it cost $180. I told him mine cost around 40 dollars and it’s an ANTA. He asked me what it was. And I said it was a Chinese brand.
I just recently retired my ANTA. But my friend has jumped from Nike to adidas to new balance since the time I had my ANTA. It’s funny how people associate china brands as “low quality” when practically everything they buy is in fact made in China. And then they start to make excuses like; “it’s only made there but the company still applies quality control”…I would always roll my eyes over their bs. It’s amazing how Nike has really made their consumers fight back for them FOR FREE.


很赞 4