外国博主来一次中国觉得不够,再次准备重返中国 ,网友纷纷支招(2)
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Hello Luca and Naomi, I am from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. If you come to Hangzhou one day, I can provide you with a separate bedroom in my brand new apartment nearby subway, totally for free, including WiFi, washing machine and dryer, and kitchen.


I am sitting here listening to you as I am resting my strained kneck & upper back. The pain has subsided so now I need to get going on my household projects. How do your backs feel like lugging all that stuff to your flight, Air BnB, etc? Naturally checking in one bag is a great back saver. Do your backs just plain give out and go into major week long or more hurting spasms?

我坐着一边听你们说话,一边放松我拉伤的颈椎和上背部。疼痛已经缓解,现在我需要继续做家务。你们的背部感觉如何,能不能把所有东西都拖到飞机上或送到Air BnB旅馆?托运一个包可以节省很多时间。你们的背部会不会突然"罢工",比如出现长达一周或更长时间的疼痛痉挛?

I think Dalin City in Yunan Province is one of the coziest city i have ever travelled. You can rent a small house in local village neat Erhai (a beautiful large lake) with a very low price, and the weather in the whole year is very comfortable. Living costs there is very low and the scene there is super beautiful! There are flowers blooming in the whole year! Wish you have a good experience in Yunnan


If you are planning to visit Shanghai, I would recommend checking out Suzhou, which is located nearby. You can take a high-speed train from Shanghai in about 30 minutes, and Suzhou's gardens are very famous. Additionally, visiting the towns in Suzhou will give you a taste of the charming water towns.


When do you come to Shenzhen? I reeeeeeally want to meet you lovely couple here. Let me treat you to coconut chicken hot pot or Chaoshan beef hot pot here. They are two well known local dishes.


Luke and Naomi, If one day you are tired for travelling, you can easily find a job in China. I lived in Shenzhen, my kids started to learn english from Kindergarten. there are lots of traning centers for english in the 1st tier city of China. lots of people from Australia or US earn money as long as you have patience to teach the kids. your english is pretty well , standard and easily undersood.

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I highly recommend the DJI Pocket 3, which comes with a stabilizer that can automatically track the movement of a person's pan tilt or lix microphones. It can record two microphones separately and can also record panoramic sound, making it very suitable for travel recording.

我强烈推荐大疆Pocket 3,它配备了一个稳定器,可以自动跟踪人的摇摄倾斜动作或链接麦克风。它可以分别录制两个麦克风的声音,还可以录制全景声音,非常适合旅行录音。
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Wish you a pleasant journey. China is vast and rich in resources, with a vast territory, magnificent cities, beautiful landscapes of mountains and rivers, a long history, diverse cultures, and Chinese cuisine is world-renowned, worth exploring and savoring in detail. Record the China in your eyes truthfully, it's normal to have good and bad, but the people are confident that China will continue to make progress.


I like your video very much. Welcome to China. If you plan to come to Guangzhou, I will be happy to be your guide. The food in Guangzhou may be more in line with your taste than that in Chengdu. Looking forward to your arrival


As you're probably going to Kunming, I'd recommend a visit to Namping Road and Jingxing Street, where most of the interesting shops and restaurants are. Guandu Ancient town is good and nearby Yunnan museum. Lijiang old town is great and try and visit Baisha old town, where I had a fantastic yak kebab, for 10 yuan at a street barbecue and Dali Old Town, (Stayed at Monster B & B) Foriegner Street has a great restaurant doing Western food,spaghetti, curry etc. Main street in Guangzhou is Beijing Road. Canton Tower on Pearl River are excellent.


You can indeed ask for help from fans as one of the comments said, to see if there are local friends who can take you to experience more authentic services like a local, like a real Chinese. For example, where do they usually go for meals, where do they go for entertainment, where do they go for shopping, how do they buy things, etc.


Welcome back! China can be divided into three levels by altitude: east, middle and west. First, Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan in southwest China are recommended, especially the Tibetan areas in western Sichuan, including Ganzi Prefecture and Aba Prefecture, as well as Shaanxi, Gansu (especially the Gannan Tibetan area and the Hexi Corridor area) and xinjiang in northwest China are indispensable. Then return to the central part of China, such as Hubei, Hunan, Henan (Shaolin Temple)... This is more complete, you can experience different customs and maintain awe, I believe you will gain a lot.

欢迎回来!中国按海拔高度可分为东、中、西三个阶梯。首先,推荐西南地区的云南、贵州和四川(尤其是四川西部的藏区,包括甘孜州和阿坝州),以及西北地区的陕西、甘肃(尤其是甘南藏区和河西走廊地区),新疆也不可或缺。然后返回中国中部地区,如湖北、湖南、河南(少林寺)...... 这样比较完整,可以体验不同的风土人情。保持敬畏之心,相信你会收获很多。

To be honest, I have watched a lot of videos about foreigners traveling in China, only this couple with basic respect for China, without saying "I thought there was something wrong with China, I didn't expect China to be so good." I feel that the bloggers who say such things are biased against China before they come here and feel that it is not so good, so the expectations are also low. Nor have they always emphasized how much they like China, to make a comparison, "China is good in a certain aspect, and a certain country is bad in this aspect." . This is very good, foreigners do not need to love this country, as long as they break the prejudice, harvest a wonderful journey, and will share with their family and friends to introduce China, it is enough.



When you come GuangDong, I hope you will not miss the early morning in the parks like Yuexiu Park , it will be lively there,elders do exercises and Cantonese opera is also a feature of Guangdong , and Ancestral Temple Foshan there are many children learning our traditional Kungfu there,and then you can go to 茶楼to 饮早茶,have dimsum and tea

My friends, I suggest you go to Yunnan first. This season is the best time to go north. xizang and xinjiang do not need down jackets. And Guangdong, now is the hottest time, it is more suitable to go after November.


So, Luke, you’re a Houston Rockets supporter? I used to be a big fan of this Franchise because of Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady. After that, it came to the Harden era, which was the most ‘ can’t get over it’ moment for losing to the Warriors.


Don't think you guys prepare well for high-altitude regions. Don't know your itinerary, but keep in mind if you gonna stay at Shangri-La which is higher than 3000 meters, you definitely need a jacket and softshell pant to keep you warm. Go even further, for instance, Yubeng village, also famous for its hiking. If you gonna do that, serious clothing is essential. Love your videos,thanks!!


Guangdong will be super hot in next two months, not suitable for outdoor activities; Yunan will be very cool and confortable for summer ; consider spend longer in Yunan, and explore some mountain areas and enjory some beautiful nature views

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I think you should download the apps that China needs and then set off directly with your photography equipment. Other things can be solved locally, after all, China is a super manufacturing country, and as long as the phone is fully charged, things should not be difficult to find. As you said, some things need to be produced locally to be effective.

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If you want to really understand the origins of Chinese civilization, you should go to xi 'an and Shaanxi Province where are there too many ancient palaces, ruins of imperial tombs and even ancient trees planted by emperors 1,400 years ago


If you are only uploading YouTube quality videos then I think a DJI handheld Camera and an iPad(or android pad) will be enough for video recording. 8K or 6K videos are not necessary for YouTube on smartphone or pad. I used to have a collection of Canon lens and camera but I sold them all in the end and now totally rely on Cellphone cameras which are already enough.


The infrastructure in urban areas of Yunnan Province is decent, but the rural infrastructure is very poor. Yunnan's natural landscape is very beautiful. If you want to go to Yunnan, I suggest you go hiking


Just one thing, avoid traveling in China during the first week of Oct (aka the National Holiday). Bcs there would be hundreds million people traveling cross the whole country, it would be very hard to book train tickets, airline tickets, hotels. Also the price would be very high. Unless you want to experience everywhere be crowded of people, it's rare in other countries.


Are you going to Yunnan? Friendly reminder, Yunnan is close to the Golden Triangle, drugs are more accessible than inland areas, don't touch drugs, drugs are a felony in China, but there is a legal "drug", that is the "Jian Shou Qing" mushroom, a hallucinogenic mushroom. Scientific name: Suillellus luridus (from Wikipedia), hahahahaha


I really like you as a couple, not only because of your sincere and positive opinions on China, but also because of your calm personality and mutual respect and understanding of love between you. Especially in the episode of the barber shop and manicure, I can see Naomi sitting behind, filled with love and comfort, watching her man being treated so meticulously by the barber. The same goes for the episode where Luke accompanied her in manicure, which was very relaxing and comfortable.
I hope you don't feel too pressured or responsible for reporting on China or specifically cracking down on rumors about China, especially from Western media, regarding the enthusiasm and gratitude of Chinese people, as well as suggestions for travel and even offline gatherings. This is just because we have been misunderstood and misinterpreted by the West for too long, and many stereotypes and prejudices are too deep, which have caused many obstacles to communication and mutual understanding between people. Therefore, if foreigners come to China to experience and genuinely like this country, we will be very happy and grateful. Another point is that in the past few decades, there have been very few foreigners traveling to China considering the population, and China is too vast. Therefore, seeing foreigners is a surprising thing for many people that many of them would want to take photos or have conversations with you, just for simple happiness and curiosity. Beside, there is an ancient Chinese saying that it is a big pleasure that have friends come from afar. We know that Chinese is difficult for you to understand and navigate in this country, so feel free to ask when you need help.
But hey, we also understand that you are just travelers and you have no obligation to "fulfill" our suggestion and your experience and willingness are the most important. So if you enjoy your personal life more or feel uncomfortable and don't want to be disturbed, please firmly refuse. You don't need to visit the entire country of China in one trip. If you want to go to another place or country, then of course, happiness and comfort are the priority. China is right there, and you are welcome to come again at any time.
Finally, more and more Chinese people nowadays no longer care about the reports of Western media. We know how Western media smear and report on China, but we have witnessed and touched upon China's development from poverty to peaceful rise to become the world's second largest economy in recent decades. China is not perfect, but its truely a great country. We firmly believe that we are on the right path, and we also believe that deep down, like most ordinary people in the world, we share the same simple desire for a peaceful and stable society, efficient and convenient infrastructure, and a relatively equal and free learning and living environment. So lets put the media and bias aside, seeing is believing. Any negative feedback about China or any inconvenience you may feel, as long as it is true, we Chinese people will humbly accept and continuously improve it, so dont be afraid to talk about it.
Anyway, we hope you doing well and enjoy your trip. Wish you the best luck!


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