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New York has such a problem with crime that masked individuals and groups are wreaking havoc on our stores and streets, while it seems like every week there's a new protest. They mayor and governor think a mask ban will stop crime, however some residents are worried the ban may go too far...


Instead of banning masks, ban the action of committing crime.


Robbery is banned but people still rob stores so what makes the state think that people are gonna stop wearing masks just because it's banned


Lifelong Detroiter. I literally laughed out loud. I said this when the mask mandates came out. "Criminals are gonna LOVE this!"


Regulations and more regulations. One minute, you are arrested for not wearing a mask and another arrested for wearing a mask. Stop overregulation. Instead of overregulating, stop the criminals and keep them in prison.


They called the police on me because I refused to wear a mask, now they going to call the police on me because I'm wearing a mask... What's wrong with this society?


NYC will do anything but actually deal with the crime. Pathetic city.


QUESTION...how many chances will we keep giving these thugs. How much more enabling? Lets keep ignoring the root of the problem. America has fallen.


Unmask them for what ?? They will be arrested and out again in 2 hours to do more crime .


If only theft was a crime...


WHEN is NYC citizens going to get rid of the local DA? They're on the take, letting these criminals and protesting terrorists get away scott-free!


Unmask and charge them! Hold them accountable! Quit releasing them!


They don't care about actually stopping crime. Their actions and lack of action make that point crystal clear. This is about control/compliance.


Also banned in NYC:
Guns, meth, crack cocaine, murder....
Let me know how the mask ban works out for ya.


The insanity of all of this makes me think I’ll never visit another American city again. The people running the shit show are in-fact insane.


The masks were all fine and dandy even when crime was starting to escalate. It wasn't until one specific group of people were being targeted during protests that they decided to crack down on masks.

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Fail policy caused by idiots.


Good to know the criminals will decide to follow the no mask law so we can finally see their faces!


Critics say: "Why not simply enforce the existing laws?"


Whats the point of it to help police find criminals if the criminals won't face justice even when they know who it is. I feel like the district attorney needs to be fired


Wait the city should be ashamed of themselves those people stealing and committing other crimes. Just don’t want to get anyone sick.


NY keeps circling the problem of not prosecuting criminals and putting them in prison.


First they mandate we wear a mask and now they demand we DON'T wear a mask
A pox on BOTH their houses


I can see it coming. "Only Approved Mask May Be Used In Public Spaces."
A new bureaucracy is born in NYC.

我看得出来了。“只有经过批准的口罩才能在公共场所使用。” 纽约市又出现了一个新的官僚主义。

They cover their face because they are cowards


I specifically remember having discussions with my husband in 2020 that the normalization of mask wearing would cross over into criminal activity. Amazing isn’t it?


It's going to get worse as these "leaders" continue to ignore the problem.


The other problem is when they keep adding new laws to restrict rights, it gives cops unlimited power because they can arrest or harass anyone for any reason as there's likely a law they're breaking.


Remember when they said you’ll get fired from your job, if u dont wear a mask


There was once an anti-mask law in effect in NYC. However because of covid it was removed. Now they understand why there was an anti-mask law to begin with


Banning masks isn’t gonna stop crime.
If anything, when people get locked up for robbing a store, they should get properly punished.

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Even when they show their faces, what are the law enforcements going to do? Arrest them and release them the next day? The entire justice system is the root cause.


Lmfao, three years ago you would be arrested for not wearing one there. Now it’s the other way. If only bleeding hearts listened to logic.


Double penalties for crimes committed while masked, and prosecute and give them 'on and after' their jail sentence.


Until you ban hoodies and sunglasses as well, this will do nothing to identify people


Its almost like everything conservatives have said since 2020 is now being vindicated in 2024


Why not just make crime illegal? Cut to the chase


What crime? they were just saying crime wasn’t up and we were just imagining it


I remember ONLY 3 years ago, people were beaten, cuffed AND ARRESTED FOR NOT WEARING A MASK IN PUBLIC. The government ( state and National) NEEDS TO MAKE UP THEIR MINDS!!!!!


Ban this ban that, gun control, knife control, ban mask and ban any other thing what criminals can't use, but ban in these things will not stop criminals and only make it more difficult for those to protect themselves.
Basically I'm saying from my 30 years of living I have noticed these the laws and the police and there will be those who will disagree with me that I believe they are designed to punish the innocent, because how many criminals have got away with crime while how many innocent actually get punished for only doing the right thing.


Geeez! I'm tired of hearing how incompetent NYC politicians and bureaucrats are every day!. Its just old. The people of NYC deserve the situation they have!


A protest and people committed crimes are two different things


Does NY have a problem with 'young men' wearing black ski masks? Its a thing in Europe.


If you commit a crime while wearing a face covering or anything that can conceal your identity then that in itself should be a felony charge and you get charged twice for each crime you've committed, including concealing your identity while committing a crime. It's also a felony that comes with a mandatory prison time. See how easy that was? NYC make me your leader.


Half those folks dont even have a clear understanding of what they are protesting. It's just a lemming mentality without anything constructive to do. Very sad times these last few years.


It's not the mask it's the people behind them just like gun


The more I see the actual America situation as a whole, the more I start to feel that, sadly, the point of no return has been reached!


How does NYC plan to enforce this if it passes ? Warn people to remove them or get a fine, not show up and go to jail ? If outright rebellion is unpunished this "law" will be meaningless.


Accountability of the entire justice system needs overhaul. You can make as many laws as you want but if there not enforced and no penalty is incurred why have laws. Punish the DA for the actions of the criminal then we can measure ow effective things are

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So they have subway bag checks at RUSH HOUR? So they ensure that no one with a job can carry a handgun, i guess.


There is actually no right to anonymity in the Constitution. The "human rights" experts are full of crap saying it's a right. The only thing you might find is some legal precedent but that is just interpretations that can be overturned by later courts.


New York City is like Gotham City in Batman. It’s gross, run down, scary and the government officials are literally idiots and every time they try to fix something they make it ten times worse.

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I would not even want to visit New York.


2020 NYC: How dare you endanger the public, not wearing a mask is illegal!
2024 NYC: How dare you endanger the public, wearing a mask is illegal!


Wait so the city that really pushed mask mandates during covid are now trying to ban masks?


Man o man if someone could invent clear N95 masks they be super ultra mega uber rich.


How will the masked cowards survive now?


Perhaps moot because the DA enforces nothing, but how about an enhancement, like using a gun in a crime enhances the sentence, or labeling it a "hate" crime means a harsher sentence. So wearing a mask while committing a crime means a harsher sentence. And being in the country illegally when committing a crime leads to a harsher sentence.


I will never stop wearing mask on the train and at my job as a nurse.


Masks make it difficult for facial recognition cameras.


Enhance law enforcement. If they dont get the upper hand on evildoers, it doesn't matter if you can identify them because they won't be put to justice and behind bars due to eliminating their prosecutors.


Whatever happened to right and wrong? If you shoplifted no matter the cost of the item, you were given automatic fine or for constantly doing crime, a prison sentence. Time to get back to the law and making it real again, this is crazy and everyone suffers for those criminals, come on New York you have a police force, use it properly, everyone sick of this madness now, who would want to live there these days……..!nothing and nowhere is safe.


Allow people to wear masks in public, but also allow businesses (including schools) to ban customers from wearing masks on their property, and require people to remove their masks if ordered to by police if being detained, like we do for IDs. If you are arrested for committing a crime, covering your face can be an enhancement that is added onto the charges. This allows normal people to continue wearing masks for health or religious reasons.


When I needed to access my Safe Deposit Box during the Pandemic, I enjoyed walking into my bank with a Mask and saying to the Teller, “I need to get into your Safe.”


It doesn't even make sense. Why would a criminal care if they're breaking a law by wearing a mask if they're also breaking other laws? Especially if they just get a slap on the wrist anyway. It's also unconstitutional.


He's doing everything besides throwing them in jail and keeping them there.....


"Cowards cover their faces." This is effing unreal.

“懦夫们掩饰他们的脸。” 这简直不可思议。

The mayor and district attorney are the problem but New York citizens keep voting the same way expecting different results. I can only feel bad for them to a point.


Mask ban could not stop crime. What if someone if sick they need to wear a mask. That is not a crime.


Telling the truth isn't a crime. They are not interested in stopping real crime, just stopping those who are opposed to the criminality of the state and it's foreign influence.


Yes because criminals have been known to obey rules and laws, this will work out well.


I mean, so long as they can steal up to 1k with impunity, does a mask even matter?


Thank yyou! You are so logical and impartial! You need to run for mayor!
Cash for Mayor of NYC


Good old New York City idea to stop crime


"Please wear a mask! It's for our protection!"?


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